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EU Referendum – Did you get this in the post today? Sturgeon & Cameron Videos #UDI?

20160510_112357Nicola Sturgeon and Cameron views in video below, Nicola mentions NEW REFERENDUM here. Just this second, alright I lied, 10 minutes ago; we got this through the letter box. Reasons we should stay in Europe with Auld Liz’s name on it. Cameron wants to stay in Europe although he has changed his mind like the Scottish weather. But Cameron has many in his party wanting to remain, Boris Johnson being one from the top of my mind. If Scotland vote to stay in but IF England, Wales and Northern Ireland vote to leave the European Union am I correct in thinking there is something in our new devolved powers that suggests if, as a devolved nation we vote to stay in the EU, the SNP could enact Unilateral Declaration of Independence? Thoughts? And spread this around please, all pages are here for those who never got one of these. I am in Edinburgh so my City will no doubt vote with ‘The Tory’ because they are selfish and rich. Let’s REALLY understand the question and its answers for once before we vote this time. I won’t hold my breath, but this is a tiny chance for Independence or a future path to one. Me myself I think I would want to remain in Europe. Of course many will say “Why be ruled by European law when we are already oppressed by Tory laws” and I would understand. I just think for the future it would be best to remain a part of Europe on our terms. The question of EU or not is different now the SNP have no Majority (Although the SNP will get laws passed) and the Tory as direct opposition in Holyrood. Please share for those who don’t have this.


Nicola Sturgeon Talks EU Referendum And Scotland’s View On Europe
Via Sky News on You Tube


Cameron warns leaving EU is a ‘step into the dark’
Via BBC News on You Tube


















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Scotland Votes – 30 Second Scottish Election Manifesto Videos

5 voices = 5 key questions

5 voices = 5 key questions

All videos with questions below. Patrick Harvie – Green Party, Willie Rennie – Liberal Democrat, Ruth Davidson – Conservative, Kezia Dugdale – Labour Party and Scotland’s SNP leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had 5 questions posed to them. 1. Education, 2. Our free National Health Service, 3. Why Scotland should or should not be in the UK, 4. Creating more jobs to improve the low figure of 170,000 unemployed that equates to 4% or 5% and lastly 5. How to further protect and improve Scotland’s amazing environment. Before the vote, remember the lies, and remember the ‘SNP give Scottish people free of charge what the 3 other Home Countries people sadly pay for, we get free prescriptions, got the new Queensferry Crossing, an end to bridge toll fees, free further education, the Council Tax freeze, an end to the Bedroom Tax and the near death of  (British Labour in Scotland) < That was from a Facebook friend Iain Moss and it would be good if we could educate further and TOTALLY make Scotland Yellow and retire some more liars who stole our freedom in 2014 by scaring 73% of over the 65’s, telling them they would lose their pensions or have reductions when this was not the case and all other lies. Reminder below of 2014 percentages as well as all 25 thirty second videos from all 5 leaders. Also to note the 3 biggest parties have female leaders, I love that. Remember the 2014 lies, but also remember we voted a political tsunami and painted Scotland SNP yellow by sending 56 SNP Politicians from Scotlands 59 London Westminster political seats in the 2015 UK Generel Elections. Lets get free Scotland, please watch and share the videos from all 5 Political party leaders below. Don’t mess up this time Scotland


2014 Referendum Results, 73% over 65’s voted Scotland to no vote


VIA: http://www.bbc.co.uk/


Blamed by SNP and Yes movement of lies

Patrick Harvie – Green Party

Willie Rennie – Liberal Democrat

Ruth Davidson – Conservative

Kezia Dugdale – Labour Party

Nicola Sturgeon SNP (Scottish National Party



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Millions March Scotland To Freedom – A New Movement – Join Here



LINK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1023564481036173/

New Movement many of us agree we must at least talk about. PLEASE feel free to join Scotland and please, add your friends and lets just debate between what is the reality of an idea me and a few others came to. It’s just to debate it’s reasons and actuality. We can do this. Let us be so powerful we can’t be ignored!

