Hospital Parking: NHS Lothian drop planned increase amid staff protests – LETS GET THEM SCRAPPED!

Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

All NHS Scotland staff have to pay to park; to work I had to go to the Royal Infirmary (Little France, Edinbugh) at about 3AM last month. I was sitting talking to the reception woman, the staff and Drs about how there was no-where to park for Disabled drivers. Then they told me, Drs too, “We have to pay £7 to park our cars, a day to work here” I kind of smiled thinking they were making it up, then the reception woman said “Shaun, seriously, I pay nearly £50 a WEEK, £200 a MONTH to work here” And she looked really upset!! Then I asked the Dr “Do you pay too?” He replied “Yeah Shaun” I then said “But you save people’s lives!?” I couldn’t believe NHS Staff were paying to help people like you and I and millions more people live better, saving lives every day and paying to do so. So this is a good step this story below in the right direction, BUT LETS KEEP THE PRESSURE ON, I signed the petition to help this same as many, let’s make it so STAFF PARK FREE!! It tells us the SNP are doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN to deliver small details that many won’t notice. So next time ANYONE is in a Hospital, and any of us hear people moaning “I have been here nearly a half hour waiting”..WE SHOULD ALL EXPLAIN THIS STORY TO THEM, No voters, YOU FUCKING CAUSED THIS SHIT. And this is 1 small story from many THAT THE SNP ARE TRYING TO FIX AND ARE FIXING. Oh this shit boils ma blood peeps. Who the FUCK!! Thinks we are ‘Better Together’. These English Royal Servants be them Tory or Labour who are Scottish born, are the EXACT same as the people who grassed William Wallace in exchange for land!! AND THEIR FAMILIES STILL OWN IN SCOTLAND TODAY!! If you voted no, understand the small detail AND STOP BEING SELFISH. I want a better Scotland for you, for our kids, for our future! These are the charges at present for being ill, even having a baby, dying, rushed to hospital, having to visit people in hospital. KNOW THE STAFF HELPING YOU ALL THE WAY PAY WAY MORE, AND THEY HELP YOU AND I. Lets up the game Scotland and drop these ERI charges 1st for the staff, 2nd for being ill. We may get everything free in Scottish Healthcare, but charging staff to save lives? Come on!! Who thinks we are better together? If anyone reading this thinks we are better together, DO NOT SAY IT TO MY FACE! (Thank you 1 person for helping me build this blog)

Parking is free at all our sites with the exception of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.  These are as follows:

  • 0-1 hour £1.30
  • 1-2 hours £2.30
  • 2-3 hours £3.30
  • 3-4 hours £4.30
  • 4-5 hours £5.30
  • 5-6 hours £6.50
  • Over 6 hours £7.00
  • Part day thereafter £7.00 < All staff pay this!


Car parking charges at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary will remain frozen after NHS Lothian dropped plans to increase them amid staff protests.One of the proposed increases would have seen hospital staff being charged £15 for parking in the visitors and patients car parks – a staggering 114 per cent increase from the current £7 a day tariff.
The Evening News told last week how staff were planning to boycott shops and catering facilities at the flagship hospital in a bid to overturn the planned increases which were to take effect from August. Jim Crombie, Deputy Chief Executive, NHS Lothian said: “We have discussed with staff the proposal to increase parking charges and we have listened to the concerns they have raised. We have fed this back to our private sector partners and have agreed that charges will remain at the current level for this financial year.
“We understand the impact that travel to and from work can have on staff but also the frustration patients and visitors experience when trying to park to attend an appointment or visit a patient. We will use the review to explore these issues in detail.” NHS Lothian does not own or operate the car park at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. The charges for the car park are set by Consort Healthcare in line with the PFI agreement.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had previously said she thought the proposed charges were not “fair”. Lothian Tory MSP Miles Briggs, who raised the matter with the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, at First Minister’s Questions said: “This is very welcome news for all the staff, patients and visitors who use the RIE car parks.
“The Evening News is to be congratulated for leading the campaign against the price hikes and as a Lothian MSP who has also been trying to fight these increases I am delighted that I have been able to work alongside the Evening News and constituents who have collected thousands of signatures in online petitions and have successfully forced a u-turn from NHS Lothian.
“Although people will be relieved, NHS Lothian have suggested that the charges will only not be increased this financial year for people who use the car parks. It would be totally unacceptable if we were to face an annual battle against draconian and unacceptable parking charge increases and therefore I will be continuing to urge SNP Ministers and NHS Lothian to work to develop a long term solution that provides affordable parking for staff and patients and increases the capacity of the car parks at the RIE.”

