If Only We Could Be Strangers Again….

I started doing this blog or ‘personal diary’ around the year 2011 for reason’s I really can’t remember. It was called ‘Praying for one more day’, so I guess the title of the blog then was my reason. I came across as pathetic and wanting off sympathy maybe? I don’t actually care how many people read this page anymore, but I just checked and between 200 and 400 people read my page every day! Who are you…lol? Why? Why do you read the ramblings of a mad-man? Come forward and speak, please?

It is now late 2017 and here is ‘ShaunyNews’ I used to share World news the Main Stream Media would not cover, in a vain attempt to give others knowledge of the TRUTH. Oh how pathetic I was.

Anyway, this has taken an hour so far just to get to this stage; I may as well share a story. I just watched a movie starring Will Smith called ‘Collateral Beauty’ and wow did I cry like a little girl! But how UN-manly of me to admit I cried right? If you watch movies and love what a movie can do to you, like a song can, I advise you watch this movie. But only if you can take the emotion that is shared in the movie. I am warning you, this movie is upsetting! An emotion we all hide from in 2017

Collateral Beauty Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Will Smith Movie
Via Movieclips Trailers on You Tube

I mean what is a man in 2017? Tough, courageous, thoughtful? Brave? I really don’t care what the World says a man should be, I only care what my heart and soul tell me what is right these days. Every day is a battle for me, but EVERY DAY IS A BATTLE FOR EVERYONE, It took 6 years of typing on this page for me to figure out we all have a something, a thing that holds us back, an emotion we hide and protect ourselves from. Why? Well it is socially unacceptable behavior to show emotion in the year 2017, especially if you are a man. Yeah it all confuses me too!

Today the pain is killer, my mind is a mess. This process of getting up, living, then going to sleep again is now past Groundhog Day for me. The eventually of my existence is neither less nor more than yours, I know this much. Social status, how rich we are what we do, what we don’t do is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Today in 2017 not many people care enough, but I don’t think many realize they do it. Social Stigma, people pointing at our every action is something many avoid, yet here I am making myself a target, and that is ok, no! Really it is

The only certainty in life is Death, so till that day arrives should we live freely?

Often I do think about my past and everyone in my today and yesterday and think “What if we awoke total strangers to each other tomorrow”? What then? Would we walk past each other, would we stop and think ‘Déjà vu’? That is a thought, just a thought but one a movie invoked in me to write about.

See life can be as simple as just breathing in then breathing out, smiling and trying for the right reasons. Looking at what we do have as opposed to what we wish we did have. Stopping to notice how lucky we are in an uncaring World of 2017. Take a look at the news on the TV from time to time and then just stop and look around your own life. It ain’t so bad is it? But this all sounds easy to do, sadly for me it is not easy, everything is hard, I could blame people or life, so I will just blame both 😀

When will you start to live the way you want, and not the way life dictates how you should live? What binds these invisible shackles of oppression to us? Social stigma and Social bandwagons out-with our own control? I told you I think a lot! If what I write here is wrong to anyone, I would hate to know what is correct or ‘Socially Acceptable’ to the people of the year 2017, today I mean. After-all, my Words here will still be here LONG after I am gone. I would love to be around to see what people think of me, or maybe about the way I am able to express myself. I guess I will never know yeah? But do know I do look outwards to and at other people and dissect them in a way to purely understand them, God knows I try! But the only people I can look to or at and see fun, happy, honesty and love are my two Daughters. What World will await them? This is 2017, when they are my age it will be roughly the year 2055, how bad or good will the World be for them? NOW THAT GIVES ME FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

Till the next ramblings….






