The Human Chaos Theory

The Human Chaos Theory is something I noted last year sometime and today in a rare moment of half clarity I can spend a few hours listening to music while watching both our Worlds go by from my view and add words to a though that we all think. I woke up from a bad dream if I remember or maybe a confusing dream and I left myself a little note called ‘The Human Chaos Theory’. Back then all I could think was the title, this morning on a cold Scottish morning again I woke up after a dream and I now have the words to place here, or least enough words to start, maybe you can add more?. I will try and put my point across as quickly as I can, because I know the human condition, it has little time in its hour of boredom to be awoken, it is self serving, egotistical, wanting for things they already have, we believe money will cure us, when in-fact money harms us, but we also have the capacity for love and a level of caring we claim to behold on each other, yet we lie, I have lied, so have you. Money harms us in our day to day, and it harms our World through many means on a daily basis. We see it on the TV News or any medium of information giving and gathering, we give it a name in a moment, then we want the very thing we see destroying our World, but this is not all about money, it’s about HOW YOU THINK AND WHY

“Shaun, why do think so deeply?” is a question I personally as a human have had to answer too many times to too many people, but today I answer back with love, the ONLY emotion I can bring to any table these days. What makes us unhappy? What makes you unhappy as you read this? What makes you unhappy today, what made you unhappy yesterday and all the yesterdays before it? What will make you unhappy tonight and tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come? That is the question, the only question I can ask. And I again, I ask the World, not just you, no, please! Don’t be so selfish to think this is ABOUT YOU. There is your first lesson on the ‘The Human Chaos Theory’, but please keep in mind, in this moment you might be happy, I am trying to understand what makes me happy and unhappy and I am starting to think in most cases I bring it all onto myself, the same as you do, the same as our species do, but why? We can be happy or sad, yet the emotion I see most is hate and anger in our World, this confuses me and I know I am not alone

I see people as I sit here slowly typing away, I can look out 2 windows, I just seen an old woman from around the corner with walking sticks happily walking her two dogs and I looked up, smiled and gave her a little wave, she smiled and waved back. THAT WAS A HUMAN MOMENT, it was free as it was honest and these are the moments I personally look for every day. I am not the same person as I was last week, never mind 20 years ago or a year ago, but neither are any of us the same person we were in any yesterday we care to look back at.

A old wise man tells me often “Shaun, I cry for humanity” and he does on his level, when I was younger he would say this and I would just take it as a passing comment, today I feel it too, so whoever this old wise man is, thank you from the bottom of my soul for forcing me to look around myself and my own soul. The ability to just sit back with utter clarity of mind and see a butterfly is something money can’t buy you or anyone you know. I wish I could be better enough in my soul to see more of these moments, and I used butterfly as 1 example from an endless list of examples including of course things I will never see or feel, but this should not stop me or you from striving to feel that moment again or try and ask “Can you feel these small moments we often miss because our mind was elsewhere”, if your mind is elsewhere, then ask why? You are in a good place, if you can read this you are one of the lucky ones. I could share hell on Earth with you, but we get scared of it, not till hell or bad comes to our doors do we question the suffering our World places on us all, by each other and by lifes forces, that I don’t think we as a species have figured out, we are a young species, we are growing so fast yet so slowly at the same time, can you see it or feel it? Or don’t you care? Whatever the answer is, that is ok, just don’t harm others in your logical conclusions

We are nasty to each other, I have been nasty to people. We are egotistical against each other’s and the reason I can admit this and say this is I have been ego myself. My God! Writing this blog alone will pull the human ego in and I WILL BE JUDGED. But why? What makes others judge what is not theirs when there is no need to judge? I see people with kids who focus on only their own kids, but I also see people with kids who focus on other people’s kids with many emotions attached. This confuses me a lot. I have two little girls who call me Daddy 100 times a day, you may have people who call you Mum or Dad too or maybe they are too young to name the love they have for you yet? It doesn’t matter however, just accept that love and own it, keep it and call it your own, but please World, don’t deny others this same love or freedom of spirit to evolve forward for a better them, aimed at a better World