This is not impossible; the individual will say it’s impossible, without actually knowing the story, because I don’t either. I suggested an idea, the numbers, if it happens will be the numbers it will be. I am suggesting, prodding, hoping, helping. Same as others. But if we look to just recent history, a small country like ours became what we can become in our way. I don’t agree with all others say and I know not everyone will agree with all I say. The only comeback I have is “If anyone can hate me as I am some days in my own house, fire away” 😀 Never hate, just a guy who knows a dream or an idea can become more. Positive thinking is not my strong point in life so I am out of my comfort zone these days. But I, like you, all I do is try, I am trying, nothing more. I am a team player like you and others. When we meet ‘ego’ we meet the division between us that is caused by the very things and outlets we all dislike and we share what we dislike. How can’t this be possible? What if it ends up half a million? I can’t say what it will be because there is nothing to ‘Be’ yet. All I know is, if the ‘will is stronger than the skill’, anything can happen. History proves this Scotland. I think so anyway. Respectfully “But I can’t change the World” – Yes you can, here is why #Iceland #RoleModels

Millions March Scotland To Freedom: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1023564481036173/
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Allow the North of England to secede from the UK or join Scotland?


Anyone remember this blog I did here? 40,000+ sign petition for north of England to join Scotland. It seems this story still has legs. I did this blog on May 28th 2015 and here we are a year on and the story is drawing more support. There is a petition for this and it’s sitting at 47,680 supporters with 2,320 needed to reach 50,000. WOW!! The petition details are below. Cheers!

Via: https://www.change.org


The deliberations in Westminster are becoming increasingly irrelevant to the north of England. The northern cities feel far greater affinity with their Scottish counterparts such as Glasgow and Edinburgh than with the ideologies of the London-centric south.

The needs and challenges of the north cannot be understood by the endless parade of old Etonions lining the frontbenches of the House of Commons. The north of England should join the newly independent Scotland and regain control over its own destiny. We, the people of the north, demand that in the event that Scotland becomes independent the border between England and the New Scotland be drawn along a line that runs between the River Dee and the mouth of The Humber (see map).


The UK Government
Allow the north of England to secede from the UK and join Scotland
Stu Dent started this petition with a single signature, and now has 47,680 supporters. Start a petition today to change something you care about.


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What Does Scottish Independence Mean To You?

Coins in a jam jar

A Good friend I trust, Bill Glenn and I had a chat earlier this morning, Bill is a man I respect for what he is, what he gives to others, he inspires through words, he like you and I wants to see Scotland come together, be one and not divided and of course FREE, there are so many amazing people like Bill, real good men and woman trying hard to define their reasoning. Got me thinking so I thought I would ask just 1 question

“What would Independence mean to you”?

Your answers will differ from others but please give good reasons for a Free Scotland you desire. I say this again, I have not heard 1 no voter give good reason for voting no, not 1 no voter has said WHY they voted no. I have heard thousands of reasons for voting yes however, real reasons with real fiscal meanings also. We can go it alone yet the lies and the media have taken many while others seem to vote no to spite their own kin. I will never understand the hateful no voter, not all no voters are hate, some are hate some are confusing. I don’t hate, I don’t fear. I have good reasons to want a free Scotland and they are simple. This is MY LAND, OUR LAND and we give it freely to London, why? We have the money in hand not ‘Cap in hand’ to go it alone. I want my two girls who are 5 and 6 years old to grow up free from oppression and austerity, my 2 sons who have moved out to have kids themselves in a free and equal Scotland, I want my kids and your kids to grow in a nation that loves to help and helps to love, we Scot’s are a caring bunch, I mean the real true Scottish kin, we welcome anyone, help anyone if it is right to do so, we are an AMAZING race of people. What are your reasons for wanting a free Scotland? Below I left some images and a 2 video’s. The video directly below when I first seen it I could feel the tartan in my blood shoot up my spine, PROUD TO BE SCOTTISH I was. I know no voters who are proud to be Scottish yet happy to allow London to increase poverty and try oppress us. Lets just focus on 1 thing at a time, 1 question at a time. Give us your reasons, lets focus on just your reasons for an Independent Scotland. 

[VIDEO] Andre Rieu – Scotland The Brave – Amazing Grace







A Strong Woman

















images (1)



Girls at highland dancing competition contest at the annual Braemar Gathering near Balmoral in Grampian region of Scotland...AW2JKY Girls at highland dancing competition contest at the annual Braemar Gathering near Balmoral in Grampian region of Scotland












[VIDEO] Cap In Hand – A song 20 years in the making






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Scottish Yes Movement – Is in total control of the Unionists?

OBVIOUSLY - I am 110% against this message, are you?

OBVIOUSLY – I am 110% against this message, are you?

