Blackford: Brexit a “Clear road map towards a second independence referendum”

IF you waste around £300 a year on newspapers that make you angry because of the lies, why pay to fuel the lie? I ask everyone to forget the lies and focus on the truth. The National is THE TRUTH of the Scottish voice. At some stage we MUST turn away from the lies, stop funding the lies, and our differences in ‘How Scotland will be free’ and just all get along till we are there. EGO of people can and does hold Countries back. What holds Scotland back are the lies. The National tells the truth, please buy it daily or subscribe here for online reads every day here, lets fund the truth so we can hear and read the truth:

I will keep my own opinions short so you the reader can read the story from the National below. Again all we know is below, and all we should know is Freedom is a POSSIBILITY, and one we will have to fight for. Don’t wait on them telling you what to do, and I mean EVERY Politician and Political Party, we the Scottish people are marching in amazing numbers, lets keep this going. Those like me who just can’t get to any march, we have a duty to share the truth, so that is all I am ever going to do. If you have EGO, please stop reading now. I am not here for hits or views, I am here for the sake of our Country. EGO will destroy us. The Vow and the Edinburgh agreement were what Scottish people voted for in 2014, we are having our voices controlled and edited. Lets reclaim our human rights today and set a standard because as we have seen, many voices outwith Scottish borders, Globally are starting to speak for Scottish Freedom Fighters. Don’t let the liars have a word, they are noise, learn to ignore it. Or ignore me and be with EGO. I want Freedom for the same reasons as you, so lets join today. We are all one, lets not divide ourselves. I will share this in 30 places, sadly about 10 don’t share my blog, this is the EGO I am speaking about. We become one and fight, or we stand alone with EGO. Peace out, Shaun

Alba Gu Brath

Via: National Newsdesk

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THE SNP has an “open ear” to a potential second referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, the party’s Westminster leader has said.

Ian Blackford said that while the SNP’s priority was making sure Scotland could stay in the single market and customs union, the party was “watching developments” over the prospect of another EU vote.

He said a hard Brexit would signal a “clear road map towards a second independence referendum that for me would be the priority”.

“Our priority is to make sure that we can stay in the single market and the customs union,” he said. “We haven’t been arguing for a second EU referendum, we’re of course watching developments as far as that is concerned. We’re not in all circumstances diametrically opposed to that – we have an open ear to developments on that front – but for us it’s the priority of staying in the single market and the customs union that’s most important.”

He added: “I think it is clear that if we’re out the single market and the customs union there is a massive threat to our economy, to jobs, to prosperity and I would say on that basis that there is a clear road map towards a second independence referendum that for me would be the priority.”






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EU Diplomats reveal Boris Johnson said ‘f**k business’ over Brexit fears

Full story below, and If this isn’t enough to make the wealthy in Scotland and around the UK re-think Brexit, I don’t know what will. This an article by National Newsdesk 

It is damning as it is provocative towards the business structure of both Scotland and the UK as a whole. The SNP know he said it, Europe knows he said it, Ireland knows he said it, and they are about to show this Tory party what power WE DO HAVE. Three blogs ago I decided to come back to this story because I was told ‘Now is the time Shaun’ – The very next day the SNP Members in Westminster walked out in what I hear was a ‘Scripted’ act that was known by more than 1 side. The speaker broke one huge rule in denying SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford a sit in private to debate this awful power grab. The speaker knew the rules, watch the video again and you will see him being told what to do. This (ALLEGEDLY) was scripted. I think the British Political Structure knows the Union is in dissolve mode and they are trying to blame everyone for the coming collapse. Brexit, if you didn’t already know is SUICIDE for the UK Economy, Theresa May knows it, Labour know it, Tory party members alike know it, and you can bet your last £1 the SNP were PRAYING the speaker followed through on ejecting Mr Blackford from the chamber for asking for a DEMOCRATIC right to speak in private about the power grab. The video is below, it is ILLEGAL, and everyone knows. Me writing about this the day before was on ASSURED words from 3 sources that ‘There is an agreement in place, over disagreement’

Scottish National Party walk out of Commons in protest
Via Channel 4 News on You Tube