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Working Class Hero ♪ A song for Scotland


Troo Radio just shared a video with me and it’s pretty amazing to be fair, this is the Facebook page for Troo Radio. This is Troo Radio on You Tube and this is Troo Radio Twitter here. I believe some were born to lead and some were born to be led, something my young mind understood and as a middle aged adult now, something I know is true, very true, or Troo even 😀 I wish I had the courage or ability to stand up and make 5 Million people listen or make them at least try and listen. When I did football, leading people into battle was very easy as part of a team of people wanting the same thing, when I was a DJ the ability to host a party for 200/300 people, maybe more came easy to me. But then I lost my voice and my reasons due to my Disabilities here. Now I am in more pain but I am FORICING myself to live in small moments, not in bed, not in my Gym sofa either every day, I got tired of repetition but now repetition is my every day, I wake up and know hell is coming, the pain is coming, I got tired of being silent, but the fight is always going to be me against my disabilities, but I am now in charge of that to a certain degree. Sure some days I am in bed crying and screaming and the medication is so strong it knocks me out in the end, but some days I am up and singing, soon I start Drama class as I want to see if I can act, to invoke emotions from my story. We all have a story, we have bad and good stories, so in the end we have two very simple choices, I think so anyway. They are to stand up for what we believe in, or lay down and let what we don’t believe, control us. I am very fortunate in terms of the support I have around me, without them I would be dead, that is just a fact. But I love to be inspired because it teaches you how to inspire others. I don’t think the person who sent me this song was ego or wanting hits on any page, I really do think they wanted to lead, to show and discuss and invoke emotion. This song sure did that, no argument, 1 Minute 40 seconds into this video is where our Freedom could arrive from. This is a song like what half of my being is, my Irish side, it’s a Scottish Rebel song, sung in peace, for peace. I am a freedom fighter, but like other freedom fighters we can also be called extremists. But it can be said “One persons terrorist is another persons freedom fighter” #ScotlandTillJudgement


Working Class Hero – A song for Scotland
Via Troo Radio on You Tube

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EU Referendum – Did you get this in the post today? Sturgeon & Cameron Videos #UDI?

20160510_112357Nicola Sturgeon and Cameron views in video below, Nicola mentions NEW REFERENDUM here. Just this second, alright I lied, 10 minutes ago; we got this through the letter box. Reasons we should stay in Europe with Auld Liz’s name on it. Cameron wants to stay in Europe although he has changed his mind like the Scottish weather. But Cameron has many in his party wanting to remain, Boris Johnson being one from the top of my mind. If Scotland vote to stay in but IF England, Wales and Northern Ireland vote to leave the European Union am I correct in thinking there is something in our new devolved powers that suggests if, as a devolved nation we vote to stay in the EU, the SNP could enact Unilateral Declaration of Independence? Thoughts? And spread this around please, all pages are here for those who never got one of these. I am in Edinburgh so my City will no doubt vote with ‘The Tory’ because they are selfish and rich. Let’s REALLY understand the question and its answers for once before we vote this time. I won’t hold my breath, but this is a tiny chance for Independence or a future path to one. Me myself I think I would want to remain in Europe. Of course many will say “Why be ruled by European law when we are already oppressed by Tory laws” and I would understand. I just think for the future it would be best to remain a part of Europe on our terms. The question of EU or not is different now the SNP have no Majority (Although the SNP will get laws passed) and the Tory as direct opposition in Holyrood. Please share for those who don’t have this.


Nicola Sturgeon Talks EU Referendum And Scotland’s View On Europe
Via Sky News on You Tube


Cameron warns leaving EU is a ‘step into the dark’
Via BBC News on You Tube


















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Scotland Bill Passes – No Disolving of Hollyrood – No New Referendum In Deal!!

vendettaLink below from STV proving the bill passed. This guy who had these claims is a decent lad, I like him, but he is sadly wrong, he built up hope for old people, poor people, disabled people to you and I who want the same free Scotland, and with so many asking in hope, someone had to say the truth, I was on block when I showed him STV news below, I was blocked all over social media because I questioned his story, one I did blog till I deleted and told him why. The bill passed! The guy has been telling anyone who will listen the Scotland Bill would be rejected then the lords and peers of Scotland with the SNP would walk away from the Union and Scotland was to be free TODAY because the Tory were going to try and close Holyrood, in the city I live in, not 10,000 miles away where this guy lives. I just told him the bill has been passed, he said “Later Today” not knowning it’s like nearly 9pm here and blocked me. He is NOT a liar, he was just wrong, this was his blog on


