My Personal Recovery – We can all recover – Reach out – We are here for you all

This CAN be true for many

So, recovery is the title, and it’s a slight lie. Today, 19th August 2018 I am in a slightly better place than I was when I wrote this for example. Finally in the ‘Mental Health’ System – LONG, HARD, ROAD AHEAD – I SEE HOPE!

My Last blog about this topic from back in April 23rd 2018

That blog above was my last blog about these issues we all suffer from, be it us or other we love or call friends. The last blog I done regarding our shared mental health issues, pain, suffering, depression, whatever is holding us all back is something I used to share every day. I had this belief that ‘Talking out is helping’ – The more I awaken from the mental distress I caused others via taking less Opiate based drugs, the more I see clearly that some of the things I did write over the years all the way back to 2011 were voices I had no control over. For me to sit and read my own words back shows me how awful I was. But like most I am not cured, I am not out of the woods. I think I have came to accept what is wrong with me, but more important, learnt to not throw my issues onto those I love. After all, we ALL have a Recovery story don’t we?

James Arthur – Recovery
Via: James Arthur on You Tube


Along my journey I have become a soldier of war same as most, fighting for my Partner, my kids and other loved ones. What I see today is a FAMILY OF PEOPLE WHO CARE. Recently I was invited to start doing a Podcast on Football by 2 amazing lads. The Podcast is about Celtic FC and it’s called the Pod Black Brimmer. Spreaker and Itunes by the way 🙂 The UTTER abuse thrown at me from loved ones and friends here in Edinburgh for being part of a Podcast with THAT title is funny to be fair, but I am clever enough to understand, won’t stop me doing the podcast however 😀 I love my Celtic. Those who know me know I don’t hate, I am an Edinburgh lad exposed to the same life we all have been exposed too just in a different place, but to the 2 lads Brian and Davie who gave me a chance to show myself I can sit in my Man-Cave alone and talk Football, I can’t thank them enough. I suffer with 6 Disabilities, Suicidal thoughts, M.E. (Myalgic Mencephalomyelitis) + Fibromyalgia + PTSD + Agoraphobia and Psychosis and yeah IT’S HARD and the medication is harmful, but we must take these tablets and potions to stay level, do I agree with drug consumption to help us? Not really, but I don’t drink Alcohol. I see Alcohol as a legal, socially acceptable way to lose the feelings we feel, so each to their own, I just see Alcohol as a damaging liquid, just an observation through my own journey. I am not a scared person, I am aware these issues make me honest to a level I could be harmful to others, I cannot control these feelings, so I MANAGE my life along with my Amazing partner who I have known since age 14 and been with since age 17, she is my everything, my rock ❤ I don’t do these Podcasts or blogs to be a wee Snowflake or feel all special, no, it’s me sitting in a room alone talking about what I loved to do, and miss still to this day, Football, yeah I miss the Touchline, changing room, the chance to be social and all that comes with working with kids and adults in Football. NOTHING in Football can be done alone, it’s a Team game, no matter what your involvement is, you need others to carry and help you along the way. So I MUST thank Brian and Davie for noticing I was ready, and also everyone who loves me and who I love back x

Before we can even start to recover to a state of existence, first we MUST find reason. For me personally my reasons were easy. My Kids, my beautiful amazing partner, my Mum, Sisters, Brother, nieces and nephews with others and definitely friends. Lads I have known since I was a kid when my Dad used to run businesses and shops all over Edinburgh, all older than me, lol. Most of my Friends are older than me, so rooond you all, it’s great to be the youngest 😀 They all rip me brilliantly, make fun of me, but I do the same to them, IT’S A HEALTHY THING, and if any of you are reading. Do Remember!! One: Clerry Jungle and Two: Yous are Dicks 😀 Joking aside, my reasons were as simple as yours, because I know YOU struggle sometimes too. The game of Life is very simple for me. I say ‘LIFE IS HARD – SO DON’T MAKE IT WORSE FOR YOURSELF’ – Personally I believe if we start there with that saying, it’s a good start, we ain’t making things worse.

Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong
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Sadly like you I suffer. The pain is horrific and my mind has thoughts I have to battle every moment. Managing THIS I can’t do alone. First and foremost my partner has helped me, guided me, taught me and keeps doing so. My 2 sons too help me, 2 amazing lads who are amazing men with loving partners and are Dads themselves with two little kids, a wee boy and a wee girl just waiting on their GAGA to jump into their lives. When the time is right, life will allow it, I pray this is true. The harm and hurt I have caused others is an issue I must get past and find a way to find hope and live. Suicide is a thought, also an act, but first a living breathing thought.

Depression #FuckDepression!!! is a darkness most have, some higher than others, but suffering is suffering. I used to think I had it worse, but I was 32 or something then 😀 Here I am just turned 45 and I have found ‘Comfort in Home’ has been a huge thing for me, the only down side is due to my Disabilities, like you, like anyone, our home can become a comfort zone we don’t want to escape. Recently I restarted singing lessons to start a Chester Bennington Tribute act and it’s on hold for a few months due to circumstances, but I can’t wait to get back to the freedom of Music. Look down the right hand side of this page, songs and images. Music saves us, it unites our souls where we can co-exist on ANY LEVEL. With UTTER RESPECT Politics, Politicians, Religion, Sport and the WORST CULPRIT! Money, that divides us. We do need money, but if all we are doing is chasing Money and the NEED to consume with money, all we are doing is buying moments of happiness. Trust me, I am an expert at this 😀 For now that is it. I am no harm, how can I be with two little Girls who call me Daddy around me? How can I be anything other than my Daughters best friend, because I am, we are pals, we laugh, we cry, we sing. They are my first reason. Two little fun girls who don’t know they saved me, and might never know. Again, and I say this on Facebook a lot, why don’t we listen to our Kids more. Even if you don’t have kids, go and spend time with the blank canvas that a child can be, an innocence so amazing it can only be loving fun.

