NASA Confesses To Dosing Americans With Air-borne Lithium & Other Chemicals


Long read below for anyone interested, I researched this to its fullest about 3 years or so ago, I got images from inside these ‘Alleged’ spray planes, a Pilot admitting it and saying it’s a “Necessary Evil”, we can ALL see these in our skies, just look up. Knowing the difference between a normal Contrail and a Chemtrail is key. Now before I was laughed at for this, now NASA are admitting it!!! So myself and Billion+ others were correct in the research we gathered and shared with each other. The ‘Truth is ALWAYS out there’ #LookUpMore! My research below then the story from MANY sources at the bottom. This is my research here from a few years back, note at the bottom of ALL pages are 3 more directing you to the same story, also Tweets from around Earth sharing this exact story too…

PS: Download these video’s, they WILL be taken down AGAIN!!

BUSTED Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS while landing
Via: F U G O O G L E on You Tube


Commercial Pilot Says Chemtrails Are Necessary Evil
Via: Harold Saive on You Tube



Knowledge is power…Don’t be the fool!!


Look up more, why are they doing this? Why is it necessary Evil?


Inside a ‘Sprayer’ plane


Inside a ‘Sprayer’ plane



Before I give you NASA’s official explanation of why they are spraying psych-meds over hundreds of thousands of Americans, I’d like to point you to some references so that you can do your own research, and discover that this is no conspiracy theory. It is very real, and there is ample scientific documentation to corroborate what I put forth here:

A Pub Med abstract titled, Feasibility of Aerosol Vaccinations in Humans discusses how an increase in antigen volumes can be beneficial in aerosol delivery of vaccines, and could be used in “developing countries and disaster areas.” The abstract also admits that several thousand human subjects have already been aerosol vaccinated with live attenuated measles and influenza A vaccines. The executive summary further states that aerosol vaccinations are ideal for “large populations.” This has apparently been happening since as early as 2003.

Another discussion of aerosolized vaccinations can be found in The New England Journal of Medicine. A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Aerosolized Vaccines Against Measles states that these vaccines were tested on children in India that were as young 9 months old.

The World Health Organization has been researching aerosol vaccines for years now, as have “philanthropic” agencies which have clear aims to sterilize the population. It is also worth noting that the pharmaceutical industry has been absolved from any legal responsibility for medicating the masses since they were awarded  legal protection from all lawsuits by Congress in 1986. This law was challenged, but upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011. Many powerful agencies are making sure that we “take our medicine.”

In fact, many nations are participating in our unwitting, forced vaccination, and the dumping of any number of attenuated viruses, chemical concoctions and other ‘chemtrails’ on our heads with dogged frequency.

The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) considered giving a license application to PaxVax Australia (PaxVax) for the intentional release of a GMO vaccine consisting of live bacteria into the environment in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria. They planned to release cholera on their people.

According to the regulator, this GMO vaccine qualified as a limited and controlled release under section 50A of the Gene Technology Act 2000.

Of course, we can’t ignore the USA. Michael Greenwood wrote an article stating that:

“The incidence of human West Nile virus cases can be significantly reduced through large–scale aerial spraying that targets adult mosquitoes, according to research by the Yale School of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health.”

So, hopefully we’ve established that this IS happening. But why?

As more nations refuse genetically modified food, and refuse to drink fluoridated water, which has been named as a neurotoxin by one of the world’s premiere medical journals, the power structure that desires a complicit population has to figure out a way to alter our neurochemistry.

READ: NASA Takes Chemtrail Spraying Program to Outer Space

Lithium alters how we think by changing the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine secreted by our endocrine system. Lithium strongly alters the brain system, yet the NASA employee in the above video states that “it is not dangerous” and doesn’t harm the population. Even doctors who normally prescribe this medication for the mentally ill have said that it is dangerous because it is hard to figure out proper dosing. Surely, spraying copious amounts of lithium indiscriminately into the air via aerosols should be questioned – but here’s NASA’s official stance on this practice:

“The project is studying neutral and charged particles in the ionosphere and how each affects the way the other moves resulting in currents in the region. The variations matter because all of our communications and GPS satellites send signals through the ionosphere. A disturbed ionosphere translates to disturbed signals, so scientists want to know just what causes the ionosphere to behave in specific ways.” (NASA) 

Meanwhile, should the over-medicated start to actually figure out what is being done to them, the government has imposed gag orders on the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who might easily refute the ridiculous claims of NASA

The US Navy admits to conducting electromagnetic warfare drills over the Olympic Peninsula. Reader submitted photo.

