Hospital Parking: NHS Lothian drop planned increase amid staff protests – LETS GET THEM SCRAPPED!

Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

All NHS Scotland staff have to pay to park; to work I had to go to the Royal Infirmary (Little France, Edinbugh) at about 3AM last month. I was sitting talking to the reception woman, the staff and Drs about how there was no-where to park for Disabled drivers. Then they told me, Drs too, “We have to pay £7 to park our cars, a day to work here” I kind of smiled thinking they were making it up, then the reception woman said “Shaun, seriously, I pay nearly £50 a WEEK, £200 a MONTH to work here” And she looked really upset!! Then I asked the Dr “Do you pay too?” He replied “Yeah Shaun” I then said “But you save people’s lives!?” I couldn’t believe NHS Staff were paying to help people like you and I and millions more people live better, saving lives every day and paying to do so. So this is a good step this story below in the right direction, BUT LETS KEEP THE PRESSURE ON, I signed the petition to help this same as many, let’s make it so STAFF PARK FREE!! It tells us the SNP are doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN to deliver small details that many won’t notice. So next time ANYONE is in a Hospital, and any of us hear people moaning “I have been here nearly a half hour waiting”..WE SHOULD ALL EXPLAIN THIS STORY TO THEM, No voters, YOU FUCKING CAUSED THIS SHIT. And this is 1 small story from many THAT THE SNP ARE TRYING TO FIX AND ARE FIXING. Oh this shit boils ma blood peeps. Who the FUCK!! Thinks we are ‘Better Together’. These English Royal Servants be them Tory or Labour who are Scottish born, are the EXACT same as the people who grassed William Wallace in exchange for land!! AND THEIR FAMILIES STILL OWN IN SCOTLAND TODAY!! If you voted no, understand the small detail AND STOP BEING SELFISH. I want a better Scotland for you, for our kids, for our future! These are the charges at present for being ill, even having a baby, dying, rushed to hospital, having to visit people in hospital. KNOW THE STAFF HELPING YOU ALL THE WAY PAY WAY MORE, AND THEY HELP YOU AND I. Lets up the game Scotland and drop these ERI charges 1st for the staff, 2nd for being ill. We may get everything free in Scottish Healthcare, but charging staff to save lives? Come on!! Who thinks we are better together? If anyone reading this thinks we are better together, DO NOT SAY IT TO MY FACE! (Thank you 1 person for helping me build this blog)

Parking is free at all our sites with the exception of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.  These are as follows:

  • 0-1 hour £1.30
  • 1-2 hours £2.30
  • 2-3 hours £3.30
  • 3-4 hours £4.30
  • 4-5 hours £5.30
  • 5-6 hours £6.50
  • Over 6 hours £7.00
  • Part day thereafter £7.00 < All staff pay this!


Car parking charges at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary will remain frozen after NHS Lothian dropped plans to increase them amid staff protests.One of the proposed increases would have seen hospital staff being charged £15 for parking in the visitors and patients car parks – a staggering 114 per cent increase from the current £7 a day tariff.
The Evening News told last week how staff were planning to boycott shops and catering facilities at the flagship hospital in a bid to overturn the planned increases which were to take effect from August. Jim Crombie, Deputy Chief Executive, NHS Lothian said: “We have discussed with staff the proposal to increase parking charges and we have listened to the concerns they have raised. We have fed this back to our private sector partners and have agreed that charges will remain at the current level for this financial year.
“We understand the impact that travel to and from work can have on staff but also the frustration patients and visitors experience when trying to park to attend an appointment or visit a patient. We will use the review to explore these issues in detail.” NHS Lothian does not own or operate the car park at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. The charges for the car park are set by Consort Healthcare in line with the PFI agreement.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had previously said she thought the proposed charges were not “fair”. Lothian Tory MSP Miles Briggs, who raised the matter with the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, at First Minister’s Questions said: “This is very welcome news for all the staff, patients and visitors who use the RIE car parks.
“The Evening News is to be congratulated for leading the campaign against the price hikes and as a Lothian MSP who has also been trying to fight these increases I am delighted that I have been able to work alongside the Evening News and constituents who have collected thousands of signatures in online petitions and have successfully forced a u-turn from NHS Lothian.
“Although people will be relieved, NHS Lothian have suggested that the charges will only not be increased this financial year for people who use the car parks. It would be totally unacceptable if we were to face an annual battle against draconian and unacceptable parking charge increases and therefore I will be continuing to urge SNP Ministers and NHS Lothian to work to develop a long term solution that provides affordable parking for staff and patients and increases the capacity of the car parks at the RIE.”