Our World is evil, and I don’t add God or the Devil or the bible or scripture written by other humans many hundreds of years ago, but I do 100% respect others who will apply God to this and think of him as I did the butterfly. Am I making any sense to your soul yet? I don’t ask to be named, tagger or labelled, but I will be, but so will you be, you have been and you always will be by our ‘Human Chaos Theory’ that is destructive in our face as we see it on our TVs and Internet. I observe in the same way a comedian does, the same way a musical does, the same as any art form looking for inspiration to write or think freely to imagine a better World with better people. I am no saint, but I am aiming to become one. It took me 43 years of living with Humans to understand, or at least start to understand the flaws and imbalance in our species that loves to place hard emotions on each other but are selfish with our feelings too and deny others the freedom of love. I am a medicated man so what you read here today is from a Disabled person from 2017 trying to figure out a World not of my making, a species not of my doing, emotions thrown at me from birth the same as you, I try to think past them, I think sideways because I refuse to go back or forward, we live RIGHT NOW and nowhere else. Right this moment you are alive! Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a wish or a guess, realise it and accept it, and I promise you the fruits of the World can be yours TO SHARE





















Now keep repeating these lines over and over, till they stick in your mind for life. Or keep doing as you are doing and hope you get a life you want. Either way you have a choice, you have a final say in this World. Many say “I can’t change the World”, I have said it myself, but I have changed MY WORLD many times, have you? And right there you felt the emotion of ‘boasting’, yet I was not boasting, I was sharing what we all can be. And that is a better human for you, your loves ones and also our fragile Earth. You can add more or you can mock my Worlds, all I know is I am now ready to face what the final chapters of my life have for me, but I have some say in what I will become. I am a very fragile man, but I ask for no help because I have taught myself I can be anyone, be anything. I can lay down and listen to a song and own it as my own, I can watch a movie that moved me and play the part. Why should we all stop doing these things now? It’s all we have ever been doing for the love of God. Unique is my goal, I can’t blend in to my World, but I do blend into The World. I am becoming the best version of Shaun I can be for other people, what about you? Whatever you choose to do, please don’t make others suffer while you do it because this emotion will one day drag you down to levels you have taken others. Choose to lift people up because one day you may need lifted, don’t leave yourself alone as I have. I may be too late to bring people I love back but I am at one with what I done, my door has a bell and you can also knock it, you can call me, you don’t have to be alone, alone is choice sadly. But when we have no choices, how can we choose? It is all hard to take in isnt it? But this is living I am told. So how do you judge your own actions as a person, or do you even judge yourself, the first person we should judge each day is ourselves, yet we throw our own selves away and cast our emotions on others. And that is the ‘The Human Chaos Theory’. THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT IS ALL WE HAVE, lets choose to live today and accept the future as we build it together. Forget Politicians as they lie, Religion is your own call, if your heart has fear who am I to stop you connecting to God in your way? The very things that divide us are there for all to see, but the only thing left that can unite us is below in a song, and to the right hand side of this as you read it, I plant seeds in my own mind before I can even try and help another. Define away, but first define your own. The only emotion used in this 3 hours typing marathon was LOVE. But I ask, what did you feel? Only you can cause chaos and fit another emotion, or just feel love, YOU HAVE THE CHOICE. Start to apply and then you can never again deny






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Astronauts come back to Earth with ‘SOMETHING’ – Should we send our World leaders up there?

love-mother-earth After doing my blog on ‘Flat Earth’ it got me looking at other space videos. Astronauts who have been to space and looked back at the UTTER BEAUTY of what our Planet looks like from above. We are already in space, right now we are in space, it’s just we are confined to our protective bubble. Going back to how these Astronauts speak after they come back is utterly amazing. I will leave a 20 minute video below where we hear from many Astronauts from the early Apollo missions to now and going to the ISS (International Space Station) – Below that a famous and amazing human being, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and two video’s you might enjoy also, one is him in TED Talks, the other is him singing ‘Space Oddity onboard the ISS

Some Strange Things Are Happening To Astronauts Returning To Earth
Via: theo logian on You Tube

How they speak is beyond love, beyond God, beyond spiritual thinking, when people go to space they come back with a love for our World that they never had before. This video I plead you watch, then I ask we send it to all our World’s leaders. In my opinion if we can put all our leaders, president’s or prime ministers into space and let them look back I believe their need for money and commerce and thier views of each other as people be it cultures, colour of our skin, race religion or creed would change and I am guessing it would not harm all Human Beings to go up also, maybe we would be better to each other?. I watched a few videos of these amazing people who were ‘Utterly Moved’ about being in space. When you listen to these people you see how they have changed, their appreciation of our world changes, their views on Religion and Politics change also, but it took going to space to give these very lucky people the ability to want a better World, to see the wrongs we who have not been to space don’t give much thought to, these amazing people just strip their souls back and talk in an almost neo spiritual way. Please watch, it might help us who have not seen from above understand more about why and what we should be protecting most, OUR EARTH! Because we abuse it, these people who went to space talk about this, how we are taking our World for granted. I hope you watched and enjoyed, more below!

