After a 20 years of being in the dark about our World I have the time to read and look at things that I now write about. My Disability took away all I had in terms of a social life but I didn’t climb into bed and give in, even though I feel I want to. There are so many issues in all our World. I want to keep on trying to help people because people helped me, I no longer want to write ‘News’ I want to help others see THAT NO MATTER WHAT OR WHY, they can exist in this World.  I respect everyone and anyone’s right to life and believe as their will in whatever form it is, so I ask I am respected for asking questions about our World and what is causing people all over being ill and in pain these days. I probably used to offend people, but I was medication by Dr’s who were helping, to the level of a Heroin Addict, these days it’s lower in terms of medication, but I am still medicated, I just got a portion of my mind back. Our World is very ill and sick, when you are ill or sick, even in pain, it is easier to clearly see how sick our World is

I write to educate myself, I write to educate others, I write, therefore I am 😀

Life is yours and yours only to live, allow nobody to oppress your nature, your thoughts. Own your thoughts, be aware without paranoia, just be aware and ready for good thing and bad things, life has other plans and we must be in-tune with whatever these plans are!



Disclaimer: I am a disabled man at a chair, I shared news  before as its researched or sent to me. If I am wrong I will hold my hands in the air, if I am right then great. I never fully claim anything I write is set in stone, much of what I share is out there already if you look [COPY AND PASTE]. Often I may claim a story to be researched to the point I am sure enough to write about it. I debate but I don’t debate hate, talk to me, not at me. Hate gets blocked where as debate I engage, if during debate I find an article I done was not 100% I will retract or edit [Well I used to do this] I am simply ‘ShaunyNews’ BUT TODAY I AM MORE, but not above nor below any person or people.



Shauny Twitter: @ShaunyScot
Shauny Celtic Twitter @ShaunyCeltic
Shauny  Skype:  shaunyg1973

4 comments on “Disclaimer

    • Thank’s a lot…Sadly I stopped taking awards 😦 I had like 300 on my sidebar and I ended up seriously doing more awards than blogs…Please pass it on to someone else.. Hope you understand..And I do appreciate the nomination. Please know that.. Shaun


      • Not fussy buddy, your call. And the more know about the ‘Pedophilia thing’ The better..I share it hoping people share it also, and they do…. Good to leave my name there…Cheers for understanding..Honest I was doing like 10 Awards a day at one point. Good way to get people to your blog but it just got boring.. I won Blog of 2013 😀 The “I am Member of the WordPress Family” I made that about 2 years ago (ish) Feel free to take it and add it to your site.

        Cheers again

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