Notably, every single person who works for NASA, the NWS or NOAA are paid with tax payer dollars. This means that we are paying to be medicated and poisoned.

Here, to corroborate information being given by the NASA employee in the video, is the Code 8440 RMMO which states the exact purpose of using Wallops Flight Facility to launch a rocket containing lithium thermite:

Purpose: The primary purpose of this mission was to test the loading methods for lithium canisters to be flown on the upcoming Kudeki (Kwajalein, April 2013) and Pfaff (Wallops, June 2013) missions, and verify their functionality under sounding rocket launch and space flight conditions.

Rocket Type: Two-stage Terrier MK70 Improved-Orion

Location: Wallops Range

Launcher: MRL

Date of Launch: January 29, 2013

Time: 17:50 EST

Experiment results: Thermistor data looked nominal. Good report from airborne optical platform of recorded video and lithium clouds also visible by ground observation.’

We also learn from this specific call that lithium has been dumped in our skies since 1970. If you wanted to medicate the masses to create mindless, slave-like prisoners who didn’t even know they were imprisoned, this is surely a good way to do it. Spraying lithium into our skies, along with countless other bacteria, viruses, prions, parasites, fungi, carcinogens, toxins, hormone-altering drugs, anti-flora and anti-fauna, as well as gene-altering micro-dust is nothing more than bio-warfare against the world’s citizenry. You can call them chemtrails or something else, the effect is the same.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of personswho understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” ~ Edward L. Bernays, Master Propagandist

~~ End Story ~~






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So. The World lost. Why? What next for EARTH? And who really cares?


I am not going to stop blogging, and I am not leaving social media. Reason I was still blogging was because I wanted to see if my World and the World would change course and give us better. Sadly it never, my own World is run by the SNP, Scotland won the Election and has been given all the powers it will be given, end of that story for me. Scotland is 80% free and let’s forgets about that and leave it for 5 years. Also the USA is going to vote Trump or Hillary into POTUS for 2017. So in my World I have a Tory as opposition to the SNP and the World is either going to stay on the EXACT same course of corruption as it is under Hillary or even worse the World will be at War if it is Trump who is Hollywood’s chosen one. Either way America you are making our World oppressive and frankly I am just going to say this and fuck off. Scottish people who voted TORY are not Scottish, they are rich selfish pricks. The same can be said for Trump supporters, you are rich selfish scared pricks.

Although not overall majority - meaning the party will have to proceed as a minority government or form an alliance.

No overall SNP majority – meaning the party will have to proceed as a minority government or form an alliance.

Our World is fucked and the next story is a big movie or who shot JR repeats. We have and are going to keep voting our entire World into Groundhog Day. This does not make me angry; it makes me sad, very sad for my kids and your kids or grandkids. Forget where you are in the World, the next Generation is going to be so controlled it is untrue, and the Generation after that might actually stand up to the global problem that stole Scottish Independence (Allegedly) in 2014, and got George Bush’s 1st win over Al Gore in 2000 as a steal also (Allegedly) See Britain and the USA are like brother and sister, I am now wondering who the sister is in this (No slight on Woman, not what I am meaning) Who is taking it up the rear is what I mean, Britian giving it to the USA or does the USA  give it to us? This is the same force that keeps Israel happy and keeps us consuming in fear, while it’s Religious side blissfully take us to bad places. Seriously, I am done with our species on a Global level. People are just so fucking predicible it is untrue. People who voted the Tory in Scotland are selfish and should know better. Trump voters, well it gets worse from here on in, expect hell and it’s coming to all our doors all over Earth. They won, we lost. I won’t put a name on them, but if American and Scotland can’t see it, well maybe we deserve Trump and more Tory policy WITHIN THE SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT!! And 10,000 Trump Golf courses all over Scotland too

Come on World, wake up!

Come on World, wake up!


