Experimental Poetry #3

The blog I just did below this was about HOW I LIVE WITH SUICIDAL THOUGHTS. And here is my GOOD FRIEND Patrick laying his story and his soul in a poem. A poem has the same power as a song for me, and others. Like any song, we all take different meanings, but usually the same feelings. From my blog below this, to this by Patrick Fisher here, clearly I am not alone, and neither is Patrick. But we are still (LIKE MILLIONS+) here, we made it this far, how far can we make it? For me it’s #BabySteps, I can’t think an hour ahead, never mind days or weeks. It’s IMPOSSIBLE. PATRICK, you are an amazing friend and man, you inspired me to open up HERE, I reached out and people like you reached back. I loved the words and they hit me exactly where you intended them to in yourself, also knowing you are helping many others. Great post mate. Easy Reblog!


If only I could make you see,
The darkness deep inside of me,
If I could make you understand,
I wander round a barren land,
If I could show you how the light,
Never sees the endless night,
If I could show the blackened tide,
Crushing me from every side,
If I could make you feel the pain,
That’s slowly driving me insane,
If I could make you see the void,
Where my soul sits now destroyed,
If only I could make you see,
How much my life yearns to be free.

© Copyright 2017 – Patrick Fisher

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