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Remember Fenerbahce fans threatened Celtic Fans? Both sets of fans went into overdrive!! #HILARIOUS

THIS SHIT WAS REAL....But as you will see...Celtic and Fenerbace fans had fun with them

THIS SHIT WAS REAL….But as you will see…Celtic and Fenerbahce fans had fun with them

This is just HILARIOUS. I was sending messages to a Celtic mate and GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW THIS HAPPENED, but I ended up sending him the vibrator one 😀 To be fair Fenerbahce fans took the fun out of the threat and, well you can see it here. Rival football fans united to poke fun at daft threats from Turkish hooligans – with a bit of typical Scottish wit. Pictures surfaced on social media of two scarf-wearing Fenerbahce fans brandishing knives and telling Celtic fans that they were for them when they visit Turkey. The two sides met in the Europa League last December. Vibrators, Dusters, Cleaning Items, Vaginal Cream, Dogs, Pets, I mean literally EVERYTHING became a funny weapon

This was the (I think) the 1st mention tweet…


IDIOTS…But Celtic fans took the lead and Fenerbache fans joined in 😀









































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Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton TO BE INDICTED – Breaking News!


Trump, sadly, has played a BLINDER.



[ALLEGEDLY] So, breaking news in the last few hours, the Clinton Foundation hit with racketeering lawsuit. I have said for many years it was my belief Hillary would be next US POTUS; this leaves the door wide open for Donald Trump. A little research earlier in the week and I seen Donald Trump ALLEGEDLY paid the best lawyers on EARTH to dig for the information that could jail both Hillary and Bill Clinton and close a Foundation down that is allegedly money laundering. This is a breaking story within the last few hours; I have a TON more on this but for now I will leave multiple sources and tweets below. America, get ready for Trump to tell you that 1.7 Billion Muslims are ISIS and scare you, because that is what he is doing. This isn’t a democratic USA election at all, and for the record I don’t think the Scottish independence vote was fair either, so American friends, as I say ALWAYS, we are all in this together. The people who allegedly stole Scotland’s freedom want Trump in charge of our World. ISIS will grow via US/Israel/London funding; Trump will pay ISIS because it’s what America is doing. Use the search at the right hand side with key words like “USA Funds ISIS” or “Funding ISIS” and you will see my research over the last 18 months clearly shows the USA, London and Israel along with the World’s biggest beheading Country and allies to the USA, London and Israel in Saudi Arabia. Many people tell me “Shaun ISIS are a REAL threat” but there are 1.7 Billion Muslims, just around 1/5th of Earth’s population, and if even 1% of all these Muslims are ISIS and want to behead people that is 1.7 Million active ISIS members. If 1% of Muslims are ISIS we would feel it and see it, in-fact if 000.1% of all Muslims or Islam were ISIS that is still around half a Million ISIS members, again that is a high number and we would feel and see half a million ISIS members. What I am saying is ISIS are real but they are not the threat Donald Trump and his son say they are. American people, not all, are being brainwashed with fear about Islam and Muslims and the rest of the World don’t like it, I have dozens of Muslim friends here in Edinburgh, Scotland and the very notion all hate America or are radical is laughable. The story is money laundering by the Clintons, but the real story is Donald Trump and his wealth buying his POTUS seat. Watch this space for more racial division in the USA because what is about to happen will make Ferguson look like a kindergarten fight, seriously it could become that bad. Don’t be fooled into thinking Trump hates ISIS. But do know America kills people who commit crime and their biggest allies in the World Saudi Arabia behead more people every day than ISIS can do in 6 months. Do not believe me, research on your own. Tweets and links below. Also, I am not 100% on this story, but it has just appeared in many sites, lets wait to see if this holds up. This could be a hoax but till proven otherwise it’s a story I just seen or was sent. I just found this article from political insider. Sen. Tom Delay is saying if DOJ doesnt prosecute, that the FBI will. Breaking: FBI Will Make A HUGE Move Against Hillary Rodham Clinton


Still Report #907 – HuffPo Writer & Editor – Don’t Know Why Story Was Pulled
Via: Bill Still on You Tube


