The USA is falling into Fascism and Hatred we seen in WWII


I had an American friend tell me a few days ago “Shaun you should read the Quran, because ALL MUSLIMS want to kill you” Now I was shocked, I have MANY AMAZING MUSLIM FRIENDS, I angered a little and I felt right away the person telling me this was just a scared American person who has NO IDEA what the Muslim Culture actually is when you set aside an old book. The Ironic part is this person telling me this is a Catholic!!! Now, I was born Catholic, I don’t hate ANYONE, but I walked away from Religion for my reasons, I respect anyone’s will, UNLESS THE THOUGHTS THEY HAVE IMPACT OUR WORLD BADLY. The person who told me “Your Muslim Friends Want To Kill You” is actually a very decent person, I offered this person to join my Facebook wall but made him aware my Facebook wall is full of people who would find him VERY OFFENSIVE! So he refused to join my page and debate. Why? Let me tell you why I think this person didn’t want to debate clever Scottish/European/ALL people, I think it’s because he is in a group of American people WHO JUST CAN’T DEBATE, be it because of an old book, or someone else’s old book they live by. It’s pathetic; it’s offensive to the World, a World that is slowly walking away from the USA. A USA that will build a wall to keep people out, but please remember, walls keep people in too. America, I will leave some old blogs below, but YOU ARE FALLING AND DYING, our only hope is American people do not stop marching and protesting, that the clever Americans with free minds to see clearly will keep walking and talking. America is close to becoming Fascist. The WORLD warned the USA, I was called a ‘Lone Voice’ by another Religious person who had NO IDEA of the Millions of people, 10’s of Millions, maybe a Billion or more people like me, trying hard to get people to look past a book of scripture and NOT BE SCARED TO DEATH WITH LIES FROM MEDIA AND FALSE PROPHETS. We failed to get America voters to see the lies 😦 So America the ball is now in your hands, the World will help you, but 1st you need to admit you need help. I believe, as I have for years now that the USA is very close to Civil War, then Martial Law. I have no reason to change my opinion, an opinion I came to with hundreds of people and seen in Millions more for many years now. American friends, American’s who pretend to be my friend but fail BADLY at telling me they like me because they lack the ability to point score, or just point score, they do it so badly IT’S FUNNY 😀 I bought a new car a few weeks back and this one American was VERY QUICK to ask “Where was your car built?” As it was a Ford, I can only imagine how they felt when I told them this Ford car was created in Brazil, made in India and sold throughout Europe from Germany, NOT 1 AMERICAN HAND HAS TOUCHED MY NEW FORD CAR!, how sad is that type of person? Scary sad? or just scary? This person like the ‘Muslim Hater’ above is a Trump voter who is scared. I stopped blogging as it hurts my hands and it confuses my mind, so I need help to type this. I am happy and blessed I live in a free and democratic Country, and not 1 American can sit ANYWHERE these days and say “People are STILL flocking to the USA for a better life” because People are leaving the USA today. The American dream IS DEAD, it is no longer ‘Land of the free, home of the brave’, it is now ‘Land of the scared, home of the brainwashed 😦

czorbe0xcaanb93Below is a song from the movie ‘Selma’ and the Oscar acceptance speech by two men who could see a Trump type America was a clear and present danger to the USA. People cried after they spoke in the 2nd video below, I REFUSE to put a label or colour on anyone who cried. The ability to cry for Humanity I believe needs a free mind. If your mind is bound by a book or the lies from Politics and Media of any kind, it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a clear statement, debate or give reason to your choices. THIS!! Is why (SOME) American’s just can’t debate, or talk, they just throw hate at people and block them. This is ignorance, I can handle ignorance, but the World can’t and won’t help a people who deny their own selfish ignorance. Song and Oscar winners warning below. Also some old blogs I did going as far back as 2014, at the bottom of ALL blogs are 3 more pointing to the same story. I am not a blogger no more, I beg people use any of my research and take it and own it, use it as your own, I am not big on being the one who told a story or getting hits on an Internet page. No, I live in the real World. Where do you live?

Glory (From the Motion Picture Selma) Oscar Performance
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Common & John Legend Acceptance Speech Oscar 2015
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Celtic fly past United in easy 2-0 win


Commons played in Stokes who beat his man to fire home for 2-0

Shaun Gibsonby Shaun Gibson

Probably as good a performance we have seen this season, with so many players missing Scott Brown was pitched in at right back, Henderson started the game again, Griffiths started from the bench and again we see 3 minutes of Balde

This really was an easy game, the tactics today were spot on, when the full backs go up the park Kayal drops in ready to go either side, middle 3 started with Henderson, Johansen and Kayal, Sammy wide left Commons right with Stokes getting fed in by Commons and Samaras

It took Celtic 5 minutes to get 1-0 ahead, we won a free kick 40 yards out near the main stand, a superb cross into the box by Commons and Sammy got ahead of his marker to volley home for a superb goal and from a player who played well today. United had spells on the ball but they rarely bothered Forster in goal

2-0 came 20 minutes later and a superb team goal, passing by Johansen, Henderson and Samaras, the ball was given to Commons, with one touch he played the ball onto the on running Stokes who took it in his stride and his first touch took him past the marker and Stokes fired home high into the net, 25 minutes to go and 2-0

Rarely were Celtic troubled. In the 2nd half the introduction of Mackay-Steven for Dundee United made a huge impact for the start of the second half causing problems for 10/15 minutes till we put Kayal on him and he dropped out the game

Samaras runs off after a brilliant goal in 5 minutes for 1-0

Samaras runs off after a brilliant goal in 5 minutes for 1-0

With Scott Brown at right back United tried most of the game to get behind Brown but credit to Brown he did well the whole game. McNamara is saying to the media United didn’t press Celtic enough but it was men v boys  today, Celtic were a class above and not playing in full gear either

A good 2-0 win, our 28th league win of the season  and getting to 82 goals in League football for the season with 5 games to go. We have 2 games away and we finish the season at Home to Dundee United where we get the Scottish Premiership trophy.

With question marks on several players today proved with who we have missing we are still a quality side. Today Samaras was good he just looked interested. Lennon said after the game it looks like Sammy will be away and to be fair get him off the wage bill, Kayal also wants to leave. With Johansen and Biton proving to be good players I think either way we have a decent squad next season

Today is good, easy 2-0 and we look forward to the last 5 games

Till the next game


Hail, Hail