FOX NEWS: Obama – Signs Executive Order – Martial Law 2016


THIS IS RIGHT FROM FOX NEWS! – I have said time US FEMA DEATH CAMPS – WALMART TUNNELS – COFFINS – AMERICA IS FASCIST and time OBAMA DECLARES END OF REPUBLIC & BEGINNING OF NEW WORLD ORDER? and time again Can Obama use martial law to stay in White House past 2016 that Obama could be trying HARD to force Martial Law on the people of the USA to stay in power, he NEARLY got it after the ridiculous 8PM announcement in the Ferguson case when 30 States protested, America was on the brink there. With most or a lot of American’s saying “We don’t have anyone I really want to vote for” I now ask if this blog 17 Things You Can Count On – USA Martial Law Check List has legs, as in any truth in it? Racist America on the brink – Civil War & Martial Law possible – As I warned is another as is  Obama explains the FEMA Camps and MARTIAL LAW – Horrifying!!, the question must be asked WHY ARE AMERICAN MAIN STREAM MEDIA TELLING THIS STORY? This source is Fox News of all stations. Two Fox News Video’s below as well as tweets from Americans at the foot of the page


FOX NEWS: Obama signs Executive Order for possible MARTIAL LAW in AUGUST 2016
[VIDEO] Via USA-UK News on You Tube


FOX NEWS: Obama signs Executive Order for possible MARTIAL LAW in AUGUST 2016
[VIDEO] Via Fox News on You Tube via: “The Truth Is Out There”



Now what?


Better equipped than US Soldiers abroad!


This just went MEGA-VIRAL!!! Everywhere..



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10 comments on “FOX NEWS: Obama – Signs Executive Order – Martial Law 2016

  1. One wonders if, when no martial law is declared in 2016, you’ll finally acknowledge you don’t have a clue what you’re writing about. Probably not, you’re much like those doomsday cults that insist the world is going to end on a certain date and when it doesn’t, they just change it to another date.


    • ‘IF’ this happens my ‘FRIEND’ I will be very happy because it means the American people have not taken all our kids to hell because of stupidity, religion and utter fecking ignorance about the World. I KNOW MANY Amazing American people, sadly too many will happily sit and allow the World to go to feck. American people (Normally the Christian % who LOVE to see Palestinian kids killed) REALLY don’t understand when they become so stupid, through no fault of their own that it effects (EXAMPLE) My two Daughters who are 5 and 6 years old here in Scotland suffer. It will also = More Tax money to be paid by the rest of the World as the American War Machine just keeps steem-rolling the World and leaving the World to clean up their war mess for money.
      And these #Doomsday Cults# you want to name so badly will be the ones to tell you the truth before your media will or your STUPID, REALLY STUPID, BRAIN WILL ALLOW YOU D1CK!!!

      Feck off with your shyt as it’s getting boring…
      …Come visit me man to man you fecking utter vile cnut of a human being

      😀 That ok for you? 😀
      And here, learn some shit you fucking pathetic pr1ck of a coward 😉
      Joking aside, do a little reconnaissance my dear, dear friend…
      You want anger? Or you want to forget me? Because I can sleep well with both mate..


      #Alba #Respect
      Your call mate 😉


  2. A lot of these FEMA camp stories have been debunked:

    Luckily, many of these photos can be traced. The photo of “FEMA coffins” were actually from a company that makes “coffin liners” in Madison, Georgia. The company is called Vantage Products Corporation. A newspaper even interviewed a man from Vantage Products Corporation.

    Vantage did indeed have a storage area with many black coffin liners – simply because that’s what they make and they have to store it somewhere. They weren’t just for the government. Coffin liners are often used in the South because the ground can get very wet at certain times of year and people put caskets inside a coffin liner.


    • I hear you mate, I am aware of this truth, BUT..”A lot of these FEMA camp stories have been debunked”
      ..And that, by your own admission means there are some. I focus on what is there always my friend..


  3. Here’s a very real problem with the U.S.: somewhere around half of Americans don’t seem to believe in global warming. I don’t even get it myself, and I’m American. Half of my colleagues here think the whole thing is cooked up by the solar industry as a way to make them money, or they think it’s cooked up by other countries as a way to distribute money to poorer countries, etc. They truly don’t believe that it’s real.

    It’s not even coming from the government, but literally around half or 3/4 of the people here don’t believe in it. Maybe that’s something you should write about.


    • Hmmmmm…Ok
      I have looked at global warming A LOT m8, never feel there is much to write about, purely out of previous research and school as a kid (Scottish education) that made me understand it’s more probable than not that it’s just Earths cycles. We know some cycles like how long it takes Earth and all known Planets in our Solar System to go around our Star, when weather seasons change and we named them as 4 weather seasons, summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn, also seasons on other planets in our solar system. So we know some of our planets characteristics and others, but not all, our species are too young, but there are historical markers of suggestion all over the World, and we find new cycles from time to time.
      I came to an early conclusion that our Earth, well we as a species are too young to fully understand the full Workings of Earth. Go back through scientific know history and there are suggestions at the very least that things change, but we don’t know how often. Last ice age happened when our World had no technology, so logic tells us C02 must have leaked into our atmosphere by some means, and soil samples from this time match this theory. So this for me is Earth going through processes we are yet to fully understand. We are old enough as a species to know our star flips North to South exactly every 11 years. So could it be Earth has these unknown but timed by Mother Nature issues that caused the death of Dinosaurs, the ice age, known underwater areas that were once habited by our species or something, along with other things.
      Hope you had a god weekend mate.


      • You’re the first person from Europe I ever met who doesn’t seem to believe in man-made climate change. I lived for four years in Germany and also traveled through Europe. I even met some Scots, as I recall. Everyone believed in man-made climate change and complained that the U.S. was doing enough about it. At this point, it seems like only the scientists in America believe in it, but the average person doesn’t believe in it.

        American’s generally don’t want to believe in it, because we are dependent on the fossil fuel industry.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I ain’t alone in my thinking, and also my “We can’t change this” thinking mate. You know people from Europe…I live with them. Seriously mate, we are not serious over here. Al Qaeda drove a van into the Airport behind my house, were on fire, trying to commit suicide, dragged out their van and beaten to LIFE. We kicked and beat the flames out….Then we laughed and joked about it then it got funnier whenJohn Smeaton got famous for having a ‘Cigarette break’ that day 😀

        And climate change will not be our ‘End Game’ as a species. Whatever is causing global change like this here:

        It is too slow. I researched it and did a year on it in School in the late 80’s. Since the late 1980’s the climate has not changed too much from my point of view and my place in the World buddy.

        I appreciate your knowledge mate, truly I do. The truth is only the truth AFTER the event. Till now all we have is guesswork. I can see why 100 years of Industrial Revolution has poisoned our planet, but maybe our Planet ‘Self heals’.

        Good debate/chat….
        I like you, you pay attention. You are a minority in our World my friend. Welcome to the party. You question things and so do I. So we might disagree, but we are 1 and the same…

        Bealtaine do pháistí gáire do naimhde laige.


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