Diseases Hidden In Ice Are Waking Up As Earth’s Climate Warms

Long-dormant bacteria and viruses, trapped in ice and permafrost for centuries, are reviving as Earth’s climate warms

Huge problem going unnoticed here, bacteria is slowly affecting Northern Siberia. Bacteria hidden in deep miles thick ice are being warmed up and are causing problems now and will hit Northern Europe and North Americas. Links, story and video below. One to keep an eye on.

Video below

Video below

Video below

Via: http://www.providr.com/

Most people are familiar with the process of global warming that has been happening gradually to our planet for several years. But are you aware of everything this entails? It’s a lot more than warmer weather and some melting icebergs.

As the planet warms, bacteria and viruses that have been long dormant under thick layers of ice are waking up as the ice melts. This can lead to the release of diseases that can be harmful to humans. If that doesn’t sound terrifying, then keep reading for more details on what this could mean for the future of the human race.

Humans have lived side-by-side with bacteria and viruses for many years. For the past century, we have been in a bit of a stalemate in the battle against viruses.

Since the discovery of antibiotics, bacteria have slowly but gradually developed resistance against them, causing the battle to continue. But what happens when we are exposed to viruses that we haven’t seen for thousands of years (or never at all)?


As climate change continues to melt permafrost soil, ancient bacteria and viruses are being released into the environment.

Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) migrating (Credit: Eric Baccega/naturepl.com)

Anthrax spores can survive for decades (Credit: Cultura RM/Alamy)

Bacteria have been found dormant in Antarctic ice (Credit: Colin Harris/Era Images/Alamy)

Mimivirus, an example of a giant virus (Credit: Science Photo Library/Alamy)






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Zika: US health officials say virus ‘scarier than we thought’ – CDC Information here

mosquito on human skin in a laboratory

Mosquito on human skin in a laboratory

CDC and World Health Organisation are both more worried at this virus than the Ebola virus although this is not a killer unless the body is weak. This disease caused by Zika virus that is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito. The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes). The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week after being bitten by an infected mosquito. People usually don’t get sick enough to go to the hospital, and they very rarely die of Zika. For this reason, many people might not realize they have been infected. Once a person has been infected, he or she is likely to be protected from future infections. As always tweets below from around the World. Knowledge on this may stop people suffering. Below is CDC information on this virus, how to spot it, how to stop etc.

CDC Infomation

About Zika Virus Disease
Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
Transmission and Risks


CDC/WHO/U.S.A – health officials: Zika ‘scarier than we thought’
[VIDEO] Via Ace Williams on You Tube


Via: http://www.theguardian.com/


Top health officials have expressed concern about the threat posed to the US by the Zika virus, saying the mosquito that spreads it is now present in about 30 states and hundreds of thousands of infections could appear in Puerto Rico. At a White House briefing on Monday, they stepped up pressure on the Republican-led Congress to pass about $1.9bn (£1.3bn) in emergency funding for Zika preparedness that the Obama administration requested in February.

Anne Schuchat of the CDC and Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Anne Schuchat of the CDC and Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Schuchat said Aedes aegypti, the mosquito species that primarily transmits the virus, is present in about 30 states, rather than 12 as previously thought. In the US territory Puerto Rico, there may be hundreds of thousands of Zika infections and perhaps hundreds of affected babies, she added. Fauci said the first Zika vaccine candidate appeared to be on target to enter initial clinical trials in September.

Schuchat declined to forecast the number of Zika infections that could occur in the US. While she said she did not expect large outbreaks, “we can’t assume we’re not going to have a big problem”. Schuchat said Zika is likely to be a problem during much of a woman’s pregnancy, not just during the first trimester as previously believed.

Where this virus is

Where this virus is

As Brazil prepares to host the Olympic games in August, the CDC has recommended that pregnant women avoid travelling to the country.

“We also want people to know that travel to the area may lead to ‘silent’ infections or infections with symptoms, and that following infections, it’s very important to take precautions during sex not to spread the virus,” Schuchat said.

