If Only We Could Be Strangers Again….

I started doing this blog or ‘personal diary’ around the year 2011 for reason’s I really can’t remember. It was called ‘Praying for one more day’, so I guess the title of the blog then was my reason. I came across as pathetic and wanting off sympathy maybe? I don’t actually care how many people read this page anymore, but I just checked and between 200 and 400 people read my page every day! Who are you…lol? Why? Why do you read the ramblings of a mad-man? Come forward and speak, please?

It is now late 2017 and here is ‘ShaunyNews’ I used to share World news the Main Stream Media would not cover, in a vain attempt to give others knowledge of the TRUTH. Oh how pathetic I was.

Anyway, this has taken an hour so far just to get to this stage; I may as well share a story. I just watched a movie starring Will Smith called ‘Collateral Beauty’ and wow did I cry like a little girl! But how UN-manly of me to admit I cried right? If you watch movies and love what a movie can do to you, like a song can, I advise you watch this movie. But only if you can take the emotion that is shared in the movie. I am warning you, this movie is upsetting! An emotion we all hide from in 2017

Collateral Beauty Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Will Smith Movie
Via Movieclips Trailers on You Tube

I mean what is a man in 2017? Tough, courageous, thoughtful? Brave? I really don’t care what the World says a man should be, I only care what my heart and soul tell me what is right these days. Every day is a battle for me, but EVERY DAY IS A BATTLE FOR EVERYONE, It took 6 years of typing on this page for me to figure out we all have a something, a thing that holds us back, an emotion we hide and protect ourselves from. Why? Well it is socially unacceptable behavior to show emotion in the year 2017, especially if you are a man. Yeah it all confuses me too!

Today the pain is killer, my mind is a mess. This process of getting up, living, then going to sleep again is now past Groundhog Day for me. The eventually of my existence is neither less nor more than yours, I know this much. Social status, how rich we are what we do, what we don’t do is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Today in 2017 not many people care enough, but I don’t think many realize they do it. Social Stigma, people pointing at our every action is something many avoid, yet here I am making myself a target, and that is ok, no! Really it is

The only certainty in life is Death, so till that day arrives should we live freely?

Often I do think about my past and everyone in my today and yesterday and think “What if we awoke total strangers to each other tomorrow”? What then? Would we walk past each other, would we stop and think ‘Déjà vu’? That is a thought, just a thought but one a movie invoked in me to write about.

See life can be as simple as just breathing in then breathing out, smiling and trying for the right reasons. Looking at what we do have as opposed to what we wish we did have. Stopping to notice how lucky we are in an uncaring World of 2017. Take a look at the news on the TV from time to time and then just stop and look around your own life. It ain’t so bad is it? But this all sounds easy to do, sadly for me it is not easy, everything is hard, I could blame people or life, so I will just blame both 😀

When will you start to live the way you want, and not the way life dictates how you should live? What binds these invisible shackles of oppression to us? Social stigma and Social bandwagons out-with our own control? I told you I think a lot! If what I write here is wrong to anyone, I would hate to know what is correct or ‘Socially Acceptable’ to the people of the year 2017, today I mean. After-all, my Words here will still be here LONG after I am gone. I would love to be around to see what people think of me, or maybe about the way I am able to express myself. I guess I will never know yeah? But do know I do look outwards to and at other people and dissect them in a way to purely understand them, God knows I try! But the only people I can look to or at and see fun, happy, honesty and love are my two Daughters. What World will await them? This is 2017, when they are my age it will be roughly the year 2055, how bad or good will the World be for them? NOW THAT GIVES ME FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

Till the next ramblings….






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Breaking: 400+ refugees ‘drown in Mediterranean’ – From Egypt to Italy




