If Only We Could Be Strangers Again….

I started doing this blog or ‘personal diary’ around the year 2011 for reason’s I really can’t remember. It was called ‘Praying for one more day’, so I guess the title of the blog then was my reason. I came across as pathetic and wanting off sympathy maybe? I don’t actually care how many people read this page anymore, but I just checked and between 200 and 400 people read my page every day! Who are you…lol? Why? Why do you read the ramblings of a mad-man? Come forward and speak, please?

It is now late 2017 and here is ‘ShaunyNews’ I used to share World news the Main Stream Media would not cover, in a vain attempt to give others knowledge of the TRUTH. Oh how pathetic I was.

Anyway, this has taken an hour so far just to get to this stage; I may as well share a story. I just watched a movie starring Will Smith called ‘Collateral Beauty’ and wow did I cry like a little girl! But how UN-manly of me to admit I cried right? If you watch movies and love what a movie can do to you, like a song can, I advise you watch this movie. But only if you can take the emotion that is shared in the movie. I am warning you, this movie is upsetting! An emotion we all hide from in 2017

Collateral Beauty Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Will Smith Movie
Via Movieclips Trailers on You Tube

I mean what is a man in 2017? Tough, courageous, thoughtful? Brave? I really don’t care what the World says a man should be, I only care what my heart and soul tell me what is right these days. Every day is a battle for me, but EVERY DAY IS A BATTLE FOR EVERYONE, It took 6 years of typing on this page for me to figure out we all have a something, a thing that holds us back, an emotion we hide and protect ourselves from. Why? Well it is socially unacceptable behavior to show emotion in the year 2017, especially if you are a man. Yeah it all confuses me too!

Today the pain is killer, my mind is a mess. This process of getting up, living, then going to sleep again is now past Groundhog Day for me. The eventually of my existence is neither less nor more than yours, I know this much. Social status, how rich we are what we do, what we don’t do is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Today in 2017 not many people care enough, but I don’t think many realize they do it. Social Stigma, people pointing at our every action is something many avoid, yet here I am making myself a target, and that is ok, no! Really it is

The only certainty in life is Death, so till that day arrives should we live freely?

Often I do think about my past and everyone in my today and yesterday and think “What if we awoke total strangers to each other tomorrow”? What then? Would we walk past each other, would we stop and think ‘Déjà vu’? That is a thought, just a thought but one a movie invoked in me to write about.

See life can be as simple as just breathing in then breathing out, smiling and trying for the right reasons. Looking at what we do have as opposed to what we wish we did have. Stopping to notice how lucky we are in an uncaring World of 2017. Take a look at the news on the TV from time to time and then just stop and look around your own life. It ain’t so bad is it? But this all sounds easy to do, sadly for me it is not easy, everything is hard, I could blame people or life, so I will just blame both 😀

When will you start to live the way you want, and not the way life dictates how you should live? What binds these invisible shackles of oppression to us? Social stigma and Social bandwagons out-with our own control? I told you I think a lot! If what I write here is wrong to anyone, I would hate to know what is correct or ‘Socially Acceptable’ to the people of the year 2017, today I mean. After-all, my Words here will still be here LONG after I am gone. I would love to be around to see what people think of me, or maybe about the way I am able to express myself. I guess I will never know yeah? But do know I do look outwards to and at other people and dissect them in a way to purely understand them, God knows I try! But the only people I can look to or at and see fun, happy, honesty and love are my two Daughters. What World will await them? This is 2017, when they are my age it will be roughly the year 2055, how bad or good will the World be for them? NOW THAT GIVES ME FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

Till the next ramblings….






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Friends TV Show – How did they ALWAYS get the sofa in ‘Central Perk’


Fact 1


Fact 2


Fact 3


Fact 4

 Fact 6

Fact 5

Fact 7

Fact 6

Fact 8

Fact 7


Friends theme song – I’ll be there for you – official music video HQ
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Sky TV – Inside Palestine & Israel [FULL] – Ross Kemp – MSM