How CAN'T seeing this for real not change your mind and spirit?

How CAN’T seeing this for real not change your mind and spirit?


One such astronaut I have immence respect for is Chris Hadfield, a Canadian guy who has been aboard the ISS and did tons of video’s that were superb for kids, he explained how the human body and even physics work when you are in space. I have showed my oldest 6 year old Daughter some of Chris’s video’s because at School she is starting to get talk on Space, so she is like a sponge for knowledge, I grab that thirst and show her many things about space but 100% Mr Hadfield and how he describes living in space. An amazing man and also famous for a cover song from the late great ‘David Bowie’s Space Oddity, that amazing song sung by Chris in space is below. Below that is a video I have watched, shown my Daughter and even blogged about, links are below two amzing video’s. Please enjoy!

♫ Space Oddity ♪ by astronaut Chris Hadfield
Via: Chris Hadfield on You Tube

Chris Hadfield: What I learned from going blind in space
Via: TED on You Tube


TED – Chris Hadfield Explains Going To Space # Do We Need To Send Religious and Political Leaders there?

♫ Space Oddity ♫ Sung above Earth in the ISS. Blows Bowie’s version to PIECES!!


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The Flat Earth Theory – But why is Antarctica 24/7 Sunny?

flat-earth-vs-round-earthGenesis 1:7-1:8 The Stars, sun and moon are embedded in this rigid dome, is where I started with my research, I don’t belive the Earth is flat fully on the logic that Antartica is 24/7 sunny. If the Earth was flat it would look something like this image below, and think the wall in Game of  Thrones please if you know that wall. There are a few images, video’s as well as always tons of tweets from around the World on a subject that I can say has me ‘Kinda interested’ 10’s of Millions of people today believe in the flat earth theory, 200 years ago the entire World or the ones who cared thought the World was flat. For me I come back to Antartica and say “If it is ALWAYS sunny there, and it is, then the World MUST be a sphere and not flat. This story has my interest after a friend Joy posted something about it. I said not chance and then kept note as I do of things, had time, found time and researched as hard as I could and I conclude the World is as NASA or whoever say it is. Do I want to believe it’s flat? I don’t think it matters if the World is flat, it changes nothing in our lives, but it is hard to see a flat earth when the bottom of it or rim of it as flat earth theroy explains as that wall behind the edge. Would love people’s take on what is just an interesting story with valid points either and each way.


The Flat Earth Update | Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know
[VIDEO] Via: Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – HowStuffWorks on You Tube

Antarctica 24 hour sun DISPROVES the Flat Earth
[VIDEO] Via DITRH on You Tube


I can CLEARLY see a small curve that on a bigger image would be round, but is it a circle? Like ball, or flat?


Does size of image in relative terms count?


The best answer is usually the correct one

Many will point you to this image

Many will point you to this image

But apply some physics and we have a conspiracy!

But apply some physics and we have a conspiracy!


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One Image For People Who ‘Feel’ Our World And People



Earth heading for ‘Mini Ice Age’ – Biblical Scripture? Natural Selection?


More Proof America is being De-Americanized – The roots of all Evil is a blog I JUST did before this one. Global weather is something I write about, a story I try and keep up to date with, they are all HERE. Global Warming being man made or just a process our World goes through is irrelevant today as the signs all point to the Northern Hemisphere entering a Mini Ice Age. Over the last 10 years so many strange things have happened, some due to weather others we can only speculate on why. Birds falling from the sky, fish dying in millions, strange noises in the sky and basically, and this is the irony, pretty much all that was said about the 7 seals. The Seven Seals is a phrase in the Book of Revelation that refers to seven symbolic seals that secure the book or scroll, that John of Patmos saw in his Revelation of Jesus Christ. Or this could be Earth just going through normal stuff we are too young to understand. We know our Star flips pole’s every 11 years, what if Earth has something similar over every 100,000 years and we are just too young as a species to know. We can look to scripture as all in Revelations IS HAPPENING. But it could all be normal and the way our Earth works in the Universe. I find this topic fascinating to research. I am neither a man of Religion or Scripture but often when researching Scripture appears before me. Do you have an opinion? Watch the video’s if you can, just till you understand what these noises are people are hearing globally. Links below and tweets from others at the foot of the blog