♫ The Doors – People are strange ♪ lyrics
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♫ The Doors – The End ♪ lyrics
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I am out…

…for now


And I include myself

And I include myself

Like a marriage

Like a marriage

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Planet X – CONFIRMED Sun out of Place, Earth Wobbling


Won’t come near us, but it’s gravity is ALREADY harming Earth and us all

On the back of this blog I did here NIbiru, Planet-X or Biblical Wormwood – It’s coming!! This year! – NASA have admitted it, Biblical Scripture tells of it, naming it Wormwood. 2 days ago I wanted to see where the Sun comes up and sets and from where I stand the Sun is rising where it wasn’t a year ago, it clearly comes over a house and inbetween a huge tree at this time of the year (I am a geek, I note these things) I ALWAYS sets over the Forth Road/Rail bridges heading north, It’s coming up on the other side of the tree, it’s setting now North of the bridges as it didn’t last year. Many all over our World who have 1,ooo’s of pounds/dollars worth of equipment are now proving this to the World. I ask you take a picture of the Sun with your Camera or Phone then turn that image into a negative, you will see ‘Something’. I took 1 of the images below and that was 3 years ago, now it’s bigger. The 2 video’s below are by superb American guys who I have listened to and watched for years, they flagged this a LONG time ago through their telescopes and now all people with decent equipment can see this. This is not good, PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR MORE EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES AND STRANGE HAPPENINGS IN THE COMING MONTHS as this ‘Something’ is starting to pull on our Earth. There were reports the Moon flipped then flipped back but that is very easy to fake unless you see it yourself. All I do know is, please just keep an eye on this one guys and gall’s. This is no conspiracy this time, this is the 9th Planet that we have been speaking about for 3,000 years now. Lets share when and what we can with each other. Note where the sun us coming up and going down and check it every few days to see if it’s changing as it is here. I will take photos over the next month and compare as I go. People will tell you these are ‘Sun Dogs’ or ‘Sun Spots’, they ain’t!










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WSO April 18 Updates – CONFIRMED Sun out of Place, Earth Wobbling
[VIDEO] Via: Steve Olson on You Tube


Nibiru visible during Timelapse of last Full Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Hyperlapse & HD Photos
[VIDEO] Via: LivingTheGoodLifeNow on You Tube


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FBI – Armed Group of Middle Eastern Men Arrested In California


I have blogged over and over about ISIS, how they are an ironic threat to us all. When I blogged ISIS end game here New ISIS video threatens to cut off Obama’s head and turn US into Muslim Provincene I don’t think many from that country even cared or were scared. Some even told me ISIS were raping people in European Countries, trying to deflect thier own fear, but we are all in this. I say it’s ironic above because my Dog even knows who funds ISIS now, only a fool can deny it. Reminder of who funds ISIS HERE. And as always links to story and tweets from around the World below

The sad part here is Americans will vote Trump because of all this, anyone else able to connect the dots yet? CONFIRMED ISIS TRAINING CAMP FOUND NEAR EL PASO, TEXAS


Armed Group of Middle Eastern Men Arrested In California
[VIDEO] Via DAHBOO77 on You Tube




Shots fired in California’s Mojave Desert led police to a group of 17 campers, all of Middle Eastern descent. The men were detained and questioned by local police and FBI. No crime was committed, police said, yet the FBI hinted at investigating further.

On Sunday, a 911 call to the Victor Valley Sheriff’s Station reported “more than 100 shots” were heard and “5 to 7 subjects wearing turbans were seen” in the area of Deep Creek Hot Springs in the Mojave Desert within San Bernardino County, California. The men were also heard “chanting,” according to news reports.

A sheriff’s helicopter located the men in a remote area, as they were walking from Deep Creek Hot Springs with backpacks and other items, according to the sheriff’s report. Deputies from three other local police units and an FBI agent assisted Victor Valley deputies.

The men were detained and searched, revealing several handguns, a rifle, and shotgun among their items. A photo of the arrests was posted by the Victor Valley News Group, but was not immediately confirmed by law enforcement.

Two photographs purporting to show the men seated on the ground as authorities searched their belongings were posted in a chat forum about Deep Creek Hot Springs.

According to the police report, all guns were properly registered, as were the group’s vehicles. The only exception was the rifle, which had been purchased in parts, but the authorities still declared it legal. None of the men had a criminal history or outstanding warrants for their arrest.

“Several” other hikers in the area on Sunday were questioned by authorities, the sheriff’s report said, but none of them witnessed gunfire.

“There was no evidence found that a crime had been committed by any of the subjects who were detained and they were released,” the sheriff’s report says.

On Monday, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Jodi Miller said none of the men “interviewed yesterday were identified as terrorists,” according to the Los Angeles Times. The men were cooperative with the deputies, Miller said

However, an FBI spokeswoman said that the Bureau is working with local authorities to investigate if any crimes were committed.