Now is our time Scotland, brace for impact, the apron wearers will take to the streets, we MIGHT have to fight them, but it’s a fight we must take on. This isn’t speculation, this is based on the 2014 NO VOTE and these same people taking to the streets in TRIUMPH by beating up their own. Scottish Nationals beaten in the streets by British National Neanderthals. I have had the threats from these people, and I do expect them to come again. Know my back is covered here. I am not speculating, I am sharing what YOU ALREADY KNOW, they know, Europe knows. The Union is falling. Freedom is a matter of time, but it will come at a Butchers Shop cost. Main Stream Media people are being SHUT UP as I shared yesterday, read it again if you have not. Brexit means England will stand alone, Ireland will be united and Scotland will be a nation again. Silence of Scottish voices won’t last long, and FINALLY, yet sadly, money losses will probably be what frees Scotland from this Capitalistic Tory Government and Boris Johnson saying what we already know or thought. This time, we have people OUTSIDE Scotland ready to back us. This will get messy, but hold Scotland…HOLD!!

Alba Gu Brath


BORIS Johnson is caught up in yet another diplomatic scandal, after he was reported to have said “fuck business” when asked about fears over Brexit.

EU diplomats have expressed their shock and disgust at the comments, which they say came during a Foreign Office reception last week celebrating the Queen‘s Birthday.

Asked about the fears business leaders had over Brexit, Johnson replied: “Fuck business.”

Johnson, who was speaking to Rudolf Huygelen, Belgium’s ambassador to the EU, was overheard saying they would fight Theresa May‘s soft Brexit “and win”.

He also said the UK was as divided as it had been since the English Civil War.

Sources close to Johnson are reported to have disputed the claim he swore, and said he was attacking “vested interests” of groups like the Confederation of British Industry.

Speaking to the Telegraph, an EU diplomat said: “It is shocking for him declare he would take the battle directly to Theresa May and speaking so openly about it. He wasn’t hiding his intentions at all.

“I was shocked by how crude and crass he was, as if he didn’t care for the consequences and especially not the economic consequences of Brexit.”

The paper reported that another, when presented with the comments, simply replied: “Jesus Christ.”

SNP MP Ivan McKee said: “These reported comments tell you all you need to know about Boris Johnson and his ilk within the Tory party. It’s ego and self-interest first, while people’s jobs and livelihoods are on the line.

“A Foreign Secretary with this level of contempt for Scottish business is clearly unfit for the job.

“Sadly this is becoming par for the course for the Tories, who think they can do what they want to Scotland and get away with it.

“The SNP will stand firm in seeking to protect people’s livelihoods from a hard Brexit, and continue to make the case for Scotland remaining within the Single Market and Customs Union. We won’t roll over and let the Tories tank our economy.

“Nor will we stand idly by as they use Brexit as a cover to grab powers from our Scottish Parliament and undermine devolution.”

It comes as Johnson urges the Prime Minister to deliver a “full British Brexit” as Cabinet colleagues warn the UK is able to walk away without a deal.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said the UK was not “bluffing” about being prepared to walk away from talks with Brussels, and Brexit Secretary David Davis said there is “lots going on” to prepare in case negotiations collapse.

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Johnson said people would not tolerate a “bog roll Brexit” that was “soft, yielding and seemingly infinitely long”.

Their remarks were published on Saturday, the second anniversary of 2016’s EU referendum. Thousands of pro-EU marchers have begun a walk from Pall Mall to Parliament to demand a referendum on the terms of Brexit two years on from the vote.

The ministers’ comments prompted criticism from Siemens UK chief executive Juergen Maier, who said they were “incredibly unhelpful” and said it was time to work for a more pragmatic deal with the EU.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today that the firm wanted a soft Brexit with “minimum friction”, saying the Government had presided over “two years of not having achieved what we were promised, which is that this was all going to be easy”.

He said: “I think the realities are setting in and I think it is time to get away from slogans, ‘full British Brexit’, ‘going into combat with Europe’.

“It’s all incredibly unhelpful and what we need to do now is to get closer with our European partners and work out what a realistic, pragmatic Brexit is that works for both sides, the EU and ourselves.”

