Life Is Worth Losing – Dumb Americans


Well it’s fair to say that the Amazing George Carlin who was an American, TOTALLY understood his fellow Americans and culture very well indeed. Very hard to argue with George on his thoughts on his people. The American people. So this is an American, defining the people and culture he lived in and with…. very well indeed. Sadly he died years ago. This message be from the grave






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1.5 ‘Million’ Views on ShaunyNews – In 2 Years – Thank You! – Been Something!

UntitledTons of images and a Video I hope defined me as a Blogger ❤ And no brag! As blogging and I are parting our different ways slowly, as I am getting bored sitting telling my personal story and also the stories of our World that make no difference to man nor beast I do understand now that we bloggers or people with opinions will not change a person’s mind, once a person has an opinion they won’t be moved, I like to think over the last 3 years with my 1st blog ‘PrayingForOneDay’ and now ‘ShaunyNews’ I am disgusted with the World and also my own Country due to utter ego ignorance. Before all this started I was a DJ and a Football manager while Disabled, the pain got worse and I ended up in bed, put on weight, got lazy and became a Dr’s Heroin addict. Now the weight has gone and the medication has gone and been replaced with one VERY STRONG drug I now want to TRY and live. Get back to work, a hobby, singing, acting lessons and also the 3 people who want my story for a book or whatever, I just want to live and try as a disabled person to live and not just crawl into bed and give up. Many will stay in bed or do nothing in fear of losing benefits, I don’t have that problem as there is no way the Government could do this to me, I owe the World nothing and all I am asking or saying is “DISABLED PEOPLE CAN LIVE AND CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY” You see if we are not in a wheelchair or numb from the neck down we are often deemed not to be disabled. Religion and Politics I was told as a kid “Do not talk Religion or Politics” but I guess as I grew older I challenged that thinking and asked questions. Sadly by asking questions people presumed I hate, but what I seen in my time blogging was when we try and love and care, people hate us back, but just look at the loving people with messages of PEACE like the video below who have been murdered for trying to change our World, Assassinated for loving, JFK, Gandhi, Bobby Kennedy, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Dr King, Malcolm X, and today it is still happening, WE DO NOTHING. This blog won’t close but I won’t, and as you can see I am not blogging every day, nor every other day these days. I will leave it at that and people can blindly think “Shaun is boasting” So let’s see how correct I am in that. Over my time I captured some crazy, scary, emotional, happy and sad images, I will leave them below. Keep on keeping on World, but expect EGO to tell you that you are wrong. Late in 2015/early in 2016 I removed myself from over 200 groups and websites where my blog was shared, so that is why 2016 has had low numbers, and this proves I have never blogged for hits, for numbers. I did all this because I was many emotions. But never in hate and always in debate, losing ‘Hate and Fear’ has served me well, but as things are in our World people won’t read this, nor will you read as it’s too much effort. Thank you for 1.5 Million reads to everyone who tried to understand my questions #Peace



Some of it was crazy!



I think you must be crazy to try, just try


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The truth is right there, why do some deny it?




003, Licence to drive people crazy 😉





#JewsAndArabsRefuseToHate – Not on USA TV



A BITCH!! Live here and you would know why, add the Royal family to this list


As a Nation, America is SO VERY LOST…

download (1)

download (7)

So many bad stories 😦


American’s (SOME) just deny this. Why?


Some of it was very interesting, all be it crazy

hqdefault (2)

images (7)




UK has our own problems that reach all corners of our World


One from MANY killed for what reason? THINK!


I can, can you?


This is happening with Bernie Saunders RIGHT NOW. America does not learn, like Scotland!

Militant Islamist fighters parade on military vehicles along the streets of northern Raqqa province June 30, 2014. Militant Islamist fighters held a parade in Syria's northern Raqqa province to celebrate their declaration of an Islamic "caliphate" after the group captured territory in neighbouring Iraq, a monitoring service said. The Islamic State, an al Qaeda offshoot previously known as Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), posted pictures online on Sunday of people waving black flags from cars and holding guns in the air, the SITE monitoring service said. REUTERS/Stringer (SYRIA - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST CONFLICT) FOR BEST QUALITY IMAGE ALSO SEE: GF2EA99110K01 - RTR3WJAI

Al Qaeda was renamed and rebranded, and re-funded to ISIS


The US government handed the 3rd Image to US Media, you see it? ‘LIES’



Like a marriage

Like a marriage

And I include myself

And I include myself

Come on World, wake up!

Come on World, wake up!

Although not overall majority - meaning the party will have to proceed as a minority government or form an alliance.

Although not overall majority – meaning the party will have to proceed as a minority government or form an alliance.

What did this US War hero mean?

What did this US War hero mean?


We have been warned by MANY amazing people who were killed for telling us - We ignored them then, do we now?

We have been warned by MANY amazing people who were killed for telling us – We ignored them then, do we now?



5 voices = 5 key questions

5 voices = 5 key questions


This is where you go if you are homeless, feed or help the homeless

This is where you go if you are homeless, feed or help the homeless


America has killed MILLIONS over in my side of the pond, with help from Westminster, London

America has killed MILLIONS over in my side of the pond, with help from Westminster, London











Who took this land ILLEGALLY?

Who took this land ILLEGALLY?


This image is a lie, but it's so sad to know

This image is a lie, but it’s so sad to know

The FEMA Camps I have told about

The FEMA Camps I have told about

The coffins I 1st mentioned 2013

The coffins I 1st mentioned 2013

Millions seen from space

Millions seen from space

'Christianity' Westboro Baptist Church

‘Christianity’ Westboro Baptist Church

'Christianity' Westboro Baptist Church

‘Christianity’ Westboro Baptist Church











OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!



Catholic (Celtic) Protestant (Rangers) hate in Scotland

Catholic (Celtic) Protestant (Rangers) hate in Scotland


One of the World brightest minds told the story I share

One of the World brightest minds told the story I share








usa-03 - Copy

Some Americans just STRUGGLED with all this

militarydissentukraine i-will-not-fight-for-al-qaeda-in-syria-225x300





The Most Powerful Movie I have ever seen

The Most Powerful Movie I have ever seen – RIP Robin


Featured Image -- 10695



This is the real USA problem. Division by Media/Religion/Skin Colour/and more


More than 18,000 people died or went missing in the tsunami

More than 18,000 people died or went missing in the tsunami


Lets pray this guy pulls of a miricle

Lets pray this guy pulls of a miricle








Strange minds come in all walks of life

We lost many amazing people

I know, I know!! Shared already, BUT I WAS WINNING AT LIFE!

I know, I know!! Shared already, BUT I WAS WINNING AT LIFE!



Oh look, friends

Ronan O'Gara 'allegedly refuses the Queen's hand!

Ronan O’Gara ‘allegedly refuses the Queen’s hand!

Why there is even a question over the 'Pound Sterling' is beyond me.

Why there is even a question over the ‘Pound Sterling’ is beyond me.


Who can forget the Worlds biggest ever retweet

Who can forget the Worlds biggest ever retweet



Yes voters fight hard for no voting lies

Yes voters fight hard for no voting lies




Seriously skilled lad!!

Seriously skilled lad!!

Simple known historical fact

Simple known historical fact


This crane was HUGE!!

This crane was HUGE!!


Many Unionist thinkers took this as 'NAZI SALUTE'

Many Unionist thinkers took this as ‘NAZI SALUTE’





This is how stupid “Some” are



His father an aid worker killed by IDF. Israel making young hate. Circle of hate.

His father an aid worker killed by IDF. Israel making young hate. Circle of hate.

02 Palestine-Gaza-Al-Dalou1-1024x682


American Christians SUPPORT this!!





Quote 21 seven_deadly_sins_by_suchanartist13-d6li7rl


We are TOO STRONG to stop

We are TOO STRONG to stop


R.I.P Alan Rickman



We lost many people, but sadly this is life…. x

Girls at highland dancing competition contest at the annual Braemar Gathering near Balmoral in Grampian region of Scotland...AW2JKY Girls at highland dancing competition contest at the annual Braemar Gathering near Balmoral in Grampian region of Scotland

Scotland became global news




download (1)


What is this?





Something I could not do…I had to “SAY” and “BE”



Muslim Cop in the USA. Where Muslims are to create a wall by Trump




images (12)







What is your addiction?

What is your addiction?



christian vs Islam


images (1)


Only you can define these images - Same as me

Only you can define these images – Same as me


12 year old Shauny


Scottish Police TRAINED USA Cops to NOT KILL.. #Humility






All it was, was fun. Nobody died, well…Ish 😀

Could Obama make his POTUS stay longer?

Could Obama make his POTUS stay longer?



The Georgia Guidestones - Research and you see it's words coming true

The Georgia Guidestones – Research and you see it’s words coming true

Before he died he said 'Al Qaeda was not what we were told

Before he died he said ‘Al Qaeda was not what we were told

Bloggers for Peace

Bloggers for Peace


They get rich by making us sick. How many people do you know these days who are ill in some way?





The new law and it's truth linked

The new law and it’s truth linked

maxresdefault (2)

First heard by a man deleted from the World’s classrooms. Nikola Tesla, ‘Black Knight Satellite’

12243931_1157976887564982_1540796910_n 2

We seen strange terror. See it?


bt lady

Offical photos from TMA's David Icke event, 11th April 2009 @ Melbourne Convention Centre. Photographer: Daniel Brouse - taken from Flickr ftr-3445053668_078bfbb4e1_b.jpg

Icke, once mocked, now loved #ChangingWorld

A real human moment

A real human moment


What Scotland IS!