As a species we stand back and watch this horror whist many IDIOTS want to believe they are ALL ISIS Members. ISIS is a Global crisis paid for by you and I if our research is correct. Fear of ISIS does not exist in my culture nor country, we don’t get worried nor do we care, what will be, will be. But how many times will we watch images of dead/dying exposed and in trouble images of kids with their family? How can we look away, what makes us look away? Scotland has I think 4,000 refugee’s, because let’s face it they are not immigrants coming to new lands with a smile and a dream, no they are here to stay alive, JUST stay alive from ISIS. The sheer numbers is mind blowing that are coming over and dying, and mainly go unreported unless it’s a few hundred but this happens every day. Europe IS NOT LIVING IN FEAR OF ISIS. Fear is choice and because we have actually, mostly all lived (In recent years) through wars and worse close to us, like on our doorsteps, over here we don’t worry, BUT WE ARE HELPING. I only wish the cause of this monster would vote in Bernie Saunders, but that is impossible now. The story remains and 1 Country gets to live in false hope while the rest of us look after these poor people. After WWII and what happened to the Jews, RIGHTLY the World declared we would not stand back ever again and watch these things happen. Well done Earth! We blew it, we turned away and we know who is causing all this, yet we don’t point at them. I am of course pointing to a Government to the West, not people like like you or I. This is a snapshot of our World, our humility and humanity. Sorry one right? When this kid was picked up in the image to the left I really hoped that would help, it didn’t. We remain blissfully stupid and selfish. As always I will leave tweets from around the World below

Via: http://www.independent.co.uk/


Hundreds of refugees are feared to have drowned in the Meditteranean Sea after their boats capsized on the way to Europe, a Somali ambassador has said. More than 400 refugees are thought to have drowned, the Somali ambassador to Egypt told BBC Arabic. Reports say the refugees were fleeing to Italy from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea in four boats which were ill-equipped for the journey.



EU policymakers have been criticised of “killing by neglect” after they cut rescue missions in the Mediterranean.  The scaling back of search and rescue operations “created the conditions that led to massive loss of life,” according to a report.


Rescuers help people in the sea after a boat carring some 250 migrants crashed into rocks as they tried to enter the port of Pantelleria, an island off the southern coast of Italy, on April 13, 2011. A fishing boat which had sailed across the Medittarenean from Libya ran aground today on rocks on the tiny Italian island of Pantelleria, killing two women, the ANSA news agency reported. Italy is struggling to cope with a mass influx of immigrants from north Africa, many of whom risk their lives by sailing across the often stormy Medittaranean in makeshift vessels. AFP PHOTO/ Francesco Malavolta ==ITALY OUT== (Photo credit should read FRANCESCO MALAVOLTA/AFP/Getty Images)




~~End Story~~

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Well Done USA!! in #PoliceStateUSA as this officer resigns after being recorded!


Eric Casebolt, McKinney Police Officer Involved In Pool Party Incident, Resigns
Video Via The Lyrical Elitist on You Tube

Remember this? 

Outrage as Texas cops break up teenage pool party with a GUN (VIDEO)


How much more are you guys going to take of this?

