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It’s Not Fair, Not Safe: American Medic on Junior Doctors and the English NHS

Junior Dr's and supporters for them

Junior Dr’s and supporters for them

[SHORT READ HERE] This is a story I reported on early, knowing small stories often become huge, this one is BIGGER THAN HUGE this morning, so, cracking article here in the Huffington Post by one of their bloggers. I have already done a few blogs on this almost tragic story of a once GLORIOUS NHS UK. Keep in mind this is the English NHS, Scotland are taking many young English Dr’s and putting them fairly into the Scottish NHS that stand’s alone from England, sadly for our English friends 1. Scottish Healthcare – Taking young English Dr’s – 10/10 to SNP 2. English Health Care System On It’s Knee’s – Scotland Are Hiring Dr’s and 3. Missing Jr Dr Rose Polge ‘left note addressed to Jeremy Hunt’ #WHY? The first one is regarding Scotland hiring a few of these disillusioned young Dr’s, 2nd one how we now know it’s a major problem for our English brothers and sisters, and sadly yesterdays disappearance of a young English Dr Rose Polge, ‘Missing’ is the word after walking out of her shift, but sending ‘Allegedly’ 2 letters, 1 to the media and one to Jeremy Hunt. These are the thoughts of a young inspiring and aspiring American girl in Englands NHS. American Healthcare is 2nd World, 2nd rate as she explains, not within the ethos of the G20 never mind the G8 (Yes, Yes, I know Russia pulled out, you can subtract yourself) standards. Enjoy a great read. What she says about English healthcare is good! So how bad is the USA Obamacare!! She tells how getting ill or injured in the USA could leave you bankrupt for life, so I think we here in Scotland are thankful we have a free Healthcare System for us all and that teaches many Scottish kids to be great Dr’s and Nurses and also gives jobs to great prospect Dr’s and nurses from foreign shores to work in Scotland. Sadly our English friends are in a bad way, but not by American standards and this is no fault or any wrong doing by the brilliant  in this article, she see’s a good ethos inside the English NHS as a well oiled machine. I think she is talking about the human side of the English NHS, it’s young Dr’s and Nurse’s and teachers, the very bond that brings workers in many fields together as Jinnie explains here. But for all 5 Million of us here in Scotland you would be hard pushed to find any vocal groups say the “NHS is decent in England” or “NHS is good for my English Family/Friends” STUNNING READ By a young woman who is standing up for her friends.

Via:  blogger for http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/


Before moving to London in August, I couldn’t conceive of anything close to the NHS. A structured, uniform service that trains highly competent doctors while providing healthcare for free. For everyone. Inconceivable. And yet, here I am as a first-year medical student, learning, observing, and participating firsthand in this incredible institution that indiscriminately treats anyone that walks through its doors. Here, when you are ill you are a person who needs healthcare, not a walking insurance card with a set deductible.

I have lived my entire life under the US healthcare system: a scheme of insurance companies, employer-selected health insurance plans, premiums, co-pays, and mounds of red tape for routine and prepaid medical reimbursements. I have dipped into savings to pay what my plan did not cover and doctors have changed my medications when my insurance company refused to pay. During the brief periods between jobs when I did not have insurance, I feared an accident could plunge me into tens of thousands of dollars of debt from medical bills. This preceded any thought of the actual bodily harm I might suffer. Has Jeremy Hunt ever experienced this?

The NHS, despite its troubles and flaws, embodies the core aspiration of modern social democracies: taking care of all of its people. And like any large entity, its greatest strength is its people. The doctors, nurses, and my fellow medics inspire me every day with their intellect, passion, and dedication to their patients. At St. George’s we receive extensive training and guidance on what it means to be empathetic and how important it is to put the patient first. My classmates time and time again demonstrate that these concepts are a part of who we are. When we graduate and my British friends become junior doctors I have no doubt that the NHS will be in very good hands.

~~End Story~~

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Scotland – March For Independence – But Why We Must Wait!