We hurt, but we did stand back up. Freedom is closer than most think. But no blogger will help it’s cause


Scotlands HIDDEN shame in plain view!!


Coins in a jam jar


HE SAID IT!! And nobody blinked


Obama purged war heros, replaced them with ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ THIS IS AN AMERICAN STORY! Not Global

Thousands of campers make their way from the drop off points to the main camp site at T in the Park, Balado, Kinross, Scotland July 10, 2014, in unusually hot weather. Left to right; Aimee Buchanan, 17, Ellie Wilkie, 17, and Beth Edward, 17, all from Edinburgh.

Scotland’s yearly ‘T In the Park’ – A yearly ‘Woodstock’


Our future will look unkindly on EVERYONE from this era


I am ‘Consumerism’ myself, but I know and understnad why, do you?

Bojan and ugly dude

A moment when I helped a poor, hungry refugee who came to my land for help, WE HELPED THEM ALL!


Dr Alastair Dobbin: Dr Sheila Ross, PhD

These 2 people saved my life “Positive Mental Health”

I WON BEFORE! I am bottom left, my 2nd in commands hand on my shoulder

I WON BEFORE! I am bottom left, my 2nd in commands hand on my shoulder








Israeli kids out of classrooms to write on bombs that kill innocence. I cry for humanity here, no hate

Israeli kids out of classrooms to write on bombs that kill innocence. I cry for humanity here, no hate

The world voted YES to have Israel taken to the Hague for War Crimes

The world voted YES to have Israel taken to the Hague for War Crimes


Well this is just a total disaster. Own up! What American did this? :D

Well this is just a total disaster. Own up! What American did this? 😀


Before someone gets upset and serious. I am Disabled myself. This is just a fun blog..Cool?

Before someone gets upset and serious. I am Disabled myself. This is just a fun blog..Cool?

9d6c222f the-main-difference-between-europe-and-the-usa_o_3903089 b30

My media lied so hard about IS

My media lied so hard about IS


My Beloved Celtic Football Club #WeAreCeltic #MoreThatAClub #HH




Scotland demanded removal of American/UK Nuclear bombs from our land. “Kids, not bombs”…And we will do it, we won’t stop


2014 was HUGE with the Scottish Referendum


2015 had more hope…


Then I understood NOBODY can change anyone..I give up x


John Lennon – Imagine
[VIDEO] Via Aviv Ben Israel on You Tube



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So. The World lost. Why? What next for EARTH? And who really cares?


I am not going to stop blogging, and I am not leaving social media. Reason I was still blogging was because I wanted to see if my World and the World would change course and give us better. Sadly it never, my own World is run by the SNP, Scotland won the Election and has been given all the powers it will be given, end of that story for me. Scotland is 80% free and let’s forgets about that and leave it for 5 years. Also the USA is going to vote Trump or Hillary into POTUS for 2017. So in my World I have a Tory as opposition to the SNP and the World is either going to stay on the EXACT same course of corruption as it is under Hillary or even worse the World will be at War if it is Trump who is Hollywood’s chosen one. Either way America you are making our World oppressive and frankly I am just going to say this and fuck off. Scottish people who voted TORY are not Scottish, they are rich selfish pricks. The same can be said for Trump supporters, you are rich selfish scared pricks.

Although not overall majority - meaning the party will have to proceed as a minority government or form an alliance.

No overall SNP majority – meaning the party will have to proceed as a minority government or form an alliance.

Our World is fucked and the next story is a big movie or who shot JR repeats. We have and are going to keep voting our entire World into Groundhog Day. This does not make me angry; it makes me sad, very sad for my kids and your kids or grandkids. Forget where you are in the World, the next Generation is going to be so controlled it is untrue, and the Generation after that might actually stand up to the global problem that stole Scottish Independence (Allegedly) in 2014, and got George Bush’s 1st win over Al Gore in 2000 as a steal also (Allegedly) See Britain and the USA are like brother and sister, I am now wondering who the sister is in this (No slight on Woman, not what I am meaning) Who is taking it up the rear is what I mean, Britian giving it to the USA or does the USA  give it to us? This is the same force that keeps Israel happy and keeps us consuming in fear, while it’s Religious side blissfully take us to bad places. Seriously, I am done with our species on a Global level. People are just so fucking predicible it is untrue. People who voted the Tory in Scotland are selfish and should know better. Trump voters, well it gets worse from here on in, expect hell and it’s coming to all our doors all over Earth. They won, we lost. I won’t put a name on them, but if American and Scotland can’t see it, well maybe we deserve Trump and more Tory policy WITHIN THE SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT!! And 10,000 Trump Golf courses all over Scotland too

Come on World, wake up!

Come on World, wake up!


♫ The Doors – People are strange ♪ lyrics
[VIDEO] Via: Rock! on You Tube


♫ The Doors – The End ♪ lyrics
[VIDEO] Via: Fritzes007 on You Tube

I am out…

…for now


And I include myself

And I include myself

Like a marriage

Like a marriage

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Our Days Are Limited On Earth, The Reason Is Shocking!


We need to respect this

The images below are the story. Interesting topic here and one I am on always, I love or dislike researching what is happening to our home, many say the World is over populated but we must see an image of the World at night to understand that is a lie, the Earth is less than 20% populated by Human’s and the Animal Kingdom, seriously, let that into your mind. Our Earth is alive without us, take all living live be them human or from the Animal kingdom from our home and she is alive, our World is now showing us and telling us a story. Is it climate change or man made? For me it’s an unknown, we are too young a species to know all the answers to our home and the celestial bodies around us in our street the Solar System. We must at least look at this and understand then accept it. Are we to blame? Yes, we ALL treat our home like it’s a given, it will always be, it is safe. Sadly that is not correct. So, over populated yeah? Wrong! And let the images below show you how fast our home all 7 Billion of us share is dying slowly. The total surface area of the world is 510.072 million sq km, land surface area comes up to 148.94 million sq km which is equal to 1.60317527 × 10^15 sq feet. 70.8% of the world’s surface is water, 29.2% is land, 1.60317527 × 1 000 000 000 000 000 (sq feet) / 6.48 billion = 22 984.5457 m2. Then convert 22 984.5457 meters ^2 and divide by 0.09290304. (1 sq foot= 0.09290304 m^2) For this question I guess you need to divide 1.60317527 × 10^15 sq feet by 1 sq foot, as 1.60317527 × 10^15 sq feet of the Earth can be inhabitable. So what is the population of the human race? Estimate is currently at 6,942,773,884 (Almost 7 Billion peopl on Earth) so it could be less than 10% that us humans populate on our home. Interesting and important at the same time in terms of having knowledge and confirmed numbers to crunch, I think so anyway

Logical reasoning shows us the truth always - 2012 image This new image of the Earth at night is a composite assembled from data acquired by the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (Suomi NPP) satellite over nine days in April 2012 and thirteen days in October 2012. It took 312 orbits and 2.5 terabytes of data to get a clear shot of every parcel of Earth’s land surface and islands. The nighttime view of Earth in visible light was made possible by the “day-night band” of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite. VIIRS detects light in a range of wavelengths from green to near-infrared and uses filtering techniques to observe dim signals such as gas flares, auroras, wildfires, city lights, and reflected moonlight. In this case, auroras, fires, and other stray light have been removed to emphasize the city lights. Named for satellite meteorology pioneer Verner Suomi, NPP flies over any given point on Earth’s surface twice each day at roughly 1:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. The spacecraft flies 824 kilometers (512 miles) above the surface in a polar orbit, circling the planet about 14 times a day. Suomi NPP sends its data once per orbit to a ground station in Svalbard, Norway, and continuously to local direct broadcast users distributed around the world. The mission is managed by NASA with operational support from NOAA and its Joint Polar Satellite System, which manages the satellite's ground system. NASA Earth Observatory image by Robert Simmon, using Suomi NPP VIIRS data provided courtesy of Chris Elvidge (NOAA National Geophysical Data Center). Suomi NPP is the result of a partnership between NASA, NOAA, and the Department of Defense. Caption by Mike Carlowicz. Instrument: Suomi NPP - VIIRS  Credit:  NASA Earth Observatory Click here to view all of the  Earth at Night 2012 images  Click he

Logical reasoning shows us the truth always – 2012 image


indexWe have been sleeping all these years, and it’s the time to wake up. The ozone layer is evaporating, and polar caps are melting, causing erratic weather patterns and dramatic rise in sea level. Thanks to us, we are happily contributing in suffocating our planet, making it count its last breaths. We may enjoy our life to its fullest, leaving this planet good for nothing for our future generations. Here are some before and after pictures regarding global warming for a reality check.

1. The Enterprise Bridge Passes Over A Section Of Lake Oroville In 2011 (left) And 2014 (right) In Oroville, California, Which Is Experiencing “Exceptional” Drought.


Due to global warming, California has faced one of the worst floods of all times which has resulted in the change of landscape and loss of gallons of fresh water

2. Artic Ice, 1980 And 2012


According to the Climatologists, Artic will have entirely ice-free summers by 2040. The Artic region is home to almost 4 million people. Whether patterns, including Hurricane, can be predicted by understanding weather patterns in the Arctic.

