Watch Owen Jones walk off Sky News Live – BUT CHECK BEHIND HIM!! – #LGBT & #USGuns



Owen Jones

Owen Jones

[VIDEO AND MORE IMAGES BELOW – THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND IN IRONY] Owen Jones who writes for the UK Paper the Guardian was in the studio live on TV debating the terrible loss in Orlando Florida a few days ago. As the Worlds media tag, name, give thought to and make people SOMETHING they are not it the Wrong way, I have to tip my hat to Owen here for saying what many of us see as is ‘the story’ yet we are not hearing it or seeing it in our main stream media. Owen if you read this mate, in the video before you walk off, look at the picture on the screen of another newspaper, it’s agreeing with you pal!! I have attached all 3 images and shown the time also. This is ironic that you are of course correct, but the news headline the Sky Host is trying to get rid of quickly, is telling the story you are my friend. Well done Owen!! It is probably best if everyone watched  the video below and see it better for themselves. Hope this is ok Owen. My mind ALWAYS finds the irony or lies in any given video or image, strange thing it is, but I never miss a trick, or a lie. Again, I tip my hat to you my friend. WATCH THE IRONY AS OWEN LEAVES THE STAGE!! You couldn’t write this!! Well you could, I just did. Infact! Look at the rest of the Newspaper headlines behind him, many are saying exactly the point Owen was trying to show and tell, but some media refuse to tell the truth because the actuall story here is more than most people see it as. Search my blog for #USA, #ISIS, #FundingISIS and anything else you can think about and the story is there in your face. These are never my thoughts, just things I see and share, like I am doing here. I don’t miss anything, I am strange that way 😀


Orlando attacks – Owen Jones walks off sky news studio set
[VIDEO] Via Sky News on You Tube




Owen walks away, his argument is on the wall more than once behind him!!

Left hand side of the newspaper headline

Left hand side of the newspaper headline

Right hand side of the Newspaper

Right hand side of the Newspaper


Can’t blame the guy for being annoyed, now we know the headline that was up when he got annoyed as MANY



As a species, we do this very badly, in-fact doing it at all is wrong. Was Owen’s point

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