Yesterday's march

Yesterday’s march

It’s great to see Scot’s like you and I arrange this yesterday, I think it’s just the start. It is said 1,000+ were in the march yesterday in Glasgow. Many on Social Media questioned the numbers in a way of saying ‘Low turn out’ And they do have a point on just yesterday, but like I say I truly believe this is the start. This will build and build more as we reach the Scottish General Election in 2016, should the SNP clear the decks again I think these marches will only grow and spread. It is VITAL in the Scottish General Election we get over the current 50% that voted SNP on May 7th this year. This is a slow steady rise from the 45% last December till May 7th 50% I did however ask ‘SNP threatens to call another independence referendum – Do we have over 50% <Click) Not everyone was so pleased about the numbers who marched, I am sharing this not thinking this, I think 1,000+ is a great start to what will become 1,000 times bigger in a few years

We must wait till we have 70% yes - THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

We must wait till we have 70% yes – THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

In the 8 months between each date, September 14th 2015 to May 7th 2015 the SNP gained 5% more. This could maybe be 10% now and JUST enough to free us tomorrow if we had a referendum. I stick to my guns when I say we must wait till 2020 <Click) Because if we have one too early and lose, we lose another referendum till my two Daughters aged 5 and 6 years old are my age, 40 years old, so we must wait! In 8 months we gained 5% so where will be in 4 and a half years? I get this thrown back at me all the time when I say “From 2014 to 2020 we gain 6 years of youthful yes voters and sadly lose many over 65’s who voted 70% NO by the time we reach the year 2020” I can be certain when I say I will be 1 parent down by the time 2020 arrives, but that is life for us all, a reality we must respect. If we TRULY want to be free for our kids and for 100 years from now for our kids, kids then we must be patient Scotland. This is only the start……….

I just happen to want a free Scotland away from an uneven Union, with knowledge of WHY

I just happen to want a free Scotland away from an uneven Union, with knowledge of WHY

~~Via: http://www.heraldscotland.com/ ~~


MORE than a thousand pro-independence supporters took to the streets today to march through Glasgow and send a message to Westminster that they will continue the fight to go it alone. The public procession started at 11am in Kelvingrove Park and continued to Glasgow Green.

Organiser Neil Mackay said: “The purpose of the event is straightforward, we are going to take to the streets to show our determined support and desire for Scotland to be independent and to make a clear statement to both Westminster and Holyrood that we want independence for Scotland as soon as is possible and we are going to sustainably march for independence at regular intervals until this is realised.

“This march has been organised by ordinary Scots, not political parties, and it will be fused with a broad diversity of Scottish culture and political persuasions. Everyone is welcome who supports an independent Scotland.” There was also a pipe band and drumming groups along with countless other musicians laying on entertainment for those taking part in the march.

~~End Story~~





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♫ Amanda Brown – Scottish girl singing ‘Free Forever ♫ – Just WOW! ♪


Amanda Brown ♫ Free Forever ♫

Yesterday I wrote this blog ‘Scotland can be free! First we must free Scottish minds – Stop the hate! <Click) And through this debate I got sent this amazing song by another friend. Amanda I will quote her below as it is her song. I got sent it last night via a Facebook group and the song by Amanda blew me away. I don’t know Amanda apart from asking her if I could share this amazing song ‘Free Forever with my audience, she said “Yeah, share away” This has had almost 20,000 Views on Amanda’s Facebook page already, so there is a chance some may have heard this before, for some reason, and not much escapes my attention re: Scotland 😀 I had not heard Amanda or her song. I was blown away, her amazing voice and youthful energy as she sung about the very thing I write about, expressing, activating, trying, reaching out, call it what you will. Everyone who writes or makes a song or a poem or any expression at all about a ‘Free Scotland or life in general, I admire deeply people who can let go and express with no hate yet no care of others thoughts either, no hate! So enjoy, below is the video and what Amanda said when she shared it and a quote she gave me last night explaining why she wrote and performed this song, for you the reader. The song alone is outstanding, also we must acknowledge her ability to strip away her feelings of human doubt and then her expression to perform this openly on Facebook flawlessly is remarkable. Both the song and emotion of it being sung, I think go hand in hand with the song. Very brave and talented girl is Amanda. As I said I don’t know Amanda as a person, but I do know and see well when another person expresses with such ease, I am human like you, so these things touch us all, it did to me and obviously many others with almost 20,000 views and a live performance at Holyrood Parliament 😀 x I had to share this! #Simple 😀