ALLEGEDLY the story is being pulled. So catch it while you can

ALLEGEDLY the story is being pulled. So catch it while you can

Via: http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/

Political Insider

Over the weekend, a writer for the liberal Huffington Post reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) will pursue a criminal indictment against Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

 Frank Hugenard, a scientist, public speaker and freelance contributor, had his report removed by HuffPo editors and his account disabled without explanation. The piece was entitled, ““Hillary Clinton to be Indicted On Federal Racketeering Charges” and it quickly went viral before being removed. Huguenard, who seems to support Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), claims to have sources within the FBI who say the agency will recommend racketeering charges against Hillary. As Huguenard explained:

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a United States Federal Law passed in 1970 that was designed to provide a tool for law enforcement agencies to fight organized crime. RICO allows prosecution and punishment for alleged racketeering activity that has been executed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.

Activity considered to be racketeering may include bribery, counterfeiting, money laundering, embezzlement, illegal gambling, kidnapping, murder, drug trafficking, slavery, and a host of other nefarious business practices.

James Comey and The FBI will present a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice, that includes a cogent argument that the Clinton Foundation is an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic

Huffington Post Politics senior editor Sam Stein claims to have no idea why the post was removed, and refused to give further comment when contacted by Breitbart News. Stein opined, “Sorry. I don’t know. I’d direct your question to a blog editor.”

Do you think Hillary Clinton will finally be indicted by the FBI, after years of criminal activity? Please leave us a comment (Link Above)

~~End Story~~

Above Top Secret: (Worlds Biggest USA debating site) Hillary Clinton to be indicted on racketeering charges

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Father & Son Pose For Same Photo For 30 Years – Astonishing Memories

indexCheck out this amazing photo series that shows a father and son adopting the same pose for three decades. Tian Li was born in the summer of 1986 in southeastern China’s Guizhou Province. His father, then 27, took the first photo with him on his birthday. This took thought and strong will and love to keep doing, last image is jaw dropping

Via: http://www.timetobreak.com/







































Tian Li’s son Timothy debuts in the family photo. Timothy was born in the United States in 2014, so Tian Li didn’t get a chance to take a photo with his father that year.


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Harvard Neurosurgeon Confirms The Afterlife Exists – When he died!!!

human-soulIn my life quest to crack the riddle of Heaven, Hell, Religion, God and the Afterlife I came across this via a friend sending it to me last night in an email. I spent an hour researching the story, found the video from the Harvard Neurosurgeon who has this claim. He almost convinces me but again we can’t prove this, we can only say ‘Science and Religion’ can co-exist in the same World with no hate. Religious people dislike Science, where is the Science mind I have doesn’t hate anything or anyone, as I always say I am only trying to find MY REASONS. This is a really decent video and article below. Also as always I will leave tweets from around the World at the foot of the page. Science meets Religion here!! This is a man of Science who died and seen ‘Something’ as he was dying, while dead of bacterial meningitis his mind, with no activity claims, well here is the video. He didn’t believe in God or Heaven, now he does. Amazing story!! And for people who think I hate Religion or God, seriously, don’t pick and choose what stones to throw or what to like when it suits. This American guy who could not reach God or heaven before, well just watch what he has to say readers and friends


Life after Death – The Sixth Sense Proof of Heaven
Via 3D Crazy curiosity on You Tube


Via: Spirit Science and Metaphysics

spirit science and metaphysics

By Steven Bancarz|

Do we have a soul? Is there life after death?  The afterlife is something that has been experienced by countless people since recorded history who have returned to tell their tales, with the most noteworthy account experienced first-hand by Harvard trained brain neurosurgeon of 25 years, Dr. Eben Alexander.  This is not just another afterlife account that can be written off as a hallucination.  Before we look at exactly how his experience of the afterlife defies all scientific explanation, lets explore his account a little bit.

Before his experience, he did not believe existence of a non-physical spirit. Trained in western medical school and surrounded by medical colleagues who are deeply invested in the materialism view of the universe, he thought that the idea of a soul was outlandish.  Like most “skeptics”, he believed stories of the afterlife to be hallucinations or products of the human imagination.