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The SNP could enact ‘Unilateral Declaration of Independence’


I am NOT 😀 going to start blogging again, especially about this. I left Facebook because it is pointless, but also I seen or was told some groups ‘Allegedly’ like Scot to Scot will rather keep Scottish people arguing with each other ON THE INTERNET ONLY. Nicola has hinted a Hundred times “I will do whatever it takes to protect Scotland, her people and our shared interests” I believe UDI is about to be at least said as a threat, hopefully getting everyone outside Glasgow onto the streets, like Glasgow does. Where I am in Edinburgh, well we don’t become as visible in numbers anywhere apart from the internet as much as we should as capital city of Scotland, same with other cities. Too many egotistical people would rather keep their silly little online sites and groups than see Scotland free, some ‘might’ be scared to see the Unionist Work they do wasted or some might not like themselves to become totally irrelevant, like I am in the grand scheme of things. Not what ‘Freedom’ implies right?, but we do need an online presence, sadly we have over 500 sites and groups at odds with each other, arguing rather than becoming 1, PATHETIC!!. There are some good groups, granted, yes. But we need to get off the stupid internet and show the World we are there. I always thought the Scottish people would free Scotland, did we by voting @Britex for remaining in Europe? All that aside, I think this could get messy, but Scotland is about to try and walk. Who in Scotland can leave the internet (As many others and myself did) and actually support our freedom cause by GRINDING SCOTLAND TO A HAULT? Because we would free ourselves if we did this. We CAN free Scotland in 1 year!! It is so easy -Yet many will imply ‘IMPOSSIBLE < You can click that/ Also rearch #Iceland #RoleModels

Who will run to freedom?

Who will run to freedom?


imagesTHE SNP is demanding that the UK Government launch an urgent economic stimulus package to deal with the shockwaves of the Brexit vote. The party’s Westminster Treasury spokesman Stewart Hosie will insist that Chancellor Philip Hammond immediately detail the measures he will take to rebuild confidence in the economy.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Herald he said: “It is clear we cannot wait until his autumn statement to hear what he is planning – he needs to send a signal now that he will get the economy moving by ending the Tory fixation with cuts and austerity.”

Nicola Sturgeon’s Holyrood Government is adding to the pressure on the beleaguered chancellor to come up with positive measures to bolster the economy. She has already said that Scotland’s need to be “protected in the uncertain period that lies ahead”.

A spokesperson said, “The Scottish Government welcomes the stimulus package announced by the Bank of England to help support the economy through these times of heightened economic uncertainty.” Adding that, “it is now time for the UK to follow suit and provide the economic stimulus the economy requires and to provide certainty over future funding in order to enable the Scottish Government to provide full support to our economy.

“The Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament urgently need clarity on the details of the Autumn Statement to be able to plan, publish and scrutinise a budget for 2017-18. That is why the Finance Secretary Derek Mackay has written to the Chancellor calling on him to clarify his approach to the public finances to reduce uncertainty and bring further stability to the economy.”

Hosie’s backing for an “economic stimulus to avoid the negative impacts of the Brexit result” came as the Scottish Government also faced calls to launch a long-term industrial strategy to prevent mass job cuts and protect the living standards of workers. The pro-independence Scottish Greens, trade union leaders and Labour politicians all called for the Scottish Parliament to speak with one voice to protect the economy from the fallout of the Brexit process.