This was Amanda telling Facebook “Hey, I wrote a song” 

Having some issues uploading! Been hard at it aww day now ma fingers are numb lol im gonney call this Free Forever (sorry for the swear word) this is officially my first ever song. Still writing another one tae. Nae laughin! Hehe!

This was what Amanda sent me, describing where her heart, soul and mind were when writing and performing this song.

I have sang since i was a little girl. Developed some really bad stage fright. During the referendum i campaigned for independence for Scotland and decided that if me singing helped or inspired people i would face my fear. I added a wee video to Facebook. Sadly on the 18th of September my heart like many others was broken. The week after the result i sang in-front of thousands of fellow Scots at Holyrood. And since then have done nothing but sing, play and now write my own music.

Amanda Brown Scotland Song, Free Forever

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Do The Right Thing You Get Hated, Do Crime & Drugs You Get Liked, Both Fake – The Real Conundrum

My son did this for me, this is 'Nice Shaun' I don't know if I can be him no more, it's too hard you know...I am just writing here, that's all

My son did this for me, this is ‘Nice Shaun’ I don’t know if I can be him no more, it’s too hard you know…I am just writing here, that’s all

By @ShaunyNews  The medication is slowly leaving my body, slowly. I remember the day Dawn and I sat down as two partners in our early 20’s and asking if ‘Old Shaun’ didn’t go, we would have problems. Honest to God, the day I decided to stop crime and taking heroin and what other crap I was on, the pain came. I already had a really bed left leg, suddenly the pain spread, I spent the next 10 years, even now a little asking “Is this Karma” I think when a person decides to better themselves good things should happen, for their family and kids, like millions Worldwide, I got the pain, over the 16 years or so I have had this pain it just gets worse. My decision to take the Dr’s poison is a hard gig, but if I don’t ‘Old Shaun’ comes back and its ‘GAME OVER’ Sadly this poison I am on has left me forgetting what I said 20 minutes ago never mind 20 years ago, the gaps are there, just, the good memories are there, the bad ones I let go, people say ‘You did this’ and I think ‘Who is this fool talking about’ YEAH, FIBROMYALGIA IS THE DEVILS DISEASE, YOU FORGET A LIFE AND BLOCK OUT THE BAD PARTS

I wrote this, guest blog, https://deliberatedonkey.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/murder-and-more-through-the-eyes-of-a-child/ I did this on July 2nd 2013, nearly 2 years now. My brother left a comment in there, he knows what I seen and told was the truth and he left a reply, I could only thank him for confirming I wasn’t making it up, with medication in me I could easily make a life up, I try not do that, we all try to do that right?

This shit sounds easy

This shit sounds easy

I am now at a crossroads, as the medication leaves my body, slowly, I find ‘Old Shaun’ returning. I threatened a person this morning, not my son’s or a blood relative, just someone that has a big mouth and best learn to shut up, I am not in the mood for games, I have lost enough with this fecking disease, I can’t lose more, I just can’t. So I am left in a state of stagnation I guess.

I re-read that article above earlier and it felt like a dream, like I was writing about a movie I had seen, at the time I had to change and edit it about 100 times, check the URL you will see what I mean. The Word ‘Murder’ was in the original draft. The deal was I had 2 months till publication, I did the first draft and was told ‘BRILLIANT’ But I kept going over it and removing content I knew I could not write here nor anywhere. I am writing a book, MY GOD IT’S HARD TO WRITE A BOOK! I will get there and much of what I wrote above will be in the book as I have said before.

