The SNP could enact ‘Unilateral Declaration of Independence’


I am NOT 😀 going to start blogging again, especially about this. I left Facebook because it is pointless, but also I seen or was told some groups ‘Allegedly’ like Scot to Scot will rather keep Scottish people arguing with each other ON THE INTERNET ONLY. Nicola has hinted a Hundred times “I will do whatever it takes to protect Scotland, her people and our shared interests” I believe UDI is about to be at least said as a threat, hopefully getting everyone outside Glasgow onto the streets, like Glasgow does. Where I am in Edinburgh, well we don’t become as visible in numbers anywhere apart from the internet as much as we should as capital city of Scotland, same with other cities. Too many egotistical people would rather keep their silly little online sites and groups than see Scotland free, some ‘might’ be scared to see the Unionist Work they do wasted or some might not like themselves to become totally irrelevant, like I am in the grand scheme of things. Not what ‘Freedom’ implies right?, but we do need an online presence, sadly we have over 500 sites and groups at odds with each other, arguing rather than becoming 1, PATHETIC!!. There are some good groups, granted, yes. But we need to get off the stupid internet and show the World we are there. I always thought the Scottish people would free Scotland, did we by voting @Britex for remaining in Europe? All that aside, I think this could get messy, but Scotland is about to try and walk. Who in Scotland can leave the internet (As many others and myself did) and actually support our freedom cause by GRINDING SCOTLAND TO A HAULT? Because we would free ourselves if we did this. We CAN free Scotland in 1 year!! It is so easy -Yet many will imply ‘IMPOSSIBLE < You can click that/ Also rearch #Iceland #RoleModels

Who will run to freedom?

Who will run to freedom?


imagesTHE SNP is demanding that the UK Government launch an urgent economic stimulus package to deal with the shockwaves of the Brexit vote. The party’s Westminster Treasury spokesman Stewart Hosie will insist that Chancellor Philip Hammond immediately detail the measures he will take to rebuild confidence in the economy.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Herald he said: “It is clear we cannot wait until his autumn statement to hear what he is planning – he needs to send a signal now that he will get the economy moving by ending the Tory fixation with cuts and austerity.”

Nicola Sturgeon’s Holyrood Government is adding to the pressure on the beleaguered chancellor to come up with positive measures to bolster the economy. She has already said that Scotland’s need to be “protected in the uncertain period that lies ahead”.

A spokesperson said, “The Scottish Government welcomes the stimulus package announced by the Bank of England to help support the economy through these times of heightened economic uncertainty.” Adding that, “it is now time for the UK to follow suit and provide the economic stimulus the economy requires and to provide certainty over future funding in order to enable the Scottish Government to provide full support to our economy.

“The Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament urgently need clarity on the details of the Autumn Statement to be able to plan, publish and scrutinise a budget for 2017-18. That is why the Finance Secretary Derek Mackay has written to the Chancellor calling on him to clarify his approach to the public finances to reduce uncertainty and bring further stability to the economy.”

Hosie’s backing for an “economic stimulus to avoid the negative impacts of the Brexit result” came as the Scottish Government also faced calls to launch a long-term industrial strategy to prevent mass job cuts and protect the living standards of workers. The pro-independence Scottish Greens, trade union leaders and Labour politicians all called for the Scottish Parliament to speak with one voice to protect the economy from the fallout of the Brexit process.

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