He had people believing this video below was Nicola telling you and I this was our day of Independence. Buddy, you were just wrong ok, don’t delete everyone who says it won’t happen. Why? Because it won’t. The SNP sold us all down a river by not picking up the 45%, the SNP also had to have a “No New Referendum” clause inserted for these extra powers. IT PASSED! And this video was Nicola whilst 2nd in charge, before the Referendum we lost. In this video you had Scottish people who live in Scotland believing and having hope in a new future. I ask your motives today, because I told you when I read this it wouldn’t happen. I would rather have, as usual, have this in private but I am sorry, you are filling people’s heads with lies and giving people who are poor and disabled FALSE HOPE. You said I deleted you 3 months ago when you could CLEARLY still speak to me, now you block me because I was the ONLY voice saying ‘I think you are wrong ******’. Now your story and blog I will leave above so people can see it because you will delete it I guess


Deputy First Minister announces independence day
Via: Scottish Government on You Tube


New powers for Holyrood as Scotland Bill agreed in Commons

Via: STV News


Holyrood will be handed a raft of new powers after the Scotland Bill was agreed by the House of Commons for the final time on Wednesday.

The Bill will hand Scotland powers over income tax, air passenger duty, abortion law, the Crown Estate and benefits. It also sets in stone the permanence of the Scottish Parliament, requiring a referendum to abolish it.

Scottish secretary David Mundell, the nation’s sole Conservative MP, described the passage of the Bill as a “truly significant day”. But SNP MPs warned that in future they do not want to be “given crumbs from the table at Westminster”.

Mr Mundell said: “It provides even greater opportunities for the Scottish Government to tailor and deliver Scottish solutions to Scottish issues. The Scottish Parliament that returns in May will be a powerhouse parliament that has come of age.”

But Angus MacNeil, the SNP MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, criticised the approach to devolution taken by the Tory Government. He said: “Isn’t it time that we moved away from the devolution that is effectively crumbs from the table from Westminster and moved to a model that Copenhagen shares with the Faroe Islands and Greenland: The larder is open, you choose your own powers. No longer should we be given crumbs from the table at Westminster but the Scottish Government takes the powers the Scottish Government wants from Westminster when it wants.”

Mr Mundell said Mr MacNeil had struck a “rather sour note,” and claimed that the Bill delivers the recommendations set out by the post-referendum Smith Commission on further devolution.

SNP Westminster group leader Angus Robertson said the Bill is “progress”, but he insisted there is still further to go as he suggested people who voted for Scottish independence had brought about the devolution of more powers. Thanks to all of those Yes voters, thanks to all of those SNP voters, Westminster has had to take note,” he said. This is just the latest stage on Scotland’s journey. There will be many more.”