Meanwhile, research by the Centre for European Reform (CER) think tank indicated Brexit had already made the UK economy 2.1% weaker than it would have been if voters had decided to stay in the EU.

Dr Fox said it is “essential” the EU “understands… and believes” the Prime Minister’s assertion that no deal would be better than a bad deal.

He said the threat had “added credibility because if we were to leave, the economic impact on a number of European countries would be severe”.

“I think our negotiating partners would not be wise if they believed that the Prime Minister was bluffing,” he said.

Davis said that Britain was “able to leave without a deal”.

“We don’t want to do that, never have. The best option is leaving with a good deal but you’ve got to be able to walk away from the table,” he said.

Rejecting claims the Government has failed to make adequate preparations for a no-deal Brexit, he told the paper: “There’s lots going on, we haven’t made it public for very simple reasons.

“This is a careful process, it is not designed to scare the horses to worry people, it is designed to get the work done.”

The Brexit Secretary cited planning on migration matters and health standards, as well as treatment available to Britons in Europe.

“Work is going on all these things for both the negotiated outcome and if something goes wrong.”

Their comments in interviews to mark two years since the British people voted to leave the European Union were made before Airbus warned it could be forced to pull out of the UK if there was a “no deal” Brexit.

Katherine Bennett, Airbus’s senior vice president in the UK, said: “We don’t deal in idle threats. We seriously believe a no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic.”

Writing in the Sun, Johnson said the public were keen to get on with breaking away from Brussels.

“Across the country I find people who – whatever they voted two years ago – just want us to get on and do it,” he said.

“They don’t want a half-hearted Brexit. They don’t want some sort of hopeless compromise, some perpetual pushme-pullyou arrangement in which we stay half-in and half-out in a political no man’s land – with no more ministers round the table in Brussels and yet forced to obey EU laws.

“They don’t want some bog roll Brexit, soft, yielding and seemingly infinitely long.

“They want this Government to fulfil the mandate of the people and deliver a full British Brexit.”

But organisers of the People’s Vote march expect tens of thousands of people to show their support for a referendum on the final Brexit outcome.

Marchers will descend on Parliament Square, where speakers will include LibDem leader Sir Vince Cable, Tory former minister Anna Soubry, Labour’s David Lammy and Green co-leader Caroline Lucas.

Cable is expected to say Brexit is not a “done deal” or inevitable and can be stopped.

“Parliament is fiddling at the margins while the country slowly burns,” he is expected to warn as he calls on the Government to vote on the deal, or no deal, with the option of staying in the EU.

The CER estimate of a 2.1% smaller economy than if the UK had voted to remain in the EU is equivalent to a knock-on hit of £23 billion a year to the public finances, some £440 million a week.

CER deputy director John Springford said: “Two years on from the referendum, we now know that the Brexit vote has seriously damaged the economy.”







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Nicola Sturgeon insults: the worst attacks directed at the SNP leader


 Nicola Sturgeon laughs off the insults and gets on with the SNP campaign.

Nicola Sturgeon laughs off the insults and gets on with the SNP campaign.


Uncalled for, brutal, sexist, dangerous and wrong. The remarks below I have ‘quoted’ are from various people and media outlets. The ‘Establishment’ have went in full swing against Nicola and it will get worse. This is bordering on an all out attack on Nicola by everyone who see’s her as a danger to the British Union, she is almost being called dangerous in the same terms as a terrorist but all she want’s is a fairer Britain, she wants the SNP to connect with all the UK for good reasons. She wants the rich Tory criminal mob gone and so do we. Labour are odd’s on to win the General Election on May 7th and Nicola is surer than sure she, Alex and the SNP will hold some power. The remarks below are wrong and show the Tory party and the rich establishment for what they are. And people wonder why people like me, and other want Scotland out of this lopsided union.


The demonisation of Nicola Sturgeon has intensified as the popularity – and threat – of the SNP leader has grown.  She is “Lady Macbeth” in high heels, a baby-killing “Godzilla”, a “Little Miss” with “bigger balls” than her male opponents.