Some leave clues to sadness and pain, if we look and listen, we can be helped

Often in life our very saving Grace can be right in-front of us. All we need to do is listen, and we can be helped. Not saved or cured, just helped. That is my story, I don’t want notoriety or hits, nor do I need to be liked by anyone, I am loved and liked by people already, but do feel free to become a friend, I find it hard to let people in, but so do you maybe? Trust must be earned. So I am reaching out, if you want to reach back, I am here. Be kind to others, and please remember to include yourself friends, be kind to you too x

Chester Bennington – One More light

Linkin Park on You Tube






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If Only We Could Be Strangers Again….

I started doing this blog or ‘personal diary’ around the year 2011 for reason’s I really can’t remember. It was called ‘Praying for one more day’, so I guess the title of the blog then was my reason. I came across as pathetic and wanting off sympathy maybe? I don’t actually care how many people read this page anymore, but I just checked and between 200 and 400 people read my page every day! Who are you…lol? Why? Why do you read the ramblings of a mad-man? Come forward and speak, please?

It is now late 2017 and here is ‘ShaunyNews’ I used to share World news the Main Stream Media would not cover, in a vain attempt to give others knowledge of the TRUTH. Oh how pathetic I was.

Anyway, this has taken an hour so far just to get to this stage; I may as well share a story. I just watched a movie starring Will Smith called ‘Collateral Beauty’ and wow did I cry like a little girl! But how UN-manly of me to admit I cried right? If you watch movies and love what a movie can do to you, like a song can, I advise you watch this movie. But only if you can take the emotion that is shared in the movie. I am warning you, this movie is upsetting! An emotion we all hide from in 2017

Collateral Beauty Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Will Smith Movie
Via Movieclips Trailers on You Tube

I mean what is a man in 2017? Tough, courageous, thoughtful? Brave? I really don’t care what the World says a man should be, I only care what my heart and soul tell me what is right these days. Every day is a battle for me, but EVERY DAY IS A BATTLE FOR EVERYONE, It took 6 years of typing on this page for me to figure out we all have a something, a thing that holds us back, an emotion we hide and protect ourselves from. Why? Well it is socially unacceptable behavior to show emotion in the year 2017, especially if you are a man. Yeah it all confuses me too!

Today the pain is killer, my mind is a mess. This process of getting up, living, then going to sleep again is now past Groundhog Day for me. The eventually of my existence is neither less nor more than yours, I know this much. Social status, how rich we are what we do, what we don’t do is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Today in 2017 not many people care enough, but I don’t think many realize they do it. Social Stigma, people pointing at our every action is something many avoid, yet here I am making myself a target, and that is ok, no! Really it is

The only certainty in life is Death, so till that day arrives should we live freely?

Often I do think about my past and everyone in my today and yesterday and think “What if we awoke total strangers to each other tomorrow”? What then? Would we walk past each other, would we stop and think ‘Déjà vu’? That is a thought, just a thought but one a movie invoked in me to write about.

See life can be as simple as just breathing in then breathing out, smiling and trying for the right reasons. Looking at what we do have as opposed to what we wish we did have. Stopping to notice how lucky we are in an uncaring World of 2017. Take a look at the news on the TV from time to time and then just stop and look around your own life. It ain’t so bad is it? But this all sounds easy to do, sadly for me it is not easy, everything is hard, I could blame people or life, so I will just blame both 😀

When will you start to live the way you want, and not the way life dictates how you should live? What binds these invisible shackles of oppression to us? Social stigma and Social bandwagons out-with our own control? I told you I think a lot! If what I write here is wrong to anyone, I would hate to know what is correct or ‘Socially Acceptable’ to the people of the year 2017, today I mean. After-all, my Words here will still be here LONG after I am gone. I would love to be around to see what people think of me, or maybe about the way I am able to express myself. I guess I will never know yeah? But do know I do look outwards to and at other people and dissect them in a way to purely understand them, God knows I try! But the only people I can look to or at and see fun, happy, honesty and love are my two Daughters. What World will await them? This is 2017, when they are my age it will be roughly the year 2055, how bad or good will the World be for them? NOW THAT GIVES ME FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

Till the next ramblings….






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I see this a lot where I live, who decided to build Edinburgh on top of 3 dormant volcanoes?

I see this a lot where I live, who decided to build Edinburgh on top of 3 dormant volcanoes?

Easy to understand

Easy to understand

Sometimes it gets silly

Sometimes it gets silly

Don't drop litter, EASY

Don’t drop litter, EASY

Walking over a road

Walking over a road

Traffic Lights, easy to see right?

Traffic Lights, easy to see right?

Bike Lane or Bike users yeah?

Bike Lane or Bike users yeah?

Petrol/Gas for your car, easy to understand

Petrol/Gas for your car, easy to understand

Radioactive - DANGEROUS

Radioactive – DANGEROUS

These are ALL very easy to understand

These are ALL very easy to understand

Bus - easy

Bus – easy

Fire - Run!!

Fire – Run!!





Do I have to explain?

Do I have to explain?

I see this a lot where I live, who decided to build Edinburgh on top of 3 dormant volcanoes?

I see this a lot where I live, who decided to build Edinburgh on top of 3 dormant volcanoes?

Don't drive faster than this

Don’t drive faster than this

Go back the other way

Go back the other way


Signs that MAKE SENSE!