How much more are you guys going to take of this?

~~~Via: http://news.yahoo.com/texas-city-police-pool-incident-once-lauded-survey-215601984.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory&soc_trk=tw ~~~

MCKINNEY, Texas (AP) — A white police officer recorded on video pushing a black girl to the ground at a North Texas pool party resigned from the police force Tuesday.

Officer David Eric Casebolt’s actions were “indefensible,” McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley said at a press conference after the officer submitted his resignation. But Casebolt was not pressured to quit the force, Conley said.

A teenager at the party posted a video online showing the officer pushing a bikini-clad girl to the ground and brandishing his gun to other black teens when officers responded last Friday to calls about the pool party at a community-owned McKinney swimming pool. The 41-year-old former Texas state trooper and 10-year veteran of the McKinney force was put on administrative leave after the incident. His lawyer, Jane Bishkin of Dallas, confirmed Tuesday he had quit the force. Conley said a review of the incident video showed that “our policies, our training and our practices do not support his actions.”

Twelve officers responded to the report of fights and a disturbance at the pool party at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool in an affluent area of western McKinney. “Eleven of them performed according to their training,” Conley said. Casebolt did not, he said.

“He came into the call out of control and the video showed he was out of control during the incident,” Conley said.Casebolt’s actions are under investigation and no decision has been made whether charges will be filed against him, Conley said. Charges of interfering with an officer and evading arrest against the only man arrested during Friday’s incident have been dropped, Conley said. Everyone else detained was released.

Bishkin declined to say where Casebolt is now and said the officer had received death threats. The attorney said she would release more information at a news conference Wednesday. The incident prompted criticism of the affluent suburb of McKinney north of Dallas, which is among the nation’s fastest growing cities, has highly regarded public schools and was ranked by one publication as America’s best place to live.

People who demonstrated this week at a McKinney school compared the city to Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, where use of force by police triggered widespread protests and violence. The resignation is a step in the right direction, said Dominique Alexander, president of the Dallas area-Next Generation Action Network and organizer of the demonstrations.”We still need a serious investigation into the charges that need to be brought against him in this matter,” Alexander said, adding that Casebolt should be drug tested.

The NAACP is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to review the procedures of the McKinney police force, stopping short of asking for a formal investigation. A review of department policies is needed to ensure officers are responding appropriately to calls involving minorities, the local NAACP chapter said.

Casebolt had been accused of excessive force in a 2007 arrest as part of a federal lawsuit that named him along with other officers. The officers arrested Albert Brown Jr., who authorities said was found with crack cocaine during a traffic stop. Brown, who is black, accused the officers of forcibly searching him after pulling down his pants and slamming his head against a car hood. A defense attorney denied Brown’s accusations. The lawsuit was dismissed in 2009. The city of McKinney also has been the target of a lawsuit accusing it of racial segregation in public housing.

A lawsuit in 2008 accused the McKinney Housing Authority of restricting federally subsidized public housing for low-income families to older neighborhoods east of U.S. 75. The lawsuit said that in the Dallas area, 85 percent of those receiving so-called “Section 8” housing vouchers are African Americans.Protestors march Monday, June 8, 2015, during a demonstration in response to an incident at a commun … The lawsuit was settled in 2012 with a consent decree, which is an agreement to take specific actions without admitting guilt. A message left with the housing authority seeking comment wasn’t returned Tuesday.

The scrutiny contrasts with McKinney’s high ranking for its quality of life. A Time Inc. publication last year said the city was the best place to live in America, with a median family income in excess of $96,000 and job growth projected at 13 percent. Crime is comparatively low and like other metropolitan suburbs in Texas, McKinney has seen unprecedented expansion. Its population has tripled in the last 15 years to approximately 155,000. About 75 percent of residents are white while nearly 11 percent are black.

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Outrage as Texas cops break up teenage pool party with a GUN (VIDEO)


A kids party and this fool runs in with a gun!! Watch the video. White kids you say America?

First we AGAIN must take into account the color of the kids skin, all of them. Again this is White cops about to, threatening to shoot bl@ck kids. This was an arranged party, there were no complaints from anyone, nobody called the police, they just drove up and seen these ‘BL@CK KIDS’ and went in, scaring half of them to death with guns raised. I don’t know what is wrong with you America but it this was ANY PART of the Civilized World we would be on the streets demanding better policing TILL IT STOPPED. Where there are guns there are itchy fingers then death. I am not going to lecture your ways all the way over here in Scotland but who is making a big deal out of this? Remember ‘Glory’ Maybe you guys in America need a new mountain to climb because the one Martin Luther King gave you has fallen, as said, SELMA IS NOW!! That is why they walked through Ferguson with their hands up. Here, this is what I see, this is what I want to see. I loved this!! Video of the incident below with links. This is just awful, what if these were white kids? Yeah!! Now we want to talk America! 

Common & John Legend Powerful Academy Awards (The Oscars 2015) Speech Transcript
Via Jack Sze on You Tube

Common, John Legend – Glory
Via CommonVEVO on You Tube

Wake up America, racism is a card that is being played on you AGAIN. In 2015, come on!!! 

~~~~Via: RT.USA.COM~~~~

A McKinney, Texas police officer has been suspended after a clip went viral showing him throwing a black bikini-clad teenager to the ground and chasing her friends with a gun. Police were called in because of “too many black teens” partying in the area. A video filmed on June 5 and posted on YouTube by Brandon Brooks has scored hundreds of thousands of views, causing a wave of online outrage. It shows McKinney police officers forcing a group of black teenagers dressed in sportswear and bathing suits to the ground, and chasing those who do not comply with what look like flashlights or Tasers. They also swear at the kids.  One particularly aggressive officer is seen dispersing a group of girls, shouting “I don’t care, you’re leaving now.” Moments later he is seen walking up to and detaining a black female teen who is reluctant to leave immediately.


McKinney, Texas, Police Officer Pulled Gun On Unarmed Teenagers At Pool Party

Then, all of a sudden, the cop throws the bikini-clad girl to the ground. When other girls run to the scene, he violently pushes them away before producing a gun and briefly chasing two of the black teens. He then returns to the girl, forces her face down, and sits on her back to handcuff her. The teenager repeatedly cries “Oh my momma, oh God!” and bursts into tears.
The officer has been identified by local media as Eric Casebolt, although the McKinney Police Department did not immediately disclose his name. The department, however, said that an officer had been placed on administrative leave following the incident. An investigation has also been launched.
 “Several concerns about the conduct of one of the officers at the scene have been raised,” local police Chief Greg Conley told reporters on Sunday. He described the 14-year-old female as having been“temporarily detained” and then “ultimately released to her parents.”

