From your past – Hello – I love you – From the Grave – To my Future

I don’t write much these days, I don’t know why, it gave me a voice, an opinion, made me feel human just for a little while. Many say even today “Shaun and that stupid blog of his”, yet they have not read one line of this or any others. So today I explain to my future what I did in your past. See, this blog is here forever, I paid for a lifetime URL, and this will be here when I die, hopefully in my sleep age 94 or something 😀 Many people say “I would love to leave something behind” It could be a song, a poem, a saying, anything really. I will leave you some images and songs for you to look back on too, why not? Music is all I can see in 2017 that does not divide our species, everything else keeps us hating or just not liking. I may be right, I may be wrong, but I AM GOING TO BE HONEST WITH YOU. How can I lie to our future when I can only tell the truth of today?

♫ Bob Marley ♪ Redemption Song + Lyrics ♫

I was thinking about this tonight, I am in an ‘awake all night, sleep all day’ sleeping pattern, or stuck in one again, they come and go, I have 4 life changing disabilites, click HERE to know them, they might still exist for you, if not, I give you a look into a 2017 disabled mind, use it well 😀 Back in 2017 the medicine you read about in your time are awful, but that good medicine was withheld from us, you have the truth and free healthcare I hope.The proof and the means to look back to all versions of Earths past and ask ‘WHY’ are hard to do today, you might be just as confused, so I am going to give you my stupid version of why, a try.

It is very simple, back in 2017, or right now, 20th April 2017 at around 03:30am on a cold Scottish Thursday morning, we are a species so asleep, so oppressed we don’t even know it or why. As you might just have read, some of us are fully aware of the World back in 2017. We know its hell, its heaven, of course if Religion is still alive whoever you are, in whatever time in my future you read this. Religion KILLED our species in my time, I am CERTAIN if you are reading this 100 years or 500 years from now, you will be asking “How could our species be so dumb and easy to control” I and MILLIONS of others ask this today, 20th April 2017.

They [Do you know why THEY are?] <Click) used Religion, Politics, Sport, TV, Internet like this (Ironic huh, lol) and much more to keep us distracted and in fear, or happy and blissfully unaware or uncaring of what is around us. A Religious mind is a very selfish mind in my time. They call it “The fear of God”, I call it “The Fear of the unknown”, see I have disabilities, are they were called back in 2017, as you will see with the images I left at the foot of this blog. I am medicated and alone, probably through unconscious un-deliberate ways I have no idea why I do it? I don’t know, I am just trying to stay alive for those who need me. Technology was and is our biggest enemy, it controlled our EVERY DAY in 2017 and a decade before, God (Ironic to mention him, I know) knows what the future will become due to technology!

As I type, 1/7th of our Species use just this 1 technological device, but there is MUCH more

I envy you, be you reading this in 50 years or 5,000 years from now or anywhere in-between or after. I envy the World you will live in, free from invisible oppression and fear, or the deliberate trick that money or the need or want of money gives people in my time, people THINK money will cure Cancer and all other bad things in 2017, people crave something they don’t even understand. I have been poor and rich, all I can tell you in the future or anyone reading today is “Money won’t cure you if you have issues, no it will only make them worse”. You are from the future, use whatever search function you may have to look for things like “Man wastes £10 Million lottery win in a year” or whatever the story, because most people who win money, sadly end up losing not money always, but they lose, mostly. Yet money rules my World in 2017, Religion is Tax free and Religion has the most money, if I told you the ‘Wealth of the Church<Click) in 2017, you probably already know, if you don’t just click that link, if it is still live. If it isn’t, all I can say is The Wealth of Religion could wipe out Global Debt and make every man, woman and child rich. That is the DAMNING statement of 2017 Human species, ironic too

The UTTER IRONY, people like myself must battle for life and love

I could go on and on to you, reading this from whatever future my selfish 2017 gives you, but it’s all here, you can still search anything on my blog from this time period that may interest you about our shared World we live or lived in. Also I speak for our species when I say “Sorry for leaving you such a horrible World” PLEASE understand many of us tried to help, tried to awaken the ‘Sheeple; as we called them, those so asleep through oppression of any kind, religion or money of any taking or bad health, people living in War zones, sadly as I type this around 18% of people on this Earth are living in a War Zone. Kids are murdered every day, but TV, Internet, Pizza delivery to watch a movie, self debt, self doubt, selfish minds, rich minds, religious minds, I could AGAIN, go on and on as to WHY. Imagine a World so pure, that the RIGHT THING was just seen as natural and the thing we JUST DID, someone left a message for that too, people like me kept listening

♫ John Lennon ♪ Imagine ♫

There. I just left a message to the future, and NOBODY can erase it. But all over my ‘Social Media’ I have used this image here below. It is an image of Good Vs Bad, Hate Vs Love, about our fragile World, from a movie called ‘I am Legend’ <Click) where the Human Race has killed itself, 1 man remains in this movie. In the image below he is quoting ‘Bob Marley’ , <Click) the amazing singer and songwriter who died when I was a very young child, whos songs where this movies soundtrack. But he too left something for the future. I JUST realised in a moment of boredom tonight “I too can leave something for the future” – And I just said it all, well as much as I could 😉 Also, or PS: I may have just annoyed, angered half our species here, or made half smile, I might never know, you on the other hand, will know. If God is real, find a way to tell me please 😀 I am being funny and facetious and light hearted here, but I WILL be judged today. What about your Day? Am I being judged or loved? I only EVER asked for love, but Human EGO got in the way. Sad but true I am afraid 🙂

If anyone I love happens to stop judging this blog and are reading it? Hey, and thank you, and I love you ❤

OUR battle between God and Devil, good or bad, or for me, opinion Vrs oppression

From 2017….






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2 comments on “From your past – Hello – I love you – From the Grave – To my Future

  1. Hey, my friend how have you been? Another fail on a suicide attempt the 4th of this month. It came close this time. Mental health call police, Fire truck, And ambulance this time. I was fighting with metal health office at the time. I just said f it. I could end it all and would not be found for month’s. Just so happened they were the ones I was fighting with at the time. My pets have passed now and boyfriend is and ex boyfriend. Gay as fk I found out after wasting my life for 4 year’s friends and family all passed. Neighbors don’t give a rat’s ass about nothing. I don’t drive since Heart surgery. Really messed up shitty life it has become. Hugs my friend.

    On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 1:58 AM, Living to help other disabled people, and peop

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry to read that Anne….You are still here, you made it this far. If you can make it past all this, you can keep moving forward. Keep on keeping on… x


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