Strange sounds heard worldwide 2012 – Something is definitely wrong
Via Mo Aki on You Tube – Gabriels Trumpet?

AGAIN – Conspiracy Theorists Vindicated: HAARP Confirmed Weather-manipulation Tool

Is this the end of days? You decide

Pope Benedict to leave, as the world looks to St. Malachy and his prophecy

Biblical End Times Foretold in the Bible (Video) Revelation 11:15

Maunder Minimum:Earth heading for ‘mini ice age’ in 2030, scientists warns
Via The Cosmos News on You Tube



The earth is 15 years from a period of low solar activity similar to that last seen during the “mini ice-age” of the 17th century, when the Thames froze. Solar researchers at the University of Northumbria have created a new model of the sun’s activity which they claim produces “unprecedentedly accurate predictions”. They said fluid movements within the sun, which are thought to create 11-year cycles in the weather, will converge in the 2030s. Solar activity will fall by 60 per cent as two waves of fluid “effectively cancel each other out”, Prof Valentina Zharkova said in a presentation to the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno.

Fiddling with temperature data is biggest science scandal ever

“[In the cycle between 2030 and around 2040] the two waves exactly mirror each other – peaking at the same time but in opposite hemispheres of the sun,” she said. “Their interaction will be disruptive, or they will nearly cancel each other. “We predict that this will lead to the properties of a ‘Maunder minimum'”.

Maunder minimum, indicating low sunspot activity, was the name given to the period between 1645 and 1715, when Europe and North America experienced very cold winters.

In England during this “Little Ice Age”, River Thames frost fairs were held. In the winter of 1683-84 the Thames froze over for seven weeks, during which it was “passable by foot”, according to historical records. Prof Zharkova said scientists had known about one dynamo caused by convecting fluids deep within the sun, but her research appeared to have uncovered another. “We found magnetic wave components appearing in pairs, originating in two different layers in the sun’s interior,” she said.

maxresdefault (1)

Climate change could undermine the last 50 years of health advances
Loaves of bread ‘smaller in future’ due to climate change
Polar bears ‘have started eating dolphins due to climate change’

“They both have a frequency of approximately 11 years, although this frequency is slightly different, and they are offset in time. “Over the cycle, the waves fluctuate between the northern and southern hemispheres of the Sun. Combining both waves together and comparing to real data for the current solar cycle, we found that our predictions showed an accuracy of 97 per cent. “Effectively, when the waves are approximately in phase, they can show strong interaction, or resonance, and we have strong solar activity. “When they are out of phase, we have solar minimums. When there is full phase separation, we have the conditions last seen during the Maunder minimum, 370 years ago.”

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article inaccurately stated that scientists have predicted bitterly cold winters in the 2030s, “similar to freezing conditions of the late 17th century”. In fact, the research focused solely on solar activity, and did not made any prediction about its possible future climate effects. We are happy to make this clear.

~~End Story~~


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Earth, Our Species Survival! Depends On Tiny Sea Creatures – WE ARE LOSING!

This process is stalling, if it stops, we die

This process is stalling, if it stops, we die

I won’t pretend to be an expert in the field here but I have researched this story enough now to understand how it works and how it failing will kill everything and every human. The process plankton do or make happen is crucial. Fish, whales, dolphins, crabs, seabirds, and just about everything else that makes a living in or off of the oceans owe their existence to phytoplankton, one-celled plants that live at the ocean surface. Phytoplankton are at the base of what scientists refer to as oceanic biological productivity, the ability of a water body to support life such as plants, fish, and wildlife. These little guys produce oxygen, if they stop we stop, loss of forest’s globally is the other oxygen loser. We are killing ourselves slowly, again the small detail becomes the most dangerous to us all, we are slowly suffocating our species and ourselves to death

For a while scientists had suspected something was not right in how researchers understand the oceans. The object of their suspicion was something called the Redfield ratio, a principle stating that, when nutrients are not limiting, ocean microorganisms always have the same ratio of three elements: carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. This matters now because the Redfield ratio is used to help modelers and biogeochemists understand how important elements like nitrogen and carbon cycle in the oceans. If the Redfield ratio does not hold true, climate researchers might have to adjust how that process is represented in their climate models.