“The FBI was asked to respond to reports of suspicious activity on federal land and we are currently working with local authorities to determine whether a crime occurred,” Laura Eimiller told the Victory Valley Daily Press on Monday.

Reports do not indicate whether the men were within the bounds of the San Bernardino National Forest, where Deep Creek Hot Springs is located. Nevertheless, national forests are overseen by the US Forest Service, which does allow firearms in its areas pursuant to state laws and county ordinances.

A man hiking in the Deep Creek Hot Springs area on Sunday told the Daily Press that he witnessed the men firing their guns early that morning. “I was about 50 feet away from the hot tub and saw them fire about six to eight shots,” Dave Stevens said. “I could see them near the hot tubs talking and shooting. I said, ‘I’m out of here, these guys are crazy,’ and decided to leave. As I started heading up the trail I could see them shooting through the canyons. They were shooting toward the hills where people were camping.”

~~End Story~~

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#OpTrump – Anonymous Declares Total War on Donald Trump


#OpTrump has officially been started. Remember Anonymous started as an American student movement as 4Chan, now it is a Global hive of minds like my own. I don’t hack anyone, I am peaceful, I protest with a red rose always. Hate = more hate so in the end we must stop hating each other. Mostly when you see an Anonymous Avatar it’s a kid or someone wanting to be part of a hive of minds who will not stop till we try and stop the utter corruption and problems solving reaction going on by our Governments these days. I am Anonymous, but I am with my own face and words. I don’t hack and not talk to all Anonymous members. I simply believe in their cause. Why? Because as a human being I subscribe to the ethics of the REAL Anonymous movement. Share and maybe you too can join our hive. The hive is everyone, every country, any colour of Skin (For American’s reading). People from Politics to Law and Military and all in-between, the young and old, the disabled the able bodies, and any person you can describe or define, they are all part of Anonymous.

Anonymous Declares Total War on Donald Trump
[VIDEO] Via: Anonymous on You Tube

The  video above about the Anonymous mask represents what a man tried to in London by trying to burn down Political Westmister, Guy Fawkes, also known as Guido Fawkes, the name he adopted while fighting for the Spanish, was a member of a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605. Fawkes was born and educated in York. Also the mask was used in the movie ‘V for Vendetta. Tweets from others at the bottom of the page as always

V For Vendetta Trailer (HD)
[VIDEO] Via jackmanou on You Tube




photoDonald Trump is in the sights of hacktivist collective Anonymous again. On March 4 the group, posted a video declaring “total war” on the presidential candidate. It hopes to not only bring down many of Trump’s sites, but also halt his presidential bid by uncovering and exposing embarrassing information. “We need you to shut down his campaign and sabotage his brand,” said a Guy Fawkes-masked individual in the video.

Trump has been targeted because according to the masked activist, “your inconsistent and hateful campaign has not only shocked the United States America, you have shocked the entire planet with your appalling actions and ideas.”

Using the #OpTrump hashtag, the collective is asking for help to bring down on April 1. It also plans to target personal and business sites like,, and the candidate’s online presidential destinations including and

The collective has already posted unverified personal information about Trump and staff, including his social security number.

This is the second time Trump has been targeted by the group. Anonymous posted a message to the candidate in 2015 regarding his comments concerning Muslims.

~~End Story~~

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Racist America on the brink – Civil War & Martial Law possible – As I warned


Just getting started

Many Americans who I hope are reading this, please get to know why this is happening, it started years ago, please read and be ready, I beg! I wrote 10th of this month #PoliceStateUSA – FBI Orders Teachers To Report Students Who Question Government when I could clearly see this story becoming exactly as I started to say it would unfold over 2 years ago. This is not the saddest blog I have ever had to do but it has the potential to be so. See for you the reader to understand how I hold this now visible point of view and have done for years I have to take you back to October 15th 2014 and probably further back when I came across this story USA – I Warned You About FEMA Camps And Coffins Bought In Millions

Also I leave links and tweets from angry and worried American at the bottom

Donald Trump Protesters Fight At Chicago Rally Gets Canceled Crazy
Via Entertainment News Gaming on You Tube

