An Independent Scotland is happening – SNP Haters, Freedom Haters – Deal With It!!

I made a decision about 2 years ago to stop blogging about a free Scotland, because the timing was not right, the landscape was not aligned to its values, and the EGO of people was making me tear my hair out. Only recently I had ANOTHER argument with a Scottish Freedom Fighter who was EGO. He took to the stage in Glasgow during the march and spoke; he had his stage, and presumed he was important. HE IS IMPORTANT, but he is no more or less important than you or I who also want a Free Scotland. We must be one, and I can say with hand on heart “A FREE SCOTLAND IS GOING TO HAPPEN AS I PREDICTED” Scotland will be free and Independent by the year 2020, you can take that to the bank, in-fact you can take it to the newly formed Scottish Bank started by the SNP. One of my last blogs I thought the year 2020 would be our Freedom year, and then I doubted, now I KNOW it is coming. A reminder before you read the rest below

June 28th 2015: #IndyRef2 – 2020 ‘Vision#ShaunyNews Copyright ©

Today the stars have aligned, the motion of a forward together Scotland is visible and there for all to see. There will be no Rape Clause in Scotland. Our amazing Scottish National Health System is untouchable. Nobody in Scotland will pay the Bedroom Tax. Carers will get more money; Disabled people will be treated fairly with honesty there if applicable. Tuition fees remain free and they are to go up. So to all you Scottish people who hate the SNP, I have some Questions:

  1. Do you or anyone you know in Scotland pay the Bedroom Tax
  2. Do you or anyone you know in Scotland pay for Prescriptions
  3. Do you or anyone you know in Scotland pay for Education?

There are many things Scottish born people who dislike the SNP take. Yeah they take the freebies and hate Scotland at the same time. Do you know freeloading Scottish people? Sad pathetic selfish people who take all the free things Scotland gives yet give us History lessons as to why they don’t like the SNP. We must with a peaceful mind point out all those in Scotland who take the freebies and ask “Then why do you hate being Scottish, why do you hate the SNP”

Scotland is standing up, the marches are getting bigger, we no longer need the MSM to show us what we already know, we have woken up, we have stood up, we have became less selfish and we are becoming a better Scotland while the SNP and Scottish Government prepare our amazing Scotland for Independence. Make no mistake, behind the scenes the SNP along with others is setting up the framework for an Independent Scotland ready to trade GLOBALLY! Forget Europe, Scotland can and will trade globally. Many see Europe as a means to hate a Free Scotland with comments like “Why trade being owned by Westminster for being owned by Europe” – Yeah! This confuses me too.

This is our time

This is our moment

This is our land

The time is now

We are finally ready to be free, and we will be.

I said I would not write about Independence till I could see it happening. Friends and family who read this, TRUST ME, this is happening. Freedom is coming to Scotland, and there isn’t a thing Westminster can do. We are too strong now, we have had enough of Austerity, we have argued with each other over trivial points to the stage we have stopped. We are finally ready to go forward into the WORLD and within Europe with the tools we need.

Get Ready Scotland. It is coming faster than most could ever believe







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If you read this, research it’s truth and STILL don’t like the SNP, I can only say “You are selfish and/or scared” EVERYTHING above is what the SNP Government provides for EVERY Scottish person. So next time you get paid, please look at the list above and TRY and understand how a Devolved Scotland is helping your bank account. So when you vote Tory or Blue Labour, understand the SNP are financially helping you, holding you up and supporting you. The lies will be believed, people will say things like “THE SNP SIDES WITH NAZI GERMANY IN THE 1930” as a pathetic time travelling ruse to make you dislike the SNP. Also Labour canvassers are TODAY telling people in Motherwell, pensioners in Motherwell that “If you vote SNP you WILL lose your Free bus pass” This is a Lie! This is one of many lies that the old might fall for again.

Forget the Unionist and Loyalist hater, they are gone and will vote against the SNP out of racist and sectarian thoughts filled with hate and blind love of all things Royal and Tory. I say again ‘NOT TILL FISCAL TROUBLES HIT YOUR POCKET WILL YOU CARE” and “NOT TILL ILLNESS OR DISABILTY HIT YOU OR LOVED ONES WILL YOU UNDERSTAND BEING IN SCOTLAND WITH THE SNP WILL HELP YOU”.

