Poll suggests Tory support falling in Scotland too as Labour close the gap in England and overturn a Tory lead in Wales. The SNP pull away again and even In Scotland too, Labour close the gap.

Great post on the upcoming UK General Elecion right here…

Talking-up Scotland


It’s only a subset of 108 Scots from a survey of 1200 UK voters but like the overall sample it is considered representative of the electorate so it’s still pretty interesting. Remember the 1200 represent 0.0026% of the roughly 46 million-strong electorate and the Scottish subset of 108 represents 0.0027% of the roughly 4 million-strong electorate. Let’s not quibble over the 0.0001% difference.

This is the second subset showing stronger support than Scotland-only polls for independence/SNP. See:

Latest poll: Backing for Scottish independence at 57%

Subsets of polls are generally ignored but I’m beginning to wonder. This Kantar TNS Omnibus poll interviewed a representative sample of 1 200 adults in Great Britain between the 18th May and 22nd May 2017. So, this was post the disastrous Tory manifesto release and the u-turn on social care for the elderly – the ‘dementia tax.’

You’ll have seen that Labour appears have…

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