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Working Class Hero ♪ A song for Scotland


Troo Radio just shared a video with me and it’s pretty amazing to be fair, this is the Facebook page for Troo Radio. This is Troo Radio on You Tube and this is Troo Radio Twitter here. I believe some were born to lead and some were born to be led, something my young mind understood and as a middle aged adult now, something I know is true, very true, or Troo even 😀 I wish I had the courage or ability to stand up and make 5 Million people listen or make them at least try and listen. When I did football, leading people into battle was very easy as part of a team of people wanting the same thing, when I was a DJ the ability to host a party for 200/300 people, maybe more came easy to me. But then I lost my voice and my reasons due to my Disabilities here. Now I am in more pain but I am FORICING myself to live in small moments, not in bed, not in my Gym sofa either every day, I got tired of repetition but now repetition is my every day, I wake up and know hell is coming, the pain is coming, I got tired of being silent, but the fight is always going to be me against my disabilities, but I am now in charge of that to a certain degree. Sure some days I am in bed crying and screaming and the medication is so strong it knocks me out in the end, but some days I am up and singing, soon I start Drama class as I want to see if I can act, to invoke emotions from my story. We all have a story, we have bad and good stories, so in the end we have two very simple choices, I think so anyway. They are to stand up for what we believe in, or lay down and let what we don’t believe, control us. I am very fortunate in terms of the support I have around me, without them I would be dead, that is just a fact. But I love to be inspired because it teaches you how to inspire others. I don’t think the person who sent me this song was ego or wanting hits on any page, I really do think they wanted to lead, to show and discuss and invoke emotion. This song sure did that, no argument, 1 Minute 40 seconds into this video is where our Freedom could arrive from. This is a song like what half of my being is, my Irish side, it’s a Scottish Rebel song, sung in peace, for peace. I am a freedom fighter, but like other freedom fighters we can also be called extremists. But it can be said “One persons terrorist is another persons freedom fighter” #ScotlandTillJudgement


Working Class Hero – A song for Scotland
Via Troo Radio on You Tube

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Scotland Votes – 30 Second Scottish Election Manifesto Videos

5 voices = 5 key questions

5 voices = 5 key questions

All videos with questions below. Patrick Harvie – Green Party, Willie Rennie – Liberal Democrat, Ruth Davidson – Conservative, Kezia Dugdale – Labour Party and Scotland’s SNP leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had 5 questions posed to them. 1. Education, 2. Our free National Health Service, 3. Why Scotland should or should not be in the UK, 4. Creating more jobs to improve the low figure of 170,000 unemployed that equates to 4% or 5% and lastly 5. How to further protect and improve Scotland’s amazing environment. Before the vote, remember the lies, and remember the ‘SNP give Scottish people free of charge what the 3 other Home Countries people sadly pay for, we get free prescriptions, got the new Queensferry Crossing, an end to bridge toll fees, free further education, the Council Tax freeze, an end to the Bedroom Tax and the near death of  (British Labour in Scotland) < That was from a Facebook friend Iain Moss and it would be good if we could educate further and TOTALLY make Scotland Yellow and retire some more liars who stole our freedom in 2014 by scaring 73% of over the 65’s, telling them they would lose their pensions or have reductions when this was not the case and all other lies. Reminder below of 2014 percentages as well as all 25 thirty second videos from all 5 leaders. Also to note the 3 biggest parties have female leaders, I love that. Remember the 2014 lies, but also remember we voted a political tsunami and painted Scotland SNP yellow by sending 56 SNP Politicians from Scotlands 59 London Westminster political seats in the 2015 UK Generel Elections. Lets get free Scotland, please watch and share the videos from all 5 Political party leaders below. Don’t mess up this time Scotland


2014 Referendum Results, 73% over 65’s voted Scotland to no vote




Blamed by SNP and Yes movement of lies

Patrick Harvie – Green Party

Willie Rennie – Liberal Democrat

Ruth Davidson – Conservative

Kezia Dugdale – Labour Party

Nicola Sturgeon SNP (Scottish National Party



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Scotland Bill Passes – No Disolving of Hollyrood – No New Referendum In Deal!!

