Time’s Up!! Obama’s Third Term FEMA 2016 Martial Law Disaster! Time’s Up!


I won’t say too much here, I have said it over and over, many others have said it over and over. America is preparing for something. I strongly believe there will be no next POTUS; I think Obama will get past 2 terms. Not my Country, why should I care? A part of this Video below is a Congressman being told twice to ‘Not mention Martial Law’ at a Congressional hearing. Video and links below for those who want to know. Obama has changed Amendment 22 so he can declare martial law anywhere on Earth, including the USA. FEMA Camps and more is the story. Know your own rules and laws America, because your lack of knowledge and all the changes to your constitution will be your downfall. Again this is not my news, I am sharing what is there should you look. It’s going to happen, this isn’t like 2000 and 2012 in terms of worry and myth, no this is going to happen

Time’s Up!! Obama’s Third Term FEMA 2016 Martial Law Disaster! Time’s Up!
Via C. Eevana on You Tube




October 15th 2014: USA – I Warned You About FEMA Camps And Coffins Bought In Millions

All on FEMA here

Martial Law

May 10th 2016: FOX NEWS: Obama – Signs Executive Order – Martial Law 2016

April 17th 2015: 7 Things You Can Count On – USA Martial Law Check List

January 8th 2016: Can Obama use martial law to stay in White House past 2016

April 22nd 2016: Terrifying USA Message – I TOLD THIS STORY 3 YEARS AGO – Coffins/FEMA

All Martial Law HERE


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