imagesIf you have half a heart and an opinion on this topic, test yourself on it’s truth. Always I try hard to understand the World around me when I am online. Who owns us, who are these Elite that we all now know exist. There is an obvious ‘Allegedly’ in this question if just looking for the answers, and the answers we find when we do finally understand the questions become very toxic and very shocking sometimes. Here in the UK there was a TV show on W0rld Popular TV ‘Sky 1.’ It is the biggest entertainment channel  in my Country and the Worlds TV also. The guy hosting this 2 part documentary, is called Ross Kemp, he used to play a tough guy in the popular UK TV Soap Opera ‘Eastenders,’ as the tough guy character Grant Mitchell, he has done hundreds of these dangerous shows all over the World. He did many shows – Battle for the Amazon Ross Kemp – Extreme World & Ross Kemp in Afghanistan & Ross Kemp on World Gangs This blog shows and proves, gently to a World and anyone outside a few hundred Million people who see only one particular story in the wrong way, the Israel/Palestine story. Because Sky TV is owned by Rupert Murdock, he owns Sky TV, Fox, The New York Times and a lot more, he is probably the most influential news owner on Earth. So keep in mind, as well as seeing the shocking truth that Israel does in Palestine and shockingly the MANY issues the World does not know or understand in this region, we must know this is main stream.  For ANYONE who wants to actually understand the Israel/Palestine story, here it is. Both parts. This is for people to actually see it, not see it on TV 10,000 miles away. This is as Democratic as it gets, yet the main stream media in my part of the World will the the truth, but watered down? Probably. For Europeans who watch this, you might think you know this story but do you? People further away in the USA use a real or made up Bible to define this story, I ask please you take time to watch both videos, ‘Inside Israel and ‘Inside Gaza and listen to both Palestinian and Israel voices saying “We want peace” 90% of both want peace and to shake hands, but the BIBLE FORBIDS THIS NOTION, but I told that story already. The facts are being ignored, at least try and watch a little of this and show some human skills, often some comment only to what they agree with, but we can all be guilty of this. Allow the truth to help you and others, stop this horrific truth that lies are told about, and people time travel to avoid debating skills with scripture and books that not 1 person alive can say are 100% true

#JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemiesAs Israel commits Genocide, love shows the way – Social media campaign goes viral




[VIDEO] Part 1: Ross Kemp in Gaza’ Via: Olly Lambert on Vimeo.


[VIDEO] Part 2: Inside Israel – Via Sky News



#JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies This is the future!







She is a kid from loving parents – she doesn’t want to hate – WHY DO YOU?




yes ! I’m an iranian and I want peace for all the world . #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies

yes ! I’m an iranian and I want peace for all the world .




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Good Will Hunting – Robin Williams – Heartwrenchingly good movie

The Most Powerful Movie I have ever seen

The Most Powerful Movie I have ever seen

All this from a movie 😀 But what a movie! Where have I been! As a Dad in his early 40’s, few Disabilities, coming off bad medication, begining to understand my girls, partner and two 5 year old Daughters, reconnecting with a parent. family & friends and becoming something, I am yet to be defined but I am enjoying a free mind to learn from others work, I am waking up and understanding people, life and myself. I am not trying to re-define myself, I am just trying to be and find myself. This movie is where my mind is today in terms of pain and power as the movie has both. I live in pain, I can be in hell, but I choose to live in Heavan with the people I love, so like Robin Williams or anyone’s journey I am looking around me looking to understand others, but to understand them, I first must understand me, and this is why I am writing this, It’S NOT FOR ME, for anyone who can connect to it’s raw power of love and hate, loss and gain, bravo.Just watched this CLASSIC movie in Good Will Hunting

Will meets his love for the 1st time – Using his amazing mind
Via: BiSONN16 on You Tube

An amazing story of a young kid played by Matt Damon, his shrink in the movie is Robin Williams playing the part of Sean Maguire the teacher of kids wanting to be therapists of the mind. In the movie Robin Williams as many know plays the part of a guy who lost his wife. His 1st chat with the wayward Will Hunting the kid explains Maguire’s insecurities and torments of life through one painting Sean the therapist had painted. The image is the one below. See the kid seen into the teachers soul in 2 minutes looking at this image. The part played by Robbin Williams here is astonishing, Robin was a comedian lets not forget, I will leave a You Tube video at the bottom so we can remember he did actually have an amazing fun life, but like us all or most, he had demons and he used movies to tell his own story and his own life.