As I lay here in bed almost screaming in many forms of pain the suggestion of returning to my old ways seems a road that would be easier. See hate and anger come easy, none of us need try, it’s a natural human emotion, to fight these emotions and be decent, even when there is no decent or good is hard, to stay calm when you can’t is hard. I am sitting thinking now “The old ways would make today easier” I don’t need money, that is not a reason, the reason is simple, the drugs and lifestyle is easy, it’s a comfort zone for me. I did unspeakable things only I know about, I had saying “The less anyone knows the less the police know” and it’s something I used to use in the old days

This song here reminds me of my criminal/drug past.
If I asked I got, if I said fuck off, people fucked off.
When I was a bastard I had respect, maybe fear, not sure.
I am losing respect due to this fucking illness, what the fuck.
Shake That Ass -Eminem Feat. Nate Dogg (Dirty & Lyrics)
Via Tyler Angell on You Tube

I just have to say here, to go back the way because it seems easier as I sit when it’s hard is tempting. The writing would stop and a ‘New life’ would begin. I will become hate; I will demand respect and not act well if it’s not given. Often these days when I feel a lack of respect the ‘Old Shaun’ is in the back of my mind with suggestions I MUST deny. I can’t go back the way but what if that choice leaves my hands, what if going back is my only choice? I lose, I lose everything, but as I sit in bed here and type this I feel I have lost, lost big. I hope the lack of medication and the pain are playing games with my mind here, I am unsure, I know nobody cares, but I write, I am almost at 1 Million views, people choose to read, this is a personal write up here, intended for me to just let off some steam I am guessing, I hope so, I am no use to my partner 2o years ago, today

I am just ‘Some guy’ trying to exist and co-exist with the people around me. Lately the anger has been there. I dread ‘Old Shaun’ as all his old friends live less than a mile from me. So I guess I will have to see what help my family offer, what friends notice and say, how Dawn and my two sons react, all the while keeping in mind there are two young princess’s I must stay on this road for. One thing that has been going on for the last few years are certain people, all family, some blood, some sadly I have to pretend are alive, they talk to me like I am 20 year old, sadly the worst part and something that boils my blood are these idiots who say my name when I am not there. I don’t take that immature road in life, I say to faces, I am brave, I guess I expect everyone else to be the same.

I dislike on-line tough guys, people who threaten you from 5,000 miles away, or 5 miles away, makes me smile

I dislike on-line tough guys, people who threaten you from 5,000 miles away, or 5 miles away, makes me smile


One guy in particular, likes to act the ‘Tough Guy’ with words he wouldn’t utter in my presence. In reality his underwear would fill up should I look at him in the same room. What you do with that? I know what I used to do, but that was before. Do I deal or take another card? I figure what will happen will happen, sadly this person faked things and more and tells lies like I moan about my pain, a proper Charlie this guy is, if my Daughters suffer due to his words, what do I do? What would you do? I am asking anyone who is reading.

Oasis – Cigarettes & Alcohol
Via noelgallagherlegend on You Tube

Maybe it’s the disease, maybe it’s lack of medication, maybe it’s ‘old Shaun’ stepping forward. Either way, I don’t want to have to deal with this pathetic human being, he is a known liar , fool and loner, it would be a huge liberty, but he is effecting my life, he needs to learn to use his lips better in-front of others. I don’t want to, I hate myself for even thinking what I want to do but we all have a line, my line is same as yours, it has a ‘Do not cross’ sign on it, and this person and a few others should know, I am disabled, are they taking a liberty with me, same as I would with them? I will find out and what will be, will be, it has to come to a head, or maybe he reads this and gets on with his own crap existence and everyone sleeps better?

