Today I stop blogging – For real! – Thank You!! & Goodbye


imagesWell this REALLY is my last blog for ShanyNews ANYTHING. I only have Twitter left and I will re-name that. This blog and the ability to share my thoughts probably saved my life if I am being fair and honest. See when you lose your voice or ability to just be seen as normal, never mind be normal, you need an outlet, this blog gave me the only voice I could have, so I am thankful to a MILLION people and WordPress for being here when my mind was CRAVING something I had no idea what craving. I will share 1 blog only, it was done way back in November 20th 2014 called ‘Finding Nirvana’ I wrote it at a time my mind was aware of the poison destroying it and it was a shout from the back of my mind onto this page for help probably, sadly when you get like I am it’s hard to connect anything to anyone sometimes, I see one thing, others see different, I am talking in real life terms here, not online. I met a ton of amazing people Blogging and on Facebook and a number of Social Media outlets, but I met some nut jobs also, I came into Social Media with not 1 enemy and I leave Social Media with no enemies. See people might see that different but to have an enemy implies that you yourself dislike or hate someone or some people, I hate or dislike nobody, people are either nice or not nice, and it really is that simple. Religion, Colour, Race Creed or whatever, people are the same. The people we see in Wars are like you and I, but we can’t feel the fear they do. Blogging taught me this, we share a LOT on these blogs but how many actually step away from the Internet and actually try and make things better? Answer is easy, not many. I learn about our World on here as I have never left the British Isles, so when I stopping doing football and DJ party hosing and other things I sat here and tried to understand a World I had never seen before, I wanted to see it, feel it, know cultures and religions and find answers. We are all told “Don’t talk Religion or Politics” I think it’s fair to say I did cross that line yeah? But it was just questions, nothing more. All the bad stuff I shared was re-sharing what was already out there, all the blogs about the big bad World were 2nd hand news had people looked. The personal blogs about me or my pain and now Gym gave me a platform to lay my mind HERE and not to my amazing partner and family. So today I stop Social Media for good. I came off a few places in the last week, Facebook I left with a thought of “I BET I GO BACK” 😀 I never, I resisted. If people in my life want to talk to me they can still do so, I have a phone and a front door for them to come and talk. For every GOOD PERSON I met on My Amazing Journey Shared And Documented I can only say ‘Thank you’ for helping me. Many people helped me and they maybe didn’t know. Now I have a story to tell, but it won’t be told here. Deliberate Donkey to the right and what I have been doing since January the 1st, the Gym and all the Images and diary entries I have been keeping are the story. I will say ‘WordPress helped’ but the people in WordPress. This is a pretty amazing place when we get the good people beside us, sadly I lost a LOT of good people through the medication I was given. So if I ever upset you or offended you, truly, I am sorry ok, it was never my intention. I am now ready to try and fly, the pain is still horror but I am learning to breathe through it. I need to sing, shout, speak, talk, act, I have so many dreams I am aiming for now and I want to try them all. 1st I need to come away from Social Media and keep re-connecting with reality. But I again thank you all for being part of my story. I wish you well in your story, we all have a story and let me tell you, it’s better out than in. See I kept mine in for a VERY LONG TIME, and it hurt, so I used this blog to get it out. You can do the same you know!

Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth
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Be good, be happy, smile, you are alive today so just smile, the inevitable is coming no matter what we do or how we choose to live as individuals, but just enjoy life, it’s a gift, it’s amazing, smile and enjoy it if you can. If you are struggling, open a blog, use a different name, and anything, but just get what is stopping you from living stop, so you can start to live. What I did and what I am doing I was told was IMPOSSIBLE, so I am now going to prove to the World that disabled people, in mind and body can BECOME, or just become. I have dreams, I have my two little princesses’, I have my partner, my sons and all who love me ready to reconnect with. So that is what I am going to do 🙂 Please, I hope you are all good, don’t let the bad bits into your mind, own your mind and just refuse the bad things in, you can do that!! Live well friends. PS: Should anyone want to stay in contact and I know some will, add me to Skype. My username is shaunyg1973 feel free to keep in touch SKYPE IS TYPE OR AUDIO OR VIDEO, TYPE ONLY IF THAT IS HOW YOU WANT TO TALK, PEOPLE THINK IT IS AUDIO/VIDEO ONLY. I will keep this open till the weekend then close it or hibernate it as I paid for it 😀 I am Scottish, we are strange with money, there is no myth here

More Love, Less Hate

Over and out



2 comments on “Today I stop blogging – For real! – Thank You!! & Goodbye

    • Mine too Rose. Before I blogged I was ignorant to the World. Scotland is a small place so it’s very easy to just hide here and forget the World. But I will say I didn’t enjoy it all, some stories were very difficult to say the least… Someone once opened my mind and if I opened a few others, terrific…
      Appreciated and look after yourself…


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