Will and Sean finally become ‘Something’ –  What followed was truly something
Via: Movieclips on You Tube

WHAT IS ART? Art is expression, so we then define the arts MORE. The Arts become anything anyone famous or like you and I share, they become so personal to the performer, writer or singer they actually have meaningful and emotional imacts on other people. I know this is true because I know, see movie stars, singers but I also see bloggers, people with groups on say? Facebook who are there not for themselves, but for others, they help others and deny themselves the help they need. Like Robin Williams, he gave us both sides of him. We see the fun, but we also see the sheer reality of his own personal soul screaming at us through the movie camera. This whole movie begind when a cocky smart kid mocks an older pained guys artwork and rips his heart out doing so. The painter got a chance to explain why he painted that painting. The painting with a rough sea and dark clouds, lost as sea, alone, gone. The painting in the movie was Sean explaining his worst hell in 1 painting. The kid became a man. He met a girl. More below, please, if you have seen it fine, if not I ask you remember the power of this movie and how the movie took the feeling of the movie to a new place. Enjoy friends

Sean’s painting being defined
Via:hookedinmotion on You Tube


Sean explaining his painting to Will
Via:BiSONN16 on You Tube

The image done by Shaun, in the movie. The kid nailed the images meaning

The image done by Sean, in the movie. The kid nailed the images meaning

Lets look quickly at what this movie won back in the late 1990’s.

Academy Awards, USA 1998 Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Robin Williams.
Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.
Nominated Oscar Best Picture – Lawrence Bender.
Best Actor in a Leading Role – Matt Damon.
Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Minnie Driver.
Best Director – Gus Van Sant.

Why had I never watched this masterpiece? lol

Why had I never watched this masterpiece? lol

This movie all did a clean sweep at the Golden Globes, USA 1998 , Screen Actors Guild Awards 1998, American Cinema Editors, USA 1998, Awards Circuit Community Awards 1997, Awards of the Japanese Academy, Berlin International Film Festival, Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, BMI Film & TV Awards and the movie was represented and won in another 25 Global award ceremonies, and I have watching it for the first time just now and I was blow away. I love movies because, like music the actor’s and actress’s, if good, will bear their soul to the World through thier own profession, using their real life struggles as a tool to perform so well it becomes almost real, because it is real to the person performing. I watch men and woman make movies, write and perform songs and in the end is it any different from what we do here by blogging or by writing so prefound to our very being?

In the movie when Will is struggling with these emotions of love for smart girlfriend Skylar (Minnie Driver) He challenges everything. In this movie a 2016 relevent moment happened when Will had a meeting with NSA, yup the people who spy on us all, we know this, lets not deny it. The video of Will owning the NSA was just INSANE good. And it was Sean who was pushing Will’s boundries at this point. Love for his girl Skylar was his goal, but Will, wow his part just freaked me, how can a kid as Matt Damon was then pull off this performance, guided I am sure by Robin Williams in real life maybe he didn’t know it, maybe he knew it all along, the bond between actors must have been a friendship that lasted for life.

Will explains why he won’t work for the NSA – SERIOUSLY, YOU GOT TO WATCH THIS. AMAZING SCRIPTING
Via: ScenesMustafaFavs on You Tube

The moment in the movie near the end when Sean tells Will over and over “It’s not your fault” had me in tears and I am confused to why. I mean I was watching two artists connect, two souls become one for real. Yeah they act but when Matt and Robbin done that scene it was real, real tears, real feelings and real emotions. No person can fake that, you have to have been HURT BADLY to understand that scene and both Matt and Robin for sure in real life suffered. Both used their real life emotions to make a career that amazed us and left us both laughing and crying especially in this amazing movie that JUST WORKS. This scene is when Will and Sean connect and they were real tears if you do your research, just remarkable all over, 10/10 for this movie from me, and WHY ON EARTH HADN’T I WATCHED THIS BEFORE – IT IS JAW DROPPING GOOD!!

