The Power of Laughter

Great post. Laughter is a total must. Otherwise, life will just take people to hell…. #GreatRead right here…. I always question “Do we make ourselves ill”…Because I live in pain, like many we ask why. So the only logical question many who do suffer or are told they will die is “Are we doing this to ourselves” or “Am I subconsciously killing myself here” or “Have I told my mind without knowing to make me ill or to die”…Without being morbid here…This is a superb story and great read. People should read this, especially people in pain or worse..

Good Time Stories

farhad-sadykov Photo Credit: Farhad Sadykov via CC Flickr

There is nothing better in the world than a nice, big laugh…a good belly-laugh. Laughing and smiling is an awesome remedy for the soul. It can brighten your day. It can turn a dark time into an enjoyable light. It’s funny how an individuals view of life can sometimes drastically change when they “take the frown and turn it upside-down.”

I recently came across the following story which demonstrates to us the wonderful power of the gift of laughter. It is my hope that this story might help someone who may be suffering some kind of hardship.


Many years  ago, Norman Cousins was diagnosed as “terminally ill”. He was given six months to live. His chance for recovery was 1 in 500.

He could see the worry, depression and anger in his life contributed to, and perhaps helped cause, his disease. He…

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