The Scotland Bill cleared its final Commons vote unopposed and will become law once it has received royal assent.

~~~~End Story~~~~

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Scotland – How we can free ourselves in 1 year. BY ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING!



ALBA GU BRATH, WOO, YEAH, GO SCOTLAND!! YEAH BABY!! UDI!! WE WILL WIN, VOTE SNP!!  – THINK AGAIN – I asked Scotland if it was possible we could walk to freedom and YOU WERE TOLD TO IGNORE ME, and I also said before I hit publish people would imply “Impossible” What is happening RIGHT NOW Scotland is beyond anger for me. People are telling others “Don’t read Shaun” Don’t read John, Bill, Audrey, don’t read him or her and SCOTTISH PEOPLE ARE FALLING FOR THESE IDIOTS!! Really I could go on and on and on with names, I am struggling to know fully who is in control here, but know it’s a person wearing a Scotland Yes T-Shirt. I could post the people doing it as I have the screenshots but if I post it all I do is take away the reasons we need and we walk into anger and things become worse. I suggested that Scotland does this, well WE asked, the people I speak with and I. We are in worse than a bad place. People will tell you TO IGNORE WHAT I WRITE HERE. I ask you please keep an eye on who is telling YOU what to do. Do you have your own mind? Are you in full control of your Scottish thoughts? I am asking. And I already know the answer.

We CAN free Scotland in 1 year!! It is so easy -Yet many will imply ‘IMPOSSIBLE

And people did imply ‘Impossible because I put a number on the amount of people. See this is what is happening. The Unionst side are paying people to start Scottish Groups and websites and people are sheep being taken for a ride. I am giving Scotand 2 good ideas here.

  1. Take to the streets and be so visible we can’t be ignored
  2. We all complain to the BBC and stop paying them.
  3. WE WILL DO NOTHING! But if you want to?
  4. HOW TO STOP PAYING TV LICENCE < Want to do something?

♫ Scotland has something inside so strong ♫
Why do we bother? Why do we share crap lik this?
I did this video, and it was a TOTAL waste of time.

And as expected nothing happened. So how about we all complain to the BBC? Everyone who is annoyed at the BBC who post images of the BBC, who comment how bad the BBC are, how about we actually tell them? The complaints link is above, can we be bothered to even complain and show ourselves online?? I mean 1 Million complains I am sure would make the news. Scotland you are being fooled by clever people who tell you what to do, think and how to act. When the easy thing is in-front of us we still just post crap on Facebook and as we do we go backwards as the CONTROLLED Scottish Yes Movement takes so many steps back. Some commented on a Labour Conference and the lack of someone being mentioned. Some shared images of Nuclear bombs going past Scottish homes, I ask how many actually got out of their home and protested? What is your excuse? Seriously because it best be good. It’s the reason I stopped writing about Scotland and turned my font to the USA where we could see the World go down the Toilet for good if Hillary is POTUS as I said she would be 2 years ago. What is more important? The World or a Free Scotland in an opressed World? Even a half free Scotland in an oppressive Union? What is more important?




Scottish Yes Movement – Is in total control of the Unionists?

The Scottish Yes Movement For Dummies

The awful Social Media Impact on the Scottish Yes Movement

The Silencing of the Scottish Yes Movement


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Millions March Scotland To Freedom – A New Movement – Join Here




New Movement many of us agree we must at least talk about. PLEASE feel free to join Scotland and please, add your friends and lets just debate between what is the reality of an idea me and a few others came to. It’s just to debate it’s reasons and actuality. We can do this. Let us be so powerful we can’t be ignored!

This is not impossible; the individual will say it’s impossible, without actually knowing the story, because I don’t either. I suggested an idea, the numbers, if it happens will be the numbers it will be. I am suggesting, prodding, hoping, helping. Same as others. But if we look to just recent history, a small country like ours became what we can become in our way. I don’t agree with all others say and I know not everyone will agree with all I say. The only comeback I have is “If anyone can hate me as I am some days in my own house, fire away” 😀 Never hate, just a guy who knows a dream or an idea can become more. Positive thinking is not my strong point in life so I am out of my comfort zone these days. But I, like you, all I do is try, I am trying, nothing more. I am a team player like you and others. When we meet ‘ego’ we meet the division between us that is caused by the very things and outlets we all dislike and we share what we dislike. How can’t this be possible? What if it ends up half a million? I can’t say what it will be because there is nothing to ‘Be’ yet. All I know is, if the ‘will is stronger than the skill’, anything can happen. History proves this Scotland. I think so anyway. Respectfully “But I can’t change the World” – Yes you can, here is why #Iceland #RoleModels

Millions March Scotland To Freedom:
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The awful Social Media Impact on the Scottish Yes Movement

We SHOULD be the most Politically aware people on Earth, we are not!

We SHOULD be the most Politically aware people on Earth, we are not!