3. Bleaching Of The Great Barrier Reef, 2002 And 2014


The great barrier reef, which is home to thousands of species is in a great danger. The growth and reproduction of the species are affected by the thermal stress that is caused by an increase in temperature of the sea. Also, in 2002 The great barrier reef suffered from 50% bleaching, in 2012 it went up to 75%.

4. The San Blas Archipelago In Panama: 2002 and 2014


Entire islands are being wiped out, rising sea levels have led to mass property destruction. It is also forcing Panama’s most well-known indigenous groups to relocate from their autonomous island territories to the mainland.

5. Aral Sea, 1989 And 2014

kjhAral Sea is shrinking for last 40 years, which was once the world’s fourth-largest lake.

6. 1926 And 2008: Grinnell Glacier In Montana

jhgfdsMelting glaciers form small rivers and streams that lead to increasing sea levels. In the past century, the sea levels have risen by 4 to 8 inches, and it could rise up to 10 to 23 inches by 2100

7. 1880s And 2005: Alaskan Muir Glacier And Inlet

ertryBruce Molnia, who created a project to take repeat photographs of Alaskan glaciers. Making various trips to the glacier, he took a photo from the same location each time to photographically document the retreat of the glacier. The project showed that the glacier has retreated to a shocking 50 kilometres.

8. 1930s And 2005: Alaskan Pedersen Glacier

qweDue to the melting of glaciers, the water level has decreased and the surface area of the land has decreased. Glaciers are considered to be source of freshwater but after melting they will mix into the sea and end up being polluted.



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NIbiru, Planet-X or Biblical Wormwood – It’s coming!! This year!

Taken by a NASA Satellite

Taken by a NASA Satellite

A few days ago I did this blog here Planet X to really cause mass extinction this month? – NASA Admit 10th Planet. January 18th I did this blogHave Nasa Just admitted to Planet X and Nibiru Exist? Conspiracists were right!. So a 10th planet in our Solar System has been admitted by main stream media, 10 years after I first shared the information via people telling me, 20 years after many Globally had shared images of ‘Something’ NASA can’t deny this anymore and have not, European Space Agency can’t hide this no  more. Screenshots and some video of this object courtesy of Secure Team 10 and a story I first told way back on 23rd December 2013 with 2012 and mass hysteria!! – BUT, More to come? (Sadly images and video from this have been taken down, proof something is not right) And I kept an eye on the story and it seems this thing is now visible for anyone with a very decent telescope, 100’s of reports are now in almost officially with many Government’s media reporting this strange planet/object. 2 video’s below and less reading. I am not 100% on this, same as all I blog, but the MSM are catching a story many have told for 20 years, maybe longer. Actually I did this blog regarding this story just 6 days ago called Gabriels Trumpet – Causes for Sky noises all over the World – Is this it?