vendettaLink below from STV proving the bill passed. This guy who had these claims is a decent lad, I like him, but he is sadly wrong, he built up hope for old people, poor people, disabled people to you and I who want the same free Scotland, and with so many asking in hope, someone had to say the truth, I was on block when I showed him STV news below, I was blocked all over social media because I questioned his story, one I did blog till I deleted and told him why. The bill passed! The guy has been telling anyone who will listen the Scotland Bill would be rejected then the lords and peers of Scotland with the SNP would walk away from the Union and Scotland was to be free TODAY because the Tory were going to try and close Holyrood, in the city I live in, not 10,000 miles away where this guy lives. I just told him the bill has been passed, he said “Later Today” not knowning it’s like nearly 9pm here and blocked me. He is NOT a liar, he was just wrong, this was his blog on


He had people believing this video below was Nicola telling you and I this was our day of Independence. Buddy, you were just wrong ok, don’t delete everyone who says it won’t happen. Why? Because it won’t. The SNP sold us all down a river by not picking up the 45%, the SNP also had to have a “No New Referendum” clause inserted for these extra powers. IT PASSED! And this video was Nicola whilst 2nd in charge, before the Referendum we lost. In this video you had Scottish people who live in Scotland believing and having hope in a new future. I ask your motives today, because I told you when I read this it wouldn’t happen. I would rather have, as usual, have this in private but I am sorry, you are filling people’s heads with lies and giving people who are poor and disabled FALSE HOPE. You said I deleted you 3 months ago when you could CLEARLY still speak to me, now you block me because I was the ONLY voice saying ‘I think you are wrong ******’. Now your story and blog I will leave above so people can see it because you will delete it I guess


Deputy First Minister announces independence day
Via: Scottish Government on You Tube


New powers for Holyrood as Scotland Bill agreed in Commons

Via: STV News


Holyrood will be handed a raft of new powers after the Scotland Bill was agreed by the House of Commons for the final time on Wednesday.

The Bill will hand Scotland powers over income tax, air passenger duty, abortion law, the Crown Estate and benefits. It also sets in stone the permanence of the Scottish Parliament, requiring a referendum to abolish it.

Scottish secretary David Mundell, the nation’s sole Conservative MP, described the passage of the Bill as a “truly significant day”. But SNP MPs warned that in future they do not want to be “given crumbs from the table at Westminster”.

Mr Mundell said: “It provides even greater opportunities for the Scottish Government to tailor and deliver Scottish solutions to Scottish issues. The Scottish Parliament that returns in May will be a powerhouse parliament that has come of age.”

But Angus MacNeil, the SNP MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, criticised the approach to devolution taken by the Tory Government. He said: “Isn’t it time that we moved away from the devolution that is effectively crumbs from the table from Westminster and moved to a model that Copenhagen shares with the Faroe Islands and Greenland: The larder is open, you choose your own powers. No longer should we be given crumbs from the table at Westminster but the Scottish Government takes the powers the Scottish Government wants from Westminster when it wants.”

Mr Mundell said Mr MacNeil had struck a “rather sour note,” and claimed that the Bill delivers the recommendations set out by the post-referendum Smith Commission on further devolution.

SNP Westminster group leader Angus Robertson said the Bill is “progress”, but he insisted there is still further to go as he suggested people who voted for Scottish independence had brought about the devolution of more powers. Thanks to all of those Yes voters, thanks to all of those SNP voters, Westminster has had to take note,” he said. This is just the latest stage on Scotland’s journey. There will be many more.”

The Scotland Bill cleared its final Commons vote unopposed and will become law once it has received royal assent.