The Scottish National party leader, Nicola Sturgeon, has been coming under heavy fire from all quarters; from David Cameron’s Mean Girls-esque refusal to sit next to her on the Andrew Marr Show, to Boris Johnson’s Telegraph tirade calling her party “lefties on steroids”. But the full-throttle campaign to take down Scotland’s first minister reached a climax on Tuesday when the Daily Mail dubbed her “the most dangerous woman in Britain” onits front page.

The SNP’s response? “The increasingly desperate and offensive language used by the Tories and some of the rightwing press in recent days only goes to show how rattled they are at the idea of a strong team of SNP MPs using our influence to put an end to austerity and to stand up for more progressive policies to benefit people across the UK,” a spokesman told the Guardian. Inevitably, many of the insults – with not-so-veiled snipes at Sturgeon’s appearance and a “man-eater” metaphor at the end of every paragraph –are coming from men.

“You wouldn’t get Herod to run a baby farm, would you?”

Sturgeon described Boris Johnson’s doomsday comments in the Telegraph as “entirely offensive.. not just [to] people in Scotland but across the UK”.

Nicola is getting it really bad, we MUST have her back Scotland

Nicola is getting it really bad, we MUST have her back Scotland

Sturgeon laughed off the comments in Piers Morgan’s MailOnline column when they were put to her by a Mail reporter – quipping “do I look dangerous?”. But the journalist never asked how she might have felt about being called “wee”.

“[Ed Miliband] would be the vacillating Macbeth, pushed hither and yon by Lady Macbeth, in the form of Nicola Sturgeon.”

Yes, Sturgeon is a powerful Scottish woman, so the Lady Macbeth comparison in Johnson’s Telegraph piece feels wearily predictable …


“Little Miss McHypocrite”

This headline in the Daily Mail topped a story outlining how Sturgeon’s parents bought their Ayreshire home under Margaret Thatcher’s right-to-buy policy in 1984. The jibe is echoed in Robert Hardman’s Saturday Mail column, where he repeatedly calls the SNP leader “Miss” Sturgeon, despite her five-year marriage to the SNP chief executive, Peter Murrell.


“The wrecking ball”

Styled on Miley Cyrus’ infamous nude music video, the Sun at least had the grace to cover Sturgeon in a tartan crop top and knickers, under the headline “Tartan Barmy”. Women for Independence called the picture “sheer misogyny”.


“Nicola Sturgeon may wear high heels and a short skirt, but she eats her partners alive”

Monday’s Sun column by Trevor Kavanagh was complimented by a cartoon Sturgeon, as well as Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood and Green leader Natalie Bennett, mocked up as buxom Bond girls with visible nipples through sheer red dresses and crowding around a sweating Ed Miliband. It dubbed them “the scarlet sisterhood”.

“She’s got a natty new wardrobe of suits with matching stilettos and confidence way beyond her abilities.”

Even the left-leaning Mirror took a pop at Sturgeon’s appearance this week, as well as calling her a “human Dinky toy”.

For now…


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Podcast/Audio – The day before the vote for Scottish Independence – NO REGRET


My last podcast before the referendum, the links below are from Articles I mention in this 10 minute Audio Podcast. No Regrets Scotland, no regrets! 

Audio/Podcast below


Blog done by my friend Anne from the USA

The Sun Article

1. Boris Johnson Story

The Great Dictator – David Hayman – Scottish Independence



Boris Johnson vows to resist Scots tax devolution – As I said early August!

As I have said all alone, links below

As I have said all alone, links below

I have been getting PELTERS from the No camp for saying exactly this here below. Now Scotland YOU have one day to believe David Cameron, but do know any other Tory politician that takes the hot seat in the UK could and probably will take this “Vow” of promised DevoMax away from Scotland. I said Boris Johnson said this, and here is further proof Scotland. I ask you undecided, what on EARTH will it take for you to understand any “Vow” can and probably will be taken from us a few years down the road, should Boris Johnson take power one day or someone like him, SCOTLAND, WE LOSE DEVOLVED POWERS WE ARE NOW BEING PROMISED! We need to understand what Cameron and his two pals have offered in the “Vow” are lies and Boris has proven that theory correct. Scotland, DO NOT BE STUPID, VOTE YES, AND END THIS PANTOMIME!

What I said way back in August 12th and was told I was telling lies, well? am I lying? was I wrong?