The World Health Organisation has said there is a strong scientific consensus that Zika can cause microcephaly, a condition in which babies are born with small heads that can result in developmental problems, as well as Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that can result in paralysis, though proof may take months or years.

Brazil said last week it has confirmed more than 1,046 cases of microcephaly, and considers most to be related to Zika infections in the mothers.

~~End Story~~

USA Today: ‘Scarier than we initially thought’: CDC sounds warning on Zika virus

Reuters U.S. officials warn Zika ‘scarier’ than initially thought

TIME: Zika ‘Scarier Than We Initially Thought,’ U.S. Officials Say

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Scottish Healthcare – Taking young English Dr’s – 10/10 to SNP


I burst with pride at the Scottish National Health Service. Scottish Healthcare is 10/10. Many don’t see it as such but go talk and research with American’s, Canadians, Australians and English people! Scotland has a superb FREE Health service for all. We have a small populous of 5 Million people and to know every person be them worth £1 or £10,000 will get the exact same treatment is something Scotland must be proud about. Video below tells the story better than I can. This is what devolution did, it put Scottish Healthcare in Scottish Hands. The story here is actually ‘Scotland is taking young good English Dr’s”, as you will read below


Junior Doctors in Scotland
[VIDEO] Via Scottish Government on You Tube


Via: http://www.independent.co.uk/


The Scottish government has launched an inflammatory campaign to poach junior doctors from England in the week thousands will strike over pay and conditions. SNP ministers have signed off on a recruitment drive to attract more junior doctors to work in Scotland and have produced videos which will be shown on social media.

Nicola Sturgeon’s administration has insisted the drive is designed to coincide with applications for medical training places which open across the UK on 10 February – the same day up to 37,000 junior doctors in England plan to strike. The campaign is likely to draw anger in Westminster ahead of the second of three planned NHS walkouts.

The 10 February action was originally set to be a full walkout – meaning medics would even have refused to staff emergency care. But the British Medical Association stepped back from the brink last week, promising to “minimise” the impact of the action. However, at the same time the union extended the walkout to 24 hours rather than the action from 8am to 5pm originally announced.

The Scottish government’s campaign features a series of videos, with interviews with trainee doctors working in NHS Scotland. A government source said they had been produced to “highlight the many positive aspects of training, working and living in Scotland”.

The campaign will run until 9 March, the deadline for trainees across the UK to submit their applications for medical speciality training places. Adverts are also being placed in medical career journals “to raise awareness with doctors across the UK of the opportunities that training in Scotland provides”. One of the adverts, obtained by The Independent on Sunday, shows a picture of two doctors with the words “I feel valued” and the hashtag #juniordocscot.

Launching the recruitment drive, Scotland’s Health Secretary Shona Robison, said: “Junior doctors are valued members of our healthcare team here in Scotland and are integral to our continuing drive to improve care to the people of Scotland.” In contrast to Westminster, Ms Robison said the Scottish government “continues to maintain strong, positive relationships with the profession”.

Pressure is growing on the health service, particularly in accident and emergency. Official figures reveal there has been a 29 per cent increase in two years in the number of people leaving A&E before being seen. Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander said: “This is yet another sign of the worsening crisis in A&E. Cuts to social care and difficulties in getting a GP appointment have left hospitals overwhelmed.”

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Scots nurse critical in London hospital after falling ill with Ebola again


Pauline Cafferkey was Ebola free, strangely it has returned months later

Pauline Cafferkey who was cured from Ebola last December 2014, she was released and has been ill for a while but the real worrying question is now “Was she transferring Ebola to others the whole time” as well as Pauline 58 close contacts from family friends and work colleagues are being tested. Today we have learnt Ebola is not dead, it could be in any City on Earth, as I type and you read. To be cured then to relapse with Ebola for a 2nd time brings into question the rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine that is unlicensed currently being trialled in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (W.H.O). We all hope Pauline will be ok, but this now brings the Ebola story back to our TV News as some ‘Expert’ suggested many could have the Ebola virus after being cured, Pauline is proof that rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine has maybe only suppressed Ebola in all the people supposedly cured with it. Lets hope this does not rear it’s head in any other Country. Thankfully Scotland is small but Glasgow has one of the biggest Airports in the World in terms of being a stop off from Europe, Eastern Bloc to the USA and of course back the way.