Blog from 6 days ago

Blog from 6 days ago

~~~~ Astronomers detect ’10th planet’ Object Bigger than Pluto Discovered, Called 10th Planet

www.nasa/space/: 10th Planet Discovered

www. Ninth planet may have been discovered, researchers say


Nibiru-Planet X System Approaching as Warning Signs Appear
[VIDEO] Via Skywatch Media News on You Tube

Leak! TOP SECRET Govt Reports about NIBIRU Planet-X (It’s to pass Earth by AUGUST 2016)
[VIDEO] Via USA-UK News and Information on You Tube


As always I link to other media above and I leave tweets from around the World below. I was first shown this story 10 years ago or so, I didn’t really believe it and the fact I never really blogged about it after was in my mind ‘End of Story’, until the last few months. Sky News, BBC News, Fox News, CNN and a ton more main stream media are telling the story us alternative media outlets have been telling for a decade or two. I don’t know what this ‘thing’ is, the Bible calls it ‘Wormwood’ Revelation 8:11, others NIbiru and some call it Planet-X. The fact NASA have admitted this exists and shown us sights of this ‘dwarf star’ is surprising as it is amazing, but the reason they are telling the story now is because there is not a shadow of a doubt of its truth, whatever that truth it. Many tell me late 2016 this huge planet will pass by safely, it won’t hit, but Earthquakes, Volcanoes and more will get more recurrent as the months pass by. Sadly I have heard this before and I won’t panic this time either, but do know this isn’t a conspiracy any more. I will share some images, photoshopped? Fake? Camera flares? I don’t know, they now match the story many of already knew

New International Version
the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter. 

New Living Translation
The name of the star was Bitterness. It made one-third of the water bitter, and many people died from drinking the bitter water. 

English Standard Version
The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many people died from the water, because it had been made bitter. 

Berean Study Bible
The name the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter like wormwood oil, and many people died from the bitter waters. 

Berean Literal Bible
And the name the star is called Wormwood. And a third of the waters became wormwood, and many of the men died from the waters, because they were made bitter. 

New American Standard Bible
The name of the star is called Wormwood; and a third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter. 

King James Bible
And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. 

Holman Christian Standard Bible
The name of the star is Wormwood, and a third of the waters became wormwood. So, many of the people died from the waters, because they had been made bitter.  

International Standard Version
The name of the star is Wormwood. One-third of the water turned into wormwood, and many people died from the water because it had turned bitter. 

NET Bible
(Now the name of the star is Wormwood.) So a third of the waters became wormwood, and many people died from these waters because they were poisoned.  

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
And the name of the star is called Absinthian and a third of the water became like Absinthe and a multitude of people died because the waters were made toxic. 

GOD’S WORD® Translation
That star was named Wormwood. One-third of the water turned into wormwood, and many people died from this water because it had turned bitter. 

New American Standard 1977
and the name of the star is called Wormwood; and a third of the waters became wormwood; and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter. 

Jubilee Bible 2000
and the name of the star is called Wormwood; and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters because they were made bitter. 

King James 2000 Bible
And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. 

American King James Version
And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. 

American Standard Version
and the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. 

Douay-Rheims Bible
And the name of the star is called Wormwood. And the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.  

Darby Bible Translation
And the name of the star is called Wormwood; and the third part of the waters became wormwood, and many of the men died of the waters because they were made bitter. 

English Revised Version
and the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. 

Webster’s Bible Translation
And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died by the waters, because they were made bitter. 

Weymouth New Testament
The name of the star is ‘Wormwood;’ and a third part of the waters were turned into wormwood, and vast numbers of the people died from drinking the water, because it had become bitter. 

World English Bible
The name of the star is called “Wormwood.” One third of the waters became wormwood. Many people died from the waters, because they were made bitter. 

Young’s Literal Translation
and the name of the star is called Wormwood, and the third of the waters doth become wormwood, and many of the men did die of the waters, because they were made bitter.

Parallel Commentaries

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary

8:7-13 The first angel sounded the first trumpet, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood. A storm of heresies, a mixture of dreadful errors falling on the church, or a tempest of destruction. The second angel sounded, and a great mountain, burning with fire, was cast into the sea; and the third part of the sea became blood. By this mountain some understand leaders of the persecutions; others, Rome sacked by the Goths and Vandals, with great slaughter and cruelty. The third angel sounded, and there fell a star from heaven. Some take this to be an eminent governor; others take it to be some person in power who corrupted the churches of Christ. The doctrines of the gospel, the springs of spiritual life, comfort, and vigour, to the souls of men, are corrupted and made bitter by the mixture of dangerous errors, so that the souls of men find ruin where they sought refreshment. The fourth angel sounded, and darkness fell upon the great lights of heaven, that give light to the world, the sun, and the moon, and the stars. The guides and governors are placed higher than the people, and are to dispense light, and kind influences to them. Where the gospel comes to a people, and has not proper effects on their hearts and lives, it is followed with dreadful judgments. God gives alarm by the written word, by ministers, by men’s own consciences, and by the signs of the times; so that if people are surprised, it is their own fault. The anger of God makes all comforts bitter, and even life itself burdensome. But God, in this world, sets bounds to the most terrible judgments. Corruption of doctrine and worship in the church are great judgments, and also are the usual causes and tokens of other judgments coming on a people. Before the other three trumpets were sounded, there was solemn warning how terrible the calamities would be that should follow. If lesser judgments do not take effect the church and the world must expect greater; and when God comes to punish the world, the inhabitants shall tremble before him. Let sinners take warning to flee from the wrath to come; let believers learn to value and to be thankful for their privileges; and let them patiently continue in well doing.

2013-global-terror_003_ (2)




Brazil (4-19-15)








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Gabriels Trumpet – Causes for Sky noises all over the World – Is this it?

What are these noises?

What are these noises?

Before you read on please understand I do not believe Aliens visit planet Earth, the story I am keeping on is one I used to write about a lot, it pointed more too Religious scripture rather than Alien life to me. Many, Millions of people around the World have heard noises in the sky and I got interested along with Millions of others. I myself called them ‘Gabriel’s Trumpet’ even though my rational mind was only asking questions to a story Millions have been telling for around a decade and even today. I don’t see God nor do I see Alien life here, just a strange EARTH story. I believe these noises are Government/Human made ‘Things’ as they have no name, unless we want to use the U.F.O classification, for those who don’t know this story that means Unidentified Flying Object only. To imply ‘Aliens’ to UFO’ for me is not a good way to think, too many of us hear ‘UFO’ and in an instant will think ‘Aliens’ then imply the person telling the story believes it is in-fact Alien, when it is not always the case. UFO is just what it is to me, unidentified. So back on story I will remind you of what I was writing about with these noises, and then I will ask if we can now know what these noises are. August 11th 2014 I wrote this Our planet is telling us something – Mother Nature – Our Species – Video and as you can see, a video, an important video of these noises has been removed by You Tube, as they are still happening I can find similar videos

Strange Sounds Being Heard Worldwide 2016… (Shocking POLICE Footage)
[VIDEO] Via: Jason A on You Tube


DISTURBING WARNING :Strange Sounds From The SKY Heard All Around The World
[VIDEO] Via: SkY neT 5 on You Tube


Now if you listened to these noises reported in all corners of the World are you as disturbed as I was when I first heard them? Now we know and understand there are strange noises in the sky, the next logical step is to ask “What is causing these noises” I have had people say “It’s the noise of the moon” to things like “It’s coming from within the Planet” and many other reasons. If you listened to the disturbing noises above what is your take? Because honestly I do not know, but I think I stumbled across a possibility. Now REMEMBER 😀 I do not believe Alien life visit’s Earth ok, this is vital when it comes to trust from Blogger/Writter to Reader, you the reader can only speculate if you know the full story right? Otherwise you reply blindly and often make yourself look stupid! How do I know? I used to do this when I heard this type of story, I would dismiss out of hand in an instant, I am asking you the reader if you think these guys have just solved the question of “What are these noises”? Please remember below every blog are 3 more blogs relating to the same story and I added some tweets from around the World too


TERRIFIED Man Records Giant MACHINE UFO Hiding In Sky 7/4/16 (Cause of noises?)
[VIDEO] Via: secureteam10 on You Tube


Would love to know what people think….

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USA Senate seek to probe Israeli ‘Human Rights Violations’ in Gaza *Letter Here*

Leahy asks Kerry to investigate Israel's alleged extrajudicial killings of Palestinians

Leahy asks Kerry to investigate Israel’s alleged extrajudicial killings of Palestinians

[The Full Letter by all 11 Congressmen is below] Senator Patrick Leahy along with 10 other Democratic congressmen have called on the US to investigate the possibility of “gross violations of human rights”by Israel’s and Egypt’s security forces, including “extrajudicial killings against Isreal and Egypt, AND NOT BEFORE TIME! America stopped this investigation being the only Country to vote no, stopping a vote that actually won, here is the vote for your memory to be jogged. I have backlinked a few stories that when researched bring you full circle to today’s news that Senator Leahy along with 10 others and possibly others want Isreal investigated for War Crimes in Gaza, this could be the freedom Palestine I believe, with many others, is going to happen and happen with no War. Palestinian’s have offices of politics all over Europe and the World, for me this is not about Isreal, this is about freeing a land locked people. Why American’s think it’s ok to imprison a people is ok, is frankly beyond me but Religion and their book to be kept correct is ALWAYS high on the ‘To Do’ list. Palestine will be recognised by more Countries. As of 14th September 2015, 136 Countries (70.5%) of the 193 member states of the United Nations and two non-member states have recognised the State of Palestine, so for the avoidence of doubt, 70% of the World already recognise Palestine. The people of Palestine are LAND LOCKED, IMPRISONED, NOWHERE TO GO, AND JORDON DOES NOT WANT THEM!! Let the World help these people! Because this is what is happening here, I am just SHOCKED the USA are prompting this investigation

UN Voted YES to investigate Isreal for War Crimes in Gaza

UN Voted YES to investigate Isreal for War Crimes in Gaza