A few months ago a friend committed suicide, he fought the same demons as I do, as we all do I guess, rest assured I won’t do that, but the Devil or what name you want to give him is calling my name, “Dining with the Devil” is FINALLY agreed the title of my book. I can only be a human being, I can only be flesh and skin like everyone. Temptation to be a bastard again with this pain would be so very easy. I write this but the words are coming from a place I don’t like or know any more. When you decide to sing, write, paint, any art form, you expose your raw soul to the World, that is just the way the shit rolls. So there it is, answers on a postcard to “Shauny, Edinburgh, Scotland, near the forth road bridge” I will get it 😉



Rant over, for now


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Living With Fibromyalgia? Need to talk?



I have been living with Fibromyalgia now for 16 years, I felt the first pain of Fibromyalgia when I was in my early 20’s, I am now just turned 41 years old and it has peaked in my body. I am told it won’t get worse by my pain team. How they know I don’t know. I was part of a two year study here in Scotland. I am on a CD/Small Documentary somewhere, don’t ask. In our study we noticed 9 out of 10 people had a childhood event, a traumatic event at the age we are moulded for life. I also had a story to tell. I share and told my story best I could on a friends page a year ago now. I named no names and added two pictures both over 30 years old now. Many in the 2nd image are dead now, I am the kid in the boat http://deliberatedonkey.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/murder-and-more-through-the-eyes-of-a-child/

Fibromyalgia Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/699321140156812/

Me in a boat in the Isle of Sky away up North West of Scotland. I have good memories also

Me in a boat in the Isle of Sky away up North West of Scotland. I have good memories also

06f8f1e8d0d7ab3b43084df6900507a9I found by talking to people about it, speaking up helps. Our families and their inability to believe us is a VERY common theme as you all know. I have heard my story told by many others now. Friends in real life I met at the pain clinic I attended and left because there was nothing they could do to help and also people I met here online. I ‘NEED’ these Fibro-Friends a lot. People I can lean on, talk to and listen to also. If you have Fibro or any Chronic illness at all, PLEASE come and talk to us. I am not ‘Looking for big numbers on my Facebook page’ I want to help and I need help. The group is decent, it is new, but already I have learnt a few things in the first 2 weeks of me opening it. Please come and join in. People share their story easier when other people are there who understand. I moderate it well, I check well on people to make sure they do actually suffer. Sadly I must do this as people are THAT FECKING SAD that they would come in and pretend, some people just need a life. I myself take Hydrocodone (Dehydrocodone is the name in the UK) Tramadol, Diazepam (Valium in the USA) and Morphine for the pain, and another 11 items to help with the side effects of the pain medication, if you have a condition that is chronic (For life) you will understand. The link above I had to be REAL careful, and I forget a LOT due to Fibro Brain Fog. I told 10%/20% of what I remember, look at the URL then read, you will understand

Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/699321140156812/

We don't want sympathy, we want a cure and off medication

We don’t want sympathy, we want a cure and off medication

Salmond lost battle for Scotland but England risks losing the war


Disenfranchising Scottish MPs in the Commons amounts to English secession

e80be1bb2067fd2a5e4e4ef5c4c657bf41ef2b7c (1)By Philip Stephens


Brilliant read, give it a read Scotland
A week ago Scotland’s nationalists were trying to break up Britain. Now, it is the turn of England’s Tories. In the wake of Alex Salmond’s referendum defeat, David Cameron’s Conservatives have set about handing the leader of the Scottish National party the victory denied him by Scotland’s voters.
Now there is a rum thought: Mr Salmond lost the battle but the English may yet concede the war.
In a state of some excitement, perhaps because it is the autumn party conference season, the Tories are clamouring for “English votes for English laws”. The price for Scots of more devolution, they say, must be a diminished role for their MPs at Westminster.
his is partly, of course, about electioneering. The Tories have only one MP in Scotland; Labour has 40. Flying the English flag could paint the opposition into a corner at next year’s general election. Mr Cameron also wants to guard his flank against rightwing English nationalists.
On the face of it, the prime minister has a case. The closer Scotland gets to home rule, the odder it seems for its MPs to vote on English affairs. The snag, however, with deceptively simple solutions to complex problems, is that they are, well, deceptive.
The exclusion of Scottish MPs from most of the business of the House of Commons would amount to English secession by another name. It would also substitute a shuffling of power between politicians – English MPs get more, the Scots less – for the urgent task of dispersing authority within England. Creating a group of second-class legislators does nothing to loosen Whitehall’s deadening grip over the great cities and shires of England.
The neat answer would be a federal system. Goodness knows, Britain needs to decentralise power by returning to city mayors and councils authority to make choices about local taxes and ser­vices. The facts of the union, unfortunately, do not match the political theory textbooks. England’s overwhelming economic and political dominance among the four nations of the UK rules out a classic federation. For the union to work, its constitutional arrangements must serve as a counterweight to English hegemony.
This means England has to be generous about the voice afforded to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Generations of English politicians have wrestled with this question and concluded, rightly, that a division of power perfectly calibrated to reflect respective populations or economic weights would be unworkable.
Nor, anyway, is it possible to draw a neat line between legislation that is uniquely English and laws that affect Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The deep integration of public policy and finances across the nations means there are precious few decisions taken at Westminster that do not have an impact throughout the UK.
When MPs voted for university tuition fees in England, it changed fundamentally the structure of education funding in the other nations. William Gladstone grappled with this during the 19th-century debates about Irish home rule. Even in a much less complex world, he decided the circle could not be squared.
Follow the logic of English votes for English laws and it leads to an English parliament and government. Such would be the dominance of these English institutions that the Commons would be reduced to a foreign policy talking shop. Even then, an English parliament might want to choose a different relationship with, say, the EU than the other nations. And once Westminster loses the power to raise UK-wide taxes, the union will be by any measure dead. The noise about “unfairness” is in inverse proportion to a more prosaic reality. There have been only a handful of occasions in recent decades when Scottish MPs have been “swing” voters. On at least two of them, during Tony Blair’s premiership, these MPs were voting with a government that had a majority in England. As for the myth that Labour invariably relies on Scotland for a majority at Westminster, the electoral facts show it is just that – a myth.
Home rule in Scotland does raise important questions about the governance of the rest of the UK. There is a legitimate debate to be had about if and when Scottish MPs should step back from voting at Westminster. There will also be room for scrutiny of the Barnett funding formula for public spending in Scotland once Edinburgh gains more fiscal autonomy.
But the prior question is whether England wants a parliament that represents all four nations of the union? If the answer is yes, then it cannot expect a formulaic English votes for English laws.
The strength of Britain’s unwritten constitution has lain in its capacity to accommodate anomalies and contradictions. If tidy English minds now redefine “fairness” as perfect symmetry between Scotland and England, the unavoidable consequence will be the break-up of the union. Mr Salmond, of course, is rubbing his hands at the prospect.



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AceNews has JUST been renamed and re-branded by my Editor and Friend Ian, a BRILLIANT MAN! Tons of respect for and we have a superb working relationship! We have had RT’s from the Pope, New York Times and more, it is INSANE! Slowly it is getting bigger, Ian trusts me to tell my story and share news, our working relationship is just amazing, if he is covering a developing or long running story, I stay away from it and Vice Versa, the last several weeks ShaunyAceNews is slowly catching up with Ace News in terms of hits, reads and debate. I truly hope I am helping my Editor push his vision, a fantastic one I am honored to be part of the growth there, Ace News is HUGE and will get bigger, I love AceNews and Ian is an Amazing Guy, we speak on the same page on many topics, August (last month) my area of the site exploded, I am delighted for the Ace News brand

ShaunyAceNews Stats

ShaunyAceNews Stats, 30,000 last month

My blog has become a Twitter debate base as above you can see the figures are low in terms of debate on my blog. Much of what I write now in either of my blogs get debated to death on Twitter or Facebook, I am part of several Yes/No Scotland Referendum groups and I now own ‘The Celtic Network‘ site and it’s Facebook page.