At the time I could see ‘Something’ and a few American’s could see it also, sadly it has taken Donald Trump, a Racist in many places with help from the US Main Stream Media. When your media says “A man sadly died today in a car crash” people get sad, when the media says “A BL@CK man sadly died in a car crash today” Everyone living in a Democratic World will in an instant recognize what is going on here and we have for many years now. Sadly most American’s are too blind or scared to see the truth and I promise you this is just the start. I speculated back in December 18th 2014 that after research I asked  CAN OBAMA USE MARTIAL LAW TO STAY IN WHITE HOUSE PAST 2016 <Any of the links underlined can be clicked. Donald Trump who used the Muslim word to cause issues that lead us hear, this was done back in 31st of August 2015, Voting Donald Trump is bad for our World – Makes USA more Fascist, it was a clear sign of what was coming, the World seen it, American’s denied it and I really don’t blame any American right now for wanting to deny what I say here. I have been constant in my sad truth about what was once the greatest nation on Earth, it started 3 maybe 4 years ago in a visible sense, had you been paying attention, but lets go back 16 to 20 years here, even as far back as JFK, whom may I add the USA Government admitted they lied back in October 12th 2015 Finally, The USA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination – As We All Knew.

Protest Turns Violent at Donald Trump Rally in Orlando, FL (3-5-16)
Via Right Side Broadcasting on You Tube

malikobamaThis started to be visible a week ago but was created many years ago with the now dead Al Qaeda renaming and rebranding into the alleged ISIS funded by the USA and Allies, the hatred is high and people are starting to swing punches, how long till the first death via a gun on a white person or a black person? WHEN this happens it is game over for the USA. Afterall lets not forget American is a racist Government, almost Fascist and the people who called me and others Conspiracy Theorists 15 years ago, I wonder what they think today, we were right, we seen the big guys falling. When the USA started to police the World it created enemies, I don’t know many people who hate the USA, but we are all annoyed you police this World, because you cause Wars and then dare to hate us back for giving you a hard time because we are left with your mess? Syrian’s who are ISIS I am sure in many places are now all over Europe looking for a plane to the USA. I Warned and warned Obama wanted to cause Civil War to stay in power, I speculated that Obama with the help of his brother Malik Obama, again way back in June 10th 2014 I wrote Obama broke a law, and nobody in the USA noticed! This surrounds the Bergdahl trade of prisoners of war and Obama’s Muslim connection! I am not sitting here saying the USA is perhaps on  the verge of all out civil war, no I am not saying this. I am saying Civil War has begun in the USA. Where it goes from here is both guesswork and an educated guess people. See the USA are not very good to their people these days, American Goverment give more to Israel (NO I DO NOT HATE ISRAEL) and Muslim Countries more money yearly than they do American people. Trump is a racist and anyone who can’t see it is blind or brainwashed. Maybe some are too scared or have lived there long enough to not feel what the World can clearly see. I mean just watch these video’s and you see the early stages of Civil War. Bernie Saunders said ‘White People You Don’t Know What It’s Like To Be Poor’ and now we have an all out race war started by Obama via the media and may keep him in place as no Presidential race can happen when the USA or any Country is in Martial Law. All this will 100% put Hillary into the Oval Office, if the USA does not slide to Civil War in the coming days and weeks, Hillary is 2016 POTUS and that is just the way it is America, two things can happen and one 100% will in my opinion. I have spoken to my American friends, some who want to leave the USA, a few who moved to Canada, 1 who moved nearer the Border to Mexico but remember this? This did happen, the rich are leaving the USA. I mean when this happens you know SOMETHING IS WRONG! And this was an early sign of someone getting out of dodge before the fireworks go off Al Jazeera America to Shut Down, Citing “Not Enough Jew Haters in USA”


Via SucceedBeware on You Tube


Men In Suits Fight At Donald Trump Chicago Rally
Via SnapGram TV on You Tube

I always go back to two blog I did. Obama Thanks Muslims For “Building The Very Fabric Of USA Nation” and Muslim Brotherhood have the USA – Hate of Islam wants it Back – See It Now? Really I could share 1,000 blogs, please search away in my blog for ‘Racist USA, Fascist USA, or The Death of the USA, any key words your logical mind can think, I have probably shared it. I am not psychic, I just understand how our World works. Scotland my Country see it now, well some do, I think we are all starting to get the point now, we are all seeing this power that is dividing us globally. And as I said, it would start in the USA and spread. And we wonder why Countries are walking and have been walking away from the ‘PetroDollar as I have written many times now. Brace for impact America, it’s downhill from here. I hope your faith in God is strong, you will need him in the coming days weeks and months, and I am not smiling as I write this as many presume I am. Also, I think any good mind will understand now Trump was never going to be President as he will not now be President, he was making way for someone else in Hillary and keeping the vote split for WHAT THE USA NEEDS in Bernie Saunders. May God have mercy on the USA! This could be Civil War and Martial Law


Understanding this is understanding the problem



It’s just UTTER HATRED – Strage I can only find images of angry men who are not white.. Odd huh?