Good Will Hunting “It’s Not Your Fault”
Via: Famous Movie Scenes on You Tube

😀 ~~~ 😀

Robin Willims – Golf (full version) – Through Robbin’s real frind Billy Connolly, Scottish Comedian EXACTLY like Robin, go search. Robin was a funny man. Billy Connolly is a funny man. Billy, the Scottish version of Robin is dying from what Robin had. They confided in each other, Billy was Robin’s last call before he sadly left us. But this is the humour of Robin, Scottish people get it because he got Scottish humour. Amazing movie about an amazing man
Via: savonna lessley on You Tube

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See You Again – Emotional Tribute To Paul Walker


Paul Walker, god rest his soul was a Humanitarian, he helped people all over the World; he went all over the World. Paul Walker, whose sudden death in a car accident shocked the entertainment world last year, was more than just an actor. The 40-year-old California native was a devoted humanitarian and philanthropist, having founded his Reach out Worldwide Organization in 2010 following the devastating earthquakes in Haiti. It was my two sons who showed me this, they were upset being fans of Fast and Furious fans, and the song we have all seen. 1 minute 40 seconds into this musical tribute is Paul as a kid. This touched my heart. Just look below and watch the video. People say the good die young, and no argument that is the case here. Paul was an utterly decent human being. He gave money and time to people less fortunate and helped when disaster struck. Where is the fairness? Just sharing here


See You Again – Emotional Tribute To Paul Walker (HD)
Via Uosof ahmadi on You Tube

In fact, Walker’s family asked in a statement that in lieu of flowers fans and mourners make donations to Reach Out Worldwide. Walker was on hiatus from filming “Fast & Furious 7” at the time he died and used the day off to host a benefit for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Walker is quoted on the ROWW website as saying, “When you put good will out there it’s amazing what can be accomplished,” so we’ve listed five examples of goodwill Walker put out into the world.

Chilean Earthquake Relief
After the 2010 Chilean earthquakes that caused an estimated $15 billion to 30 billion in damage, Walker was inspired to travel to the area to help.

“You know, I have a lot of friends that surf and travel down here in Chile,” ABC News translated from an interview Walker gave to Chilean TV. “They told me and said, ’Man, it’s going to be bad.’ The thing’s that incredible to me, is the morale [down here], the spirit. It’s strong!”

Friend Of Sharks
A former marine biology student, Walker partnered with the National Geographic Channel on a research expedition to study Great White Sharks in 2009.

Soon after founding ROWW, Walker and his team took off for Haiti in 2010.

“I’d made a few runs into Port-au-Prince and was negotiating with the army to give me baby formula, tents, extension cords … I was hustling for everything,” Walker said said of his time helping there. “Because of my travels with work and pleasure, a lot of the times disasters would strike in areas that I’d been. You think of the faces — they might not be people you’re in contact with but you can’t help but wonder how that family was you had dinner with.”

Oklahoma Tornado
ROWW deployed teams to Oklahoma in spring of 2013 after tornados ravished the landscape and left many without homes. This was the same week as “Fast & Furious 6,” in which Walker played a starring role, hit theaters. Walker reached out to his Facebook fans, offering a donation to relief efforts for every person who posted a picture of their “Fast 6” ticket.

Rallying For Dalton
In March of this year, Walker posted a series of tweets to help raise awareness of a terminally ill young man named Dalton Andrews. It had been on Dalton’s “bucket list” to reach 1,000-plus likes, and Walker’s encouragement of his fans tipped the scales.


Andrews has since passed, but on Sunday, his family posted a picture and message remembering the actor as “an amazing, wonderful man.” JD Dorfman, the operations manager of Reach Out Worldwide, praised Walker as someone who led by example. Some people play a hero, Paul was a hero,” Dorfman said. “Paul was an honorable, hardworking, dedicated, respectful man with a humble spirit who shared his blessings with those who needed it most. It was an honor and a privilege to be able to work with, learn and look up to someone who walked the walk.”


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The Number 23 – A Movie made me see life – Understand more, you?


I am not blogging about a movie here

Forget this AMAZING movie for one second, well lets not, lets imply it to my thinking 1st. The movie is about a man who did or lose something, a something so evil, he hid it from himself. He just made his mind forget and started to live and smile and be happy. Then one day the truth started to unfold so badly the man in the movie was lost again, as he was before. This got me thinking about myself, and please give me sympathy and I will hunt you and kill you 😀 Seriously, none of that stuff. But! Going back to how I felt after I watched this movie 23 made me understand that for the last 7+ years I was in utter denial over issues that happened in my life, I pretended to forget, I never actually forgot, I just pretended to

Why do some have this insight others don't?

Why do some have this insight others don’t?

