I started my singing lessons tonight – Amazing fun – Hard Work

Loved the visuals in the training room

Loved the visuals in the training room

So I started my singing lessons tonight, I thought I did average for 1st time as I have not sung a note in a LONG time. My singing teacher shall remain nameless and the company also, unless of course they want free advertising to the right of this on my sidebar. I had a good 1st meeting with my singing teacher, I felt it was a really good start. Like when I was teaching kids and adults football you must prepare well and get your body and mind trained to hit the notes. I have 5 songs I want to sing for 5 people, for 5 reasons, 1 song in particular is “Not the only one” by Sam Smith, I pray I can sing this to the person I want to sing it to one day. The other 4 songs have reasons too. My Little Girl by Tim McGraw, and also Americano’s by Holly Johnson, and another 2 for whatever reason. I had my daily boxing gym work before I went tonight and I wish I had not as the work and effort placed on muscles around the mid-rift of the body I felt as I walked back to my car after some easy to start coaching and tips. I will, as always share my story because I lost my voice and will to live before. Today was the start of something new, January 1st this year in the gym was a start of a new life too. For my partner, 4 kids, little sister, Mother and a few others I do this, but as I was reminded ‘I got to want to do this for myself also’ and that is the hard part. I want it yesterday, I want to bring a roof down by singing yesterday, patience is not my virtue, but the singing teacher I have comes HIGHLY recommended and I trust this person also. I just want to sing a few songs to a few people I love, but I believe we make and create our own luck, luck comes with effort, so today, like all days, I promise everyone my EVERYTHING….. I refuse to let 3 disabilites stop me living any more and I will push as hard as I possibly can to create moments, why? Because moments are what we are left with in the end.

♪ Till the next time ♫


Everything in my mind I relate to my time as a football manager…


…Now I am being coached and I really can’t wait to get going.


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6 comments on “I started my singing lessons tonight – Amazing fun – Hard Work

    • LOL..High praise 😀 ..
      I am just starting to live again, trying to connect to the World. Awakening from Drs drugs is hard 1st but amazing when it starts to make sense. This life is Irony always, so feet firmly on the ground and I just smile, even when the pain kills…..

      Just living Louise x
      Appreciate your time to say this….


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