The reason I am so pleased is simple for me and many will think “Show Off” But often I look upon myself as a total failure living in 24/7 agony with Fibromyalgia So when I see all these statistics it makes me feel human. I don’t know if people who are not disabled or suffer in any way will understand this, I know people who suffer in silence in our World do understand how these figures and statistics make me feel alive, I am doing good, doing something, helping spread news. I get frustrated when I do an article on say? America and her downfall and I get nothing back, but if I were American, I would not want to know what I know. So I understand. I am writing, Ebola, Scottish Independence, Earth and her issues, ISIS I question religion, Jesus and God, America The British Union, FEMA Camps and Police State USA, and lately I have started doing more Audio blogs as Ian my AceNews friend and I want to do Radio and he is the man to set it up, and of course my one true love 😀 Glasgow Celtic Football Club I am running stories on so many things I have to keep a notepad with what I am following and writing as some stories go off the grid for a time. But:

The Girls are still missing in Nigeria.
Ukraine and Russia look like they really could ignite WWIII.
South and North Korea are still close to war.
Obama still deceives his people, the people who voted him in and the NSA, Snowden
Israel, yes, are still committing genocide in Palestine.
I ask why Saudi Arabia who have tougher laws that ISIS are ok to go, they have oil! This is our world in a nutshell, Money and Power.
Governments around the World are lying and I do and will keep exposing them.
Anonymous movement is gaining strength. Poems Fun, Movies and Music, keeping some fun! AND FOOTBALL!! (Soccer for USA)
Earth, Earthquakes, strange weather, Animal die off’s, strange noises in the Sky.
Strange stories, the Black Knight Satellite, and all and any stories about space.
Conspiracies that are actually REAL stories people are too lazy to research, but hey, I understand, who want’s life to be a myth?

The above leads me to scripture, so the Irony is not lost on me that I don’t read the Bible or trust it’s Words. The Vatican are STILL getting away with 100,000’s of thousands of Sexual abuse cases, the UN are trying to get them, but they are safe inside the walls of Vatican City where the laws are different, everyone in Europe knows why Benedict XVI stepped down and can’t and won’t leave the safety of the walls in Vatican city.

I would rather be out in the World being a Football manager and DJ again, mixing with the people I used to, I still keep in touch but this disability leads me to where I am, frustrated but blessed. I have more than I can ever share on any platform, I am blessed in so many ways, but I would give certain parts to not be in pain. I want to be regular Dad, my Daughters know who Daddy is but I still feel immense guilt for many reasons why I can’t run around and do pony rides and throw them about and let them beat me up (They do this anyway, lol) I have the sweetest most honest, fun, caring woman in the World. Anyone who knows my Childhood going into adulthood will understand what my Partner Dawn did for me, I would be dead, in prison or had Aids if had not been for this shining star in my sky that often gets dark, here is my story, I am the kid in the boat, I guest blogged here http://deliberatedonkey.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/murder-and-more-through-the-eyes-of-a-child/ I never ask for or want sympathy, I just want to be normal but different at the same time, I know that sounds odd but I would hate to be a ‘Crows Pleaser’ a lad who jumps on bandwagons and is rude to people. I get abuse from many places due to what I write, and this is why I get high traffic, I am not afraid to write what others dare to think! I like to be Goofy and out there and looking at the World through different eyes, the day I become a BEIGIST <Click to know what a beigist is! lol

I stand out from a crowd, I can speak to anyone, debate without hate, I am nothing special apart from my Family but most of them think I am off my head as it is 😀 I LOVE doing this, I have to do this. I would, as I said rather be off the computer and out in the World, but I found a happy medium, a way to do both, it’s hard but who ever said it was easy?

Nobody said it was easy! 


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