My Childhood I was a regular lad, loving parents and we had happy times, sadly there were bad times and I forgot to forget them I guess. Today as I write this my mind is my own and my body is slowly catching up as I beat myself to death every day in my boxing Gym, pushing my body to a stage of a pain I have no word for, leaving myself screaming in agony and crying like a little girl. But please understand I have woken up for the first time in my life. I always have said music and movies I love. Music is the only thing that connects us in the sense we all love some form of music we all have a song or a set of songs, just stop and think of your song, yeah, you get it,. Where as movies are a different art altogether, but to define it as art to begin with we must define art. Art is expression of the soul, it’s a thing people do for many reasons. Just because it’s relevant let me tell you about ‘Artists, something that will make sense more, but it begs the question, why do we lose our minds? We see it every day with famous people and people we know and love, I was almost there, I am talking through experience here 😀 I shouldn’t smile because it was real and Millions of people live with a bad mind and never come back, what makes some go mad and others able to pull back from brink, it seems It’s only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve our minds, but not always for the better

Strange minds come in all walks of life

Strange minds come in all walks of life

Ferris Bueller Actor Matthew Broderick was driving in Ireland when he was involved in a car crash. One person in the other vehicle died. Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend, Snoop Dogg was charged in connection with the death of Philip Woldemariam, a gang member who was shot dead by Snoop’s bodyguard. OJ Simpson we know and really I could go on and on. Hitler was a painter before he wanted to kill, Pol pot was a painter and killed millions, again I could go on and on and on. The point I am making is the most amazing/crazy minds can also kill and the line between Brilliant and Crazy is so small it’s almost invisible. If people mean it or not they find a way always a way is found, and if they can move on with life after the event all the better but not always. I am as we speak putting myself into that cast of people, why you ask? Well I lost badly, I lost so badly I sit here just realising I did lose badly. And now I play that dreaded disabled card on you

The Courtyard of the Old Residency in Munich, Adolf Hitler, 1914

The Courtyard of the Old Residency in Munich, Adolf Hitler, 1914

I was 24 or so when the pain came, I was a Baker, football player just stopped and starting to help with my two sons football, I partied and I had a very active live. Then the Government in their wisdom signed me off work for LIFE with what I had at the time A SORE KNEE! Yeah, the Government who decide who lives and dies today signed me off from Work aged 24, today I am that signed off person, but I am asking if they put me there through being lazy, because of that one Dr working for the Government I am not disabled with M.E, Fibromyalgia and C.P.S with no cure or relief . I stopped working, and I got my head into football, I was OBSESSED by it, so obsessed I became a qualified in Scotland and Europe Football Manager, I never managed higher than 4,000 fans at a time and never got past Senior Adult level when I stopped 8+ years ago due to the pain, Football gave me a voice, I led, never did I lead with ego, I led as in team, I led from the front as part of 4 teams and won 19 trophies in 15 seasons as coach and manager. Also I was a DJ for a while in a club my family are involved in, then IT ALL STOPPED

I know, I know!! Shared already, BUT I WAS WINNING AT LIFE!

I know, I know!! Shared already, BUT I WAS WINNING AT LIFE!

Here I am in 2016 and I am waking up, because I don’t have a voice any more I guess that is why I blog, it must be that because I really dislike Social Media and Blogging 😀 Stupid and ridiculous or what? My mind is now my own, the pain is getting so bad I just have to own and accept as well as allow the pain now, I have to make it my own and just step forward. My mind is in a better place but I am still a long way away from full awakening. Remember I wrote this? Way back in November 20th 2014 I discovered something but didn’t know what at the time with Finding Nirvana, Reading a 2014 blog over again just now is showing me that was the day I knew I had to change my ways or started to know it, and strange as it is, Nirvana is a state of mind in BLISS, I am not far away, in agony you ask? You just have to put your mind in a good place, that or die, that is my or was my deal and something I know many are suffering all over the World. I won’t ever be better, the pain will only get worse, the medication I hope will be totally gone. Waking up with a free mind is something, and it’s ALL RIGHT HERE! Seriously I could take all these blogs and write a book about a 24 year old guy who lost everything but gained so much he forgot to stop and know it. I have two sons around early 20’s, two little girls around 5 years old and my Partner. I also have my Mum and other family who I am connecting back with these days. Life is good when it should be hell, confused yet?