Trump Rally Postponed After Protestors Clash With Supporters

Look at the words on his top for the love of God!! ‘Infantry!! This looks planned

screen shot 2016-03-11 at 7.42.26 pm.png

People tried to rush the main stage Trump was to stand


This is going to get bad………


I can’t find an image of a white man throwing a punch. Because they didn’t? Or Media lack of sharing? You decide


I leave you with the most predictive video I have seen predicting this

This was sent to me by an American friend. I wonder if they thought the guy in the middle was correct, while acting
The Newsroom – America is not the greatest country in the world anymore..
Via tpratt441 on You Tube












































































































































































































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Are we are 18 days away from World War 3? Russia Warns West 1 final time!!


Yes!! thanks to NO VOTERS..This does involve Scotland. We get hit 1st because NO VOTERS thought it would be GOOD FUN to keep Nuclear weapons on Scottish Soil! Tweets from around our World and links to some sites on the plausible WWIII below. I was just sent a link from a person YOU KNOW and a person I respect and a person who knows a lot of political things not many do. Also I was asked to add @ScotlandTruth. I have blogged about the possibility of ‘Alleged’ WWIII happening soon but also the question of ‘Has WWIII begun already” I ask “How many Countries were involved in WWII? The answer of course is easy, 61 countries. Today in 2015 out of 162 countries, 151 of the world’s nations are currently involved in some form of conflict, meaning only 11 countries have peace as I write this”

IF we include ALL countries, these in white are the ONLY countries today to not be in or at war of some kind

IF we include ALL countries, these in white are the ONLY countries today to not be in or at war of some kind

So look at it objectively and we see and know in WWII 61 Countries were involved. We look today and 151 Countries are either in/at or in Civil War, I think it is fair to say “World War 3” has begun guys. Many will dismiss and play out their ground-hog existence scared to even think of this notion, I am able to read it, accept it but turn the internet off and not worry, there is nothing ANYONE can really do, 11 Countries are at peace today with the rest involved in War in some way. Below are blogs I have done, sourced as well as I could. I have been on this story 2 years and Russia are becoming increasingly concerned at the West, in particular the USA stomping around the World causing Wars for very little reason. I know American’s think Russia is a bad place but if truth be told I would rather live in Russia than the USA, healthcare, education, literacy, housing and employment and much more are better in Russia. I love the USA but right now the USA is a Police State <You can click that) My blogs below all leading to the story today, it is linking together

December 3rd 2015: BREAKING: Russia’s Huge Announcement That Will Change WWIII

November 30th 2015: 16 CIA Agencies Prepare for World War III

November 29th 2015: Anonymous Warning U.S Citizens to Prepare for Impending Disaster

November 24th 2015: BREAKING NEWS! As I Said on WWIII – Turkey ‘JUST’ downed a Russian warplane

November 18th 2015: Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members

February 15th 2015: Why Our World has Plunged Into WWIII

January 29th 2015: WWIII is on the Horizon – More Counties at War today than in WWII!

July 18th 2014: As The World Stands On The Brink Of WWIII – We must ask why, we must understand why

April 25th 2014: Ukraine: Russia wants to start WWIII

Story Via:


Hal Turner

Hal Turner

Russia has publicly warned Saudi Arabia, the US, and other countries, they risk “a new world war” if they act on plans to send troops into Syria. WW3: 18 days away. I am not certain if you are familiar with me, I am Hal Turner, a talk-radio host on WBCQ International Shortwave (7.490 MHz) and 95.1 FM in New York City, “SuperStation95.”  I do not own this web site nor do I author any of the news or articles which appear here.  This is my very first contribution to this web site’s content and I am taking this unusual step because something terrible is taking place: All of us are now in grave danger and it is imperative that you be told before it is too late.