How much more are you guys going to take of this?

How much more are you guys going to take of this?

Meanwhile, the reason for the police action, which involved a dozen officers dispersing a party at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool, has raised further questions. Police spokesperson Sabrina Boston said police were called in due to “multiple juveniles at the location, who do not live in the area or have permission to be there, refusing to leave.” According to Boston, officers “encountered a large crowd that refused to comply with police commands”and were given additional reinforcement.  Police have been accused of racial prejudice in the incident, as officers appeared to be picky about which of the 70 teens of different ethnicities they forcefully detained.



“Everyone who was getting put on the ground was black, Mexican, Arabic,” said Brooks, who shot the footage, and is white himself, according to inquisitr.com. “[The cop] didn’t even look at me. It was kind of like I was invisible.”  Meanwhile, the father of the girl, Jahi Adisa Bakari, made a public call on social media for Casebolt to be “fired immediately.”


The Father demanding the WHITE cop gets fired for beating his bl@ck Daughter who is 14!


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New ‘Police State’ USA Low – Cop Pulls Gun On a Kids Snowball Fight



By @ShaunyNews Via: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=768_1422735565

I don’t know what’s worse, someone calling on kids having a snowball fight or the Cop getting his gun out on playing in the snow. Actually I jest, people are sad enough to call the police here too, but for a grown man, a police officer, a cop, who you in America pay his wage, to point a loaded gun at kids playing in the snow, well if you don’t think America is a police state after watching the video from ‘Live Leak‘ below, you are in denial and stupid, I am sorry, it’s that simple. You guys deny this happens and allow it to happen. I can’t even feel sorry for you any more America, this is ridiculous & embarrassing for your whole country. I will link up below, I seen this in live leak, an American run website to show you how and why you are a police state. Ironic hardly any of you even go near what the likes of myself write, that’s alternative news. A Snowball fight America, and the chances of a kid being shot were 50/50 here, keep this in mind, America, you are a ‘Police State’ You going to just ignore this? I don’t get you, I am lost. If this happened in my culture the Cop would be slapped and sacked.

Via Live Leak on You Tube

This video picks up the action in the middle of things so it is not clear from the video what transpired beforehand. The video shows an NRPD officer using obscene language, ordering the already-kneeling youths to remain down. The officer is holding his firearm with both hands, pointed directly at one of the youths. He then approaches the young man, briefly frisks him with one hand while holding onto his firearm.


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Letting Go – Poem


Started young, I was a father, I was a Kid

I couldn’t be a father, I was still a kid at 21

One 2 the other 1, I had to wake up, I did

I did my best, did the football coaching, became Dad


Now here I am a better man, struggling to breath

Two new girls came along and suffocated me with love

So I have to cut loose. I love always, but you learn now

I will always have your back, your time to fly, go fly


It hurts me to say this, to write this, but I must

Till the day you understand who WE are,  I must

Always I look to you, looking for signs, never they come

So I step away, watching always, but I have to look elsewhere


I write elsewhere, but I have 5 sets of eyes now, always

I have to prioritise where my eyes look, they must look past

Past you, and onto them. Another eye is always, my love not yours

There are no rules for this, no book no guidance, we tried


My only guidance are the eyes looking at me, always

I learn from the eyes watching me, to help you

But until you see this I must let you see the World

Open your eyes, understand the World, understand US


Your back is always in my mind, in my line of sight

This will be the case till the day I die, it is my job

What is your Job? This is your quest now, I have to look away

So we will speak soon, until I know you understand this

I have to set my eyes on things closer to me



More Sex Crimes exposed in the UK – paedophiles including doctors, police officers and teachers

When will this stop?

When will this stop?