‘Ebola nurse’ Pauline Cafferkey critically ill
Video Via euronews on You Tube

Via: STV (Scottish Television) News


A Scots nurse who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone last year is in a critical condition in hospital after falling ill again.

Pauline Cafferkey, 39, is fighting for her life in a specialist isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital in London after appearing to have made a full recovery earlier this year. Ms Cafferkey was flown from Glasgow to the London hospital in a military aircraft in the early hours of last Friday morning, after being admitted to a Scottish hospital on Tuesday.

The nurse, from Cambuslang in South Lanarkshire, was admitted to the infectious diseases unit at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. It has been confirmed she has fallen ill with the deadly infection for a second time and was moved to London.

A statement from the Royal Free Hospital said: “We are sad to announce that Pauline Cafferkey’s condition has deteriorated and she is now critically ill. “Pauline is being treated for Ebola in the high level isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital.”

Health chiefs are currently closely monitoring 58 close contacts of Ms Cafferkey following her latest admission to hospital. The 58 people are a mixture of healthcare workers and Ms Cafferkey’s friends, family and community contacts.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said 40 of the 58 people were confirmed as having had direct contact with Ms Cafferkey’s bodily fluids and were offered an unlicensed Ebola vaccine as a result. A total of 25 people accepted the vaccine while 15 either declined or were unable to receive it due to medical conditions.

The decision to offer the vaccines was made by an expert group group including Health Protection Scotland, Public Health England, the Scottish Government and the health board.

The rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine offered is unlicensed currently being trialled in collaboration with the World Health Organisation and has been tested in over 7000 people during the recent outbreak of Ebola virus infection in Guinea. Ms Cafferkey contracted Ebola while working as a nurse at the Save the Children treatment centre in Kerry Town last year. Her temperature was tested seven times before she flew from Heathrow to Glasgow in December, and she had been cleared for travel.

She was placed in an isolation unit at Glasgow’s Gartnavel Hospital after becoming feverish, before being transferred by an RAF Hercules plane to London on December 30. She was then transferred to the specialist isolation unit at the Royal Free. Ms Cafferkey won an award at the Pride of Britain Awards in central London on September 28.

The nurse met the Prime Minister’s wife Samantha Cameron the following day at Downing Street, alongside other winners.

~~End Story~~


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Anonymous: A Call to Better


There is a misconception that the Anonymous movement, a hive of people from all over the World trying to spread a truth is there to spread false news to the sheeple who sleep, this I think is not the case here. I am a face, I have no mask. I shared Anonymous 10 years ago and people laughed and asked me of what medication I took. I am disabled NOW with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) I was disabled then. But offended I was not. I know the World slowly, I learn our World slowly. In more ways than I can tell you dear reader. I harm nobody, I allow information to flow and if you want to see it then see it, if not, go watch TV or read a book and forget me and a movement with a simple way about it. Know Anonymous are by nature our School teachers, police officers, politicians, leaders and even religion, YES! Oh yes, Anonymous is a way of being by many you would not think, these people don’t like what they are asked, so share from the inside, seeing thinking and knowing. To discredit the information flow without regard and only by it’s title is ignorance, but denying your ignorance will be ALL OUR DEATHS. I write about many things and this is one from a 100 things. I ask Anonymous permission to share this, to give this information that is not mine, to others, so they can decide to take it or leave it