First, some quick background on me: As some of you may already know, from 1993 through 2008, I worked for the FBI.   From 2003 through 2008, I was a National Security Intelligence Asset with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).  I left the FBI in 2008 and a year later, was horribly betrayed by the Obama Administration who had me arrested for saying in public (in 2009), the exact same words the government paid me to say several years earlier in 2005!   I am the only living American media personality ever imprisoned by the federal government for writing an Editorial they didn’t like!

After putting me on trial THREE times, driving me into Bankruptcy and replacing my lawyers with a public defender, they won at trial #3 and imprisoned me for 33 months in federal prison.  I was released in 2012, was barred by court order from being on the radio for three years, and was then able to resume my radio show on October 7, 2015.

When I was put on trial in Brooklyn Federal Court, the third highest ranking official from the FBI in New York City, Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Amy Pickett, testified in  court that my role was “National Security Intelligence, Terrorism and Foreign Counter-Intelligence.”

I tell you all of this to make it very clear that my background in National Security Intelligence and Foreign Counter-Intelligence is such that when I tell you what I am about to tell you, please know it is 100% accurate fact.

 We are 18 days away from World War 3

 I am not certain if you had a chance to tune-in to my radio show last night.  I spent the better part of an hour talking about the fast-developing situation in the Middle East regarding Syria.  The short-and-sweet of it is that we are now in very grave danger.  When I say “we” I mean me, you, our families, friends . . .country . . . . all of us.  This is not an exaggeration.

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Now this is strange or a hoax!

Now this is strange or a hoax!

[As I thought, #HOAX] Well this is a VERY STRANGE story here. I call hoax but it’s just blew up all over the internet in the last few hours. The plane that went missing, it’s Pilot is alive!! Now if this is true and he has a story to tell this could be BAD! At the time many blamed Israel or Russia for this, some even the USA, if this guy is alive then this could be HUGE!! I am not sure. I linked to many other sources and shared tweets from around the World. How very strange a story to see.


Malaysian PSYOP – MH370 PILOT MYSTERIOUSLY Resurfaces After 2 Years!?!




MALAYSIA has blasted reports which claimed the pilot of the doomed MH370 plane had been found ALIVE.

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah ALIVE?!

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah ALIVE?!

Claims Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was being treated at a Taiwan hospital after villagers found him suffering from dehydration and amnesia quickly went viral. The article in question was posted with the headline “Taiwan: MH370 pilot mysteriously resurfaces almost 2 years after his flight vanished over China sea” alongside a photo of a heavily bandaged man lying in a hospital bed. The story said a group Taiwanese villagers found Mr Shah near the Tangshui River and got him immediate medical attention.

It added doctors said Mr Shah had regressive amnesia.  A doctor called Syed Boon Sulong was quoted as saying: “The patient is still very weak and sick, and his brain seems to be blocking access to a certain part of his memory in order to protect him from pain that these memories could generate.”His health is too fragile for the moment, but over time, he should able to remember everything.”

But Transport Minister Datuck Seri Liow Tiong Lai quickly brushed off the claims warning people not to “speculate”.

He added: “The ministry will provide updates on MH370 from time to time. “Any information regarding MH370 must be referred to us. Do not speculate.”



It is has since emerged the article was posted by on a website named World News Daily Report which has a disclaimer in its About Us section. The discalimer reads: “All characters appearing in the articles in this website – even those based on real people – are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any persons, living, dead, or undead is purely a miracle.”The man pictured in the photo is actually Aung My Oo, a Myanmar migrant worker who was in hospital after being attacked in 2013. Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 vanished on March 8 2014 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The 239 passengers and crew were presumed dead but the wreckage of the aircraft has never been found. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has been leading the multi-million underwater search in the southern Indian Ocean.


2 Years ago now and one of the pilots is alive?

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2008 US Housing Scam – WE ALL pay it back. Iceland Jailed, we bailed them

fascism_is_the_american_dreamRemember the 2012 Global recession? Well if you don’t it’s about the time you did as Gordon Brown was at the time hated for being it’s fault when in reality it came from US banks and caused all the suicides I wrote about at the time unaware of it’s cause, why were people dying in the banking sector I was asking, now we know!. I wrote HARD about all the suicides in this scam by American bankers. All the suicide blogs and other issues caused by this event I wrote about are at the foot of the page. A movie is just out called “The Big Short” and this movies shows exactly what happened. Seriously, as the average person pays £2,000 a year more to STILL help bail out the banks or give money back to shareholders who lost because WE bailed the bankers, Iceland and some other North European countries jailed or tried to jail the bankers. Remember this blog I did?