An associate professor of Earth system science at the University of California, Irvine, and a few of his colleagues set out to sample the ocean and test the ratios. What they learned, detailed in a paper published, was that the ratios of carbon to nitrogen to phosphorus varied in different parts of the ocean. They also discovered the patterns of variation corresponded to different latitudes.

“How much carbon is attached to each molecule of nitrogen or phosphorus just used to be [considered] a constant,” said Francois Primeau, a co-author on the paper and an associate professor of Earth system science at UC Irvine. But that’s not the case. For example, in warm zones near the equator that are low on nutrients, the ratio of carbon to nitrogen to phosphorus measured was 195:28:1; in cold, high-latitude regions with plenty of nutrients, the ratio changed to 78:13:1. Redfield’s ratio is 106:16:1 oceanwide.

Via David Vose on You Tube


Via: ~~

Climate change is likely to have a massive impact on marine micro-organisms that produce half the planet’s oxygen, new research suggests.

Analysis of 35,000 seawater samples from around the world suggests rising ocean temperatures are likely to have significant effects on plankton. The microscopic organisms are the bottom of the marine food chain. But they also remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as rainforests.

Scientists who mounted a four-year global expedition to study the “health” of the world’s oceans are due to reveal the first detailed overview of the global planktonic ecosystem. They warned that the United Nations climate change conference in November must react to their findings on global warming.

~~End Story~~


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Global Panic Over September 2015 Earth Killing Asteroid – NASA Downplay It


NASA: The 2015 PDC Hypothetical Asteroid Toutatis Impact Scenario As you can see NASA have now broke rank and spoke about this Asteroid that IS 100% coming our way. I first heard about this many years ago, took no notice but now people are CONVINCED this will hit Earth face first (Right in the middle) Strange story here, way back years ago I heard an Astronomer from Puerto Rico first notified the World, this is how the story came to be, this is why NASA are now debating it.

September 2015 NASA Asteroid Deflection Mission?
Via Pamela Haley on You Tube

Now Russian scientists is taking credit, strange right? Asteroid 2014 UR116 poses no impact threat to Earth, or any other planet for at least the next 150 years. < NASA have claimed, but all these strange stories and changing of story is leading people to ask the obvious question “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE” Now I am not worried at all, if it hits, it hits, not a lot we can do about it, I just hope if it does hit it hits Edinburgh 1st so we die in an instant 😀 Knowing my luck it will hit Australia and I will know I am dying in the 42 minutes it takes to cover the globe 😀

♫ Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends – Lyrics Video ♫
Via greenday pv on You Tube

So, there is a story here. I 100% am trying to get info on the person who found this. If my memory serves me well I am positive it was a lad from Puerto Rico but I may be wrong. Speaking to a few ‘In the know’ people, they are saying to me “Shaun the US Government know this is hitting the Southern part of the USA” SO! What I have done is shared the story below, shared a few blogs I have done relating to this story, not knowing!! Also shared some tweets with video’s and also some links at the bottom. Like any story you have to do what I do, research yourself!! This is coming our way! It is an E.L.E Size. I am confident NASA are correct but then I think about all the underground facilities the USA have made in the last 10 years, and I did blog them! These are just 3 blogs going back a few years in a few cases below the video where it says <Click) 3 times.

