The Johnny Cash and June Carter story. That night in Canada


A love nothing on Earth could stop….

So yeah, I think deeply and analyze things so much so I can know them and understand them to their absolute understanding for myself. Make me a bad person? I don’t think so. I love my Partner, I love my life, but if I could steal any person’s life and make it my own it would be Johnny Cash. The movie Walk the line portrayed the bad side of Johnny Cash and his early life, when the movie ends Johnny and June spent a lifetime together, loving, singing, touring the World and living a dream born from pain and horror almost. I love Johnny Cash, not till I had seen the movie ‘Walk the line’ did I really understand the story. The utterly unconditional love that nothing on Earth could stop Johnny loving June, and June loving Johnny. This 1 song is a heart wrencher, it sums up not just Johnny Cash and how he lost his brother in an accident when he was a little boy, how his Father rejected him.

He had his demons

He had his demons

Johnny’s life till he met June was unhappy, he had listened to June Carter since he was a little boy, June also had an unhappy start with 2 failed marriages. When Jonny 1st seen her before his 2nd gig, it was love, right in that moment a love was born that would hurt others but create a life for 2 people who were 2 souls who found each other who also had a son. Is there anything more special than this? This song, just wow. If you have not seen the movie, the link is above. The story of Johnny and June is as real as love stories go, well at least I think so. Please, enjoy some love for a time, put everything else away and just feel a moment. In this video we see the real clip of Johnny asking June for the 4oth time to marry him, just watch when she gives into his love, THAT THERE, IS LOVE. As strong as it comes, just look into her eyes, she is gone. And what a life they had. An amazing story from an amazing time on this Earth


At 1 Minute 20 seconds into this song, look at June’s eyes, she couldn’t resist, this is SPECIAL

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash – You’re A Part Of Me #Montage
Via: Coco14918 on You Tube


Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash – You’re A Part Of Me #LIVE
Via: PeterRabbit59 on You Tube



June took Johnnys demons away, they were destined for each other


I understand this image and it's meaning in a way I can't describe it with any words, it's only a feeling

I understand this image and it’s meaning in a way I can’t describe it with any words, it’s only a feeling



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12 comments on “The Johnny Cash and June Carter story. That night in Canada

    • YOU DID NOT!!!
      Oh tell me more…
      I am being serious..WHAT A LIFE THEY HAD TOGETHER!!!! xx

      When Johnny goes ‘WOAH’ on 25 seconds ..I felt it!!!


      • Yes I have met them both on more than a few occasions when they were in Iowa U.S.A. I talk to them and each time they remember who I was. 1972 was the first time I met them at my school for Earth day. They followed me from his program were he talked about years of drug use and prison. They followed me to watch me do gymnastics at my program. And a few times later in life they performed for a few church doings here in my town. They did remember me from school programs.

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      • Did he sing ‘Man in Black’ 1st at your school? I know they toured a LOT of colleges. Johnny was asked about why he wears black clothes…This was the 1st time he ever sung ‘Man in Black’…Amazing human being he was..and still is… He was REALLY nervous as you can see here..But he pulled it off..


      • Some of his jitters was from what damage the drugs done to his body. He never sang at my school. He just talked about prison and the band he was in while in prison and about the drugs that got him into trouble. Some of his songs were about Fulsome prison. He had met with other men there that also became famous singers. ????Paycheck was one other singer from prison. Him and June sang religious songs at the church doings Ring of Fire.

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      • Yeah made a convict famous, sadly the guy committed suicide….. The movie ‘Walk the line’ showed the bad parts, and a glimse of the amazing life they both had together afterwards is the amazing part. Just raw love for each other, could not be denied


  1. Johnny Paycheck I think was the other singer from prison. Paycheck is the last name I can’t remember first. I think Johnny. I don’t know how he died. I never kept up with them as I got older. Both were very pleasant people to talk to though. Very nice and yes very in love with each other.

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  2. Merle Haggard I think also was in same prison cell as Johnny Cash and then they sang together years later. Merle haggard was with the outlaws with Jessie Coulter and Willie Nelson and one other man I don’t know his name. Merle Haggard has passed also. Nice talking with you on this. It brings back happy memories. I have sang on stage myself many times around my local area in Iowa-U.S.A. I use to sing Janis Joplin music and I look a lot like her growing up. I love country music though. I liked all music really. We can keep in touch my friend. O.K. This is pretty cool! Thanks!

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