My Daughter’s ‘Build A Bear’ Party at Ocean Terminal – Royal Boat Britannia

Mainly 'My Little Pony' stuffed toys

Mainly ‘My Little Pony’ stuffed toys

My oldest Daughter had a party for her best friend this morning at 10AM with 9 of her best friends, so it gave me and my youngest Daughter and my Partner time to walk around ‘Ocean Terminal’ shopping center/mall for 2 hours early today. I must admit last night I was all “But who has a party 20 miles away from the area we all live on a Sunday THAT early?” But total fair play to the wee girl who was 7 years old today and praise to her Parents, all the 10 Girls got a huge Teddy of their choice and food and it costs a fortune. Everything else aside I am just BLESSED to live in such an amazing area of Scotland, just on the outskirts of Edinburgh heading North to the Highlands, love my area, my friends, my kids friends parents and all the people I grew up with as a kid myself as I lived here from 11 years old, love the place. The package deal of where I live you can’t put a price on, I don’t think so anyway, happy is a hard place to find sometimes and I know how fortunate I am in my life. People say “But you live in agony Shaun” but I refuse to be defined by that these days, pain is horrific but this living I am now doing is amazing fun, hard, but worth it. I took photo’s of the ‘Royal Boat Brittania’ that is anchored at the North Port of my City, the Queen’s old Yaught. I totally dislike the Royal Family and all we pay them, but many from all over the World ask me to share these things so for you I will. This is one of the middle sized malls in my City, freezing cold as it’s right on the seafront. My Daughter had a great time and we also bought my youngest Daughter ‘Princess Luna’ My Little Pony as she wasn’t invited for obvious reasons, only fair right? 😀 Images from our day below. Then I came home and watched Celtic win the 2015/2016 SPFL for the 5th season in a row. On the back of the SNP winning a 3rd term to run Scotland I must say it has been an amazing week. New haircut and glasses and feeling better (ISH) Now I ruin all this and am now going to do my daily Gym session, then bed for a few hours or all day to recover. Sharing the caring!!! All this aside, living with 3 disabilites is a bit hard, prescribed drug free is amazing fun, I traded more pain for a clear mind and today was just 1 moment, I have a million to share and many more to come, same as anyone, so we got to be thankful I think. Taking days like today for granted I probably used to do, now I am in every moment and wanting to keep it, so I did 😀 Downside 😦 is I spent a small fortune on the blue pony below, new 10″ Tablet for my Partner, 3 Blue-ray movies and my new Headset for me that I did not need, nothing fancy, HD, 7.1 surround sound with a Mic you can take off or leave on 😀 Sorry, can’t help myself

Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre

Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre

Teddy and birth certificate given to my oldest Daughter. Blue Pony we bought for our youngest daughter.

Teddy and birth certificate given to my oldest Daughter. Blue Pony we bought for our youngest daughter.


Some images from inside the mall









(Grrr) Queen’s retired boat ‘Royal Yaught Brittania’





Building a new Cruise Liner here I think. Was very foggy otherwise the Highlands would be visible


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