JFK assassination – Strange photo nobody can explain!


His head exploded moments before? This photo doesn’t fit

Cold borning Tuesday night in Scotland and I was on You Tube doing some fun research on whatever made me curious, then I stumble onto a guy’s You Tube channel and I swear his voice sounds like he is from Edinburgh, but like me he might have his ‘posh’ voice on so the World can understand us 😀 Yeah we have to slow talking down a lot and pronounce and announce better. This is a really good find this image above and the guy in the video below is asking a really obvious question. If you watch ALL video’s like the Zapruder Film and others you see one thing, but the 1st thing that struck me with this image was “Who took this picture?” as it seems like something you will see on Google Maps, just a very strange photo. Maybe JFK’s head is actually blow to bits and this image doesn’t capture it or his head has not been blown to bits, would be interesting to see some thoughts on this one. From my Scottish brother below, enjoy. Also just so we all remember, the US Government have admitted lies were told about JFK’s death, here it is here for those who never seen it Finally, The USA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination – As We All Knew


JFK assassination strange photo I can’t explain it? 2015 UPDATE READ DESCRIPTION!!!
[VIDEO] Via The Creepiest Of Pasta on You Tube

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2 comments on “JFK assassination – Strange photo nobody can explain!

    • Yeah we all seen that Dan, many times in High School. We are just curious as to the actual reason and where this photo suddenly came from. At first my thinking was “FAKE” and I guess it might still be fake, but until someone can prove it’s fake or real, then nobody knows, it’s guesswork till we know the fact….Of course, that is if we ever find out..



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