You might crash into this guy

You might crash into this guy

Today I stop blogging – For real! – Thank You!! & Goodbye


imagesWell this REALLY is my last blog for ShanyNews ANYTHING. I only have Twitter left and I will re-name that. This blog and the ability to share my thoughts probably saved my life if I am being fair and honest. See when you lose your voice or ability to just be seen as normal, never mind be normal, you need an outlet, this blog gave me the only voice I could have, so I am thankful to a MILLION people and WordPress for being here when my mind was CRAVING something I had no idea what craving. I will share 1 blog only, it was done way back in November 20th 2014 called ‘Finding Nirvana’ I wrote it at a time my mind was aware of the poison destroying it and it was a shout from the back of my mind onto this page for help probably, sadly when you get like I am it’s hard to connect anything to anyone sometimes, I see one thing, others see different, I am talking in real life terms here, not online. I met a ton of amazing people Blogging and on Facebook and a number of Social Media outlets, but I met some nut jobs also, I came into Social Media with not 1 enemy and I leave Social Media with no enemies. See people might see that different but to have an enemy implies that you yourself dislike or hate someone or some people, I hate or dislike nobody, people are either nice or not nice, and it really is that simple. Religion, Colour, Race Creed or whatever, people are the same. The people we see in Wars are like you and I, but we can’t feel the fear they do. Blogging taught me this, we share a LOT on these blogs but how many actually step away from the Internet and actually try and make things better? Answer is easy, not many. I learn about our World on here as I have never left the British Isles, so when I stopping doing football and DJ party hosing and other things I sat here and tried to understand a World I had never seen before, I wanted to see it, feel it, know cultures and religions and find answers. We are all told “Don’t talk Religion or Politics” I think it’s fair to say I did cross that line yeah? But it was just questions, nothing more. All the bad stuff I shared was re-sharing what was already out there, all the blogs about the big bad World were 2nd hand news had people looked. The personal blogs about me or my pain and now Gym gave me a platform to lay my mind HERE and not to my amazing partner and family. So today I stop Social Media for good. I came off a few places in the last week, Facebook I left with a thought of “I BET I GO BACK” 😀 I never, I resisted. If people in my life want to talk to me they can still do so, I have a phone and a front door for them to come and talk. For every GOOD PERSON I met on My Amazing Journey Shared And Documented I can only say ‘Thank you’ for helping me. Many people helped me and they maybe didn’t know. Now I have a story to tell, but it won’t be told here. Deliberate Donkey to the right and what I have been doing since January the 1st, the Gym and all the Images and diary entries I have been keeping are the story. I will say ‘WordPress helped’ but the people in WordPress. This is a pretty amazing place when we get the good people beside us, sadly I lost a LOT of good people through the medication I was given. So if I ever upset you or offended you, truly, I am sorry ok, it was never my intention. I am now ready to try and fly, the pain is still horror but I am learning to breathe through it. I need to sing, shout, speak, talk, act, I have so many dreams I am aiming for now and I want to try them all. 1st I need to come away from Social Media and keep re-connecting with reality. But I again thank you all for being part of my story. I wish you well in your story, we all have a story and let me tell you, it’s better out than in. See I kept mine in for a VERY LONG TIME, and it hurt, so I used this blog to get it out. You can do the same you know!

Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth
Via Wiz Khalifa on You Tube

Be good, be happy, smile, you are alive today so just smile, the inevitable is coming no matter what we do or how we choose to live as individuals, but just enjoy life, it’s a gift, it’s amazing, smile and enjoy it if you can. If you are struggling, open a blog, use a different name, and anything, but just get what is stopping you from living stop, so you can start to live. What I did and what I am doing I was told was IMPOSSIBLE, so I am now going to prove to the World that disabled people, in mind and body can BECOME, or just become. I have dreams, I have my two little princesses’, I have my partner, my sons and all who love me ready to reconnect with. So that is what I am going to do 🙂 Please, I hope you are all good, don’t let the bad bits into your mind, own your mind and just refuse the bad things in, you can do that!! Live well friends. PS: Should anyone want to stay in contact and I know some will, add me to Skype. My username is shaunyg1973 feel free to keep in touch SKYPE IS TYPE OR AUDIO OR VIDEO, TYPE ONLY IF THAT IS HOW YOU WANT TO TALK, PEOPLE THINK IT IS AUDIO/VIDEO ONLY. I will keep this open till the weekend then close it or hibernate it as I paid for it 😀 I am Scottish, we are strange with money, there is no myth here

More Love, Less Hate

Over and out








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My New ME/Pain Tablet – MST Continus


I now understand the help message.

When I was taking ‘Gabapentin a year or so ago with Dihydrocodeine, Tramadol, Diazepam, Amitriptyline and Morphine I thought I was on LSD. The drug almost took my mind and kept it, some take it and fine, some take it and get what I got. With ‘MST Continus I have a drug that will help with Cancer, Parkinson’s disease and a few other things, of course I don’t have Cancer not Parkinson’s. What I have does not kill people; it keeps them in a state on ‘Death’ likely, in thoughts only. I have been on this new drug since 1st April I think so nearly 3 weeks and I must say it is close to Gabapentin in the way you can feel it ‘try and control your thought. The pain is the same, but 1 thing it has helped is my mind, it is a little clearer. I still depend on my partner to give me this medication at the exact right time. This is a Pharmaceutical controlled drug, when I go to pick it up the Chemist owner/pharmacist has to open a safe in the back of the shop as this drug is so dangerous. The lists of things I can and can’t do is long, let’s just say perfect timing is crucial with this drug. My mind is free from Dihydrocodeine, Tramadol and Morphine in liquid form and I can feel it. But I knew when I decided to do this ‘Boxing Training to get Muscle tone 100% to live longer’