Amaterasu Solar

As a friend pointed out to me ” If only We could educate 100 People a day about a better way We could choose to do things…” I could only reply with “If 100 people a day learnt what we do, and told 100 a day, in a month, our World would know” But that is not allowed as far as my stupid Scottish mind can see or feel or want to see. I see closed minds but thankfully people with nothing and or everything who offer help and knowledge exist all in corners and streets in our World, often sadly ignored by the masses, are you in the masses or the enlightened? I won’t claim this message as mine as it comes from others, but as part of the free thinkers movement of expression and desire and hope, I hope Anonymous and my friends who think clearly are ok with me trying to share the news they share and needs sharing. Again, this IS MY MESSAGE but it never came from me in this blog, I only shared it because I feel it as correct and possibly a way forward. You must choose what you think is right. We must evolve our minds to the unthinkable and think at least of it’s possibility of existence. To deny knowledge is sin, humanity must stand as one in all and any ways we can. I won’t say who is wrong nor whom is right. I can only share the essence of a story I can see and feel, now you must look for yourself and educate yourself. As said, if 100 people learnt this every day then told another 100 and they then shared with another 100 people, then in a month Humanity, our World, would be different, equality would happen and war would stop, food would be a real thing for many and not a luxury handed down cap in hand. To understand the message we must listen to it and prove it. I think ANONYMOUS have shown a story from way back when the ideology was 4chan. Do we take it or leave it? All I know is from 15 years ago I knew 5 or 10 people who thought like the ‘Hive’, today Millions are THE HIVE. Again, Anonymous friends, you awoke me, you shared you asked people to wake up, I woke up and shared, like others. I fear no mask I respect, I come as Shaun with my face in image. But that is my choice, fear is not a part of my make up, what will be will be. Only know I am above nobody, below nobody, I am equal. I am to believe our World is to expect something. Maybe some will dislike this, maybe some will like this. Please know I tried only to share, I mean no disrespect or ill feelings. I am doing what we all should be doing, that is trying to see more, feel more, care more. Not for me but for my Children and your Children so one day our World has balance and equality. This for me is the message. Please tell me if my message here is wrong. But tell me why, don’t just deny or say no, explain where I am wrong, of course to call me wrong you must understand the message. I can’t do any more, this is my limit. I hope I help 1 person, if I do help 1 person to see or at least want to see, job done I learnt this through a process I did not ignore or devalue. https://shaunynews.com/2014/11/20/12619/

Your call humans

I must share this for me, for you, for our World.
I am Anonymous, I am a face as well. I wear no mask.
I share for Humanuty. I agree with it’s logic, nothing more.
I respect Anonymous, I believe we and you can do better….
Your call Human. I know what I decide to call.. .
Good luck x

Anonymous: A Call to Better
Via Amaterasu Solar You Tube (Anonymous message to humanity)

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‘LifeStraw’ Amazing technology saving Millions of lives Worldwide


This amazing piece of kit will cost you £20/$35 and already America’s “Life Preppers for what is coming to the USA” <Click) are buying these up in unreal numbers. The image above shows kids from Africa drinking from a pool of disease safely with this new ‘Life Straw’ http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lifestraw-Personal-Water-Filter-x/dp/B00V3JG7P4 Unless you are stuck in a desert this piece of technology can and will save millions of lives and rid our planet, possibly of some really bad diseases. The simplest idea and I wish I had been the one to invent it as the guy who did is an overnight Multi-Millionaire. I give as much to Charity as I can but like many am put off to where the money ends up. Next time I am giving money I will donate a box of these and send to a poor place in Africa or India, that way I know it’s going where it should be. If you have some spare cash, save a life and  send one to the where it needs to go. This link here http://celfeducation.org/lifestrawdonation.html is where you can donate to help people drink fresh water. Maybe in California right now they should be handing these out as they are truly running out of drinking out water down there in the South East of the USA. But for poor places like Africa and India, please give what you can