Who in Scotland can deny the truth of the list above? Do some research and do the right thing for SCOTLAND! Not your bank account or your faith in anything outside your own life. I know some who hate the SNP and tell lies, I know people who tell me “Shaun, Foodbanks don’t exist, it’s a lie” Some believe it to be true, some just don’t see suffering. Trust me; if the SNP scrapped all the fiscal help to ALL PEOPLE LIVING IN Scotland, people would change their tune. I am wasting my time here, but the list above, seriously read it and ask “Where do they help me” and also “If all this help from the SNP stopped, would it affect me” Also leave you with a document I was sent today by a friend. Take it as you see it, or ignore it blindly, selfishly or with hate. I want Scotland free for all our kids, for Scotland in 100 years from now when we are all dead. What about you? Even forget the SNP if you must and just think ‘What would a free Scotland be’ – And people are STILL falling for the Tory/Labour and Media lies 😦 Tragic it is


Learn from the past Scotland:

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Shaun Gibson Twitter: @ShaunyScot
Skype Username: shaunyg1973
Shaun Celtic FC Twitter: @ShaunyCeltic






Scotland THIS is why we need a new referendum

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via

I watched this in anger at Ian Duncan Smith, the man doesn’t know reality of the people of the UK. For him to laugh during a VERY IMPORTANT debate tells us all a story we should already know. The man is out of touch with himself and his job. I think his days should be numbered, the good thing is very soon he will have NO SAY AT ALL over Scottish benefits. Now that has to be a good thing. Make no mistake, the SNP have a date they were told in the event of a No vote thanks to the “Edinburgh Agreement” and the “Vow” that on this date certain measures come into play. Nicola has already withheld £2Million that was to support the Queen, watch this play out as the SNP take what is promised. Fun viewing it will be. Also for anyone having issues with the Bedroom tax here is a small trick. Turn your spare bedroom into a Dining Room. Legally it’s not a bedroom 🙂 Try it

Tory minster Ian Duncan Smith has sparked outrage by laughing during a heartbreaking debate on the affects of the Bedroom Tax. He was spotted throwing his head back and chortling while being accused by Labour’s John Robertson of simply not listening to anyone else and was “bored”. The comment came after the minister appeared to be talking to Tory MP Mark Harper as another MP spoke about the reality of the stress the Bedroom Tax would have on a Scottish estate.

Mr Robertson said: “The one thing that we can tell from the honourable gentlemen who are having a wee chat amongst themselves… This perhaps is exactly the problem with this government. They sit and have their little chats because they’re bored with the talk of people on this side trying to help them. “And they can say whatever they like, that is how it looks to me.”

Labour MP Jack Dromey described the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions as “grinning like a Cheshire cat”, while viewers took to Twitter to agree and voice their disgust. While Ed, branded the minster a scumbag, posting: “Dim-witted sociopath Iain Duncan Smith laughs as he hears stories of vulnerable people he has driven to suicide. He is absolute scum. #IDS”Russell Corbett tweeted that while the result of the vote was not surprising, Mr Duncan Smith’s behaviour showed how “evil” he was. While Ed, branded the minster a scumbag, posting: “Dim-witted sociopath Iain Duncan Smith laughs as he hears stories of vulnerable people he has driven to suicide. He is absolute scum. #IDS”


No doubt Mr Duncan Smith would have had even more to be happy about when the Government defeated the Labour motion by a reduced majority of 32, winning the vote 298 to 266. A Government amendment was then carried 300 to 262, majority 38. The Lib Dems were criticised for voting with the Tories, as with their votes Labour would have been successful in getting the tax abolished.

In September Shadow work and pensions secretary Rachel Reeves pledged to call a parliamentary vote to scrap the Bedroom Tax – calling Lib Dems to join her party. Labour has pledged to repeal the Bedroom Tax if it wins in May. New figures show victims have lost an average of £1,260 since the 2013 launch of the hated policy, which docks housing benefit of tenants deemed to have a spare room.

