Obama explains the FEMA Camps and MARTIAL LAW – Horrifying!!


This in it’s own tells a story. Fox news scares me here in Scotland!

I am boring myself here but I did warn of this and my research comes from others as others use my research. American people are waking up VERY FAST just now but I don’t know if their vote will even happen for Bernie, Hillary or Trump. Afterall WE KNOW Obama wants to create Martial Law and he came VERY CLOSE here Baltimore Death Sparks Protests Across Awakening America in the night and days after the 8PM Ferguson decison to NOT take the Cop who killed that kid through a Court of law, telling the community at 8PM who were ready to be angry caused 30 States to protest if we remember. Can Obama use martial law to stay in White House past 2016 I wrote back on January 8th and then I gave 17 clear and present dangers for Martial Law here 17 Things You Can Count On – USA Martial Law Check List, so now I am asking, how many of these 17 things can we see in the USA today? Know this will spread to Europe, China, Russia, Australia, Japan and Canada at least as “The New World Order” promised by George Bush, not ‘W’ but his dad, said back in September 11th (Yes, 9/11) 1991. I will leave that video at the bottom as well as tweets from Americans and others on this at the bottom, some tweets are exactly the same, but look at who and how many are knowing this story, I could have added 10’s of thousands of  tweets. If you want to research, Google and You Tube will tell you what you already know or don’t want to know.

TV News: ‘Obama explains’ the FEMA Camps and MARTIAL LAW 2016
Via: USA-CANADA News on You Tube


Secret FEMA Death Camps: Already At A Location Near You
Via: http://www.mrconservative.com/


Now REALLY listen to Obama and what he says in the video above and here:

As Obama’s administration continues to creep closer and closer to tyranny, one could only imagine how far he’d go before Americans started to revolt. Lucky for Obama, he’s already begun plans to contain the situation, allowing him to progress with his agenda with as little resistance as possible—through the use of FEMA camps.

We all know, Obama is working all hours of the day to try and disarm as much of the population as possible, and although he claims it in the name of American safety, many U.S. citizens know otherwise. But if it were to come to a point where Americans needed to be suppressed in order for the preservation of Obama’s reign to prevail, what would he do?

Obama has recently discussed his new proposal of “prolonged detention,” and that isn’t based off of a crime you have already committed. In fact, Obama explains that he intends to incarcerate, until he sees fit, anyone that poses a threat to America and may potentially commit a crime in the future, including Americans. As Liberal activists fight to have Gitmo shut down, Obama has taken advantage of the time to inform the American public of these indefinite detention centers

2014.01.23-mrconservative-52e1327067938-500x333Our (American) Commander-in-Chief explains that these centers will be placed for all Guantanamo Bay prisoners that are too dangerous to let go and still remain a threat to our nation.  He goes on to mention that anyone else that is captured in this preemptive nature will also be housed here.  In the case of a revolt, how many American’s do you think will be deemed a threat to United States of America and indefinitely detained?  Where would Obama store all these people?

Enter FEMA camps

Enter FEMA camps

Obama has ordered the secret construction of FEMA camps all over the country and he’s told his minions to do it as quietly as possible.  These FEMA camp’s may have the appearance of a helpful establishment placed there in preparation for a time of need (i.e. natural disaster), but look a little closer and you may see otherwise.

(See also: BOMBSHELL: Obama Administration Threatened Career Of Journalist Over Benghazi)

All FEMA facilities have several layers of fencing, all of which for some “mysterious” reason, have barbed wire at the top, pointing toward the inside of the fence.  Why would you want to keep people you are helping in? Along with this, electronically operated turnstiles guard the only entrance(s) into the gated sections.  Cameras can also be seen watching closely over the supposedly abandoned sites, and wind socks have been placed anticipating the arrival of helicopters

~~~End Story~~~

George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech September 11th 1991
Via: MrWolfenz on You Tube


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4 comments on “Obama explains the FEMA Camps and MARTIAL LAW – Horrifying!!

  1. There has been zero disarming. I can still walk into Walmart and buy all the guns I want. And ammo. And I can legally carry openly almost anywhere. To legally carry concealed I take a lame four hour class. No hands on in the class And pay the fee of $85. Do have to show I’m not a felon. That’s it. I know teachers who carry at school every day. No worry.

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    • I am glad you are still happy your Country is on the up or feel it is…But this blog wasn’t about Guns alone Dan….Can’t you see the bigger picture?

      PS: Hope you are keeping well buddy.
      Always in debate – NEVER in hate..


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