Made as the same material as 'David King' to the left

Where the pain wants to kill me, all I can do is fight

And come off ALL medication I had to take the right medication. The cold turkey feelings are back and my body is demanding Heroin, Dr’s heroin. I don’t allow my mind to be weak these days. I spend large parts of every day in bed just sleeping on and off. It is a trade I made to live longer, so I can’t complain. My muscle tone is very high, it feels like my skin is so tight, where there was fat, there is now no fat, I have dropped over 20 Kilo, I let myself go but can I use Medication as an excuse? The answer is no, I decided to take the medication and let my mind and body go. Today the pain is 100x worse but it was horrific before anyway. I gained life here, I showed my 2 little daughters, or I am showing them I hope that ‘It’s ok to feel bad’ and ‘It’s ok to get better’ My Daughters think I have a sore knee, so for now this story works and 2 wee minds don’t need to know the story. The shit below is just the drug leaflet. It is CRAZY. But I am winning this fight and I will tear anyone to bits who stands in my way. I hit leather and PVC every day in the boxing gym, and my mind logically wants flesh to hit. That is a challenge right there, NOT TO HIT SOMEONE. That is hard, but Boxing is a sport for the individual, it’s lonely but it’s discipline is something I am re-learning. I am not doing this to fight people, to be tough; I am doing this to live longer. That is all. Don’t read below, I just needed to share this for ‘whatever’ reason. ‘Keeping on, keeping on’ here…. for now.



MST Continus tablets 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 30 mg, 60 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg
Company Details
Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited

MST® Continus® 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 30 mg, 60 mg, 100 mg and 200 mg prolonged release tablets

Morphine sulphate
Read all of this leaflet carefully before you start taking this medicine.

In this leaflet:

1. What MST Continus tablets are and what they are used for
2. Before you take MST Continus tablets
3. How to take MST Continus tablets
4. Possible side effects
5. How to store MST Continus tablets
6. Further information
Go to top of the page
1. What MST Continus tablets are and what they are used for

These tablets have been prescribed for you by your doctor to relieve severe pain over a period of 12 hours. They contain the active ingredient morphine which belongs to a group of medicines called strong analgesics or ‘painkillers’.

Do not take MST Continus tablets if:

You are allergic (hypersensitive) to morphine or any of the other ingredients of the tablets (see section 6 ‘Further Information’);
you have breathing problems, such as obstructive airways disease or respiratory depression. Your doctor will have told you if you have these conditions. Symptoms may include breathlessness, coughing or breathing more slowly or weakly than expected;
you have a head injury that causes a severe headache or makes you feel sick. This is because the tablets may make these symptoms worse or hide the extent of the head injury;
you have a condition where the small bowel (part of your gut) does not work properly (paralytic ileus), your stomach empties more slowly than it should (delayed gastric emptying) or you have severe pain in your abdomen;
you have recent onset liver disease;
you are taking a type of medicine known as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (examples include tranylcypromine, phenelzine, isocarboxazid, moclobemide and linezolid), or you have taken this type of medicine in the last two weeks;
the patient is under one year of age.

If you are going to have an operation, please tell the doctor at the hospital that you are taking these tablets.
Take special care with MST Continus tablets

Before treatment with these tablets tell your doctor or pharmacist if you:

Have breathing problems, such as impaired lung function or severe bronchial asthma. Your doctor will have told you if you have these conditions. Symptoms may include breathlessness and coughing;
have an under-active thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), severe kidney or liver problems as you may need a lower dose;
have a severe headache or feel sick as this may indicate that the pressure in your skull is increased;
suffer from, or have ever suffered from epilepsy, seizures, fits or convulsions;
have low blood pressure;
have a severe heart problem after long-term lung disease (severe cor pulmonale);
have inflammation of the pancreas (which causes severe pain in the abdomen and back) or problems with your gall bladder;
have an inflammatory bowel disorder;
have prostate problems;
have poor adrenal gland function (your adrenal gland is not working properly which may cause symptoms including weakness, weight loss, dizziness, feeling or being sick);
are or have ever been addicted to alcohol or drugs;
have previously suffered from withdrawal symptoms such as agitation, anxiety, shaking or sweating, upon stopping taking alcohol or drugs.

Very rarely you may experience increased sensitivity to pain despite the fact that you are taking increasing doses of these tablets (hyperalgesia). Your doctor will decide whether you need a change in dose or a change in strong analgesic (“painkiller”).
Taking other medicines

Please tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or have recently taken any other medicines, including medicines obtained without a prescription. If you take these tablets with some other medicines, the effect of the tablets or the other medicine may be changed.

These tablets must not be used together with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, or if you have taken this type of medicine in the last two weeks (see section 2 ‘Do not take…’).

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking:

medicines to help you sleep (for example tranquillisers, hypnotics or sedatives);
medicines to treat psychiatric or mental disorders (such as phenothiazines);
muscle relaxants;
medicines to treat high blood pressure;
cimetidine to treat stomach ulcers, indigestion or heartburn;
certain types of medicines to stop you feeling or being sick;
medicines used to prevent or relieve the symptoms of an allergy (antihistamines);
rifampicin to treat tuberculosis;
ritonavir to treat HIV;
medicines to treat Parkinson’s disease.
gabapentin to treat epilepsy or neuropathic pain (pain due to nerve problems).

Also tell your doctor if you have recently been given an anaesthetic.
Taking MST Continus tablets with alcohol

Drinking alcohol whilst taking MST Continus tablets may make you feel more sleepy or increase the risk of serious side effects such as shallow breathing with a risk of stopping breathing, and loss of consciousness. It is recommended not to drink alcohol while you’re taking MST Continus tablets.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Do not take these tablets if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking any medicine.
Driving and using machines

These tablets may cause a number of side effects such as drowsiness which could affect your ability to drive or use machinery (see section 4 for a full list of side effects). These are usually most noticeable when you first start taking the tablets, or when changing to a higher dose. If you are affected you should not drive or use machinery.

This medicine can affect your ability to drive as it may make you sleepy or dizzy.