Today we had a lady say “Having sex with kids is fine” or words to that effect. https://shaunynews.com/2014/07/16/we-cant-prove-sex-with-children-does-them-harm-says-labour-linked-nccl-disgusting/ When will this vile crap stop? Where does it go? How high into society does it go

Police forces across the country have arrested 660 suspected paedophiles including doctors, teachers and former police officers in the biggest operation for more than ten years targeting online child abusers. A junior paediatric doctor is among the suspects, who along with a second man, is suspected of having more than a million indecent images of children, according to details released by the National Crime Agency. Greater Manchester Police charged Raza Laskar, 31, in May with sexual activities relating to a 15-year-old boy and possessing indecent images of children. He had worked in hospitals across Greater Manchester. Only 39 of those arrested during the six-month operation were registered sex offenders and the majority of them were not known by the police. The allegations range from possessing indecent images of children to serious sexual assault. The operation targeted people accessing indecent images online with the focus on a number of people who had unsupervised access to children in the course of their work. They were identified through examinations of the so-called dark web – the encrypted underbelly of the web which gives users greater anonymity – and through traditional online methods of sharing files.

Among those arrested were:

:: A foster carer with no previous allegations of offending who was looking after a 12-year-old vulnerable child at the time of his arrest.

:: A grandfather with access to a 17 grandchildren, two of whom had previous disclosed abuse by him.

:: A suspect who admitted that he had been viewing indecent images of children for 30 years from the age of 16 and had regularly travelled to South-east Asia for sexual purposes, according to police.

Officers said that 431 children had been identified at risk of abuse and steps had been taken to protect them.

The NCA declined to say how it traced the abusers but played down any suggestion that it was linked to any technological breakthrough.

The NCA said a junior paediatric doctor and a foster carer were among those arrested

Phil Gormley, the director general of the NCA, said: “We cannot afford not to look under this stone. We knew that we were going to reveal volume. He went on: “It’s a bit like a drugs problem. You need to look for it if you’re going to find it. “People are unlikely to report this type of crime, you’re not going to have witnesses to it in the way that traditional crime types will.“ Two years ago the NCA estimated that 50,000 people were involved in sharing child abuse images online, and in the past 20 years the number of images available has soared from an estimated 10,000 to tens of millions. ”There are very significant volumes of people viewing this material in this country and abroad,” said Mr Gormley. “We are going to need to understand as a society how we are going to confront this issue. We are not going to be able to arrest our way out of it. The numbers are significant, the volumes are huge.” John Carr, secretary of the UK Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety, said the operation “sends out a very clear warning to paedophiles and collectors of indecent images everywhere that the interest is increasingly become a very hostile environment for them.” The operation was the largest since Operation Ore which started in 2002 and which led to more than 2,600 British men being brought to justice for downloading images of child abuse. The investigation followed the conviction in the United States of a couple behind a company that provided access to adult pornography and child abuse images. The names of more than 7,000 Britons on the database were passed to British authorities for investigation.

Playing For Change – Connecting The World Through Music



The Playing For Change Band’s 2012 “Back to Our Roots” Tour hits the road this summer throughout Europe and Brazil. Grandpa Elliott has his passport ready and harmonicas in his pockets. One thing I know for sure is that wherever Grandpa Elliott goes, the roots follow. I’ve known Grandpa for many years and he is the King of Conviction. Whenever and wherever he performs he gives it everything he has, and brings so much soul and emotion to every note and every word. The PFC Band feeds off of his spirit, and together with the audience we create a better world, a place where we are going to make it as a human race. Sometimes the music is all we need to be set free. Grandpa may be a blind man, but he sees the light.

For example, check out this live video of  “A Change Is Gonna Come” from Folsom, CA. When I watch and listen to this performance I have no doubt that a change is coming and that with music we will all persevere.

There is so much diversity and talent in this band, and together on the stage they create music that breaks down walls and builds bridges. Don’t miss a chance to see Grandpa and the band live this summer and celebrate the “Back to Our Roots” Tour with your PFC Family!!

Playing for change is something I have been more than aware of for a long time. The feel of it captures me and anyone I show it to. The meaning is as it says “Playing for change” To try and change our world. Some of the videos are more than amazing, people from all over the globe playing instruments of all shapes and sizes and people singing from all corners of the world. All with one common goal, “Change” On here I took part in “Blogging for change” When I see something that has roots to change our world, I am “IN THERE” in a big way, same as me doing a blog here and there for http://www.masterpeace.org

Change is change, and any change moving forward is a good one. Sadly these movements never get far as people think “Waste of time” I have heard this so many times. So I ask, do we give up? So we forget our world is heading to a big white flash? Are some happy the end of days is upon us and have accepted it and say “Why bother” Well let’s put it into context. The people who rule and ruin this planet make up about 1%, the rest of us; the 99% ARE THE VOICE. In one day, we could all stand up and say “No” These are what these movements are all about, but there is so much apathy when it comes to “Change” We all want it, but not enough really want it, that badly to do something about. Hey, I used to do the same.