Also: I think with this story we need understand it is oppression and genocide, Isreal use the Gaza strip as practice for weapons, but try telling that to your ‘average American who, for some strange reason think Isreal would destroy ISIS should ISIS bomb inside Isreal but never think to themselves “Why if Isreal are so great are they not helping the International community out today by helping to stop ISIS” The only answer my stupid mind can think is because Isreal fund ISIS. I have blogged many times the US/Isreal ISIS connection. Use common sense and logic and we know Al Qaeda terrorists were started and funded by the USA to help Afghanistan in 1979 when Russia invaded land, the USA hired Osama Bin Laden, there is no doubting this as it gets told in Schools over here. So it begs the easy question “Are ISIS just Al Qaeada renamed” And let us not forget: ISIS Documents Discovered Proving Illegal Oil Trade With Turkey and also U.S. General Openly Admits ‘We Helped Build ISIS’ – Was ‘Robin Cook’ Right? with a side salad of USA & Israeli military advisors arrested aiding ISIS terrorists in Iraq

Full Letter to John Kerry Below:


Page 1 of official letter


All 11 signatures, this is HUGE


[VIDEO] John Kerry Scripture Says US Should Protect Muslims – And not 1 American can give reason!!
Not one American has sat and listened to Mr Kerry and explained this to anyone. Because they CAN’T.
This confuses American’s with closed minds as it does the rest of the World with open minds. 


Israeli Air Force Drop Neutron Bomb in Yemen? Saudi Arabia implicated (Video)


UN Report Reveals How Israel is Coordinating with ISIS Militants Inside Syria


maan news Logo

Letter to Sec. of State Kerry calls for investigation into alleged extrajudicial killings and torture

Eleven US lawmakers – long-serving Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy and ten House representatives – sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry urging him to investigate alleged Israeli and Egyptian violations of human rights, political news site Politico reported on Tuesday.

Politico obtained a letter dated February 17 in which the legislators raised claims of human rights abuses, including accusations of extrajudicial killings by both Israel and Egypt. They also mentioned reports of torture in Israel.

A law that prohibits the US from providing military aid to foreign military units that violate human rights, originally introduced by Leahy nearly two decades ago, was cited in the letter.

“In light of these reports we request that you act promptly to determine their credibility and whether they trigger the Leahy Law and, if so, take appropriate action called for under the law,” read the letter obtained by Politico.

The Leahy Law applies to funding for specific units, not necessarily to entire armies.

The letter also suggested that US military assistance is compromising efforts to monitor possible human rights abuses.

“According to information we have received, the manner in which US military assistance has been provided to Israel and Egypt, since the Camp David Accords, including the delivery of assistance at the military service level, has created a unique situation that has hindered implementation of normal mechanisms for monitoring the use of such assistance,” the letter stated..

Politico suggested that the “real impact” of the letter “may be political: Israel’s unusual, if not unprecedented inclusion with Egypt on such an inquiry is likely to rile Israel’s allies in Washington, who bristle at the notion that the Middle East’s only established democracy could be lumped in with a notorious human rights abuser like Egypt.”

While the letter was evidently sent over a month ago, its existence was revealed amid a debate in Israel over an incident in which a soldier allegedly shot dead a wounded and subdued Palestinian attacker, who human rights NGO B’Tselem said no longer posed any threat.

The incident was captured on video, leading to the arrest of the soldier and condemnations by senior officials – and also sparking a national debate, with some on the Right arguing that the soldier was being unfairly demonized. Many also had criticism for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot for supposedly refusing to support the soldier. Hundreds protested in support of the soldier on Tuesday

~~End Story~~

Sen. Patrick Leahy

Leahy Asks Kerry to Investigate if U.S. Aid Contributes to Israeli ‘Human Rights Violations’ : Haaretz

US senator asks for probe into possible Israeli ‘extrajudicial killings’Times of Isreal

Americans United for Palestinian Human RightsAuphr

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Fukushima No-Go areas – Are being told the whole truth? – Silent Killer?


Here is a blog with a ton of video’s links and more, I pray people don’t comment JUST on the title as they will look silly. The story here by the BBC is telling a story but not the correct story, I don’t think so anyway. This is very real. This is a story I was on top of for a long time then news dried up and the only news I could get was from Alternative news outlets like myself. Make no mistake Fukushima Nuclear story is being downplayed, I blogged people in the USA, Australia, Philippines and Indonesia taking geiger counter readings that were very high, how high are they today? In these early effected areas it was showing but Media (Surprised?) didn’t tell us the vital story, today the damage is global and hidden from us sheep who hear a bad story, say it’s bad then does nothing, we are a very lazy species yet a very outspoken species, only the few have the bravery to take to the streets or facilities deemed to be bad for our World, we are a species who talk and share vital information, yet sit and share more images and more rubbish, where are the stories like this one in our main stream media? This is so bad I don’t even know, but I do know illness’s since this incident have went up almost 60%. Sure people can say “It might not be effected to Fukushima” but really the leap in Cancers and brain illness’s as well as chronic illness have rocketed, just in my close circle I have 2 of the illness’s, my son has one and both my parents have 1. I know friends, family, people I know and their friends and family reporting unreal levels of illness these days. Look around you World, do you know someone not dying? someone without a life illness? The answer is no. Was it always this way? I don’t think so looking at my research. This is worse than we thought friends, and we will do nothing because now we can’t do anything. The obvious thing was to cement this over like they did in Russia at the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster in 1986 and contained a bigger spread, but even back then a cloud of radiation went with the water and air currents of Earth to all corners of our World. As always some blogs I did, links to this story elsewhere and tweets from around the World on this story today

8 Shocking Health Effects from the Fukushima Disaster

Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War: The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation

Child cancers up 50% since Fukushima disaster




The exclusion zone around the Fukushima nuclear plant has a strange beauty to it. The small town of Okuma, just two kilometres from the plant, looks unreal to my human eyes – so conditioned to the bustle of urban life.

There are houses and shops, cars parked neatly in driveways, a traffic light flashing orange in the distance. But, apart from me, there is not a single human. Wait long enough and you can see a racoon dog scurry across the street; a group of monkeys wanders nonchalantly along a nearby riverbank.

I look down at my radiation monitor. It’s reading 3 microsieverts per hour – not enough to get me worried on a short visit, but more than ten times above what the Japanese government has declared “safe” for people to return. Because of that, this place has been declared off limits for the foreseeable future. That means the people who once lived here are now permanent exiles.

[VIDEO] Via: kevin blanch on You Tube < WOW!!

Think about that for a minute. Think about the town or village you grew up in, a place your family may have lived in for generations. Now think about never being allowed to return there.

That is the reality facing the Shiga family. They come from the small village of Obori a few kilometres north of Okuma. The village sits in a delightful little valley backed by pine-covered mountains. The village was famous for its beautiful ceramics. Almost every single house has a pottery workshop. Mr Shiga is descended from 13 generations of pottery masters. Before coming back here with me, Mr Shiga had to apply for special permission. He can stay a maximum of five hours, and he has been told he must wear a white “Tyvek” suit and mask at all times. In his hand he carries a large radiation spectrometer.

[VIDEO] Via: KafkaWinstonWorld on You Tube – HUGE RADIATION IN THE USA

It’s a cliché to say Japanese people find it hard to display emotions. It is also often true. To understand how upset Mr Shiga is you have to ignore his polite smile and listen to the pain in his voice. I hope my ancestors will forgive me for leaving here,” he says. “It is not my fault I cannot come back. This place was stolen from us. I want to come back, I have a deep attachment to my home, but if I admit that to myself it is too painful, so I try not to think about it.”

But perhaps Mr Shiga should be allowed to come home, if he wants to. Of course it would not be easy. Mr Shiga’s house is now a mess. Wild Boar have broken in and turned it upside down. The roof is leaking and water damage means the house would probably need to be rebuilt. There is no electricity or water supply and roads are still broken from the earthquake. But all that is fixable. The problem is the radiation.

Radiation is a hugely emotive subject. There is massive disagreement even in the scientific community over how much radiation is “safe”. But there are now a number of scientists who are calling for a more “rational” discussion of the dangers.

Fukushima: 5 Years Later, TEPCO Admits It Lied, 3 Former Executives Charged Over Meltdown
[VIDEO] Via: DAHBOO77 on You Tube

One of them is Professor Geraldine Thomas of Imperial College, London. She is one of Britain’s leading researchers on the effects of radiation on the human body. She visits Japan several times a years to advise the government. Gerry has become a passionate advocate of the right of people around the Fukushima plant to return to their homes.

Walking with me through the streets of Okuma, Professor Thomas eschews the government-provided safety suit and mask as entirely unnecessary. People have to feel safe to come back,” she says. “Many will now not want to come back because they’ve made a life elsewhere. But in terms of radiation, the amount we are getting now is very small, and if you were inside a building you’d be getting even less than standing in the open air.” So, I ask, has the world’s media been getting this story completely wrong? In my opinion yes it has,” she says. “The radiation has not been the disaster. It’s our response to the radiation, our fear that we’ve projected on to others, to say this is really dangerous. It isn’t really dangerous and there are plenty of places in the world where you would live with background radiation of at least this level.”

More than 18,000 people died or went missing in the tsunami

More than 18,000 people died or went missing in the tsunami

Writing these words I can already hear the cries of indignation. That Professor Thomas is an “outlier”, and that plenty of other eminent scientists disagree with her. But lets look at the facts for a moment.

On recent visits to the towns of Okuma and Namie inside the radiation exclusion zone I measured a “received dose” of around 3 microsieverts of radiation per hour. These are in areas that are off-limits and have had no remediation work done. If I were to stand outside here for 12 hours a day, every day of the year, I would receive an annual extra dose of radiation of around 13 millisieverts.

That is not insignificant, but it is far below what the data suggest is dangerous to long-term health. In most countries nuclear industry workers are allowed to receive up to 20 millisieverts a year. There are places in Cornwall in the UK where background radiation levels reach 8 millisieverts a year. The world’s highest background radiation rate is found in the city of Ramsar in Iran, which has the astonishing rate of 250 millisieverts a year.

Some argue that an increase in radiation-related illnesses will come when those exposed get older

Some argue that an increase in radiation-related illnesses will come when those exposed get older

Of course this is a ferociously complex issue, and many will argue that I am ignoring the dangers of “hot spots” and from ingesting radioactive Caesium particles in food or water or dust. But five years after the meltdowns at Fukushima 100,000 people are still unable to go home. That is a massive human tragedy. If, as professor Thomas asserts, the science shows the dangers from radiation are being exaggerated, then it is possible that human tragedy is being made much worse than it need be.