Labour's John Robertson sparked IDS' laughter

Labour’s John Robertson sparked IDS’ laughter

The Bedroom Tax debate was not the first time Mr Duncan Smith has appeared to laugh off misfortune of others. Almost exactly a year ago, he sneered at the plight of hungry families forced to rely on food banks. During the debate last December Tory MPs laughed and jeered as they were told how some hard-up shoppers were so desperate they fought to snap up discounted items in supermarkets. Astonishingly, all the Government ministers from the responsible departments – including Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith – sneaked out after just an hour of the crucial Commons debate.

The UK, The Conservative Party, Greed and Death, affecting the USA and Australia also! NWO!

Did Thatcher teach nobody anything?

Before I blog, I hardly vote, I seldom do, it is a waste of time. The game, for me is rigged. Many know this, and the good people in the USA only have to look at George Bush Junior and how we won his first term into office. He cheated. I have researched this till the cows come home. And with an ever greedy world, the trend is now hitting people I know and love. I don’t hate, I am not into politics per say, I just don’t like corporate greed. This is a worldwide thing these days. Are you feeling it? do you even see it? A video I re-blogged yesterday was VERY hard hitting and everyone who I know that watched it had a bad word to say about the content. I watched it, and I had a bad word to say about it. Here it is here (Agenda, mainly the USA)

Our world is changing, the video, PLEASE WATCH, may explain why, but the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. These are just my views, but I hope you can see they are educated, well researched views. I hope to get a debate going here, as this effects us ALL worldwide. Even Australia, where a member of Parliament exposed the above video, and the people in it, her name is Ann Bressington, she exposed it all here in the video, in my blog: In this blog I did on the 6th of February I stated Ann knew about the Agenda 21 plan and the club or Rome. All there to RIP US OFF.  Anyone who dismisses this without giving it a glance is denying ignorance, again, just my opinion

I do my research the best I can, so I can present a blog in a way people can then debate. People debate here, so read and debate, THIS needs talked about, and the Video above from Vimeo 100% needs viewed by us all. Sadly one person will say or think “Conspiracy”, a convenient word, and people will look away. I ask you all to at least look at this, and try and see what many are seeing. Including Members of Parliament world wide.

This man was Scottish, was the foreign secretary in the UK , he “DIED” after saying this. I went to High school with his son, this was his claim, while in HIGH office in the UK, Robin Cook (Labour)

Robin Cook, now dead

Robin Cook, now dead

When it comes to Politics I tend to switch off out of boredom, when it comes to people’s lives, I tend to look back and read, or listen and the story below angered me, a lot. Right now the Tories in the UK are slowly and cruelly making it hard for people to live and make ends meet, and forcing young families to give up their homes due to the new “Bedroom Tax” and cuts to many sectors that help the disabled, the old and young families who work. They are slowly taking all the money from the poor, and giving it to the rich.

Where have we all heard this story before?

Margaret Thatcher was an evil woman when she was in charge of the Tories the last time they were in power in the late 1990’s, she used my country, Scotland as a “Guinea Pig” With nuclear energy, new reforms to almost everything, and she also privatised everything from the world famous NHS (National Health Service), the Trains, the Bus’s, industry, she sold the country to make money, and along came black Wednesday when she almost bankrupt the entire country, leading her to sell everything and more I mention above. She really was bad.

I know I have a cheek here, as many countries have it a lot worse, but this is my country but the blog reaches all countries against the “Axis of Evil” and what I am seeing is angering me. I am disabled, I am looked after, and I am fine. But others are not, and this is driving me crazy. Below you can see a story that happened the other day, and this is just one of many we are all hearing. And also below are links for people in the UK to sign petitions to stop this GREED by the Tories. They get wealthy, as do their chums in the “Establishment” while the rest of us struggle. This Tories/Liberal Democrat coalition government is the worst thing to happen to the UK in a very long time.

The last two leaders of the UK were Scotsmen, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, they were not perfect, but they made sure the people who NEEDED HELP got that help. I am talking about Disabled, old people, and ill people here. They were looked after. Sure there were issues over the Armed Forces (Same in the USA) where the “After War” treatment was nonexistent.

