The Gift of Forgiveness


A friend called  Kathryn Ventura shared this video with me this morning, I used to hate, be anger, and look to blame others for my life, for my weaknesses. But I discovered that by dropping hate, anger and fear, we can free not just ourselves, but help others to the light. My life goals used to be selfish ones, I never gave thought to another person’s feelings, I was irony but not by choice. As I grew and became and found myself, an inner peace I found by myself with a little help I guess, life became fun and free. Money didn’t matter and all that did matter to me was love and being nice. Then I spoil all that and say “I will kill anyone who harms the people I changed for” But am I any different from anyone else? No, we are all the same; we are just different versions of each other. Respecting and allowing our minds and souls to give people hope and help is a virtue by our OWN. No sentient being or higher power can change us, for me that is a placebo, an act of brain washing our own selves. No, to BE, to become, we must tolerate what we dislike in the World and in each other. Yesterday I sat in a Church and watched a gorgeous little girl, 8 years old have her first communion. My partner and I, it was our friends Daughter. As I sat in the Church Yesterday I remembered the old Hymns and I sang. Jesus was above me on a cross. Was that chance? Or was that choice? We can’t answer questions till we understand the question. Understand the question, and then only then we do so can we find the answers. This can be whatever you want it to be; the centre of our World can be anywhere. Try, try and help. But always we must turn the coin around and say “Do not take my kindness as weakness” That phrase there is what we battle every day. Well some of us do. Don’t try, don’t dream. DO! BECOME! AWAKEN! FREE YOUR MIND FROM THE ENCLOSED AND JUST LOVE. Because let me tell you, killing people can happen without blood, and it’s VERY EASY to hate and kill people in that sense. What is hard is ignoring the negative and becoming better not just for yourself, but for everyone around you. We can’t change this World friends, but we can change the World around us as the individual. We must become one; we must accept difference and often hate to see light. Light up the darkness, as it says at the top of all my social media platforms. I don’t want numbers or views, I want to create moments, I did before, and what I am about to do is create more. Shauny.

The Gift of Forgiveness
[VIDEO] Via: Humanity Healing on You Tube
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