This is a long read so just hate me now, get it over with yeah? Why do we share the bleeding obvious every day? Quotes, Images and Sayings we all should already know. Where is the new news? Why do some sites stop the flow of information? We must get back on the same page Scotland, this is NOT about me, it’s about a group of about 100 people, many who have since walked who see it as plainly as they do their ceiling when they wake up. The reality is people don’t fully read what some share, I am slowly learning this. The title and image must be better. I did that blog on ‘Allow the North of England to secede from the UK or join Scotland?” I could re-write this, different headline and image and everyone would like it. I could rename it “North of England has small petition to vote SNP” And there would not have been so much anger. That is just the reality. People moan and complain but when it comes time to research and ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING too busy, or can’t be bothered. That is our downfall and will remain so on Social Media. I try and keep blogs as small as I can so people read. Two blogs I shared recently went so bad people were saying what I myself said in the blogs. I do appreciate the many who did say this in my defence. Also the blog I did about the Pilot, 1 from a thousand/Millions? to say “Something was wrong on 9/11” Nothing more! CIA Pilot ‘SWEARS ON OATH’: Planes Did Not Bring Towers Down On 9/11[VIDEO] And the planes did hit both towers, so why did people say to me “But the planes hit the buildings, my Aunty seen them?” Because they never read. The VERY PEOPLE who ruined our Referendum are as we speak creating war to create money. Yeah, greed like our Tory is a Global issue Scotland and media globally lie like ours does. So many replied with “I seen the planes hit”, SO DID I 😀 Seriously, nobody is reading things. This is our downfall Scotland. We are becoming nasty. The blog about North England I did above and I have the screenshots but will save people face, some said “F*UCK ENGLISH PEOPLE” Have we become what we dislike in the Unionist hater? Seriously I am just asking.

Where did this feeling go?

Where did this feeling go?

Joking aside I don’t think we will see a Free Scotland till my two 5 year old Daughters are in their 40’s, the Yes movement has been taken over, it is in bits, people who run and own groups and websites are dictating and deciding what is news and what is not. Where I get confused is “Who is anyone to say what is or isn’t relevant to our cause” I write things, some fly, some die but I don’t lose sleep. I get confused when someone said earlier today “If this isn’t deleted I will leave this group” Seriously 😀 What is that? 😀 If we don’t stop hating each other more people will walk away. I now know at least 10 REALLY good bloggers or group owners to walk away, for the same reasons I won’t. I will keep telling the stories I do because I have many reasons and I will give my reasons for you. My two sons moved out, in love and all that Jazz, but I do this for them. So my reasons are almost for 2 reason.

Why are we deemed less? I speak about it, others are scared to. Seriously

Why are we deemed less? I speak about it, others are scared to. Seriously

For my girls and 3 disabilities I REFUSE to not stop me being part of the World Living with CPS/Fibro and M.E. – 3 Disabilities Often I feel as if people are actually holding my disabilities against me as “How can he know he is Disabled” was one comment. That is how it feels for disabled people, trust me, I speak to many who feel the same.The way people are treating each other just now makes me shake my head and almost get angry. Scotland we are losing each other. Not just my stupid blog, but other people too. Nicola is DREAMING of this happening for Scottish and GOOD reasons. Million Mask March – Glasgow – 5th November 2016 – Ready Glasgow? Nicola needs a visible Scotland on the streets demanding another Referendum. But all we have is Facebook and Twitter and some blogs and websites run by people who think they are important, NEWSFLASH, you are as important as I am in all this, the PEOPLE AS ONE will free Scotland, forget Politics, the people will do it, but we are growing apart, it is anger? Is it pain? Is it because it is too slow? People will STILL reply to this blog blindly with “Ahh but when the Election comes we will come together” Yeah I think I understand when people say to me “People are saying this in hope” We can and must do better. Here are my reasons, what are yours? Or do you lose sleep over what people write on the Internet? Seriously “I will leave this group if that is not deleted” 😀 I have seen it done to many people and I smile but feel sad at the same time. WHAT IS GOING ON!!! I was on 84 tablets and 30 Ml of Morphine A DAY for the last 11 years, today I am clean, I told the Dr to ram his poison and I went and built a Boxing Gym in my spare room, hoping that when I was awake, as I am now, that I would see things different. Sadly I see it worse. I am lost Scotland and I know MANY, thousands, 10’s of thousands are too. The proof is in the debate, or lack of there in, where we look, it’s the same images and quotes and debates just redone. There are over 1,000 Scottish Groups of every kind, we have OVER KILL. I don’t have the answers but (Below) I do have the questions peeps. Never hate from me, when hate comes to me I try once to reason with it then delete it. I ask you block me if you lose sleep over what I write. PLEASE! Scotland is far more important that you and I!

Alba, respect, and all that. I have been constant in my views. You? And please, no hate! 😦

♫ Nicola lays truth on the line 

♫ Scotland – Sing our own Song ♫

♫ Scotland has something inside so strong ♫

Reminder: At the bottom of each blog is 3 of the same story, WE seen this coming!

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Missing Jr Dr Rose Polge ‘left note addressed to Jeremy Hunt’ #WHY?