Lifestraw Emergency Water Filter
VIDEO Via SensiblePrepper on You Tube

Lifestraw Test In Rancid Dirty Water
VIDEO Via BangadyBangz on You Tube

~~~~Story Via: Click HERE~~~~

imagesIt’s the bane of every hiker’s life: what to do when you run out of water. Is it safe to drink from the nearby stream? Would you risk sipping from that pond over there? Is your level of thirst greater than your willingness to spend the next four days doubled over in the bathroom? Why didn’t I just pack my Brita water filter? But now there’s an answer: a straw-shaped portable water filter that enables you to drink safely from any body of water – even from a puddle. Or, in fact, from a toilet.

Now available to buy online via Firebox, the 22cm-long LifeStraw was originally developed by Danish manufacturers in 2005 as a solution to the devastating problem of unsafe drinking water in the Third World, where one child dies every 15 seconds as a result of drinking dirty water.

That year it was named Best Invention of 2005 by Time Magazine and Invention of the Century by Gizmag, and in 2006 it was heralded by the New York Times as ‘a water purifier that could save lives’. Forbes Magazine called it ‘one of the ten things that will change the way we live’. The straw’s powerful purification pipe removes 99.9999 per cent of water-borne bacteria plus many other parasites, including E-coli, campylobacter, vibrio cholerae, pseudomonas aeruginosa, shigella and salmonella. And it will safely filter at least 1000 litres of water. (There are only about 13 in your toilet cistern, so plenty to go around)

for now…


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Could ISIS be wiped out by a deadly flesh eating disease?


Via ATS and user Vasa Croe and of course the link page: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/567597/Islamic-State-Raqqa-Syria-Flesh-eating-disease 

This is a horrific disease if not near a hospital, many have had it and been in hospital same day a hole opened up on their bodies. ISIS I read are either refusing treatment or lack medical help. All the Hospitals and Dr’s have fled the violence leaving no medical people or more importantly medication. Would this not just be Karma at it’s best? This is providing ISIS is not American run of course. Still a strange story to call this one. Anyway, more links below. This is a few weeks old now but I just seen it posted yesterday so ran it.


The self-declared Islamic State capital is currently in the throes of an epidemic and a number of members of the Islamic State have reportedly been infected.Efforts  are reportedly being made to prevent the further spread of the Leishmaniasis skin disease, which is highly virulent, in the IS stronghold.Although organisations began work to combat the disease, this became impossible after IS is claimed to have closed down their city offices.

They also confiscated equipment and arrested officers trying to help fight the condition which can be deadly. The first case of the disease, which is caused by protozoan parasites, was discovered in September 2013. By the middle of 2014 500 people had been affected, according to a network of activists ‘Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently.’

The disease is spread by flies that are attracted by the rubble and rubbish of war. It can sometimes be fatal and can also cause significant damage to parts of the body it affects. More than 2,500 cases have been recorded in the north-east of Raqqa. IS is said to have a residual force of between 3,000 to 5,000 in the city, as they attempt to strengthen their so-called caliphate.

This comes after World Health Organisation reported that Syria’s health system had collapsed, meaning that disease was spreading rapidly through a country already plagued by violence.





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USA WARNING – Asian Dog Flu Strikes Chicago – Keep Dogs Apart!

As if American doesn't have bigger problems that this just now!

As if American doesn’t have bigger problems that this just now!

Via: Seems to be breaking news just now. Via http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-32346175

This is a story I thought about not sharing due to the ‘ISIS in the USA’ story being reported by thousands of people. But I think it’s only fair if American people have dogs and do not know about this disease “KEEP YOUR DOG AWAY FROM ALL OTHER DOGS” This could kill millions of Dogs and could be in other countries. I don’t know how Pet control works in the USA but here in Scotland/UK if someone buys a dog, moves here and has a dog, any way or reason a person will be bringing a pet onto this Island here, the Dog/Pet will be quarantined for 4 Months before they are allowed into the civilian population, this is a law we have always had, it annoy’s some, luckily most are ok with it. This is why we never have any issues with any pets coming in and spreading disease. Put it this way an Ebola Monkey would have to wait 4 months also at Animal Control Centres at Airports, any animal