Boris Johnson let slip Tory plans to deny Scotland powers if we vote No in the Referendum!! Share, please!!

SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE: Boris Johnson was accused of wanting to “turn the screw on Scotland” after he said the UK should resist handing new tax raising powers to Holyrood if independence is rejected next month.

The London mayor stated his opposition to devolving greater tax responsibilities to Scotland as a poll showed he had opened up a big lead over his rivals as the politician the public would like to see replace Tory Party leader David Cameron. Nationalists last night seized on the intervention to warn that Mr Johnson’s comments offered a “grim insight” into Scotland’s future devolution prospects in the event of a No vote and a Johnson premiership. Some 34 per cent of voters interviewed believe the London Mayor – who announced last week that he will seek to return as an MP at the general election – should be the next Tory leader. The YouGov poll found he was 19 points ahead of Home Secretary Theresa May, while Chancellor George Osborne was third favourite with just 9 per cent.

However, in a departure from Mr Cameron’s stance on devolution Mr Johnson insisted there is “no reason” for pledging more powers to the Scottish Parliament over tax and spending in the event of a No vote. Mr Cameron backed handing Holyrood the power to set its own rate of income tax and levels of some benefits as part of a package of enhanced devolution as set out in the party’s Strathclyde commission. However, Mr Johnson, when asked about the plan, became one of the most senior Tories to set out his hostility to greater devolution for Scotland as he said greater powers should instead be handed to England’s major cities.

He said: “Alex Salmond has been thrashed in these debates, but for no reason we are promising the Scots more tax raising powers. There’s no need. “What has England ever got out of this devolution process? If you want to have growth in the English cities then you should do what Manchester wants, what Liverpool, Leeds and all of us want – and that’s more tax raising powers.” Pro-independence campaigners said there was now a serious prospect of Mr Johnson emerging as the UK prime minister after the 2015 General Election. Blair Jenkins, Yes Scotland’s Chief Executive said: “With Boris Johnson being tipped for the Tory leadership, we’ve been given a sobering insight into the reality of what additional powers will be offered in the event of a No vote.

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Boris Johnson let slip Tory plans to deny Scotland powers if we vote No in the Referendum!! Share, please!!

Has Boris Johnson let slip Tory plans to deny Scotland powers if we vote No in the #indyref

BORIS Johnson has been accused of spilling the beans on Tory plans to renege on more powers for Holyrood after a No vote

The SNP yesterday seized on remarks by the London major and Tory hopeful that Scotland had been granted enough powers. In an interview the bungling mayor of London railed against “ever more things we are giving Scotland”, and claimed that there is “no reason” for Scotland to have more powers.

He said instead that tax-raising powers should be granted to major cities in England. The SNP said that the comments exposed “the empty promises of the No camp over more powers for Scotland”. The SNP’s James Dornan MSP said: “It was always clear that No campaign pledges of more powers weren’t worth the paper they were written on – and Boris Johnson getting caught out telling the truth will be a major embarrassment to the No camp.

“The fact is that Westminster has always thought there was ‘no need’ for Scotland to have more powers. Boris Johnson is just admitting what the rest of the No camp are thinking.” Johnson’s ham-fisted remarks, first reported last week, came as Johnson admitted for the first time his plans to lead the Conservative party, following his decision to stand for election to the House of Commons next year. “The serious prospect of someone like Boris Johnson as Prime Minister after the next election – taking decisions affecting Scotland – will be enough to send chills down the spines of people across the country,” said Dornan.

“A Yes vote is our one opportunity to ensure we get the government we vote for every single time – we need to grab that opportunity with both hands.” A YouGov/Sunday Times poll yesterday showed that Boris is the public’s top choice to be the next Conservative leader, but would increase their share of the vote by just one per cent if he replaced David Cameron. Asked how they would vote if Boris led the Tories, and if Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg still led their parties, the Tories’ share increases by just one percentage point from 33 per cent to 34 per cent.

Scotland THIS EXACT SAME THING happened in the 1970’s, wake up, please share this, this is PROOF and so is this below that Westminster won’t give us ANYTHING

 Fury as laughing Cameron brands Scots ‘stupid’ – VIDEO


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