Do not drive while taking this medicine until you know how it affects you.
It is an offence to drive while you have this medicine in your body over a specified limit unless you have a defence (called the ‘statutory defence’).
This defence applies when:
The medicine has been prescribed to treat a medical or dental problem; and
You have taken it according to the instructions given by the prescriber and in the information provided with the medicine.
Please note that it is still an offence to drive if you are unfit because of the medicine (i.e. your ability to drive is being affected).

Details regarding a new driving offence concerning driving after drugs have been taken in the UK may be found here:

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure whether it is safe for you to drive while taking this medicine.
Important information about some of the ingredients of MST Continus tablets

The 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 30 mg and 60 mg tablets contain lactose which is a form of sugar. If you have been told by your doctor that you have an intolerance to some sugars, contact your doctor before taking these tablets.

The 30 mg and 60 mg strength tablets contain sunset yellow (E110) which may cause allergic reactions.
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3. How to take MST Continus tablets

Always take the tablets exactly as your doctor has told you. The label on your medicine will tell you how many tablets to take and how often.

Swallow your tablets whole with a glass of water. Do not break, crush or chew them.

MST Continus tablets are designed to work properly over 12 hours when swallowed whole. If a tablet is broken, crushed or chewed, the entire 12-hour dose may be absorbed rapidly into your body. This can be dangerous, causing serious problems such as an overdose, which may be fatal.

You must only take the tablets by mouth. The tablets should never be crushed or injected as this may lead to serious side effects, which may be fatal.

You should take your tablets every 12 hours. For instance, if you take a tablet at 8 o’clock in the morning, you should take your next tablet at 8 o’clock in the evening.

The usual starting dose is one 30 mg tablet every 12 hours. However, the dose will depend on your age, weight and the severity of your pain. If you are elderly or weigh less than 70 kg your doctor may suggest a lower starting dose. Your doctor will decide how many tablets you should take.
Children over one year of age

Children over one year of age can take the tablets. The required dose will depend on their weight and severity of pain. This should be discussed with your doctor or pharmacist.

If you find that you are still in pain whilst taking these tablets discuss this with your doctor.

Do not exceed the dose recommended by your doctor. You should check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.
If you take more MST Continus tablets than you should or if someone accidentally swallows your tablets

Call your doctor or hospital straight away. People who have taken an overdose may feel very sleepy, sick or dizzy. They may also have breathing difficulties leading to unconsciousness or even death and may need emergency treatment in hospital. When seeking medical attention make sure that you take this leaflet and any remaining tablets with you to show to the doctor.
If you forget to take MST Continus tablets

If you remember within 4 hours of the time your tablet was due, take your tablet straight away. Take your next tablet at your normal time. If you are more than 4 hours late, please call your doctor for advice. Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten tablet.
If you stop taking MST Continus tablets

You should not suddenly stop taking these tablets unless your doctor tells you to. If you want to stop taking your tablets, discuss this with your doctor first. They will tell you how to do this, usually by reducing the dose gradually so you do not experience unpleasant effects. Withdrawal symptoms such as agitation, anxiety, shaking or sweating may occur if you suddenly stop taking these tablets.
4. Possible side effects

Like all medicines, these tablets can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. All medicines can cause allergic reactions, although serious allergic reactions are uncommon. Tell your doctor immediately if you get any sudden wheeziness, difficulties in breathing, swelling of the eyelids, face or lips, rash or itching especially those covering your whole body. The most serious side effect, although uncommon, is a condition where you breathe more slowly or weakly than expected (respiratory depression).

As with all strong painkillers, there is a risk that you may become addicted or reliant on these tablets. Very common side effects (probably affecting more than 1 in 10 people taking these tablets) Constipation (your doctor can prescribe a laxative to overcome this problem).
Feeling sick.

Common side effects (probably affecting between 1 and 10 in 100 people taking these tablets)

Drowsiness (this is most likely when you first start taking your tablets or when your dose is increased, but it should wear off after a few days).
Dry mouth, loss of appetite, abdominal pain or discomfort.
Vomiting (being sick). This should normally wear off after a few days. However your doctor can prescribe an anti-vomiting medicine if it continues to be a problem.
Dizziness, headache, confusion, difficulty in sleeping.
A feeling of unusual weakness.
Involuntary muscle contractions.
Rash or itchy skin.

Uncommon side effects (probably affecting between 1 and 10 in 1000 people taking these tablets)

Difficulty in breathing (possibly due to fluid on the lungs) or wheezing.
A condition where the bowel does not work properly (ileus).
Changes in taste, indigestion.
A feeling of dizziness or ‘spinning’, fainting, seizures, fits or convulsions.
Agitation, mood changes, hallucinations, a feeling of extreme happiness.
Unusual muscle stiffness.
Tingling or numbness.
Difficulty in passing urine.
Low blood pressure, facial flushing (redness of the face).
Swelling of the hands, ankles or feet.
A worsening in liver function tests (seen in blood test).
Blurred vision.
Muscle spasms.

Frequency unknown (cannot be estimated from the available data)

Unpleasant or uncomfortable mood, abnormal thoughts.
An increased sensitivity to pain.
Reduction in size of the pupils in the eye.
A fast or slow heartbeat.
High blood pressure.
Decreased cough reflex.
Colicky abdominal pain or discomfort, an increase in the severity of symptoms associated with inflammation of the pancreas (severe pain in the abdomen and back).
Impotence, decreased sexual drive, absence of menstrual periods.
Withdrawal symptoms (See section 3 “If you stop taking MST Continus tablets”).