would, Ebola found in monkey? and we realise why we have these laws as Ebola would not spread, common sense law right? We are an Island here, dogs and all animals/pets coming into the UK are tested to make sure no virus that is bad for dogs or other pets are present, things that harm other animals or humans is possible, so we have tight laws! This is the official Government site on the matter https://www.gov.uk/pet-travel-quarantine I usually leave links below, I have left 2 and the source news above from the BBC here in the UK. This, as I say seems to be breaking just now. Please spread this around, make sure you protect your Dog and other’s dogs. This will get pandemic level for Dogs so it’s important to maybe change your dog’s walkies habits. Consult your Vet of course to make sure I am not making this story up. Keep up with the story and Chicago is a pandemic area for pets right now, PLEASE watch the quick video below so you know what signs you need to look out for, if you see any, don’t take your dog to the vet and expose to other dogs, call your vet and I am sure they will come and test the dog, at least this is my reading of the story, I may be wrong. Just use common sense peeps, this kills dogs, all dogs, not just street dogs (If you have them) it just kills all dogs if not checked and you have knowledge about the disease for dogs, this is why I put the video below. America, PLEASE!!! Check the video and your Dog! If you are in or near Chicago and your dog seems under the weather, call who you need to call, don’t take your dog into a vet with other dogs. Sorry to repeat but I love my Dog and would be hurt if anything happened, I know you are the same, so be safe America.


A rare outbreak of Asian dog flu has reached almost epidemic levels in Chicago. There is concern it could easily spread to other areas of the country, and people are being urged to try to keep dogs out of contact with each other. At least 1,000 animals have become ill so far, as Ben Bland reports.


A True statistical poll about American Internet users

A True statistical poll about American Internet users

First thing I would like to say is “Thanks for giving me something to do @ 6am you foolish man” 😀 Well here we go again 😀 I have a stalker. I deleted HIM from being able to speak on my blog, I blocked his email from coming through to me and I JUST had to delete another email account the guy owns after he sent me another annoying email. Problem this guy has is he doesn’t like what I say about America. But if you truly know me, I tell a truth about America that is real and dangerous, I did one tonight, the story is one thing but look past the story and find out why this has happened, what chain of events led to ISIS actually being in the USA. Yeah I found more information that ISIS training camps have been found in the USA and I will be sharing after I write this. I get at least 2 stalkers a Month, 9 times out of 10 they smile, turn around, call me stupid and get on with their life. Sadly there is this 1 out of 10 who want to keep anger and hatred. Every stalker I have had is American. I know where this guy lives, by replying to my Blogs and emails I now know he is 100% from the USA. What is it with some people in America? Here is what I did earlier. I don’t claim this to be a true story, I am sharing news I came across, I found other sites running the story then found the MEXICAN GOVERNMENT ADMITTED THIS ARTICLE BELOW. So at this point I am not just sharing I am telling a truth maybe people don’t know, and the next article will be the same. I will lose American followers maybe here but can I just say, my life dictates I don’t care 😀 I am having fun on-line, sadly some treat it as being real and get easily offended, this happens when the person who is stupid runs out of bravery and valid answers to basic questions

‘ISIS’ Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm



Now I share this article again just to prove my point. I am a disabled guy, at a PC, sharing NEWS. Many think because it’s not on the news it can’t be true. The fool even accused 2/3 of Scottish people opposing our recent vote to allow gay marriage, I have gay friends and I was a very small part of a bigger process to get this law passed in Scotland by a landslide, not England, Scotland only, it will Happen same in England later this year. Now the person annoying me I am assuming is either 15 years old or a Religious Fanatic. Now the reason I say this is ‘EXPERIENCE’ What Mr and Mr’s American Stalker fail to understand is by stalking a person they are telling a truth I am trying to share. Lets be REAL sure here, more American people are awake to America than there are asleep at the wheel and totally clueless about their own Country. The reason I know they are Religious Fanatics is they are keeping on with the ‘Gay Marriage’ question, something I am sure most American’s support.

Scotland Gay Marriage STV Poll

It wasn’t even close, Government heard the people and changed the law.