“But I can’t change the World” – Yes you can, here is why #Iceland #RoleModels

Just to add, when I blogged about China and Russia along with Iran and others stepping away from the PetroDollar, it made me look further. Iraq were 1st to step away from trading Oil in the US Dollar (PetroDollar) Libya were soon after and we know what happened there. Just added this as it is part of this story

Russia and China dumped the US Dollar – Petro dollar and Dow Drops, Dollar will collapse

How often must 1 person say “The small detail kills you in the end” I had this story covered in all corners but only in the last while, weeks or so have I been able to piece it all together. This movie was the defining “Penny Dropped Moment” for me. All the suicides were because people had placed people’s money and pensions into something they were POSITIVE would fail and we pay for their mistakes still today.


The Big Short Official Trailer
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You MUST watch this Movie. Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell. This is an AMAZING AMERICAN Movie. One that many American friends were asking me about in terms of “Truth” and its impact. American banks, people, shareholders, rich people, they got greedy. Caused the 2008 USA Housing Bubble then the 2012 Global recession. When I say to American friends “The USA caused everyone on Earth in the 1st World to pay an Extra £2,000 a year extra to pay for the ills of the bank. Question IS “How much of a Human and Fiscal impact does the USA have on the World”? US-Bank-Failures-2000-2013It’s kinda crazy and I hope you watch the trailer. You will see them talking the story. And all the suicides happening, mostly in the USA and all over the World were due to the 2008 US Housing scam. Today you and I pay £THOUSANDS$ A year to make up for what ALL our Governments bailed out. Our Governments BAILED the bankers. North Europe JAILED the bankers. Alex Salmond and now Nicola Sturgeon have withheld (Rightfully and legally) £1.2 Billion ($2 Billion) from Westminster as Scotland TRIED to take Scottish based English bankers to court. We are still trying now we are 90% free. westminster-holyrood-and-beyond-devolution-in-the-uk-14-638Thankfully Scotland doesn’t bow to Westminster fiscal needs any more to a real human level but my English family and friends are SUFFERING due to it all. And this is why the US Dollar will collapse. It is ONLY a matter of time. China owns 21% of US Land and Obama signed an order to stop China reclaiming it. See back in 2008 and the bankers got greedy, China set up MULTIPLE New banks in the USA and average Americans took out shallow housing loans. Now this was only possible due to the Federal Reserve (Like our Royal Mint or Pound Sterling) being owned by Shareholders. USA is only Country to have its interest rates set by consumption and corporation, by people who will make money. Corporations dictate all the USA trading tax in and out, that is Fascism, this is why I say the USA is Fascist. Many Americans say “No we are not”, then I ask “Define Fascism” and they can’t so the block me. I have been over this 100 times this week. An American friend, a brilliant man, Archbishop Eddie Tatro calls America ‘Communist’ He is a good man, but I disagree, the USA is Fascism at Government level, define Fascism and you can’t deny this story. Over here we care, because it’s so small here, we see the poor we see every night on the news how the poor are getting poorer, we see them every day all over my side of the World. Due to the 2008 US Housing scam, millions of 1st World people were burnt badly and still paying tax money for it. 3 or so People went to court in the USA for this and all were acquitted because the Federal Reserve were in on it, also Bush and his family and the Clintons ALL have shares in the American Federal Reserve or entities set to make money from it. That is illegal for any political standing person to gain with no insight of purpose, or declaration of intent. Apply the Bilderberg Group to all this, reported by Sky TV in 2013 as it was held in Watford, UK. bilderbergBilderberg Conference Watford ‘Too Secret’ and we see a meeting where the UK Prime Minister and the fiscal men of Political London and World go to a meeting with no meeting minutes, this is illegal practice but same as ‘W’ and his running mate Dick Cheney starting a War and taking home a huge fiscal prize, they caused War so Halliburton would make Billions and in turn give to it’s shareholders, and the POTUS was one of them. I ask, how fecked up is our World. The small detail! I am glad I share it because ALWAYS it is the big story


52 Year-Old French Banker Jumps To Her Death In Paris (After Questioning Her Superiors) As banking suicides continue

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Surveillance-2010-window-blinds-camera-cctv-usa-flag by Will Varner

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