Alex Salmond: BBC Bias was ‘Significant Factor’ in deciding Scottish Independence Referendum


Well well well!! He said it! He said what we all know, he said it!! 😀 I am smiling because it’s about time someone in a Political suit stood up and said it as it was, as it happened, undeniable bias from the British Broadcasting Corporation, a corporation we are all asked to pay over £100 a year to watch, sadly the BBC in many Scot’s eyes are a Westminster mouthpiece. I will remind you all about what was said, accused and alleged. Know one thing, with Labour changing leader to a left wing Socialist who the right wing BBC will hate and Alex saying this days later, be assured something HUGE is coming, brace for impact Scotland! I will leave some blogs I did accusing the BBC of bad sportsmanship, same things many wrote about, also at the bottom some tweets from others. Get ready Scotland, this is about to get good 😉

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Biased reporting by the BBC in the lead up to Scotland’s independence referendum last year was a “significant factor” in the country deciding to remain part of the Union, Alex Salmond has claimed. In an interview with The Independent exactly a year on from the historic vote, Scotland’s former First Minister renewed his attack on the BBC’s coverage of the referendum, saying his “biggest regret” of the campaign was not foreseeing the extent of its “institutional bias”.

Mr Salmond also launched an extraordinary broadside against the wider Scottish media, describing the country’s right wing press as “prejudicial, short sighted lunatics” who “infect” social media with purposefully slanted articles. “I think what decided the referendum was the renewed scaremongering campaign, and the BBC was one of the chosen instruments of that scaremongering,” the former SNP leader said. “My biggest regret of the campaign is I didn’t anticipate that the BBC would be as biased as they were.”

How long have I said what Alex just said?

How long have I said what Alex just said?

A BBC spokesman said: “As we said at the time, we believe our coverage of the referendum was rigorously impartial and in line with our guidelines on fairness and impartiality.”
On the prospect of a second referendum, Mr Salmond said the Yes side would win another vote if it were held tomorrow. He added that the BBC’s influence would be lessened because the corporation had “managed to wreck the greatest broadcasting reputation in the world” and was now “in crisis in terms of its relationship with the people of Scotland”.

Singling out the Scottish editions of the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph for further criticism, Mr Salmond said some of the titles’ journalists produced “not just right wing nonsense” but “mad right wing nonsense” which “bears as much resemblance to reality as a Daily Express weather report”.

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