Dr. Alexander changed his mind after he was in a coma for seven days caused by severe bacterial meningitis.  During his coma he experienced a vivid journey into what he knew to be the afterlife, visiting both heavenly and not so heavenly realms.

After returning to his body and experiencing a miraculous healing against all odds, and went on to write the NY Times #1 best selling book “Proof of Heaven.” What Dr. Alexander confirms is that our life here is just a test help our souls evolve and grow, and that the way we succeed in doing so is to proceed with love and compassion.  Here are just a few other notable points he made:


– The experience of the afterlife was so “real” and expansive that the experience of living as a human on Earth seemed like an artificial dream by comparison.

The fabric of the afterlife was pure LOVE. Love dominated the afterlife to such a huge degree that the overall presence of evil was infinitesimally small. If you wish to know the Universe, know Love.

– In the afterlife, all communication was telepathic. There was no need for spoken words, nor even any separation between the self and everything else happening around you. All the questions you asked in your mind were immediately answered to you telepathically as well.

When asked what he wants everyone to know about the spiritual realm, he always answers saying that you are precious and infinitely loved more than you can possibly imagine. You are always safe. You are never alone. The unconditional and perfect Love of God neglects not one soul.

“Love is, without a doubt, the basis of everything. Not some abstract, hard-to-fathom kind of love but the day-to-day kind that everyone knows-the kind of love we feel when we look at our spouse and our children, or even our animals. In its purest and most powerful form, this love is not jealous or selfish, but unconditional.

This is the reality of realities, the incomprehensibly glorious truth of truths that lives and breathes at the core of everything that exists or will ever exist, and no remotely accurate understanding of who and what we are can be achieved by anyone who does not know it, and embody it in all of their actions.”

Now let’s talk credibility for a minute.  What makes this experience so much more significant than another NDE account? Eben’s neocortex was completely nonfunctional during the time of his coma do to his severe bacterial meningitis, so there is no scientific account for why he experienced this.  In fact, he gives refutations to 9 different possible scientific explanations for his experience in his book.


Exploring Naturalistic Explanations

Let’s take a look at 5 potential explanations he outlines in Appendix B of “Proof of Heaven”.  Some are of his explanations would make no sense to us as laymen untrained in neuroscientific terminology, so here are the most common explanations he refutes, all of which are taken verbatim from his book:

1. A primitive brainstem program to ease terminal pain and suffering (“evolutionary argument” – possibly as a remnant of feigned-death strategies from lower mammals?).  This did not explain the robust, richly interactive nature of the recollections.

2. The distorted recall of memories from deeper parts of the limbic system (for example, the lateral amygdala) that have enough overlying brain to be relatively protected from the meningitic inflammation, which occurs mainly at the brain’s surface.  This did not explain the robust, richly interactive nature of the recollections.

3. DMT dump.  DMT, a naturally occurring serotonin agonist causes vivid hallucinations and a dream-like state.  I am personally familiar with drug experiences related to serotonin agonist/antagonists (LSD) from my teen years in the early 70s.  I have had no personal experience with DMT but have seen patients under its influence.  The rich ultra-reality would still require fairly intact auditory and visual neocortex as target regions in which to generate such a rich audiovisual experience as I had in a coma.  Prolonged coma due to bacterial meningitis had badly damaged my neocortex, which is where all of the serotonin from the raphe nuclei in my brainstem (or DMT, a serotonin agonist) would have had effects on visual/auditory experiences.  But my cortex was off, and the DMT would have no place in the brain to act.

Scientific formula

Scientific formula

. A reboot phenomenon – a random dump of bizarre dis-jointed memories due to old memories in the damaged neocortex, which might occur on restarting the cortex into consciousness after a prolonged system-wide failure, as in my diffuse meningitis.  Especially given the intricacies of my elaborate recollections, this seems most unlikely.

