I remember someone posting this before. Just checking and yeah, it’s on my Netflix too. I remember I shared it on one of my pages and someone said “That is not funny, Russia Invaded Ukraine” 😀 I just laughed, honest. Why people think Russia are this big bad monster is beyond the Worlds thinking. I have more friends moved to Russia (Western part) for Work than any other nation on Earth, Russia is not Communist anymore, it has McDonalds and Burger Kings, Russian people wanted to buy into this ‘Democracy’ that does exist in Northern Europe, and that was what split the Soviet Union up, 1 nation turned to many Nations, most are amazing Norther European Countries now. On December 24, 1991 the Soviet Union was dissolved. At the same time Mikhail Gorbachev announced his resignation. The Soviet Union divided up into 15 separate independent countries including: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The Ukrain lie we know here in my culture, Russia did not invade the Ukraine. Ukraine were part of Europe and the EU/NATO and needed a loan, the Ukranian people wanted the loan from Europe (Same as Greece, My brother is just back from a Holiday in Greece, it’s fine now) But the ruler of Ukraine had Russian friends and tried to take the loan from Russia, the Ukrainian people stood up and said no. So that story is a dead story now. America/UK/France and Germany took Military to the Eastern Border of Russia but it all backed down and normallity retured BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE…
Interesting TV show this seems and very relevant in the sense of ‘WHAT COULD HAPPEN’ but nothing more. Russia don’t stomp around the World forcing their ways into other cultures or destroying cultures or even sponsering and funding Terror Groups. But it’s known as a fact now that the USA are the bad guys, AT GOVERNMENT LEVEL ONLY, the people have no choice in the USA. Here we have Referendums where the people vote for HUGE law changes. American’s lose people and money and respect for what they do. The USA must stop policing the World. WWII ended 71 years ago. Over in my land and culture this is exactly how we ALL view this story..

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Occupy is a word that conjures up images of tents and protests as in “Occupy Wall Street” that popped on the screen a few years ago. So the viewer brings some baggage to this show.  Is occupy and positive or negative word or a little of each?   This is an amazing series that is  on Net Flicks with the first season availability.   It is set in Norway where seemingly overnight their country is “Occupied” by Russia at the request of  the European Union!    Confusing ?  There are layers and layers of this political thriller with environmental issues,  oil , politics and governmental shenanigans! Everyone has a dog in the fight.   There are subtitles and totally unknown Norwegian actors who are great and it was shot in a country many of us know little about. Compelling plot , writing and acting. You will be lost in the…

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