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Scottish Government ‘most trusted’ Government in Europe

Scottish Social Attitudes Survey finds 73% of respondents trust Holyrood leaders

Scottish Social Attitudes Survey finds 73% of respondents trust Holyrood leaders

Scottish Government ‘most trusted’ government in Europe!!! 😀 Is it not wonderful to live in a Country we make and own the politicians that lead us and dictate laws? Seriously, go live in the USA right now; everyone hates everyone, like 10 times worse than the usual Racist and Homophobic hate, just now it’s like setting up assault courses. And here we are in Scotland, less controlled by the Tory who are seemingly acting like American Politicians in the sense they just hate each other also. 3 Cheers for living in the coldest, windiest, wettest, hot, sunny, icy, snowy all in the same hour weather system Country on Earth




The Scottish Government is the most trusted government in the European Union, the SNP has claimed.

New analysis from the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey found 73% of respondents trust the Scottish Government – compared to only 23% who trust the UK Government.

When compared to a previous study of trust in national governments across the EU, Scotland’s nearest challengers were Finland and Denmark, ranking 60% and 55% respectively.

 The study also shows that trust in the Scottish Government is more than twice the EU average of 31%. Results of the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey were released this week.

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Scotland – How we can free ourselves in 1 year. BY ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING!



ALBA GU BRATH, WOO, YEAH, GO SCOTLAND!! YEAH BABY!! UDI!! WE WILL WIN, VOTE SNP!!  – THINK AGAIN – I asked Scotland if it was possible we could walk to freedom and YOU WERE TOLD TO IGNORE ME, and I also said before I hit publish people would imply “Impossible” What is happening RIGHT NOW Scotland is beyond anger for me. People are telling others “Don’t read Shaun” Don’t read John, Bill, Audrey, don’t read him or her and SCOTTISH PEOPLE ARE FALLING FOR THESE IDIOTS!! Really I could go on and on and on with names, I am struggling to know fully who is in control here, but know it’s a person wearing a Scotland Yes T-Shirt. I could post the people doing it as I have the screenshots but if I post it all I do is take away the reasons we need and we walk into anger and things become worse. I suggested that Scotland does this, well WE asked, the people I speak with and I. We are in worse than a bad place. People will tell you TO IGNORE WHAT I WRITE HERE. I ask you please keep an eye on who is telling YOU what to do. Do you have your own mind? Are you in full control of your Scottish thoughts? I am asking. And I already know the answer.

We CAN free Scotland in 1 year!! It is so easy -Yet many will imply ‘IMPOSSIBLE

And people did imply ‘Impossible because I put a number on the amount of people. See this is what is happening. The Unionst side are paying people to start Scottish Groups and websites and people are sheep being taken for a ride. I am giving Scotand 2 good ideas here.

  1. Take to the streets and be so visible we can’t be ignored
  2. We all complain to the BBC and stop paying them.
  3. WE WILL DO NOTHING! But if you want to?
  4. HOW TO STOP PAYING TV LICENCE < Want to do something?

♫ Scotland has something inside so strong ♫
Why do we bother? Why do we share crap lik this?
I did this video, and it was a TOTAL waste of time.

And as expected nothing happened. So how about we all complain to the BBC? Everyone who is annoyed at the BBC who post images of the BBC, who comment how bad the BBC are, how about we actually tell them? The complaints link is above, can we be bothered to even complain and show ourselves online?? I mean 1 Million complains I am sure would make the news. Scotland you are being fooled by clever people who tell you what to do, think and how to act. When the easy thing is in-front of us we still just post crap on Facebook and as we do we go backwards as the CONTROLLED Scottish Yes Movement takes so many steps back. Some commented on a Labour Conference and the lack of someone being mentioned. Some shared images of Nuclear bombs going past Scottish homes, I ask how many actually got out of their home and protested? What is your excuse? Seriously because it best be good. It’s the reason I stopped writing about Scotland and turned my font to the USA where we could see the World go down the Toilet for good if Hillary is POTUS as I said she would be 2 years ago. What is more important? The World or a Free Scotland in an opressed World? Even a half free Scotland in an oppressive Union? What is more important?