So playing for change, same as “Bloggers for peace” is the same thing, just different ways. Add your voice, do a blog, get in touch, you need spend no money. When I see these things the first thing I look for is “Please enter your Credit card details here” All I am doing is sharing music, beautiful music, sang by people of all races, creeds colours and cultures. The people who actually do the sound, the singing and more are from all over the planet, from the USA to South Africa, to Africa, to Russia, India, Australia, Israel, and Iran and all over Europe and South America and anywhere else you want to mention. This is a GLOBAL movement, so jump in. Here are some songs, free to listen to, that should kick start some people into wanting to spread this word. Many are quick to spread their word on this earth, maybe we all should spread other, new words?  I will let you listen and you decide.

One Love 

War/No More Trouble

What a Wonderful World

Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay

Stand by me 


Redemption Song

Don’t Worry

Gimme Shelter

One Love, One World, One Peace…………

I Refuse to grow up, here is why




When your a kid growing up you wonder what it is like to be a “grownup” I did, I remember being 8 or so, I was in primary 3 or something, my third year at proper school for anyone in the world who has a different way of being or going to school

And as I am a parent now (My blog a few down about letting go) I have to teach my kids about growing up, and it sucks, badly. I am a Man-Child, I point blank REFUSE to grow up. My last blog and the picture in this blog, kind of proves my point

As a child you worry about, well, Scooby Doo! As an adult you have, electricity bills, gas bills, petrol bills, bills for TV, bills for breathing and bills to pass wind, or so it seems, I pay bills for things I don’t even know what they are, something my partner did perhaps? I don’t know, I just pay it, so on the principle that growing up sucks, I hereby refuse to on grounds it is not fun!

So, I am not growing up, I am still going to be goofy and childish and if you do happen to want me, I will be in the fort I built above with my invisible friend Alan colouring in last nights evening news

So there!



I have no idea what this is, but Alan and I want one each, in Green!!!

I have no idea what this is, but Alan and I want one each, in Green!!!

A Letter from God – Rev. Eddie Tatro


Below is a letter sent to me a very special friend I have from America, his Name is Eddie, and he is Priest and a Bishop. He asked me to blog this for him, and I keep promises to friends. I have no idea what the origins of this letter are, I have read it and it meant something to me, but there are many people out there who will take new and different meaning from this letter. The origins of the letter, I really don’t know. I blog it in the hope that others find a message or it helps someone. The message I got from the letter is, love and faith and trust among many emotions. Please read the “Letter from God” and take it for what you see it for. And if you want to comment on the letter, the content or the blog, please leave a comment below. Another message I got is, we all should love, no matter who or why. I say often “More love, Less hate” and this is to everyone. As I grow I sense God myself, and I walk my own road, I find my own path, the journey may be a long one, but I will not be walking it alone. From time to time, there will be only one set of footprints in the sand, and I know I am not alone.

Shaun x


My dear children, and believe me, that is all of you, I consider myself a pretty patient guy.  I mean, look at the Grand Canyon. It took millions of years to get it right.  And about evolution?  Boy, nothing is slower than designing that whole Darwinian thing to take place cell by cell and gene by gene.

And I have been patient through your fashions, your civilizations, wars and schemes, and the countless ways that you take me for granted until you get yourselves into big trouble again and again.  I want to let you know about some of the things that started ticking me off.  First of all, your religious rivalries are driving me up a wall.  Enough already!  Let’s get one thing straight.  These are your religions, not mine.  I’m the whole enchilada.  I’m beyond ‘em all.  Every one of your religions claims that there’s only one of me, which, by the way, is absolutely true, but in the very next breath each religion claims that it’s my favorite one.  And each claims its bible was written personally by me, and that all of the other bibles are man-made.  Oh, Me.  How do I ever begin to put a stop to such complicated nonsense?

All right, listen up now.  I am your Father and Mother, and I don’t play favorites among my children.

Also, I hate to break it to you, but I don’t write.  My longhand is awful, and I’ve always been more of a doer anyway.  So ALL of your books, including those bibles, were written by men and women.  They were inspired men and women, they were remarkable people, but they also made mistakes here and there.  And I made sure of that, so that you would never trust a written word rather than your own living heart.

