Sky TV – Inside Palestine & Israel [FULL] – Ross Kemp – MSM

imagesIf you have half a heart and an opinion on this topic, test yourself on it’s truth. Always I try hard to understand the World around me when I am online. Who owns us, who are these Elite that we all now know exist. There is an obvious ‘Allegedly’ in this question if just looking for the answers, and the answers we find when we do finally understand the questions become very toxic and very shocking sometimes. Here in the UK there was a TV show on W0rld Popular TV ‘Sky 1.’ It is the biggest entertainment channel  in my Country and the Worlds TV also. The guy hosting this 2 part documentary, is called Ross Kemp, he used to play a tough guy in the popular UK TV Soap Opera ‘Eastenders,’ as the tough guy character Grant Mitchell, he has done hundreds of these dangerous shows all over the World. He did many shows – Battle for the Amazon Ross Kemp – Extreme World & Ross Kemp in Afghanistan & Ross Kemp on World Gangs This blog shows and proves, gently to a World and anyone outside a few hundred Million people who see only one particular story in the wrong way, the Israel/Palestine story. Because Sky TV is owned by Rupert Murdock, he owns Sky TV, Fox, The New York Times and a lot more, he is probably the most influential news owner on Earth. So keep in mind, as well as seeing the shocking truth that Israel does in Palestine and shockingly the MANY issues the World does not know or understand in this region, we must know this is main stream.  For ANYONE who wants to actually understand the Israel/Palestine story, here it is. Both parts. This is for people to actually see it, not see it on TV 10,000 miles away. This is as Democratic as it gets, yet the main stream media in my part of the World will the the truth, but watered down? Probably. For Europeans who watch this, you might think you know this story but do you? People further away in the USA use a real or made up Bible to define this story, I ask please you take time to watch both videos, ‘Inside Israel and ‘Inside Gaza and listen to both Palestinian and Israel voices saying “We want peace” 90% of both want peace and to shake hands, but the BIBLE FORBIDS THIS NOTION, but I told that story already. The facts are being ignored, at least try and watch a little of this and show some human skills, often some comment only to what they agree with, but we can all be guilty of this. Allow the truth to help you and others, stop this horrific truth that lies are told about, and people time travel to avoid debating skills with scripture and books that not 1 person alive can say are 100% true

#JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemiesAs Israel commits Genocide, love shows the way – Social media campaign goes viral




[VIDEO] Part 1: Ross Kemp in Gaza’ Via: Olly Lambert on Vimeo.


[VIDEO] Part 2: Inside Israel – Via Sky News



#JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies This is the future!







She is a kid from loving parents – she doesn’t want to hate – WHY DO YOU?




yes ! I’m an iranian and I want peace for all the world . #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies

yes ! I’m an iranian and I want peace for all the world .




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2 comments on “Sky TV – Inside Palestine & Israel [FULL] – Ross Kemp – MSM

  1. There is a lot of goodness in Palestine/Israel, but as you say it is being hidden from the global public!
    They, the puppet masters (the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s and the like) want us all to hate each other, that’s how they control most of the world!
    Their wars and destruction, their greed and corruption affects each and everyone of us, seemingly with no end in sight!
    They control the public by brainwashing most of us with lies, deceit and cover ups via governments in most countries round the globe!
    Their best and biggest weapon against us is racism, hatred and fear, there’s a lot of hard cash to be made from it, someone has to make the riot gear and bombs!
    ISIS, now there’s a prime example, US, UK, France and Israel’s baby, a perfect way to use religion against the people, get everyone hating Islam, Muslim people, their religion and their Holy Book the Koran, but how many westerners who aren’t Muslim truly know what is written in the Koran!
    Everything is pretence, false and fake! People go on about how proud they are because we have democracy and Christianity in the UK, but I shout WHAT DEMOCRACY, where is it?
    If we have democracy why then is the organised ritual abuse and trafficking of children covered up, why can it not be stopped, it has been going on for ever!
    Why are adult survivours who speak out labelled disillusional and psychotic, sometimes even murdered or imprisoned in secure units!
    My own 10 year old son was murdered to shut me up 2009! They must think I know something, the names of rich and powerful people who were involved, if I could remember their names I would certainly have published them by now!
    As for Christianity, it just keeps us on our knees, yea, love thy enemy, be passive and turn the other cheek, in other words let people walk all over you, let them use and abuse you and run you into the ground!!!
    Sorry for ranting, I am just so seriously sick of the evil which reigns supreme over all our lives no matter where we are on the planet!

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    • No rant here my friend. Just a truth many do know and understand. Question is simple though “Can we stop them”….I don’t think we can. Would love to be proven wrong..

      Cheers, good chat


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