5. Unusual memory generation through an archaic visual pathway through the midbrain, prominently used in birds but only rarely identifiable in humans.  It can be demonstrated in humans who are cortically blind, due to occipital cortex.  It provided no clue as to the ultra-reality I witnessed and failed to explain the auditory-visual interleaving.

His NDE account stands as the most credible account of all time, and coming from his materialistic scientific background, we have good reason to believe that he really did have a vivid encounter with something beyond this world.

A new social platform is being built called ‘The Conscious Forum‘ to provide the best place online for open-minded people to discuss, engage, and connect with one another in a way never offered before.  To learn more, click the photo below: – See more at: http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/harvard-neurosurgeon-confirms-the-afterlife-exists/#sthash.SMEbqxjz.dpuf

~~End Story~~

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bxwtgnsieaaedow11As usual, tweets below to back up what I am saying. YOU HAVE 24 HOURS TO LIVE – Right! Imagine all our TV’s Radio’s and Internet’s started to have a BREAKING NEWS – And that breaking news is “Huge big feck off meteor to hit Earth in 24 hours and kill everyone in 18 hours” – WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH YOUR LAST 24 HOURS????????? Seriously, just for fun, what would you do with your final 24 hours on Earth? 😀



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‘Black’ Trump supporter shot and killed in Chicago as Racism hate spread over USA

Trump supperter Robert King Bullock killed as USA stands on brink

Trump supperter Robert King Bullock killed as USA stands on brink

Again with the ‘Black’ from USA Media. The headline above is from the http://christiantimesnewspaper.com/ but the headlines are the same all over, go look.  When I wrote Racist America on the brink – Civil War & Martial Law possible – As I warned I hoped there would be no more problems becuase each day or few days there is trouble it will spread faster and before we know it civil or martial law becomes more likely. Yesterday sadly a man died, in my culture ‘A man just died’ but because it’s the USA ‘A Black man died’ and I hate that offensive word to name a person or people. I really don’t think the penny has dropped (Meaning people have full understanding of this story) with many and how yeah, go on with life, but prepare for the worst because this could be a total White Vs Black issue that the World has seen too often in other forms of hate.



Ethnic clensing happens when 1 people dislike another so much they try to rid their World of them, this could happen here and I am not a betting man nor psychic so it could go either way. Muslim’s and black’s could come on top, white people could just start shooting. The racism in America was bad a year ago, today many American’s won’t say it out loud but many are having racial hate thoughts. Why do I know this, well several admitted to me they have thoughts either way over the last few days, not in hate, more in hope or just a political reason,  really no racism from  the people in the USA I spoke with and there were many now people are asking me “How did you see this 2 years ago” Because I did, that blog is at the top in blue. For now, America, you do have a major problem and I would just, at the back of your minds, prepare for the worst in whatever you think this story is or could become. Just be ready America, that is a friendly voice/font talking here.

America is time travelling

America is time travelling

Good luck, but again we see racial hate and all I can do is share in the home people who are not getting the REAL NEWS do get the real news. The Chicago debate was cancelled and again hate was seen. Trump fans were unhappy at the people who stopped the debate and it got silly, dangerous silly. As one American said in the forum below “Looking like the DNC 1968 convention all over again. “ And I have no idea what that is, American’s should. Is it bad? Tweets from all over hateful USA Tweeters at the bottom of the page. Please watch these video’s and deny Civil War is coming to the USA very soon. People are going to start dying more. Brace for impact, this got real!