Please read past my reason’s for being here again, this isn’t about me or I would never have stopped, please, carry on reading. I got so destroyed by what I was seeing in all Social Media regarding Scotland I literally walked away in disgust and closed 11 accounts over Social Media. I spent Christmas with family, do what we all say we do and I seen reasons, I seen my kids faces, all happy, but in an instant I disliked myself for walking away from what is now a life goal same as dreams I have for my kids, my partner and I, real reasons, just to be part of A REAL FREE SCOTLAND and see my kids living with Scottish Driving Licences and Passports, REALLY FREE!. What we are offline is usually the complete opposite, I am no different, so I have to write and give all I have with Scottish people, be honest, share the UTTER TRUTH and make sure the truth is told, no matter the cost. Sadly this will take bravery I must trust to try free Scotland again for not just I, but everyone I love and everyone you the yes voter loves also, this is a team reason, not a team game. Lets look at just myself for a second and the abuse I got out of almost 1.5 Million views, (I DO NOT BRAG OR I WOULD NOT HAVE STOPPED, PLEASE!) john-dies-at-the-endI am impulsive so bad it’s untrue, but if I am to be defined by my minds mood via a disability or 2, yeah I played that card 😦 and coming away in mind from awful medicated addiction, does it mean I am a bad person? Right now I just can’t sleep but I am cool, relaxed, in pain but only doing this because I need to reconnect to what we were before the 2014 Referendum, I have no other reason to be on Social Media, so here I am, no Family involved, no friends I see day to day are involved in my Social Media, so now I can write freely without knowing I upset someone in my family. So here I am and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Hope 2016 is amazing for you! Great start with the BNP closing down, lets hope this trend carries us through the year. And please, keep reading

Happy New Year to all...

Happy New Year to all…

The Scottish ‘Yes Movement’ is more split that the entire USA is via Race reasons. Unless people wake up to the utter bull some are forcing on others, forget independence. The 4th bridge closed (I was happy, I live near it’s traffic jams) There was a huge pressure on the SNP for it’s closure. Apply that story 100 times over and we see clearly that within all movements there are people slowly trying to get people to turn away from the SNP. I watched from a distance as known Yes voters slated the SNP for the closure of what is really a very important bridge, and before Christmas, but it showed people are impulsive all the same, when their small world is affected they see reason to be opinionated. So I am challenging opinions here. I know there is a HUGE Unionist and liked presence within the Scottish Yes Movement, but people don’t know they are Unionist’s, so people are just being fooled, please take your mind back to 13th September 2014 and then bring it back here.

This was what the Yes voter WAS on 13th September 2014
Scotland, listen and be at one with our future! – I plead you watch

So how do I know there is a Unionist threat? Lets just say I went away and someone else appeared who pretended to hate and voted NO without writing 1 word. I don’t know how much of that made sense but there was no huge operation involving 100 people. I just wanted to see what THEY are doing. We spend so much time focused against the Unionist hate we actually keep it alive. I seen it over the last month or so, but I am back as true and proud yes voter, you will have to take my word for it. But in reality it’s there if you want to read it. I just stopped, read it and understood it to the point I want to destroy it from with-in, safely for me and my family of course. THINGS ARE THIS BAD if you look


If you feel like this, then you will understand what I pose here

Dangerous but exciting times. The emotion you choose, danger or exited, depends on what you actually believe. If you choose 100% truth then you are excited. I can’t tell people how to choose, all I can do is tell the absolute truth, the rest is up to you. One thing for certain is the Yes Movement has been taken over almost. Too many voices, too many reasons, too many arguments. We are in a bad place Scotland, doom and gloom as well as divide and conquer are at play. I ask you to be real when looking at comment’s aimed at this blog, note who comments because there is a chance they are commenting blindly on reading it’s title and viewing it’s image, be clever and you see who is not playing nice, so lets see who is playing a game and whom is living to free Scotland. Just look at responses and if I am correct, we have a problem.



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UK TV Reporter In Astonishing Attack On David Cameron and Ruling Elite!!!?

A 40 something man, in a rage during an argument

This is possibly the best news I have ever watched. I was sent it by my Partner, as far as a little research went he calls himself with pen name ‘Jonathan Pie, but is actually British actor and comedian ‘Tom Walker, and is a spoof reporter, THIS IS NOT REAL!!  This is A-Typical of what a few employees from the BBC were saying in private before and after the referendum, even though it is actually funny. This guy NAILS David Cameron and the Elitists who steal from us and lie to us, he even managed to mention the Pig 😀 illegal wars and also he talks about Russia and corrupt bankers with an added chatter of austerity and Alan Sugar. This is BRILLIANT 😀

‘Funny ‘cos it’s true’ – Jonathan Pie


Jonathan Pie: Economy – One more 😀


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