The Number 23 Official Traile
Via New Line Cinema on You Tube

So that was the movie that made me blog this. To anyone living in denial or pain, anything like this, please know you can own your mind one day. I will admit it, for a few years I was gone because of the Dr’s Heroin prescriptions and also the pain, it took my mind without asking, it made me into something I wasn’t, it confused me and I thank God my partner loved me so much she hung around, it made me paranoid and it made me close up and place myself in a bubble, hell I even wrote about that in 2013!! 3 years ago tomorrow I wrote this When we place ourselves in a private bubble, turn to love, WOW!! 1 DAY AWAY FROM 3 YEARS!! Nah I am joking, well I am not, it’s true, the Movie 23 if you have not seen it is about that kind of thinking in numbers, what I just said about 3 years is funny, if you have not seen this movie you won’t get it 😀 Anyway, nearly 7AM, I best go and find something to do. But I will leave you with one song, just one song that is and has helped me through, 1 song from hundreds I guess. When people sit and make songs millions, 10’s of millions of people like them, so is that an art form? Am I any different to any artist? Are any of us? PS: You must watch the number 23, it is a masterpiece with a truth to it so unreal. Seriously, research 23 <Click) it might just make you go mad, 23 is one of the most commonly cited prime numbers, or is there more? 😉

Dying Inside – Gary Barlow in concert
Via Ivy Neeson on You Tube



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Oscars – The 88th Academy Awards – It’s all here


A week today is The 88th Academy Awards held on February 28 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, and will be televised live by the ABC Television Network at 7:00 p.m. EST/4:00 p.m. PST. The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 225 countries and territories worldwide. And 2 a.m. in the UK on Sky Movies Premier for my area of the World.

Chris Rock is this years host

Chris Rock is this years host

Just watched the last Oscar nominated Movie also seen all Actors and Actress’s up for an Oscar. ‘The Revenant is the last one I just finished watching, Won’t ruin it for anyone with spoilers. Oscar hype I get. But out of all the Movies and actors up for an Oscar, I wouldn’t 100% go with this movie. Based on true events if they are to be believed, brilliant movie, but all the Oscar movies and actors & actress’s I have watched are great, this falls into the ‘Possible’ category. The movie with most impact for me is spotlight, best actor or actress I think are, Actor in a Supporting Role – Christian Bale in ‘The Big Short with Actress in a Supporting Role – Rachel McAdams in ‘Spotlight. Best Movie in my opinion is ‘Spotlight. For Best Actor I think Leonardo DiCaprio will finally get his Oscar with best Actress maybe going to Brie Larson in Room. Tom Hanks was SUPERB in Bridge of Spies also

Who can forget the Worlds biggest ever retweet

Who can forget the Worlds biggest ever retweet

The Revenant received 12 nominations and Mad Max: Fury Road has 10. Straight Outta Compton I think should win Writing (Original Screenplay) and Room for Writing (Adapted Screenplay) Visual Effects has to go to ‘The Martian, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a close 2nd for me. Music (Original Song) will probably go to “Earned It” from Fifty Shades of Grey, but I think should have went to Eminem for Phenomenal in Southpaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal, sadly not up for any Oscar, brilliant movie!! Director should see Tom McCarthy pick up an Oscar for directing brilliantly in the amazing Spotlight. Animated Feature Film has to go to Inside Out, me and my girls loved it.

Lets see how many I get right :D You?

Lets see how many I get right 😀 You?



The Big Short

Bridge of Spies


Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant





Bryan Cranston, Trumbo

Matt Damon, The Martian

Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant

Michael Fassbender, Steve Jobs

Eddie Redmayne, The Danish Girl



Cate Blanchett, Carol

Brie Larson, Room

Jennifer Lawrence, Joy

Charlotte Rampling, 45 Years

Saoirse Ronan, Brooklyn



Christian Bale, The Big Short

Tom Hardy, The Revenant

Mark Ruffalo, Spotlight

Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies

Sylvester Stallone, Creed



Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Hateful Eight

Rooney Mara, Carol

Rachel McAdams, Spotlight

Alicia Vikander, The Danish Girl

Kate Winslet, Steve Jobs


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Spotlight -The Sex Abuse Bastardisation of the Catholic Church Globally


All roads lead ‘Rome’