As always I like to write the small story because usually they become the huge story, I did this here 6 days ago: English Health Care System On It’s Knee’s – Scotland Are Hiring Dr’s. SO, 2 older blogs attached, I beg you read! Below I left links to this story from many news sources (Main Stream) also some tweets from around the Country. I have spoken to 1 person who is fairly high in the junior doctors’ strike movement, he is thinking of leaving for Scotland. The story here is a story I can’t tell and I have deleted all images, documents and info on this story that were emailed to me. Someone else can dig for this story. All I can offer is a story. Do we remember this? Paddy Ashdown: SNP coming south to burn Westminster, Like Balkan War! – Shocking Remarks!! That was a warning. Also this here when Nicola was called ‘Mini Hitler’ David Starkey branded ‘serial utterer of bile and bilge’ for ‘offensive’ comments comparing SNP to Nazis Be careful Scotland. This kind of talk, should we look backwards in history ends up with a ‘CLEANSING’. Am I going to far? No I am not. Is this a warning? I don’t know. Is this as much as I will share? YOU BET YOUR ASS!!!

Via: & Tons of other Main Stream Media sites below


Police searching for missing junior doctor Rose Polge have refused to deny a report that she left a note addressed to Jeremy Hunt before she went missing halfway through a shift.

Dr Polge, 25, who was a vocal supporter of the junior doctors’ strike, disappeared on Friday before her car was found parked at Anstey’s Cove near Torquay, Devon. A hooded top said to belong to her has been washed ashore nearby.

ITV News Westcountry reported that “persistent rumours” have been circulating at Torbay Hospital, where Dr Polge worked, that she had left a note for the Health Secretary, who plans to impose a controversial new contract on junior doctors. A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said today: “We are not making any comment about a note or the contents of it.”

Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust, which runs Torbay Hospital, refused to say anything beyond a one-sentence statement it released on Monday saying it was “aware” that one of its doctors was missing and would be providing support to her colleagues and family.

Last month Dr Polge posted a new Facebook profile picture, featuring the hashtag #NotFairNotSafe.

She also shared a link to a petition asking the British Medical Association to support the junior doctors’ strike which opposed changes to working hours and conditions proposed by Mr Hunt.

Police described her disappearance as “totally out of character”.

Dr Polge, from Royston, Herts., last spoke to her boyfriend at 1pm on Friday before her car was found in the car park at Anstey’s Cove at 6pm.

One of her friends told The Sun she had disappeared halfway through a shift at the hospital, and had been under strain from the long hours she had been working.The friend said: “She usually had a smile on her face but the last couple of weeks were taking their toll. Rose was always cheerful and worked incredibly hard to get where she was.”

Police divers have joined a helicopter, drone, RNLI lifeboat and search team of 100 volunteers, including Dr Polge’s parents Mark and Heather.

Martin Ringrose, Director of Human Resources at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are aware that one of our junior doctors is missing. Our thoughts are with her family and loved ones at this very distressing time. We will do whatever we can to support the authorities investigating her disappearance and searching for her, as well as providing support to her colleagues, who are anxious for her wellbeing.”

Devon and Cornwall Police said in a statement: “We are extremely concerned for the welfare of Rose and are desperate to locate her.”

~~End Story~~


They found her hooded top


#Presumed DEAD


What did she know that was THIS bad it cost her LIFE?



One of her last tweets or Facebook shares


She was against his principles. Why send him a letter? Where does this story go?


Missing Rose Polge: Devon and Cornwall Police deploy drone amid Jeremy Hunt suicide note rumours : Via


Missing Junior Doctor Rose Polge left ‘Jeremy Hunt note’ before she walked out of shift :


Rose Polge: Missing junior doctor left note to family mentioning Jeremy Hunt before vanishing:



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Allow the North of England to secede from the UK or join Scotland?


Anyone remember this blog I did here? 40,000+ sign petition for north of England to join Scotland. It seems this story still has legs. I did this blog on May 28th 2015 and here we are a year on and the story is drawing more support. There is a petition for this and it’s sitting at 47,680 supporters with 2,320 needed to reach 50,000. WOW!! The petition details are below. Cheers!



The deliberations in Westminster are becoming increasingly irrelevant to the north of England. The northern cities feel far greater affinity with their Scottish counterparts such as Glasgow and Edinburgh than with the ideologies of the London-centric south.

The needs and challenges of the north cannot be understood by the endless parade of old Etonions lining the frontbenches of the House of Commons. The north of England should join the newly independent Scotland and regain control over its own destiny. We, the people of the north, demand that in the event that Scotland becomes independent the border between England and the New Scotland be drawn along a line that runs between the River Dee and the mouth of The Humber (see map).


The UK Government
Allow the north of England to secede from the UK and join Scotland
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