See Scotland is a place with TRUE Democracy and less Religious hatred. We do have Christian’s and Catholics who have issues, it used to be the IRA/UDA/UFV in Ireland, sadly it crossed over to Scotland. The hatred from Christians towards Irish/Catholic is sick and vile and something Scotland must cure.  The people don’t like it but a tiny % of our 4.5 Million populous want to keep it going. This goes back to when England STOLE an Empire, it is now called a Commonwealth, in truth be told it is a group of Countries England stole!! Scotland is in the Commonwealth so that tells a story! I know you will read this Mr Sad Person. I am asking one more time for you to go and find something more interesting to do with your life. I will not name you at this point, I will not say where you live at this point. So please, I am saying PLEASE!!! I replied to you before I deleted you for the 3rd time and asked you to be a man. So I will ask again Ma…Mate. Download Skype, make a username, remember the password, add me to your Skype. This is my Skype Username: shaunyg1973 Why don’t you add me and we can talk like men? I have asked 3 times now you talk to me on Skype. I even stopped you from talking on my blog and emailed you, I was decent, I never once was mad, angry, annoyed, I don’t let people like you under my skin. It is nearly 6am here and I am bored, you just sent me an email, so thanks for giving me something to do.

Why Are Americans So Stupid! – Watch this and tell me this is normal! TRULY AN AMERICAN THING, GOOGLE! This is American people being asked simple questions
Via TheDoodle1966 on You Tube

17thcountryintheworldBuddy, please! Stop, you are proving very well my belief that SOME American people are TOTAL FREAKS, so give it a break buddy, you won’t get ANYWHERE here. Should you decide to add me as a stranger, I will see your pattern very quickly. If you make new emails and email me I won’t read them, what you are doing is pointless. NOW!! If you should ask an American friend to annoy me on your behalf you prove my point even further! That some (SOME) Americans are a few bricks short of a wall, their heads are full of small shops and some are closed. I would be happy for you to be my proof American people (SOME) Can be total fools. I lose count now of American people who stalked me. I laugh, knowingly. I am friends with MANY Amazing American people, I am guessing these people are your average Americans I speak too. Your every day American person. I speak to Americans from coast to coast, Canada to Mexican borders. For the life of me I really do struggle to understand this behaviour by American adults.

Should someone from where I come from was to do this to someone close it would end very badly, but it doesn’t happen here. We just live, smile and be happy. We have problems in Scotland. I write about how much I love Scotland BECAUSE I AM SCOTTISH. If this annoys YOU then write about your own country! 😀 Is your Country trying to break away from anything? Well mins is, Scottish people want to be free from the clutches of the London Empire and we will be soon, we stand up for what we believe in, one was gay marriage. We are a species of “Who am I to judge others” We don’t judge here. I have said many times in the USA the media will say (I HATE THIS WORD) words that keep race and religion simmering. You say “That black kid in Ferguson” We don’t group people over here. When I told the story of an amazing little boy who was born in Scotland to immigrant parents and was killed by his Mother, I said “Little boy” everyone said “That kid” or “The kid” not once did I hear any words that would be classed as racist here as we don’t lump people into catagories, we allow immigrants in and welcome them. We all have people who have moved to other countries, America is build on immigration, you are not the indigenous people of the USA, 99% of you are part European yet some of you moan about immigrants like they are some problem. Here we only let people in if they can work, have money, add to our society, sure poor immigrants come to Scotland but they get no Government hand outs for I think a year, may be 6 months

America. This is a HUGE PROBLEM! Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Struggle to Name Her Accomplishments


Next American President.

Next American President come 2016/17

Newsroom – Why is America the greatest country in the World – US TV


I was asked for proof of why America are 37th cleverest on Earth……Well the statistics don’t lie if you research.


Uneducated, Stupid and, you get the point.


Well it ‘Kinda’ is true 😀

googly-truthiness (1)

Go to that same Google page and type “Why are Americans……….. Just that, see what happens.


I have seen this episode. She lost out on £100 😀

Go to that same Google page and type "Why are Americans........... Just that, see what happens.

Go to that same Google page and type “Why are Americans……….. Just that, see what happens.


This was actually disturbing

This was actually disturbing






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