Hero Haus. . . . . . the Brave German Shepherd

WOW… People. Watch the video in Anne’s blog here…
Dogs are so loving it is untrue. The dog protecting the little girl is heartbreaking but amazing at the same time. Great share
THE VIDEO IN HERE IS BOTH HEARTBREAKING BUT LOVING AND ASTONISHING…The dog protected the Girl….Go and watch to see what happened to the dog… Amazing story, had to reblog this…


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Why I stand in #Solidarity with Palestine


My forever dog friend, Thelma was part Shepherd but looked like a gray wolf.  German Shepherds are reported to be the second most intelligent breed with Border Collies being the first.  And GS are known for their love and loyalty to their  “people.”  Haus was a rescue dog and had only been with the family of little little girl for several months but he was well bonded and brave to protect her from the very venomous Rattlesnake.

You will hear that a  fund for Haus’ treatment is up to $33000.  That may seem excessive but when I was in Arizona, every season some person would be bitten by a Rattlesnake, mostly Diamond Backs.  The cost to treat one adult  is well over $100,000 and the insurance  companies don’t feel obligated to cover it.  People were warned to avoid those bites to insure not being bitten in their wallet!

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