~~End Story~~

Where the Fukishima Radiation travelled

Where the Fukishima Radiation travelled

This is where Fukushima radiotion has been tested for positive - And this was a while ago now.

This is where Fukushima radiotion has been tested for positive – And this was a while ago now.

I think this was first year or so. Killing the West Coast of the USA and all down Latin/South America

I think this was first year or so. Killing the West Coast of the USA and all down Latin/South America


Some Research I did on Fukushima

Strange creature emerges from Taiwan sea, new species? Near Fukushima [VIDEO]

Scientists Detect Fukushima Radiation in North American soil 2015 – Story re-listed

Radioactive Water From Fukushima Is Systematically Poisoning The Entire World

Fukushima: TEPCO confirms almost all nuclear fuel has melted in Reactor 1

Fukushima disaster: Tokyo hides truth as children die, become ill from radiation – ex-mayor



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How Scotland Invented the Modern World

Why there is even a question over the 'Pound Sterling' is beyond me.

Why there is even a question over the ‘Pound Sterling’ is beyond me.

Nicola said it on the Jon Stewart ‘The Daily Show’ and she is correct. Scotland DID invent the modern World. The fact we can sit here on-line is in part due to the Scottish mind. Scottish people historically are some of the smartest people on Earth. I am hoping you the reader won’t want to take Scotland back to stupid.

The Daily Show – Nicola Sturgeon
Via The Daily Show on You Tube

Full list here:

Adam Smith

Misappropriated as the philosophical father of our money, money, money culture, the absent-minded Scottish Enlightenment philosopher spent a decade writing The Wealth of Nations. He studied at the Universities of Glasgow and Oxford – and considered the teaching at the former superior.

Bank of England

Sir Mervyn King has Sir William Paterson to thank for the second-oldest central bank in the world. The Scottish trader proposed the idea of the BoE. In 1694, Charles Montagu, Earl of Halifax, adopted his idea, founded the bank and was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer. Where did we keep the gold before?

Bay City Rollers

The tartan One Direction of their day, the Seventies teen sensations gave us endless meaningless pop nonsense such as “Bye Bye Baby” and “All of Me Loves All of You”. When dedicated followers of Rollermania weren’t tripping over absurdly long tartan scarves, they were being hauled, weeping, over crash barriers when the excitement of “Shang-a-Lang” got too much.

Best-ever World Cup goal

Scotland may not have progressed past the first round in the 1978 World Cup, but the nation’s presence will be forever remembered for a super strike by Archie Gemmill during a 3-2 win against Holland, often cited one of the greatest Cup goals.


Blacksmith Kirkpatrick Macmillan made a pedal cycle based on a hobby horse, with horizontal pedal movement. He would “cycle” the rough roads in Dumfriesshire, but never tried to profit from his invention. Unlike the Lycra industry.


Mel Gibson was too busy directing and starring in this epic account of William Wallace’s battle against King Edward of England that he seemingly didn’t have time to perfect a Scottish accent. The film took more than $200m at the box office and transformed the market in blue face paint. Altogether now: “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freeddddddooOOOMMMM!”


Scotland invented the Modern World

Britain’s greatest tennis player

The world’s No 4 and winner of eight Masters Series titles, described by English commentators as British in victory and Scottish in defeat, Andy Murray will no longer be open to claim by those south of the border if Scotland gains independence. The Australian Open kicks off tomorrow, as the nation agrees in unison: “I really think this could be Andy’s year.” Maybe.

Burns Night

A night to raise a dram or two to Scotland’s patron saint of gloomy poetry and drunken wailing, Robert Burns, arguably most famous for having written “Auld Lang Syne” in 1788. Arms crossed, should old acquaintance be forgot, de-daaaa de-da de-daaaaa. Hat-tip to anyone who knows any words beyond the first verse. Even if you’re Scottish.


While canals date back to Roman times, we have Thomas Telford, from Dumfriesshire, to thank for the design of the Ellesmere and Shrewsbury canals, as well as the Caledonian canal.

Carnegie Hall

Andrew Carnegie’s ascent from weaver’s son to billionaire steel magnate is one of the greatest rags-to-riches tales ever. Of course, he had to leave Scotland to make his fortune, heading for America with his parents in 1848, aged 13. But he did put a lot back, giving oodles of money to his home town of Dunfermline to build a library and a park, and to New York for Carnegie Hall.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Glasgow chef Ali Ahmed Aslam lays claim to creating Britain’s favourite dish, and the staple of a million takeaways. The proprietor of Shish Mahal restaurant, in the west end of the city, was experimenting with condensed tomato soup, and threw in spices for sauce. And culinary history was made.

Chilean Navy

Admiral Thomas Cochrane, nicknamed the Sea Wolf in the Napoleonic Wars, left the UK in official disgrace. He was welcomed to Chile, in 1818, where he became a citizen of the country, took command of the national navy and introduced British naval customs.


Sir James Y Simpson, a professor of midwifery, was his own guinea pig, experimenting with chloroform on himself and later on his friends in 1847. He went on to use it as an anaesthetic to ease the pain of childbirth, leading to its acceptance in modern medicine. If only you could use it during a debate on the Barnett formula.

Christmas Tree

Still finding pine needles under the sofa? It’s probably Scotland’s fault. Millions of Scots pines are grown across northern Europe and Asia every year, before being hacked down, lit up, tinselled to death, then chucked out with the last bit of turkey.

Colour photography

Those Kodak moments were only possible thanks to 19th-century Scottish scientist James Maxwell, who invented the “three-colour method”. His theory, based on mixing red, green and blue colours of light, led him to present the world’s first colour photograph – inevitably of a tartan ribbon – in 1861.

Criminal fingerprinting

It wasn’t until 1880 that Dr Henry Faulds, a Scottish surgeon working in Japan, realised he had the secret to catching criminals at his fingertips. He published his idea of recording fingerprints with ink, and was the first to identify fingerprints left on a glass bottle. Which is why all good criminals wear gloves.

David Cameron

He hides it well, but the Prime Minister is of Scottish stock. His great-great-grandfather, Alexander Geddes, made his fortune in the US before returning to Scotland in the 1880s. And the Camerons had an ancestral home in Aberdeenshire, Blairmore House, for decades before selling up in 1931. Expect him to mention this more in the next couple of years.

Decimal fraction

The 16th-century mathematician John Napier’s discovery of the logarithm has brought misery to countless generations of maths students. And Napier, the 8th Laird of Merchiston, also invented “Napier’s bones” – an abacus to calculate products and quotients of numbers.

Deep-fried Mars Bars

A calorie-laden recipe of a Mars bar dunked in batter and fried in oil was dismissed as an urban myth when reports first emerged in the mid-1990s, but it remains a staple in many fish and chip shops north of the border.

Defeating the poll tax

The hated policy, which led to the riots that helped to topple Margaret Thatcher, was first introduced north of the border. Calls for mass non-payment, in the face of prosecution, started in Scotland and spread to the rest of the country.

Doctor Who – the best ever

West Lothian-born actor David Tennant, the 10th doctor in BBC1’s Doctor Who, is destined to be remembered as the people’s favourite. After only one year, he was named the best doctor ever by readers of Doctor Who Magazine, beating the previous all-time favourite, Tom Baker.

Dolly the Sheep

The world’s first cloned mammal was created in 1996 by a team of experts at the Roslin Institute near Edinburgh. Dolly survived for six years, before she died from a lung disease. The world’s most famous sheep is now on display at the National Museum of Scotland.

Driving on the left

It was Scotland, not England, that pioneered driving on the “wrong” side of the road. Driving on the left entered Scottish law in 1772, more than 60 years before England and Wales adopted it in 1835. If only the rest of the world had followed suit.


Pointy-hatted class clowns, thickos and anyone caught pulling girls’ hair should have spent their time stood in the corner of the classroom cursing 13th-century Scottish theologian John Duns Scotus, who was ridiculed by humanists and gave the word dunce to the world.


In 1753 a law was passed in England saying that under-21s had to have parental permission to marry. It didn’t apply in Scotland, and the legend of Gretna Green, the first village people came to when crossing the border on the old coaching route from London to Edinburgh, was born. Just don’t tell your mum.


Not so much Straight Outta Compton as emerging from the Court of King James IV. Rap battles seen in Eminem’s semi-autobiographic film 8 Mile, where two or more artists trade rhyming insults, derived from the medieval Caledonian art of “flyting” and travelled to the US via Scottish slave owners. Word up.

Eternal youth

The mischievous boy Peter Pan, who spends his never-ending childhood in Neverland, is known all over the world. But the character, created by quirky Scottish novelist and playwright J M Barrie, was based on the author’s older brother, who died at the age of 13.

Excitable commentators

Andy Gray, until his recent debacle at Sky, was just the latest incarnation. Think rugby’s Bill McLaren – “They’ll be dancing in the streets of Jedburgh tonight!” Best of all? Arthur Montford. Grown men can still be brought to tears as the final whistle blows in 1973, Scotland qualify for their first World Cup finals in 16 years – and Arthur’s voice screams, then cracks: “And that is it! That is it! Congratulations, Scotland! Well done, boys!”


Long screeds of wafer-thin, slippery paper, the beep-beep-chrchrch, the catchphrase “number of pages including this one”. Hurrah for inventor Alexander Bain from Watten in Caithness, who came up with the world’s first facsimile machine. We might think of it as an icon of the 1980s, but it was in 1846 that Bain reproduced graphic signs using a clock to synchronise the movement of two pendulums to scan a message. How would we ever cope without it? Oh.

First World Cup

Scotland at least managed to qualify for the first World Cup – by organising it themselves. In 1909, 20 years before the official Fifa tournament, Scotsman Sir Thomas Lipton, of Lipton’s Tea, organised the Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy in Turin, where international club teams represented their countries. West Auckland represented England, who won in 1909. It’s been all downhill since then.

Flushing toilet

Eighteenth-century watchmaker Alexander Cummings was the first to patent a design of the flush toilet. In 1775 he invented the, S-trap – still in use today – which uses standing water to prevent nasty smells backing up out of the sewer.

Gallows humour

Laughing in the face of death, literally, has its origins in the taunts made at public executions in Scotland and elsewhere. Now Scottish humour is a byword for gallows humour – especially when it comes to the regular ritual of seeing the national football team getting trounced.

Gin and tonic

The drink of millions worldwide, but it would not exist had it not been for Edinburgh-born George Cleghorn, an 18th-century doctor who discovered that quinine could cure malaria. The quinine was drunk in tonic water, but it was so bitter that gin was added to make it more palatable. Bottoms up!

Glasgow kiss

A nodding reference to the city’s violent reputation, this is Scottish slang for what the English call a headbutt. In 1994, legendary Glasgow Rangers forward Duncan Ferguson received a three-month prison sentence after planting a particularly heartfelt “kiss” on John McStay of Raith Rovers.

Glorious Failure