Scottish Yes Movement – Is in total control of the Unionists?

The Scottish Yes Movement For Dummies

The awful Social Media Impact on the Scottish Yes Movement

The Silencing of the Scottish Yes Movement


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Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics: 2014-15


This info may be a read for someone. Just out today. With the SNP paying for Prescriptions, Bridge and Road tolls and also having been paying the bedroom tax for everyone in Scotland, no and yes voters. What do these numbers mean for you? I am honest, it’s all jargon to me, but people who need to know, need to know, so here it is.


A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

scottish-government-logoScotland’s Chief Statistician today published Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics: 2014-15. This is an annual publication that provides a comprehensive overview of financial activity of Scottish local authorities. The publication covers: local authority revenue expenditure and income, capital expenditure and income; reserves; debt; local taxation; and local authority pensions. The figures released today were produced by independent statistical staff free from any political interference, in accordance with professional standards set out in the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

Revenue Expenditure and Income

Local Authorities reported an overall revenue surplus of £69.4 million (0.46% of gross revenue expenditure) for 2014-15, compared with an overall deficit of £54.8 million in 2013-14. This surplus increased revenue reserves. On 31st March 2015 local authorities held total revenue reserves of £1.879 billion. This is an increase of 3.6% (an increase of £65.2 million: £69.4 million of revenue surplus less £4.2 million of movements in reserves) since the 1st April 2014.

General Fund net revenue expenditure on services increased by 1.0%, from £10.4 billion in 2013-14 to £10.5 billion in 2014-15. The highest spending service in the General Fund is Education which had net expenditure of £4.61 billion, which is an increase of 0.7% (£33 million) on 2013-14. Social Work is the next largest service with net expenditure of £3.11 billion and has increased by 2.6% (£79 million) on 2013-14.

Total General Funding in 2014-15 was £11.92 billion, an increase of 1.7% on 2013-14. This is made up of Scottish Government General Revenue Grant £7.17 billion (60%), Non Domestic Rates Distributable Amount £2.65 billion (22%), Council tax £2.02 billion (17%), and other funding of £0.08 billion (1%).

Capital Expenditure and Income

Total capital expenditure was £2.40 billion in 2014-15 (£0.67 billion in the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) and £1.73 billion in the General Fund), compared to £2.46 billion in 2013-14 – a fall of £60m (2.4%). The majority (around 80%) of capital expenditure went on new construction, conversions and enhancements to existing buildings.

Borrowing to fund capital expenditure (Loans Fund borrowing) increased by 1.7% (£0.221 billion).Advances to the General Fund increased by 0.3% (£0.026 billion) and HRA Loans Fund advances increased by 6.5% (£0.195 billion). Total Loans Fund Advances outstanding at 31st March 2015 was £13.18 billion. The General Fund share of this total was £9.96 billion, which provides a Scottish average borrowing per head of £1,862. It has been around this value since 2012-13. The HRA share of the loans fund balance was £3.22 billion which provides an average borrowing per dwelling of £10,138 (up 6.3% on 31st March 2014).

Capital reserves increased by £10.3 million (1.9%), from £0.53 billion on the 1st April 2014 to £0.54 billion on the 31st March 2015.

Council Tax

The average Band D Council Tax in Scotland was £1,149 in 2014-15. Net Council Tax income, after all discounts and reductions, was £2.022 billion in 2014-15. The total number of chargeable dwellings (i.e. the tax base) has increased slightly each year, rising from 2.377 million in September 2010 to 2.441 million in September 2015.

Non-Domestic Rates

Non-domestic rate income collected increased from £2.367 billion in 2013-14 to 2.511 billion in 2014-15. This is due to the net effect of several factors such as the inflationary increase in the poundage rate, the impact of revaluation appeals, changes to rates relief schemes and other changes to the tax base (e.g. new or demolished properties). Non-domestic rates reliefs provided relief of £0.607 billion in 2014-15, up from £0.590 billion in 2013-14. Increases in Small Business Bonus Scheme and Charity relief were the main factors which contributed to the increased total. As at 1st April 2015, the non-domestic rate tax base comprised of 223,046 non-domestic properties on the Valuation Roll with a total rateable value of £6.719 billion. The non-domestic rates ‘Distributable Amount’ was £2.650 billion in 2014-15.

