How was 2016 for you? What are your hopes for 2017? – Regret or Hope?

Well that went fast as usual! All the fussing, driving, visiting, consuming things we probably don’t need, but it can be ok to have things for the sake of having things. Way I see life these days is, if you can have something, good for you. 2016 for me was a slight awakening, just enough to notice the damage 4 Evil disabilities were doing to the people I love and like. 2016 was a year I lost TONS of my body fat doing very hard physiotherapy every other day or just days I could. I gave myself ‘maybe’ 20 years more of life, the kicker is I gave myself 20+ years of more pain, worse pain. It’s my hell I will happily take to be there longer and better for them


I can’t go back the way now, I spent the festive period like us all, like what I said above, my car broke Christmas Eve, my Dog was run over, she is ok now but at the time it was a horrible moment, but in that moment I seen something I can’t explain, but so did someone else, I won’t try and explain, let’s just say I tapped into something bigger than myself, many call it God, I am unsure what it is. The blog below this one is a hint of what I am trying to say here. What REALLY matters is what really matters now, before and when that time comes, I think so

Blog below this one, bit no hate

Blog below this one, but no hate

What did I tap into in 2016? Well me personally it was the minds of others, feelings of others, I just started to notice many more suffer badly, but I also seen some live happy, I guess 2016 helped me pretend better? I mean let’s face it, we all wear masks, I just took my mask off and said “Come ahead life” and I fought back, I gave my mind and body so much pain and confusion it was Evil. I have prayed to God every day almost since I was a little boy here in Scotland, today I still pray, I can’t find Religion, scripture and I can’t look at Jesus as anything more than a Ghandi type figure of his time where your World was like 1,000 miles circular, you were either there or you had no idea it was happening, when people read about it and found blind faith in it’s truth, but that is ok, well it’s ok if it does not harm our World right?


The World is now tightly together through these Social Media platforms when we can know news from anywhere about anyone as it’s happening almost. Image 2,000 years ago when Baby Jesus probably was born, as I say, you were either there or you had no idea. Like Noah’ Ark and Moses leading people for 40 years in a quest for knowledge, stories get lost in translation. These same principles happen today too, one day I get a cold, 2 weeks later someone asks me if I had Ebola 😀 Seriously just apply logical thinking and you see it all. But we MUST respect those with faith in the Bible who want to believe things so impossible to believe for 2/5th of Humanity, out of all 4,000+ Religions. I learn to respect all that in 2016, but I am just 1 from almost 8 Billion who refuse to stop talking, I am honest today, I have opinions, ask me questions, but don’t deny or get angry over my answers, I see this image many times, it makes more sense today, almost.. lol


Personally I woke up a tiny bit, just enough to see those around me, I will admit I purged some people, people I will still love and take a bullet for, but I also stepped back towards people who I just can’t be without. 2016 taught me that even when life is pushing you down, you can fight back the best you can and try and be the best you there is, for those around you. We are all flawed, we all make mistakes, some do it on purpose with free mind, some do it blindly or with anger, you know what I am saying here, we can live in light or dark..

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Happy 2017 to the 500 people STILL reading my blog every day, I stopped blogging as it just takes too long, hand spasms and more make it impossible, this took me 2 hours to type, and to those who might read this too, I wish you a happy and healthy 2017 for you and your family and friends. Over the Festive Period my Dog was run over, my car broke and a whole lot more happened that a year ago would have made me angry at someone. This year when bad things happened I just smiled and said “It’s only a car” or “It will be ok” I know what is important now, it’s not my PC, my TV, a car or any other object. What is important is we love the people we need so much they love us back. Over the last few months sadly I have lost people but I gained 2 amazing Daughters-in-laws, a Grandson with a little girl due too, both my sons are Dads or about to be and this made me try harder for them too, but just Yesterday I had a house full of people, so as I step towards a World I am TRYING to wake up too, people are noticing my confusion and helping me. All I can say is “I would help you too” I had a day with 1 Family member yesterday and in this day we found each other again, I hope this happens with more people like the person I had good fun with Yesterday

It was a crazy dream and this is the only way I could explain it

It was a crazy dream and this is the only way I could explain it

I had a dream about a Month ago, so vivid, so real, I awoke and for an hour I had no idea where I was. Was it my, medication, am I just an idiot or was it my 4 Disabilities, was it 1 of them, 2 create pain so bad you kind of get used to it, the other 2 confuse the mind to hell or heaven, it is that hard for me to gulp deep and try and NOT say things I shouldn’t, I am just trying to be the best for my Partner, sons, daughters, daughters in-laws, parents , brothers, sisters and friends. I see it clearly, but I only see it as clearly as I can. Today on the 2nd of January 2017 after a challenging 2016 in a way for me and others close I see a light at the end of an endless tunnel I will keep walking up, but looking back to all the bad or hard moments, I see the ones still standing with me, and I them. Just try, don’t be someone else, be the best you can for the ones who need you. I spent 15 years, wasted 15 years denying myself of who I was becoming, I lied, I was nasty, my word hurt, I was angry but never once did I lay a hand on a loved one, although words do cut deeper. But am I alone? Am I the only person to get things wrong? I don’t think so, all I do know is I did what was best for everyone else . When we do things for ourselves 9 times out of 10 times we will fail, when we see those around us from the young and old and make them our reasons, I promise you it gets a little easier. To everyone, start living or start dying, we all die in the end, so live till your end, we all got one. Not being morbid, just stating facts some might not like… lol

Shawshank Redemption – “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying.”
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