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Very unreal thing this…Why do people do it?

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Last week, I had an up close and personal experience with a  cyber-criminal ! I was home alone, reading Face Book posts. I clicked on a picture to open the link and read the text, when all sorts of messages popped on my screen.  I tried to X them  out but was unable to do so. Then as I began to panic, I started reading the messages.  DO NOT POWER DOWN as you will destroy your HARD DRIVE  and/ or FILES.  More messages popped in when  I noticed a phone number to reach a CERTIFIED MICROSOFT  TECHNICIAN.  I have to say I was suspicious but also very  near panic for a “lifeline!” I fit the victim profile perfectly.

First I heard the robo message about “message being recorded for quality control”.  This   obviously was to  further draw the  computer owner into the web.  Next, a very polite and extremely…

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2 comments on “Cybercriminals

  1. Shaun,

    Recently, two of the final three Republicans in the nomination process for President in the U.S. dropped out. (One – Ted Cruz – was actually very far right – more than Trump. This is a good thing he dropped out.)

    This leaves Trump as the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party. In other words, he just became more powerful.

    This may have put David Cameron – who called Trump’s policy on Muslims “divisive, stupid, and wrong” – in an unenviable position. George Papadopoulos, an adviser to Trump, told the Times recently that he thought Cameron should reach out with an apology or some sort of retraction, writes The Guardian.

    You can see it here:

    This is how Trump works. He’s like Putin, who reminds me of the mob or mafia. He is easily offended, and may try to take retribution against those who offend him. It’s power games.

    I got this feeling like the safest thing to do would be for Cameron to walk the comments back. It takes guts not to walk the comments back, though, but it would lead to unpredictable outcomes should Trump become President.

    Trump is like the Mafia – he will make note of who “wronged” him and try to get them back later. That’s how he works.

    This is why I don’t believe in “lizard people” – there are enough normal “bad people” like the Mafia to go around. Trump reportedly even has Mafia ties.

    Any thoughts?


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    • Not really any more thoughts mate…I just see it as it is from a Scottish point of view. Trump is dangerous, Hillary will = the same…Bernie has no chance…And that is what it is right? Forget anything or everyone else…That is it yeah mate?


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