Local Government Pension Funds

Local Government Pension Fund income in 2014-15 was £5.40 billion with expenditure of £1.18 billion. The high income is largely due to £4.22 billion of investment income, which can be highly volatile (this has averaged £1.9 billion over the last 8 years and was negative £1 billion in 2008-09). Pension fund expenditure on benefits (including increases under the (Pensions (Increase) Acts)) has increased from £1.07 billion in 2013-14 to £1.12 billion in 2014-15. Pension fund contributions from employees or employers increased from £1.16 billion in 2013-14 to £1.18 billion in 2014-15.

Notes To Editors

The full Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics 2014-15 publication is available at This is a National Statistics publication.


  • GROSS REVENUE EXPENDITURE is the total expenditure on Local Authority services within a financial year less inter-authority and inter-account transfers.
  • NET REVENUE EXPENDITURE is revenue expenditure to be financed from General Revenue Funding, non-domestic rates, council tax and balances. It is therefore gross revenue expenditure less other government grants, sales, fees and charges, grants to third parties funded by General Capital Grant, and other grants, reimbursements and contributions.
  • CAPITAL EXPENDITURE is mainly incurred by Local Authorities for buying, constructing or enhancing physical assets such as buildings (schools, houses etc.), land, vehicles, plant and machinery. CAPITAL INCOME comprises of Government grants, receipts from the sale or disposal of assets and other grants and contributions.

Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics is an annual publication that provides a comprehensive overview of Scottish Local Authority financial activity. The publication covers Local Authority income, revenue and capital expenditure, outstanding debt, local taxation and Local Authority pensions. Further information on Scottish Local Government Finance Statistics can be found at .

Each year, the Scottish Government issues financial returns relating to local government finance for completion by Local Authorities, Joint boards, Regional Transport Partnerships (RTPs) and Scottish Assessors. Summary information is published in the annual publication: “Scottish Local Government Finance Statistics”. IPF/CIPFA publish local authority information in their Rating Review publications. The information is used to answer requests (both internal and external to SG), for policy analysis and for Parliamentary Questions.

The figures released today were produced in accordance with professional standards set out in the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. More information on the standards of official statistics in Scotland can be accessed at:

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Millions March Scotland To Freedom – A New Movement – Join Here




New Movement many of us agree we must at least talk about. PLEASE feel free to join Scotland and please, add your friends and lets just debate between what is the reality of an idea me and a few others came to. It’s just to debate it’s reasons and actuality. We can do this. Let us be so powerful we can’t be ignored!

This is not impossible; the individual will say it’s impossible, without actually knowing the story, because I don’t either. I suggested an idea, the numbers, if it happens will be the numbers it will be. I am suggesting, prodding, hoping, helping. Same as others. But if we look to just recent history, a small country like ours became what we can become in our way. I don’t agree with all others say and I know not everyone will agree with all I say. The only comeback I have is “If anyone can hate me as I am some days in my own house, fire away” 😀 Never hate, just a guy who knows a dream or an idea can become more. Positive thinking is not my strong point in life so I am out of my comfort zone these days. But I, like you, all I do is try, I am trying, nothing more. I am a team player like you and others. When we meet ‘ego’ we meet the division between us that is caused by the very things and outlets we all dislike and we share what we dislike. How can’t this be possible? What if it ends up half a million? I can’t say what it will be because there is nothing to ‘Be’ yet. All I know is, if the ‘will is stronger than the skill’, anything can happen. History proves this Scotland. I think so anyway. Respectfully “But I can’t change the World” – Yes you can, here is why #Iceland #RoleModels

Millions March Scotland To Freedom:
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