You see, one human being to me — even a bum on the street — is worth more than all of the holy books in the world.  That’s just the kind of a guy I am.  My spirit is not an historical thing.  It’s alive right now, right now, as fresh as your next breath.  Holy books and religious rites are sacred and powerful, but they are not more so than the least of you.  They were only meant to steer you in the right direction, not to keep you arguing with each other, and certainly not to keep you from trusting your own personal connection with me.

This brings me to my next point about your nonsense.  You act like I need you and your religions to stick up for me or win souls for my sake.  Please, don’t do me any favors.  I can stand quite well on my own, thank you.  I don’t need you to defend Me, I don’t need constant credit.  I just want you to be good to each other.

And another thing.  I don’t get all worked up over money or politics, so stop dragging my name into your dramas.  For example, I swear to me that I never threatened Oral Roberts.  I never rode is any of Rajneesh’s Rolls Royces and I never told Pat Robertson to run for president, and I have never had a conversation with Jim Bakker, Jerry Falwell or Jimmy Swaggart.  Of course, come Judgment Day, I certainly intend to.

Now the thing is I want you to stop thinking of religion as some sort of a loyalty pledge to me.  The true purpose of religion is so that YOU can become more aware of ME, not the other way around.  Believe Me, I know you already.  I know what’s in each of your hearts, and I love you anyway with no strings attached.  So, lighten up and enjoy me.  That’s what religions best for.

What you seem to forget is how mysterious I am.  You look at the petty differences in your scriptures and you say, “Well, if this is the truth, then that can’t be.”  But instead of trying to figure out my paradoxes and unfathomable nature — which, by the way, you never will — why not open your hearts to the simple, common threads of every religion?  You know what I’m talking about.  Play nice with each other.  Love and respect everyone.  Be kind.  Even when life is scary or confusing, take courage and be of good cheer, for I’m always with you.

And learn how to be quiet, so that you can hear my still, small voice.  I don’t like to shout.  Leave the world a better place by living your life with dignity and gracefulness, for you are my own child.  Hold back nothing from life, for the parts of you that can die surely will, and the parts that can’t, won’t.  So don’t worry, be happy.  (I stole that last line from Bobby McFerrin, but who gave it to him in the first place?)

Simple stuff now.  Why do you keep making it so complicated?  It’s like you’re always looking for an excuse to be upset.  And I am very tired of being your main excuse.  Do you think whether you call Me God, or Yahweh, or Jehovah, Allah, Wakatonka, Brahma, Father, Mother, even the Void of Nirvana?  Do you think I care which of My Special Children you feel closest to — Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed or any of the others?  You can call me and My Special Ones any names you choose, if only you will go about my business of loving one another as I love you.  How can you keep neglecting something so simple?

No, I am not telling you to abandon your religions.  Enjoy your religions, honor them, and learn from them, just as you should enjoy, honor, and learn from your parents.  But do you walk around telling everyone that your parents are better than theirs?  Your religion, like your parents, may always have the most special place in your heart.  I don’t mind that at all.  And I don’t want you to combine all of the great traditions into One Big Mess.  Each religion is unique for a reason.  Each has a unique style so that people can find the best path for themselves.  But My Special Children — the ones that your religions revolve around — all live in the same place in my heart, and they get along perfectly, I assure you.

The clergy must stop creating a myth of sibling rivalry where there is none.  My blessed children of Earth, the world has grown too small for your pervasive religious bigotries and confusion.  The whole planet is now connected by air travel, satellite dishes, telephones, fax machines, rock concerts, diseases and mutual needs and concerns.  Get with the program!  If you really want to help me celebrate the birthday of My Son Jesus, then commit yourselves to figuring out how to feed your hungry and clothe your naked, and protect your abused and shelter your poor.  And just as important, make your own everyday life a shining example of kindness and good humor.  I’ve given you all the resources you need, if only you abandon your fear of each other and begin living, and loving and laughing together.

Now, I am not really ticked off.  Not really.  I just wanted to grab your attention because I hate to see you suffer.  But I gave you free will, so what can I do now other than try to influence you through reason, persuasion, and a little old-fashioned guilt and manipulation?

After all, you know I am the original Jewish Mother.  I just want you to be happy, and I’ll sit in the dark.  I really am with you always.  Always.  Trust in Me.

Your One and Only, God


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