It was 1974 when this first started: Scotland had qualified for their first World Cup finals in 16 years, won one and drew two (including playing Brazil, the world champions, off the park) and still got home before the postcards. They were, believe it or not, the only unbeaten team in the tournament. They failed by the narrowest of margins in 1982, 1986, 1990 and at the European championships in 1996 to get out of the first group. Now Scotland don’t even get that far anymore. NB: Argument applies also to Andy Murray.


Scotland is the birthplace of golf – with the first written record in 1457, when James II banned it as an unwelcome distraction from learning archery. Since then, it’s given us plus fours, Pringle jumpers and Tiger Woods’s colourful private life. The Old Course at St Andrews dates to the 16th century. Fore!

Gospel singing

The singing of psalms in Gaelic by Presbyterians of the Scottish Hebrides, according to Yale University music professor Willie Ruff, evolved from “lining out” – where one person sings a solo before others follow – into the call-and-response of what we now know as the black gospel music of the southern US. Hallelujah.

Greatest ever headline

When Inverness Caledonian Thistle staged one of Scottish football’s biggest upsets by beating Celtic in the Scottish Cup at Parkhead in 2000, The Sun took inspiration from an unlikely source: Mary Poppins. “Super Caley go ballistic, Celtic are atrocious” screamed its sublime headline.

‘Gregory’s Girl’

Bill Forsyth’s charming coming-of-age film in which John Gordon Sinclair, helped by the awesome Clare Grogan, comes to terms with Dee Hepburn displacing him in the school football team. Stats of interest: when you sneeze, it comes down your nose at 165 mph; there are eight women to every man in Caracus (sic); and proper exposure of a photograph takes 10 elephants. There are those known to this newspaper who have named their younger daughter in honour of the famous dressing-room scene’s climax: “Bella! Bella!” Class.


Bird flu, remember that? Killer viruses sweeping across from south-east Asia. Not quite. The first known strain of the highly pathogenic avian influenza, now known as H5N1, actually first appeared in Scotland, when an outbreak killed two flocks of chickens on a farm near Cruden Bay in 1959.


The word (from Hallows Evening) is Scottish in origin – arising out of ancient Celtic celebrations of Samhain (“summer’s end”) that signalled the end of the harvest season. Some Scots would leave an empty chair and a plate of food – believing that ghosts would come out on Hallowe’en.


Well, the Scots can’t take the credit for inventing New Year’s Eve, which is what Hogmanay means, but they do know how to have a party. Customs for the annual bean feast vary throughout Scotland, ranging from swinging a fireball through town in Stonehaven, to “first-footing”, crossing a friend’s threshold with a symbolic gift, such as a piece of coal or salt. Don’t ask.


From losing weight to giving up smoking and Paul McKenna stage shows, this just won’t go away. The Kinross-born surgeon James Braid was the first to experiment with hypnotism, using candles to get people into a trance-like state. And, presumably, eat an onion while clucking like a hen.

Hypodermic syringes

Anyone who has seen Trainspotting shouldn’t be surprised that Scotland’s connection with syringes goes back a long, long way. The Edinburgh-based physician Alexander Wood is credited with inventing the hypodermic syringe in 1853. And 143 years later, Danny Boyle’s underground hit would chart Renton’s bid to kick his heroin habit on the streets of Edinburgh.


Its E numbers and artificial flavourings make this radioactive-looking pop any paranoid parent’s nightmare, but the fizzy drink is so popular north of the border that it rivals both Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and AG Barr, the company that makes it, has an annual turnover of £20m. “Made in Scotland, from girders,” goes the slogan. Well, er, no, not exactly. The name actually comes from “iron brew” after it was used to quench the thirst of Glasgow’s steel workers at the turn of the century.

Jack Vettriano

Art critics may turn up their noses, but Vettriano is one of the country’s richest artists and is loved by millions. His paintings fetch six-figure sums, but he gets the real money from reproductions: Vettriano’s The Singing Butler sells more posters and postcards than any other work in Britain. The original fetched £740,000 at auction in 2005. It does not feature a butler singing.

James Watt

Without this Glaswegian engineer, the Industrial Revolution might never have happened. He developed a way of making steam engines efficient, to speed trains along. The rail replacement bus service came later.


The dancing coloured shards seen through a kaleidoscope have entertained children and drug-addled teenagers for generations. The Edinburgh-based physicist Sir David Brewster first came up with the concept in 1815, but never made a penny from it as he didn’t register a patent in time.

Kelvin scale

Glasgow University academic William Thomson, Lord Kelvin to his friends, discovered there was a lower limit to temperature, which he called absolute zero. His rescaling of temperature to start at this point (-273C) was named after him and is still used today. Brrr.

Kirsty Wark

If Paxman’s not on, we’d rather have Kirsty. The 56-year-old Newsnight presenter proves that you don’t have to live Islington to be a successful BBC luvvy. Based in Glasgow, Newsnight Review is now made in Scotland, so the guests come to Kirsty. Manages to be authoritative with just a hint of sexiness. Emily Maitlis, take note.

King James Bible

To traditionalist English Anglicans, there are few things more faith-affirming than the King James translation of the Bible. It is poetry compared with the New International Version. Only trouble is – England’s James I was Scotland’s, and was born in Edinburgh Castle. A scholar and author of several works, he was nevertheless called “the wisest fool in Christendom”. By an Englishman, of course.

Lime Cordial

How peculiarly British it is, like lemon barley water and Vimto. In fact, it is specifically Scottish, first bottled and sold by the son of a Leith shipbuilder, Lachlan Rose. It had grown in popularity on ships as a way to prevent scurvy on long journeys. Today, Rose’s remains the leading brand.

Loch Ness Monster

Conspiracy theorists have had years of pleasure ruminating over the possibility of a monster living at the bottom of Loch Ness. Snaps of the snake-like beast, with those famous double hoops poking out of the water, have fuelled fantasies worldwide, and helped the local economy not a little.

Long John Silver

Shiver me timbers, the meanest baddest pirate on the high seas was the brainchild of Edinburgh-born Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson. With a parrot on his shoulder and a wooden leg, he has become the image of swashbucklers the world over. And Scotland’s links to piracy go beyond literature – Captain Kidd, executed in 1701 for piracy, was born in Dundee.


‘Weeeeeeeeelllllllllllll…’ The pint-sized Glaswegian songstress with the huge voice shot to fame with “Shout” back in 1964 and cemented her place in Scottish hearts by winning the Eurovision Song Contest with “Boom Bang-a-Bang” five years later. Lulu remains fiercely patriotic. She’s still singing, although the hits have dried up, but the 63-year-old is on the bill for a special performance at Butlins in March.

Mary Queen of Scots

“Don’t die before you’ve lived,” is a suitable motto for one of the largest characters of 16th-century Europe. At one point, Mary Queen of Scots presided over four nations: Scotland, France, England and Ireland. But a lack of political prowess, three failed marriages and an intense rivalry with the Queen of England meant she died almost as dramatically as she lived: executed in 1587, with all her possessions burnt by order of the English government. But her son united the crowns.


Descended from a Scots-Irish family, brothers Dick and Mac McDonald changed the way the world ate after they opened the first branch of McDonald’s in San Bernardino in 1938. Now 64 million people are lovin’ it….


Ready-meals would be a distant dream if the magnetron had not been developed by Scotland’s Robert Watson-Watt. These short-wave radio waves are now used as the source of heat in microwave ovens – essential for students, exhausted parents and rubbish cooks the worldwide.

Neil Reid

This warbling young Scot still holds the accolade of the youngest person to reach No 1 in the UK album chart. Known by his countrymen as “Wee Neil Reid”, his version of “Mother of Mine” won him 1971’s Opportunity Knocks and propelled the 12-year-old to Top of the Pops stardom. He is now reportedly an independent financial adviser in Blackpool.

Nordic noir

You wouldn’t have Stieg Larsson, Wallander or The Killing if you hadn’t first had Taggart. The Scottish detective series following Glasgow’s Strathclyde Police was the original gritty crime thriller. Not afraid of being unrelentingly grim, it drew a cult following in Sweden and Denmark, inspiring a new generation of writers.

Nova Scotia

Scotland didn’t only give one of Canada’s most beautiful spots its name (the translation from Latin is “New Scotland”), but also many of its people. The largest non-Canadian ethnic group in the province is the Scottish, who make up almost a third of the population.

Oor Wullie

The comic strip, along with that other Scottish staple, The Broons, was first drawn by cartoonist Dudley D Watkins for The Sunday Post newspaper. The character’s trademark spiky hair, dungarees and upturned bucket made him a hit in boy’s annuals in the 1970s.


After noticing that oil was dripping from the roof of a coal mine, Glaswegian chemist James Young discovered that by using heat you could distill coal to make paraffin. Homes without electricity could be lit and heated, thanks to his invention.


If Ayrshire-born Alexander Fleming hadn’t been such an untidy scientist we would never have the life-saving drugs we have today. His discovery of a mould growing in one of his culture dishes that killed the surrounding bacteria prompted one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of the 20th century.

Piano foot pedals

East Lothian-born carpenter John Broadwood is credited with developing the foot-pedal method for sustaining the pianoforte’s sounded notes. Broadwood also revolutionised the instrument’s boxy design, coming up with the grand piano in 1777.

Pneumatic tyre

Where there’s a hit, there’s a writ. So, the question of who invented the inflatable rubber tyre had to be fought out in a legal battle between two Scots. Veterinary surgeon John Boyd Dunlop, who patented a bicycle tyre for his son’s tricycle in 1888, is commonly credited with the invention.


Parritch, as it is correctly known, has been described as the “backbone of many a sturdy Scotsman” and was made famous by the Highlanders of the 18th century. Eaten for breakfast and left to harden into slabs for consumption later, it was a symbol of a life led simply.

Postage-stamp adhesive

Imagine a world without those little damp sponges for people who are too busy/posh/dry-mouthed to lick their own stamps. Thanks to James Chalmers, from Dundee, we don’t have to. He wrote proposing the idea to Robert Wallace, then MP for Greenock. It is not clear how he made sure the stamp stayed on his letter.

Premier-league managers

English football fans despair that the division boasts no fewer than seven Scottish managers – the daddy being the master of the hairdryer bollocking, Alex “the boss” Ferguson. Intriguingly, all were born within 13 miles of Glasgow city centre. The Scottish factor is so strong in football that hopefuls might do well to practise their Glaswegian twang.


The screw, or a mechanical type of fan that produces a force by converting a rotational motion into thrust, is credited to Scot James Watt, who first applied it to a steam engine on board ships in 1770.


Developed in secret during the Second World War, the object-detection system that uses radio waves to determine the location and speed of an object evolved under Angus-born Robert Watson-Watt in 1936 and later tracked aircraft in the Battle of Britain.


First sold in 1824, the Macintosh coat is named after its Glaswegian inventor, Charles Macintosh. He designed one of the first waterproof fabrics by rubberising sheets of material in his textile factory.


Considering the wintry temperatures recorded in Scotland, you would not think refrigeration was utmost in people’s minds, but it was here that physicist and chemist William Cullen demonstrated the first method of artificial refrigeration in 1748. However, he did not put it to practical use.

Rock music

You ain’t nothin’ but a Highland terrier, or so the song might have gone, had Elvis known he was a Scot. Yes, even the father of rock was a Jock, as a fan discovered when he traced his idol’s ancestors back to Lonmay in Aberdeenshire in the 1700s. Without The King, we’d all still be listening to tea dances, so thank goodness for Lonmay.

