Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton TO BE INDICTED – Breaking News!


Trump, sadly, has played a BLINDER.



[ALLEGEDLY] So, breaking news in the last few hours, the Clinton Foundation hit with racketeering lawsuit. I have said for many years it was my belief Hillary would be next US POTUS; this leaves the door wide open for Donald Trump. A little research earlier in the week and I seen Donald Trump ALLEGEDLY paid the best lawyers on EARTH to dig for the information that could jail both Hillary and Bill Clinton and close a Foundation down that is allegedly money laundering. This is a breaking story within the last few hours; I have a TON more on this but for now I will leave multiple sources and tweets below. America, get ready for Trump to tell you that 1.7 Billion Muslims are ISIS and scare you, because that is what he is doing. This isn’t a democratic USA election at all, and for the record I don’t think the Scottish independence vote was fair either, so American friends, as I say ALWAYS, we are all in this together. The people who allegedly stole Scotland’s freedom want Trump in charge of our World. ISIS will grow via US/Israel/London funding; Trump will pay ISIS because it’s what America is doing. Use the search at the right hand side with key words like “USA Funds ISIS” or “Funding ISIS” and you will see my research over the last 18 months clearly shows the USA, London and Israel along with the World’s biggest beheading Country and allies to the USA, London and Israel in Saudi Arabia. Many people tell me “Shaun ISIS are a REAL threat” but there are 1.7 Billion Muslims, just around 1/5th of Earth’s population, and if even 1% of all these Muslims are ISIS and want to behead people that is 1.7 Million active ISIS members. If 1% of Muslims are ISIS we would feel it and see it, in-fact if 000.1% of all Muslims or Islam were ISIS that is still around half a Million ISIS members, again that is a high number and we would feel and see half a million ISIS members. What I am saying is ISIS are real but they are not the threat Donald Trump and his son say they are. American people, not all, are being brainwashed with fear about Islam and Muslims and the rest of the World don’t like it, I have dozens of Muslim friends here in Edinburgh, Scotland and the very notion all hate America or are radical is laughable. The story is money laundering by the Clintons, but the real story is Donald Trump and his wealth buying his POTUS seat. Watch this space for more racial division in the USA because what is about to happen will make Ferguson look like a kindergarten fight, seriously it could become that bad. Don’t be fooled into thinking Trump hates ISIS. But do know America kills people who commit crime and their biggest allies in the World Saudi Arabia behead more people every day than ISIS can do in 6 months. Do not believe me, research on your own. Tweets and links below. Also, I am not 100% on this story, but it has just appeared in many sites, lets wait to see if this holds up. This could be a hoax but till proven otherwise it’s a story I just seen or was sent. I just found this article from political insider. Sen. Tom Delay is saying if DOJ doesnt prosecute, that the FBI will. Breaking: FBI Will Make A HUGE Move Against Hillary Rodham Clinton


Still Report #907 – HuffPo Writer & Editor – Don’t Know Why Story Was Pulled
Via: Bill Still on You Tube


ALLEGEDLY the story is being pulled. So catch it while you can

ALLEGEDLY the story is being pulled. So catch it while you can


Political Insider

Over the weekend, a writer for the liberal Huffington Post reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) will pursue a criminal indictment against Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

 Frank Hugenard, a scientist, public speaker and freelance contributor, had his report removed by HuffPo editors and his account disabled without explanation. The piece was entitled, ““Hillary Clinton to be Indicted On Federal Racketeering Charges” and it quickly went viral before being removed. Huguenard, who seems to support Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), claims to have sources within the FBI who say the agency will recommend racketeering charges against Hillary. As Huguenard explained:

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a United States Federal Law passed in 1970 that was designed to provide a tool for law enforcement agencies to fight organized crime. RICO allows prosecution and punishment for alleged racketeering activity that has been executed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.

Activity considered to be racketeering may include bribery, counterfeiting, money laundering, embezzlement, illegal gambling, kidnapping, murder, drug trafficking, slavery, and a host of other nefarious business practices.

James Comey and The FBI will present a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice, that includes a cogent argument that the Clinton Foundation is an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic

Huffington Post Politics senior editor Sam Stein claims to have no idea why the post was removed, and refused to give further comment when contacted by Breitbart News. Stein opined, “Sorry. I don’t know. I’d direct your question to a blog editor.”

Do you think Hillary Clinton will finally be indicted by the FBI, after years of criminal activity? Please leave us a comment (Link Above)

~~End Story~~

Above Top Secret: (Worlds Biggest USA debating site) Hillary Clinton to be indicted on racketeering charges

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