Before I call this watching a movie I must say I have written about the Catholic Church and the real impact it has had through it’s alleged wrong doings. I  sat last night and watched the movie Spotlight, you can click that link for the trailer for the movie. This is a story that will lose me friends yet also make me friends, this is a story that has a stranglehold on our World so much, we can almost say the ‘Catholic Church’ is a leader in our World when it comes to Politic’s, Law and Media coverage, because nobody will tell this story in a court of law, the World knows it, but fails to act because half our World would be in Chaos. The Catholic Church is an alleged culture where they rape, molestation and kill both young boys and girls has allegedly taken place. Before I get into the story, I ask you look at all corners, City by City where the Catholic Church have been perverts and beasts taking innocence all over our World, peadophiles and beasts. These are the 4 screenshots from the end of the movie and they are REAL, Edinburgh Scotland, my home city is on the list. Is yours? Untitled 2 Untitled Untitled3 Untitled4Yup, every city above is where Catholic Sex Abuse against Children have allegedly taken place, and these are only known reported areas, all areas had multiple sex cases like Boston this movie Spotlight. I know this is a story because I have seen the story. I was not sexually abused by a Priest or anyone else as a Child, am I aware of people I used to and still know who have allegedly been abused sexually directly by the Catholic Church? Well that must remain a secret for them and for myself, but please know this movie is about 90 Priests in Boston sexually abusing over 100 young boys and girls, mainly kids going through trauma, a death of a parent, something the Priest can pray on, because this is what it is, the Catholic Church, one of the or the biggest most fiscal entity on Earth has an alleged but very hard to disprove, how we say? Huge past and present in allegedly sexually molesting and raping children who were young and confused in a time of faith, abused by the only person their young mind trusted, most effected or ‘Survivors’ as they are now rightly known, have told their story. Look at the trail of abuse not 1 man here, more  thousands of men and not 1 man has seen a court for never mind a jail cell. Also there are many, hundreds of “I have been sexually abused at the hands of the Catholic Church” websites, here is 1 Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests <Click) There are many more below I have linked in


The truth of the story can be seen by all

Spotlight Official Trailer #SPOTLIGHTMOVIE – NOW PLAYING
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Starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, Brian D’Arcy James and Stanley Tucci, SPOTLIGHT tells the riveting true story of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe investigation that would rock the city and cause a crisis in one of the world’s oldest and most trusted institutions. When the newspaper’s tenacious “Spotlight” team of reporters delve into allegations of abuse in the Catholic Church, their year-long investigation uncovers a decades-long cover-up at the highest levels of Boston’s religious, legal, and government establishment, touching off a wave of revelations around the world. Directed by Academy Award-nominee Thomas McCarthy, SPOTLIGHT is a tense investigative thriller, tracing the steps to one of the biggest crime stories in modern times.

Spotlight shows how,in 2002, a group of journalists at The Boston Globe revealed how hundreds of children had been abused by Catholic priests in just the Boston area. It was the first major newspaper reporting on clerical abuse in the US. It shocked the nation, indeed the world, and brought to public attention the protection of abusers by senior clerics and the silencing of victims and their families by the church and its lawyers. Many Catholics will come at me with “But this happens in the Christian Church” or  “This happens all over the World”, seriously people are trying to protect their book and religion at any cost, any cost apart from the truth. So when someone doesn’t read this and we see a reply along the lines of “But Sex Abuse to Children happens in all walks of life” They are of course correct, but this story, this seemingly real story can’t be denied by changing the subject nor by blaming others, the story is about THOUSANDS of Catholic Priests and higher levels of the Catholic Church allegedly sexually abusing Children all over our World. If a Catholic tries to say this is a non story because of A, B or C they are doing so in denial because these people, mostly, would rather see WWIII or Death to our World before they see their book, scripture and Religion called wrong or bad. Below are more blogs on this subject. At the bottom of every blog are 3 more blogs relating to the same story as well as Tweets from others who seen this movie and links to ‘Survivor’ sites


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Most Iconic ‘Rocky Balboa’ Scene – RUINED! 2 Videos


Globally Iconic image for all time

So I was bored, in bed, browsing away for anything worth reading or watching and found this video. The ICONIC piece of movie history where Rocky Balboa starts his daily run, 1 kid follows then 5, then 100 kids follow, Rocky then runs up the stairs, 72 steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In the movie it is all emotional with music. Then there is the video I found, same scene but no music, just actor Sylvester Stallone huffing and puffing and shouting random stuff. 1st video is real movie, 2nd is pre-edited 😀 Check this out 😀 Just for fun

Rocky Running Up stairs WITH music


Rocky Running Up stairs WITHOUT music


Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art


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