200 million US soccer fans watched El Clasico – Super Bowl only 114 million people ‘Worldwide’

US Only Sports Channel beIN SPORTS

US Only Sports Channel beIN SPORTS

There is always an argument between me and American friends that Soccer is the World’s favourite sport, in-fact I can’t call it that, I will call it Football as American Football is kinda, well these 2 images tell a story below. As an ex Football coach and manager in Scotland there isn’t a rule I don’t know, same can be said for a baseball or basketball fan, strange as it is in Europe Football is the main sport apart from Poland, sky diving is more popular. South America, Brazil, I mean come on, they are football, the entire South American continent is football crazy, Europe is the same, Asia is the same. Russia strangely is part of European Football, UEFA it is called. Australia has Aussie Rules, it’s like Rugby but worse, big huge guys beating the crap out of each other with a gum shield (Image below to the right) a t-shirt and shorts, with socks and boots of course, no pads in sight. So for me, the argument of what is most popular has been won, SOCCER IS THE GREATEST SPORT ON EARTH! Such it up American Sports Fans 😀 This is all in fun! Just to add the game in the headline had over

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More than 200 million soccer fans watched the first 2015 edition of el Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid on Sunday across beIN SPORTS. The impressive number combines the 1.353 million who watched the game live on beIN SPORTS en Espańol and the 767,000 who watched the game on the English-language broadcast on beIN SPORTS. The 2.12 million total viewers makes the game the most-watched match ever on the beIN SPORTS networks. Given that beIN SPORTS is in 33 million homes in the United States, the viewing figures are very impressive.

The Barcelona fans at the weekend

The broadcast of the match delivered a +16% increase in viewership from the previous broadcast of El Clasico (10/25/14) for beIN SPORTS English, and +64% increase in viewer ship for beIN SPORTS. Ratings peaked +26% during the 5:30 to 5:45 PM quarter hour on beIN SPORTS English, increasing from 767,000 to 968,000. Likewise, for beIN en Espanol, ratings also increased +25% from 1.353 million to 1.693 million viewers between the 5:30-5:45 PM time period of the telecast. The English-language broadcast of the game featured a 2-hour pre-game show with Kay Murray (pictured above) alongside Michel Salgado, Patrick Kluivert, Gary Bailey and Andres Cordero, while the match commentary was provided by Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson who were on-site in Barcelona at Camp Nou.

May as well throw in the team I support and write about weekly and love more than life itself!!
Glasgow Celtic Football Club!! This is 62,000 of us singing. I was there, many tears!
BEST FOTBALL ATMOSPHERE EVER!! – 7 November 2012: CELTIC 2-1 BARCELONA“You’ll Never Walk Alone “

Glasgow Celtic 1-0 Glasgow Rangers
But this is what it is all about!! You can’t buy atmosphere like above or in here

Our last Manager Neil Lennon was Northern Irish, the Christians in Scotland sent him Bombs and bullets, Celtic fans backed him, made this video!
♫ Neil Lennon – Something Inside So Strong ♫



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