I now know Americans see this and know it. My worry is the silent racist hate about to be shown

I now know Americans see this and know it. My worry is the silent racist hate about to be shown


America, I would join some REAL CLEVER American’s who are trying to debate this story here: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1108854/pg1

The same site warns American’s, or users do, AMERICA!! Your own people are warning you. With the hate video below, how can you guys not be scared? I suspect if you don’t hate, you don’t care? Because all I see is hatred and more warnings Cleveland seeking to buy riot gear for Republican National Convention


“NEXT TIME WE SEE HIM, WE MAY KILL HIM” – America, this here is your problem, PLEASE WATCH!
Trump Supporter Who Punched Protester: Next Time, We Might Have To Kill Him
[VIDEO] Via Inside Edition on You Tube


Anti-Trump Protesters BLOCK AMBULANCE in Chicago on Way to Hospital with Patient Inside
[VIDEO] Via Mark Dice on You Tube


Trump Rally – MAC-10 “Assault Weapon” Fired by Black Lives Matter Protester in Chicago Streets
[VIDEO] Via Mark Dice on You Tube – Why is the dude laughing? #RACIST?


Chaos erupts at Donald Trump rally in Chicago
[VIDEO] Via CNN on You Tube


Protesters Scare Trump Out of Chicago – Bill Maher Audience Erupts
[VIDEO] Via Michelle Steelemen on You Tube


Via: http://www.chicagotribune.com/


Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump abruptly canceled his Friday night rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion, citing security concerns as thousands of protesters gathered outside and hundreds more demonstrated in unison inside. While Trump has faced interruptions during his speeches for months, he had not been confronted with the type of large, organized protest that unfolded in Chicago. As the crowd waited for the event to start, security escorted about a dozen protesters, a few at a time, out of the arena. After an organizer took to the stage to announce the plug had been pulled, a few skirmishes broke out between Trump backers and the protesters inside the arena. Five people were arrested as a result, and charges against them are pending early Saturday, said Officer Janel Sedovic, a Chicago police spokeswoman. Two officers were injured during the event, police said. They were taken to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries, Sedovic said.

~~ End Story ~~

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Was just got asked the strangest question on WordPress




[IMAGE ABOVE] WHAT ON EARTH WAS THIS. FIRST THOUGHT WAS THREAT – Just sharing in-case, shared the person’s details with a few friends. They really tried to hide, just not well enough. Any of my kids, partners or my internet capable devices are hacked, the culprit is easy to find. Just an odd comment in an odd place on my blog, they hid it in plain sight here #How you can contact Shauny

It is this level of stupid

It is this level of stupid


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The Flat Earth Theory – But why is Antarctica 24/7 Sunny?

flat-earth-vs-round-earthGenesis 1:7-1:8 The Stars, sun and moon are embedded in this rigid dome, is where I started with my research, I don’t belive the Earth is flat fully on the logic that Antartica is 24/7 sunny. If the Earth was flat it would look something like this image below, and think the wall in Game of  Thrones please if you know that wall. There are a few images, video’s as well as always tons of tweets from around the World on a subject that I can say has me ‘Kinda interested’ 10’s of Millions of people today believe in the flat earth theory, 200 years ago the entire World or the ones who cared thought the World was flat. For me I come back to Antartica and say “If it is ALWAYS sunny there, and it is, then the World MUST be a sphere and not flat. This story has my interest after a friend Joy posted something about it. I said not chance and then kept note as I do of things, had time, found time and researched as hard as I could and I conclude the World is as NASA or whoever say it is. Do I want to believe it’s flat? I don’t think it matters if the World is flat, it changes nothing in our lives, but it is hard to see a flat earth when the bottom of it or rim of it as flat earth theroy explains as that wall behind the edge. Would love people’s take on what is just an interesting story with valid points either and each way.


The Flat Earth Update | Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know
[VIDEO] Via: Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – HowStuffWorks on You Tube

Antarctica 24 hour sun DISPROVES the Flat Earth
[VIDEO] Via DITRH on You Tube


I can CLEARLY see a small curve that on a bigger image would be round, but is it a circle? Like ball, or flat?


Does size of image in relative terms count?


The best answer is usually the correct one

Many will point you to this image

Many will point you to this image

But apply some physics and we have a conspiracy!

But apply some physics and we have a conspiracy!


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