Reporting of side effects

If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. This includes any possible side effects not listed in this leaflet. You can also report side effects directly via the Yellow Card Scheme at By reporting side effects you can help provide more information on the safety of this medicine.
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5. How to store MST Continus tablets

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Do not use any tablets after the expiry date which is stated on the blister and carton. EXP 08 2010 means that you should not take the tablets after the last day of that month i.e. August 2010. Do not store your tablets above 25°C. Do not take your tablets if they are broken or crushed as this can be dangerous and can cause serious problems such as overdose.

Medicines should not be disposed of via wastewater or household waste. Ask your pharmacist how to dispose of medicines no longer required. These measures will help to protect the environment.
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What MST Continus tablets contain

The active ingredient is morphine sulphate. Each tablet contains 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 30 mg, 60 mg, 100 mg or 200 mg of morphine sulphate.

The other ingredients are:

Cetostearyl alcohol
Magnesium stearate
Lactose (except for 100 mg and 200 mg tablets)
Hypromellose (E464) (except for 10 mg)
Titanium dioxide (E171)
Polyvinyl alcohol (10 mg only)

The tablets also contain the following colourants:

10 mg – Iron oxide (E172)

15 mg – Iron oxide (E172), brilliant blue (E133), quinoline yellow (E104) and indigo carmine (E132)

30 mg – Erythrosine (E127), indigo carmine (E132) and sunset yellow (E110)

60 mg – Erythrosine (E127), quinoline yellow (E104) and sunset yellow (E110)

100 mg – Iron oxide (E172) and indigo carmine (E132)

200 mg – Brilliant blue (E133) and quinoline yellow (E104)
What MST Continus tablets look like and the contents of the pack

The tablets are marked with NAPP on one side and the strength (e.g. 5 mg, 10 mg etc) on the other.

The tablets are coloured as follows: 5 mg – white, 10 mg – golden brown, 15 mg – green, 30 mg – dark purple, 60 mg – orange, 100 mg – grey, 200 mg – teal green.

In each box there are 60 tablets.
Marketing Authorisation Holder and Manufacturer

The tablets are made by
Bard Pharmaceuticals Limited
Cambridge Science Park
Milton Road

This leaflet is also available in large print, Braille or as an audio CD. To request a copy, please call the RNIB Medicine Information line (free of charge) on:

You will need to give details of the product name and reference number.

These are as follows:

Product name: MST Continus tablets

Reference number: 16950/0035


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2 minutes of your time to complete! It is Anti Bullying/Suicide Survey



Via:A friend Lynne Somerville – This survey is of great importance 2 minutes of your time to complete! It is Anti Bullying/Suicide Survey and could help us to help save the lives of many children via technology that we propose. We need market research to back our funding application. This is done via NFP/NGO + charity UBER United. Share far we need as many replies as possible. – I am sharing this for Lynne as I personally in my 15 years coaching young and older kids as well as being a parent of a bullied kid who is now all grown up and working and moved out and in love. My son went through hell and after years of complaining and even me threatening the kids fathers nothing was done, fast forward from primary school to High School and my son had enough, he beat the 2 kids up who had been making his young life (Then) a misery not just for him but my partner and I as parents, and he got suspended, this happens more than we think. Don’t wait till a problem knocks on your door to have a voice about it, do it NOW and maybe by bringing awareness your kid won’t have to go through the hell my son and many others go through. I can say I know of several kids who tried suicide, so this really hits home. I hope you can be decent and give this a word or 2 out of your busy life. I have blogged this, I will leave what I can.

Here is the link to the survey:


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♪ This Corner ♪

Denaun – This Corner
Via MilesV117 on You Tube


Hey look let me tell y’all somethin’ alright? What I do, I do. Straight like that. So ain’t no sense in y’all troublin’ yourselves over that, cause man the way I feel right now today

[Verse 1]
I came up on the wrong side of the fence
I gave my family pain and strife and asked them all for strength
But hell in my defense
And I got too much way too fast
My mama told me it won’t last
Now I’m back down on the bottom
Wishin’ that I took another path
I should’ve listened, but my mind was gone
My temper too quick so when my fuse get lit
So when it’s on, it’s on
Yeah, everybody wrong
Yeah, and I’m always right
Yeah, ain’t nobody to blame now
It’s me vs. me, man, this my fight

So don’t look at me like I am the same person I was before
We all deserve a second chance and this time I think I can do more
I’m better

Yeah I put that on my family, all you gotta do is give me the chance
And I can show you that I’m worthy of the trust that you require
Put it all on my shoulders, I’m a fighter, I won’t get tired
When I’m back up in this corner, back up in this corner, tryna get out
Back up in this corner, back up in this corner, gotta get out

[Verse 2]
You think I got none but I got all kind of sense
Stop judgin’ my book by the cover
Maybe you should do a little reconnaissance
I ain’t tryna vent, this ain’t woe is me
It’s nothing owed to me
Get the swan song, I don’t need an ode to me
Shit hopefully holdin’ this rosary’ll keep me out of close calls with the O police
I said I’m tryna be a whole new me
I ain’t tryna do the same old thing
I’m tryna prove to my family that I will not bring
No more trouble around, I ain’t gotta do nothing
But stay out of shit, I ain’t gotta be up in the chaotic
Prolly cause it’s my redemption that I’m entrenched in
And I won’t let anybody deny my vision, it’s my decision
But y’all ain’t listenin’

So don’t look at me like I am the same person I was before
We all deserve a second chance and this time I think I can do more
I’m better

Yeah I put that on my family, all you gotta do is give me the chance
And I can show you that I’m worthy of the trust that you require
Put it all on my shoulders, I’m a fighter, I won’t get tired
When I’m back up in this corner, back up in this corner, tryna get out
Back up in this corner, back up in this corner, gotta get out

