22% Rise of Scottish Students Finishing Higher Education

Education secretary Angela Constance

Education secretary Angela Constance

Again in Scotland we must be happy with this news. The SNP pay the Tory Bedroom tax for Yes and No voters. The SNP pay for all our prescriptions be us poor or rich in Scotland. We have no road or bridge tolls in Scotland. Scotland receives more than £1,600 extra per head than the English, exposing the massive benefits they enjoy by being part of the Union but devolved and with more fiscal control, with more to come. We Scot’s have a superb National Health service compared to our English and Welsh Brothers and Sisters sadly, a Scottish Police Force, we are free online with .Scot replacing .UK.Gov. Scotland is very lucky to have what others don’t. And the amazing thing is, a simple question “How much better would Scotland and Scottish people be when we are finally free from London austerity and cruelty?” We don’t have all we want YET, but it’s comingforth_bridge_scotland_cover_1I have English family/friends and I feel for them sometimes, poor and having to pay for Medication. Scotland we are in an AMAZING place and it’s only going to get better. Imagine our wealth had we voted Yes. The UK average spend per head is £8,788, but £1,364 more for each Scottish person. Those in living in the South East of England lose out the most. They get just £7,638 per head of public spending. Londoners, in contrast, have a healthy £9,435 splurged on them which the Treasury put down to the higher infrastructure and wage costs but we all know London has it better, anything below the Watford gap and most have it good. A breakdown of the different policy areas show that Scots enjoy £307 per head spent on housing, while the English get just £138. Scots also get more than twice as much spent on them than the English on economic development: £992 per head compared to English and Welsh £469. And we want more because it’s our right. Freedom is coming sooner than most think. I stopped believing this but when I realized it was coming fast, this is why I had to start writing again



THE numbers of students in Scottish colleges has fallen by 152,000 since 2007 but figures for those completing full-time higher education are at record levels.

Figures published yesterday by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) on college performance showed that in 2014-15, 23,717 students successfully completed higher courses, a rise of 22 per cent since 2008-09. However, the number of students in Scotland’s colleges has dropped by 152,000 since 2007. There were 226,919 students in 2014-15, compared to 379,233 in 2007-08.

Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Angela Constance said: “2015 was a landmark year for Scotland’s young people. A record 34,775 Scots-domiciled students were accepted to university.

“School and college-leaver destinations have been very positive and figures in December showed youth employment at its highest August to October level since 2008. Compared to 2007, the number of learning hours delivered to students with a disability has increased considerably, as have the average hours of learning per student and learning hours leading to a recognised qualification. “We have also once again comfortably exceeded targets on student numbers. These figures suggest our reforms are working and more students successfully completed full-time courses leading to recognised qualifications.”

Teaching union the Educational Institute of Scotland warned the Scottish Government’s return to national bargaining in further education will fail unless Constance takes direct action to compel all colleges to sign up.

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