Ronnie Corbett

Best known for being the little man in the big chair, telling never-ending shaggy dog stories, the 5ft 1in, 81-year-old was looked down upon by both the middle and upper classes on The Frost Report but has towered over British comedy for six decades, challenging the traditional joke format by feigning to forget his own punchlines.

Scottish Mafia

The advent of New Labour brought to the frontline rather a lot of old Scots, from Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling to John Reid, Derry Irvine and Charlie Falconer. The coalition, ahem, struggles for Scots, though Michael Gove, Danny Alexander and Michael Moore are flying the Saltire around the Cabinet table.

Sir Walter Scott

Thanks to his poems such as The Lady of the Lake, and novels including Ivanhoe and Rob Roy, the Scot is still considered to be one of Britain’s literary greats. Waverley, published in 1814, is often credited with being the first historical novel.

Snap, Crackle and Pop

We’d still all be eating eggs and bacon if Dr John Harvey Kellogg hadn’t dreamt up the cornflake, going on to become a cereal inventor. Descended from Scottish Immigrants, the Seventh Day Adventist from Tyrone, Michigan began working with his brother Will Keith Kellogg to develop breakfast cereals in 1897, launching the brand that would later give us Rice Krispies and Frosties. They’re grrrreaaattt!

Steam hammer

A power-driven hammer used to shape large pieces of wrought iron was invented in 1837 by Scot James Nasmyth. His hammers were said to be able to crack the top of the shell of an egg placed in a wine glass, without breaking the glass. If only the same could be said of the glass in Glasgow pubs.


Forget Rab C Nesbitt and The Simpsons’ Groundsman Willie, a Scot was actually behind the original stereotype – a type of printing plate in which a whole page of type is cast in a single mould and was invented by William Ged in 1725.


Ever wondered where the word “tarmac” came from? Add “tar” to the surname of Scot engineer and road builder, John McAdam, and you have it. His process, “macadamisation” developed smooth, hard-surfaced for roads in around 1820.


“Mr Watson – come here – I want to see you,” are the famous first words that Scottish inventor Alexander Bell uttered to his assistant during his invention of the first practical telephone in the 1870s. He rushed his design to patent within hours of another inventor. It took another two years before he could get Mrs Bell off it.

The best joke?

“That’s a doughnut or a meringue?” “No, you’re right, it’s a doughnut.” (Read it out loud in a Glaswegian accent).

The Big Yin

Billy Connolly, the nation’s favourite long-haired Glaswegian, made his name after an appearance on the Parkinson show when he told a famously rude joke. Parkie was left helpless, in tears of laughter, and it catapulted Connolly into the role of one of the biggest stars of comedy. He holds the record for the most ever appearances on Parky, at 15.

The King of the wild frontier

In 2010, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton acknowledged Davy Crockett as one of a number of “trail-blazing Scottish-Americans” in a message to mark St Andrew’s Day. The frontiersman and politician died in the battle of the Alamo during the Texas Revolution.

The Krankies

Before spilling the beans last month on their colourful past sexploits, the comedy duo and panto regulars – Janette Tough and her husband Ian – were best known for TV appearances in the 1980s, portraying schoolboy Wee Jimmy Krankie and his father.

The shortest place name

Ae, a village near Dumfries and Galloway, boasts the claim to fame of having the shortest place name in the UK. Situated in a conifer forest, it lies near the Water of Ae, a tributary of the River Annan.

The Tartan Army

Football’s finest export anywhere. Ambassadors, more than fans, men, women and children who carry the good name of the nation abroad, by road, rail, bicycle, foot, and even once, when making it to Argentina, by submarine – allegedly – cf England’s thuggish boors.

The Thirty-Nine Steps

John Buchan, author of some 30 novels, gave us the book which inspired the Hitchock film The 39 Steps, and was also an influential journalist and politician. In his lifetime he was Governor General of Canada, a propaganda writer during the First World War, a Unionist MP and a foreign correspondent.

The weirdest football result

Something of a tongue twister for sports announcers, the amusing score line of Forfar 5 East Fife 4 came at Station Park on 22 April 1964 during a Scottish Second Division match.

The White Heather Club

“Haste ye Back” to 1958, when the BBC launched this Scottish variety show, which always ended with singer and entertainer Andy Stewart and cast singing that song. The Penguin TV Companion in 2006 voted the programme one of the worst 20 TV shows ever. What do they know?

Theatrical superstition

If you are an actor, look away now. Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, thought to be cursed, is given the euphemism “The Scottish Play” by its performers. Actors dare not utter its name, and it is thought the play itself can bring them bad luck.


The Wire, Mad Men, Take Me Out… you name it, we may not have had it without Scottish inventor John Logie Baird. In 1926, he became the first person to publicly demonstrate a working television system. Two years later, he gave the first demonstration of colour television.

Uncle Sam

The Americans have Greenock to thank for the personification of their country as Uncle Sam. Popular theory suggests Uncle Sam was named after New York meat-packer Samuel Wilson, whose parents originally came from the Scottish town.

US Navy

Sailor John Paul Jones is known in America as a founder of the country’s naval force. Born on the estate of Arbigland near Kirkbean, southwest Scotland, he later emigrated and fought against Britain in the American War of Independence.

US presidents

An astonishing 23 presidents of the United States have Scots or Scots-Irish heritage, including many of the most distinguished: Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton. The George Bushes, senior and junior, also originate from Scotland, though obviously it was Texas that made them that way.

Vacuum flask

The saviour of ramblers and picnickers across the world was the brainchild of Scottish physicist and chemist Sir James Dewar. He made the invention in 1892 but failed to get a patent and so did not profit from his ingenuity.

Victoria Falls

During one of his African adventures, the 19th-century Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone became the first European to see the Mosi-oa-Tunya, a spectacular waterfall between Zambia and Zimbabwe. He named it after his reigning monarch, Queen Victoria.

“We’re doomed”

The words will be familiar to fans of BBC sitcom Dad’s Army as the catchphrase of the miserable Scottish character of Private James Frazer, a member of the Home Guard, and Scottish undertaker, played by the late Scottish actor John Laurie.

Wee ginger people

If Scots have a reputation for being short, it might be because they are: research last year showed Scottish men (averaging at 1.73m) are two centimetres shorter than men in south-east England. There are also statistically more redheads in Scotland than England.


Not to be confused with Irish whiskey, the first evidence of the production of the “water of life” in Scotland is recorded in 1494, although distillation dates back centuries before. James IV was said to be rather partial to the tipple. Slàinte!

England’s glory… Compare Perfidious Albion’s fine contributions

Christmas cards Not wanting to write lengthy letters, English civil servant Henry Cole came up with the idea of the Christmas card in 1840. It has since become a way of saying less to more people – threatened only by the advance of Facebook, text messaging and email.

Dog boots The Englishman who brought you the underwater bicycle offers another invaluable invention: dog boots. The footwear for pooches was initially designed for the Queen’s corgis but has spawned an international craze

Glee clubs While the Scots have held firm to their musical traditions, the English have let theirs slide. Glee, for instance, began in Britain, around the 1700s and remained popular until Victorian times. The art is now largely the property of Americans.

Grounding strips The chain and rubber “grounding” strips that dangled from bumpers in the 1970s and 1980s were sold in petrol stations with the promise of reducing static and preventing car sickness. They did neither.

Losing badly From the expectation of triumph to the invariable crumbling under pressure, magnanimity in defeat is not wired into the English psyche. “We wuz robbed!” is practically a national anthem, and the default reaction is to knock over a drink, or furniture, or someone.

Rubber bands One snap and they’re useless. They serve little purpose beyond pointless fights and ensuring post arrives bent. The first elastic bands, made from vulcanised rubber, were patented in 1845 by Stephen Perry in London.

Spending a penny John Nevil Maskelyne was an English stage magician but for the Scots his greatest disappearing act came in the form of the lockable toilet, requiring the insertion of a penny. Its contribution includes the well-worn euphemism of “spending a penny”.

The pencil For most of the 17th century the only source of this soft, greasy allotrope of carbon was a mine at Borrowdale, Cumbria. The French spoiled everything by developing graphite powder.

The tin-can telephone The telephone may have been invented by a Scot, but England’s Robert Hooke lays claim to the tin-can alternative nearly two centuries before. Optimists might argue that it paved the way for modern communications. More sensible heads believe its value amounts to little more than keeping children amused..

The toff The Scottish hate them; the aristocracy admire them – and therein lies the problem. Little wonder the term “toff” dates back to novels by Englishman John Creasey whose depiction of an upper-class sleuth has been socially cemented ever since.

10 surprises: Quintessentially Scottish, they originate elsewhere

Archie the inventor Archie the Inventor – The story in Balamory may well be that Archie – or Miles Jupp – is only an honorary Scot. The actor, who bluffed his way onto an England cricket tour of India as BBC Scotland cricket correspondent, went to school in Berkshire and Rutland.

Bagpipes What? You mean that dreadful whine isn’t Scottish? Nope. Evidence suggests the instrument first appeared in the Middle East, in about 1000BC. And bagpipes even make an appearance in the Bible. The Highland bagpipe is now mass produced in Pakistan.

Burke and Hare Though the West Port murders took place in Edinburgh in 1827 and 1828, Scotland’s most famous serial murders were committed by two Irish immigrants. William Burke and William Hare killed 17 people in the early 19th century, selling the bodies to Dr Robert Knox for use as material for dissection.

Getting off scot free ‘Scot’ is a actually a Scandinavian word for a tax – levied hundreds of years ago – and the phrase is used to describe people who have got away without paying a price of some sort.

Haggis The medley of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, is a source of pride to many Scots. Or at least it was until the discovery of a book, The English Hus-Wife from 1615, which contained an English recipe for haggis. The first mention of a Scottish haggis wasn’t until 1747.

Kilt The Scots may have developed the kilt during the 16th century; English Quaker Thomas Rawlinson may have made it wearable in the 1720s, but the orgins of the kilt lie in ancient Egypt, where the shendyt was worn

Meanness The joke that copper wire was invented by two Scots pulling at opposite sides of a penny has done little to dispel the myth that the Scottish are frugal. But a myth it is: in a recent poll by Readers Digest, Scottish people are reported to give more to charity per head, than anywhere else in the UK.

Scotch eggs A petrol station favourite, the Scotch Egg – a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, covered in breadcrumbs – was in fact invented by upmarket London grocer Fortnum & Mason, in 1738.

Scotch mist To the English – and the rest of the world – it is rain, but in Scotland, well, it is still rain, yet to assert their hardiness, the Scots call it mist. The expression is now used as an impatient description of something obvious which another has failed to grasp.

Tartan The pattern has roots cast as far afield as China. Tartan-like leggings were unearthed in western China, strapped to the “Cherchen Man”, a 3,000 year-old mummy. by Pharaohs. Today it just makes it easier to spot a Jock at a wedding.


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