[Verse 3]
It’s my gameplan now
To get in this ring and show that I’m a changed man and how
I won’t blow another chance to make you proud
Even though you got the right to hate me now
I know you lost your hope in me
But hopefully I can restore it back where it’s supposed to be
I just want my daughter back, this fight means much more than that
I’m tryna think before I react, I ain’t get the message at first
I tried to ignore the facts
But I’m much older, she’s my soldier, I told you I’d go to war for that
I said your boy is the truth and it’s no lie in him
All he needs is his family with him
Y’all want him ’til it’s no room given
I’ma hit him ’til the ref come and get him

So don’t look at me like I am the same person I was before
We all deserve a second chance and this time I think I can do more
I’m better


Pictures & Music ♫ Love and tributes ♪ #BrusselsAttacks


The World cries for the human cost

Why this happened is irrelevant today, what causes this to happen is irrelevant today. I only ever look at the human cost of these hard stories. If I gave my opinions on why this is happening, I am only disrespecting those we lost yesterday. Today isn’t about WHY; today is about standing together as a SPECIES. I took an amazing song and some images from yesterday and, in tribute to the lost and hurting, I hope if you have a God he gives you solace in these hard moments, be you involved, affected or not

Enya – Only Time Lyrics
[VIDEO] Via: shaun gibson on You Tube


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Dunblane massacre of innocence, 20 years on – Scotland remembers

It was close for us all - We are a small country

It was close for us all – We are a small country

Tonight Scottish Parents held our kids a little tighter, we held them and remembered. Senseless slaughter of 16 kids & teacher less than 30 miles from my home when I was in my early 20’s. The programme is on TV right now, my partner is in bits, my friends who I spoke to or text are in bits as we remember the 16 kids and 2 adults murdered by the evil Thomas Hamilton who killed innocence and gave Scotland a date to remember, kids to remember and adults to remember today and for all days. Scotland doesn’t have guns, THIS EVENT STOPPED GUNS IN SCOTLAND FOREVER. It was the only time and the last time. I am sitting here in tears after watching some video, some old news footage, and I want to do something. Both my Girls are the age the Dunblane 16 were. May God look over them and keep them for all time. Scotland will not forget, Scotland will keep your memory alive, Scotland will stand behind those still suffering today, we do things together, and today in the 20th year since Scotland seen real evil for the 1st time in our modern World, we lean on each other. We are one today. I didn’t speak to many people today and I know many who just didn’t want to talk about this. We still hurt and the proof is from the tears of my partner and I and people I did speak with and texts I got during the remembrance show. We hurt, but we will help each other move on, it’s the Scottish way

Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven
[VIDEO] The Children of Dunblane

We have one famous person ‘most of Scotland always backs because he reminds us of this day every time we see him fight, he doesn’t talk about it and below is I think the only time he did. He doesn’t want fame or remembered of this, so when he is playing Tennis, winning Wimbledon, US Open, Scotland stand’s behind him. We don’t go on and on about it but this guy is lucky as he hid in a cupboard that day and look what he went in did in his life. He doesn’t talk about it much as he focused on being the best  tennis player in the World. Andy is just a part of the story for Scotland a small part the same as all the kids we lost and the memories we hold. I am not glorifying Andy above anyone else, he is famous, his friends were lost that day, he was just a kid and doesn’t want to confront this in public. He does amazing things for Dunblane and it’s way of dealing with it
Scottish Tennis Star Andy Murray Heart breaks down at Dunblane memory
Via: kumar yadav on You Tube

We built this in their memory

We built this in their memory

Victoria Elizabeth Clydesdale

Victoria Clydesdale

Victoria was a beautiful, bright, loving five-year-old girl. Victoria was from Drummond Rise. It’s near the Scottish Town of Dunblane, in Perthshire. She had a loving family, including her brother Lee McMaster. Victoria loved taking gym lessons and school. The day the shooting occurred Victoria had begged her mom to let her go to school even though she was suffering from a rash. After saying bye-bye to her mom six times, she walked to school with her brother and went to their classes to start the school day.





Emma Elizabeth Crozier

Emma Cozer

Emma was born April 6, 1990. She was 5 years old. She was described as lively, charming, and bright! She lived in Montrose way, a small Scottish town of Dunblane. Her parents were Alison and John Crozier. Emma’s best friend was Joanna Ross. They were even baptized together. They were together about to start gym class when the attack began. They were both killed.  The two girls were buried together. Emma’s father, John, went on to become the UK President of the Society Against Guns (SAGE) in Europe group! In 1996 a photograph of Emma was used to feature an advertising campaign in an attempt to make it illegal to own a gun in Europe.




Melissa Helen Currie

Melissa Currie

Mellissa had just recently moved to Dunblane, Scotland, from Braemar, Cairngorms. Her parents were Graham and Helen Currie. She had at least one younger brother. Melissa was best friends with Charlotte Dunn, whom was also a victim of the attack. The two girls had a joint funeral service, where over 600 mourners/supporters attended.





Charlotte Louise Dunn

Charlotte Dunn

Charlotte moved to Dunblane, Scotland from the Springfield Terrace, West Midlands in 1995, with her loving parents and brother, Alex. She wrote to her old friends telling them how she loved Scotland even though she missed them. She became best friends with Melissa Currie, (also a victim).  She loved teddy bears. A Joint funeral service was held the two girls where over 600 mourners/supporters. Her headstone is in the shape of a panda bear!





Kevin Allan Hassell

Kevin Hassell

Kevin lived in Hillside Avenue, Scotland city of Dunblane. He had a loving family and his best friend was Robbie Hurst. Robbie, who was present at the shooting at Dunblane School, tried to push Kevin and another friend into an alcove. Sadly Kevin did not survive. Robbie and the third unnamed friend survived. Kevin was only 5-years-old.





Ross William Irvine

Ross Irvine

Ross lived in Atholl Place with his loving family. He was born in 1991. He attended Dunblane School, in Dunblane, Scotland. He had a beautiful smile. He had dark brown hair. He was very loved and will be remembered everyday.






