10 Years and counting…..

A blog by an amazing friend. Being strong when life makes you want to be weak is easy. Patrick, you make it look easy, keep on keeping on buddy. You are one of the best friends I have in the Blog area of the World and also on Facebook because you are real. For others who read this, Patrick’s story is one you may well be in, or have been in, or will be in one day. Learning from each other when we are low and high as in living good, is key. I learnt a LOT from Patrick, I ask people give this a read. You are a very decent man Patrick.
Shaun and Family


It is slightly over 10 years now that I have been a carer and it honestly feels longer. Each day that passes seems to chip away at my resolve. Each day that passes my energy level sinks lower and I wonder what keeps me going from day to day. Some days I could sleep for England and others I run around as if I am on acid. There is no constant anymore. I often battle to summon up the interest to do something whether at work or at home. Caring has taken its toll on me over the years.

So why do I continue to do it? Well, the simple answer is love. Not love of doing it but love for the person I do it for. Because I know that a care home would not give the same level of care I do and that would destroy the person…

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