I don’t want to venture up any other topic here, just this one. But something I would like everyone to see below. This is the Tories “Groomed for Power” Just have a look


(1) the Hon. Edward Sebastian Grigg, the heir to Baron Altrincham of Tormarton and current chairman of Credit Suisse (UK)

(2) David Cameron – Prime Minister of Britain

(3) Ralph Perry Robinson, a former child actor, designer, furniture-maker

(4) Ewen Fergusson, son of the British ambassador to France, Sir Ewen Fergusson and now at City law firm Herbert Smith

(5) Matthew Benson, the heir to the Earldom of Wemyss and March

(6) Sebastian James, the son of Lord Northbourne, a major landowner in Kent

(7) Jonathan Ford, the-then president of the club, a banker with Morgan Grenfell

(8) Boris Johnson, the-then president of the Oxford Union, now Lord Mayor of London

9) Harry Eastwood, the investment fund consultant

Then we have:


(1) George Osborne,  Chancellor

(2) writer Harry Mount, the heir to the Baronetcy of Wasing and Mr. Cameron’s cousin;

(3) Chris Coleridge, the descendant of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the son of Lloyds’ chairman David Coleridge, the brother of Conde Nast managing director Nicholas Coleridge

(4) German aristocrat and managing consultant Baron Lupus von Maltzahn,

(5) the late Mark Petre, the heir to the Barony of Petre;

(6) Australian millionaire Peter Holmes a Cour;

(7) Nat Rothschild, the heir to the Barons Rothschilds and co-founder of a racy student paper with Harry Mount

(8) Jason Gissing, the chairman of Ocado supermarkets.

Everyone a  Conservative, and everyone went to Eton College, where the SUPER rich go! Some positions may have changed, but this PROVES they were bred for power – Bred for Power, hard pill to take yeah?

Story of the man who died:

The House the man was found dead outside

A tarpaulin, a pillow, a dirty old jacket, a carrier bag and a few worthless items strewn over the veranda of a boarded-up bungalow.

This is where homeless Daniel Gauntlett tried to find shelter through a bitterly cold winter and where, on a freezing night on Saturday, he finally succumbed to the cold.

Mr Gauntlett, 35, was found the next morning by a passer-by who spotted his body from the pavement.

His belongings still left where he died, residents in Hermitage Lane, Aylesford, reacted with sadness to the news and said Mr Gauntlett had become a familiar sight in the street.

And they said the sadness was compounded by the fact he died outside an empty bungalow due to be bulldozed.

Police had reportedly been called previously after he tried to break into the bungalow. And so Mr Gauntlett, had taken the fatal decision to abide by the law.

Derek Bailey, 80, who lives next door, said Mr Gauntlett had not appeared to be in ill health.

“They took him up to the hospital about a fortnight before when they’d found him and social workers got involved,” said Mr Bailey.

“It was just the bitter weather. I know a lot about cold weather because I was in the Canadian army. I’ve known it drop to minus 70 but the trouble with this country is the dampness.”

Bitter conditions saw snowfall across the county on Saturday night, with temperatures of -2C exacerbated by wind-chill.

Another resident said: “He was a very nice man apparently. He used to ask for money but not for drink. He used to buy pasties from the supermarket.

“It was so sad. Especially when the houses are empty.”

An inquest was opened and adjourned on yesterday and confirmed the cause of death was hypothermia.

Mr Gauntlett was the second homeless man to die in Aylesford last weekend.

Douglas Poynton, 45, of no fixed address, died at Forstal Cottages in Forstal Road, on Saturday. The precise medical cause of death is yet to be established.

This story above should shock us all, year 2013  and this STILL happens! This is a GLOBAL issue, and one we MUST educate ourselves on, we must!

Please sign these petitions to oppose savage welfare cuts on the Disabled, the poor and young families.
Save Disability Living Allowance –
Repeal the Welfare Reform Act 2012 –
Mansion Tax to support disabled people –

David Cameron, Hitting the poor HARD!