David Charles Kerr

David Kerr

David was born on November 28, 1990 in Gasgow, Scotland.  David had a wonderfully, contagious smile. He had blond straight hair. He was like any other 5 year old. He loved to play and run! David’s funeral was the first to be held among all the victims. As a sign of respect all motorists attending stepped out of their cars at the same time in one beautiful motion. David’s headstone reads, “May he run, skip, and play forever.”




Mhairi Isabel MacBeath

Mhairi MacBeath

Mhairi was born on November 5, 1990 in Striling, Scotland. She lived in Kilbryde, Scotland. Her Father Murry MacBeath had just recently passed away from a stroke in October 1995. Her mother was attending a memorial service for him when she informed of the horrific massacre that took place. Mhairi was a beautiful five-year-old girl. She had straight hair, and a beautiful smile. Mhairi’s picture became a poster for SAGE, (Society Against Guns in Europe, which helped to make it illegal to own a gun.





Brett McKinnon

Brett McKinnon

Bret was born on January 17, 1990 In Falkirk, Scotland. His best friend was John Petrie, whom was also a victim of the attack. They liked to ride bikes and do what typical boys like to do.  It was said, “He was always enjoying himself!” Bret had an older brother named Colin.
At his funeral Reverend Moira Herkes read a beautiful poem written the author A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh). It read
“ When I was one I had just begun. When I was two I was nearly new.
When I was three, I was hardly me. When I was four I was not much more.
When I was five, I was just alive. But now I’m six, I’m as clever as clever,
So I think I’ll be six, now, forever and ever.”


Abigail Joanne McLennan

Abigail McLennan

Abigail was the daughter of Elizabeth and Duncan McLennan. She also had two sisters. The family had just recently moved back to Scotland far somewhere in the Far East. Abigail had long beautiful straight blond hair. She had a great smile!






Gwen Mayor

Gwen Mayor
Mrs. Gwen Mayor grew up in Great Harwood, in North East Landcashire. She was married to Rodney Mayor. They had two daughters named Esther and Deborah Mayor. The family moved to Scotland in the 1970’s.
Gwen was the only adult victim to be killed during the Dunblane School shooting. When her body was discovered it was apparent that she had been trying to shield the children from the gunfire. In 1997, she received the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery, in the Birthday Honors. The Gwen Mayor Rose is a hybrid of peach and apricot tea rose grown/named in her honor. Each rose sold goes to the Gwen Mayor Trust designed to fund artistic, musical, cultural, and sporting projects in Scottish primary school. Her mother in law was quoted as saying “Gwen’s life was rich an she enriched the lives of all who knew her. Her final act was a positive, caring one for the young children who were placed in her charge.”

Emily Morton

Emily Morton
Emily was born in Glasgow, Scotland on June 21, 1990.
Her mother, Katherine, is a cytologist (study of cells) at the Stirling Royal Infirmary.  During the attempt to save lives Katherine was transferred from another department to help out. While fighting to help save the lives of other children she learned that her daughter Emily was one of the victims and that she had lost her life. Emily had curly hair and a great smile. She was only five years old.




Sophie Jane Lockwood North

sophie North
Sophie was born on October 2, 1990 in Stirling, Scotland. She was known as being “a lively, inquisitive, popular girl with huge brown sparkling eyes and a cheeky grin.”  She had dark, straight hair. Sophie and her father lost Mrs. North to breast cancer when Sophie was about to turn three. Sophie and her father had an unbreakable bond after the loss of his wife. When Sophie died Mr. North became dedicated to opening a charity in Sophie’s name. The charity provides funds to breast cancer research, children’s hospices and anger management and conflict resolution.  Her father wants people to know, “The life I live now is different from what it would have been had I been the father of a 15-year-old girl. I hope that the people of Dunblane will remember.”
Mr. North, WE will remember.


John Petrie

John Petrie
John was a bright outgoing 5-year-old boy. He was described as being, “a lovely wee boy with a cheeky face!” He was a close friend to Brett McKinnon (whom was also a victim). Together the two would frequently visit the local pet shop on their bikes. A neighbor recalls that when they would walk their dog John would come up and say hello, even though he was a little afraid of the dog at first. Once he became comfortable he would reach out and pet him lovingly.  His parents Ellen and Sandy had been trying to conceive for many years. John had been their miracle baby. There was a rumor that John was born at 10:22 and died the same hour the day of the attack.




Joanna Caroline Ross

Joanna Ross
Joanna lived in George Street, Scotland in the town of Dunblane. Her parents were Pamela and Kenneth Ross. She was best friends with Emma Crozier and was even baptized with her. She could be seen playing with her neighbor and friend Brett McKinnon. Both Brett and Emma were victims of the shooting at Dunblane School. She had a younger sister just a few months old at the time. Joanna and Emma were buried together.





Hannah Louise Scott

Hannah Scott

Hannah was born on September 28, 1990.  She lived in Ochiltree, East Ayrshire. Her parent’s names were Karen and David Scott. She had two sisters named Katrina and Rebecca Scott. Hannah was a beautiful bright girl. He had straight hair and a wonderful smile. She was only five years old.





Megan Turner

Megan Turner
Megan was a bright and wonderful 5-year-old girl. Her parents were Karen and Willie Turner. She was born in Backcroft. Her mother described her as, “full of life, always running and jumping.”  She also said that, “Megan stood on her head more than she stood on her feet! She was wonderful and she was so special to us.” Megan’s grandmother, Nancy McLaren, wrote, “Megan, my ears are always listening for your voice, my eyes for a glimpse of your bonny face…Never a day will pass without us speaking to you or about you and one day we will join you and read a book together.”  Megan was loved and cherished by so many.



More love, less hate

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