The Zionism lie, WE have been lied to, WATCH IT’S TRUTH!! We are OWNED


If you ACTUALLY research what ‘Jadaism rejects Zionism’ means you will hit a brick wall and understand THE JEWISH PEOPLE ARE THE ONES BEING USED. Now this will be like reading Chinese to some and I totally understand, respect and understand that. The Jewish people are the people being used, Genocide is happening in Palestine, and to the people who tell me “But it’s only a few thousand who died” I will now ask them a simple question “How many people must die for it to be a Genocide?” One family have control over us all and I beg you research the name “Rothchild” THEY OWN THE LOT OF US! Mosad is the intelegence agency for the Rothchilds. Do your own research, put your book down, turn the TV off and research what I just said or be UTTER IGNORANCE to yourself. Do I care? Yes I do because my Countries NO VOTE in 2014 was a no vote because of the same people who stand behind the Jews and give false impressions. The dots connect people, I have been awake 20 hours, slept for 5 hours then got up and carried on. Why did I research this today? Because it’s about time SOME of what a certain guy says is being heard because his reasearch tops anyone eles’s, yet SOME WILL MOCK HIS NAME (Video Below). I am not this mans biggest fan but you MUST at least listen to this. JEWS ARE BEING ABUSED GLOBALLY, and that is the ULTIMATE truth. Watch this video below PLEASE then try and tell me he is wrong or I am wrong. Give reasons why it’s wrong, give me knowledge on why I am wrong. Sadly ignorance will stop people reading this far, and worse still, people deny their ignorance 😦 Video below, PLEASE. Now I will expect hate and abuse from Mr Rothchilds love childs πŸ˜‰

Who took this land ILLEGALLY?

Who took this land ILLEGALLY?


David Icke’s Best Presentation Ever – The Elephant in the Living Room [MUST WATCH]
Via: theTRUTHprincess on You Tube


This image is a lie, but it's so sad to know

This image is a lie, but it’s so sad to know


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