Massive Asteroid To Hit Earth September 2015! Jade Helm To Go Live!
Via Jade Helm 15 on You Tube

You heard of ‘Jade Helm’? It is a live US Military drill, I did this blog on this last May of this year “Are We Witnessing The End Times For The USA? You decide!” <Click) with #JadeHelm happening in the South of the USA ‘RIGHT NOW’ A live military operation, it gets you thinking “Do the American Government know an Asteroid is hitting?” I am asking questions here, not sharing proof, you must decide what this is, real or not. But once you research you will see this is coming towards us very fast and it’s HUGE! Here are articles I did WITHOUT this Asteroid in mind but now makes me think if they are related. American’s are building and selling “End of the World underground homes” by the THOUSANDS! And they are being snapped up. This was a TV Show on ‘National Geographic here in the UK <Click) ON THIS VERY SUBJECT! Called DOOMSDAY PREPPERS

USA – Apocalypse Entrepreneur Offers $3m Bunkers <Click)

USA – I Warned You About FEMA Camps And Coffins Bought In Millions <Click)

The ‘Elite’ building an Underground World, why? Ozarks, Denver Airport <Click)

~~Via: ~~



According to the radical rumours, the asteroid would strike near Puerto Rico triggering earthquakes and tsunamis sometime between between 22 to 28 September this year

According to the radical rumours, the asteroid would strike near Puerto Rico triggering earthquakes and tsunamis sometime between between 22 to 28 September this year

Asteroid Toutatis

Asteroid Toutatis

NASA have issued a statement to rebuke conspiracy theorists’ claims that a giant asteroid will strike with Earth in September 2015 which could obliterate the planet.

In a bizarre denial, NASA have said that no asteroid or comet is currently known to be on track to hit our planet. They say that there is little likelihood for a major collision to happen in the next few hundred years.

The bold statement by NASA has left some question why the agency have made such a long-ranging and absolute prediction, given the huge number of asteroids near our planet at any given time and NASA’s frequent failure to spot them in the past. In any case, would NASA really tell us if an asteroid was on a collision course with the Earth?

The prophecy appears to have come from self-proclaimed prophet Efrain Rodriguez, who claims that he learned of the coming doomsday via God’s message that says the asteroid would hit the ocean near Puerto Rico. The impact would lead to an earthquake and tsunami that would devastate the East Coast of the U.S. and Mexico as well as the coast of South America and Central America.

Nope, says NASA. “In fact, as best as we can tell, no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years,” NASA says

The giant radio telescope at Arecibo Observatory  in Puerto Rico has an important role in studying near Earth objects. Here are radar images of  2km wide asteroid 1992 UY4  made from four days’ observation from  Arecibo in August 2005.

The giant radio telescope at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico has an important role in studying near Earth objects. Here are radar images of 2km wide asteroid 1992 UY4 made from four days’ observation from Arecibo in August 2005.

in a background paper on asteroid strikes. Scientists likely could identify a threatening near-Earth object large enough to potentially cause catastrophic changes in the Earth’s environment, and most astronomers believe that a systematic approach to studying asteroids and comets that pass close to the Earth makes good sense. “It’s too late for the dinosaurs, but today astonomers are conducting ever-increasing searches to identify all of the larger objects which pose an impact danger to Earth,” NASA notes.

Large objects that approach Earth’s atmosphere typically burn up on entry although NASA is aware of the dangers of certain foreign objects striking

the Earth. It is developing strategies that could identify asteroids and other extraterrestrial objects that may possibly hit the Earth and is identifying options for defending the planet.

Some claims likewise said that a problem will occur due to an incident that will happen at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, which just had a major upgrade that scientists hope could shed more light on dark matter and pave the way to the discovery of other particles.

~~End Story~~

The Truth About the “September 2015 Asteroid Impact” <Click)

NASA Finally Discusses Sept. 2015 Comet/Meteor/Asteroid Doomsday Prediction <Click)

Nasa forced to address radical claims a giant asteroid will soon destroy humanity <Click)

Asteroid Warning: Govt Preps Underground Bases <Click)


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A Brilliant Message I Got From A 21 Year old Scottish Kid – #LGBT #MARIJUANA

10501772_883516741683786_6282876781490405677_nVia a family member, he is showing me here the same certain family members I have can and would share also, he is a young adult (I am only 41 😀 ) For a lad so young in years, just amazing young thinking. We must be thankful in Scotland we have 10’s of Thousands of clever young people. These young people and their energy will first free Scotland from an uneven Union. Then it might catch on. As I wrote about ‪#‎Iceland‬ below when oppressed people see real democracy and a people who’s will is just too strong to stop they then see it, want to help and then help it happen in their own World. Like I say always when people say “But Shaun you can’t change the World and neither can I” Then I simply reply with “Stop trying to change THE World instead change your OWN World first” – Trust me that statement I have said for a year or so writing, is something I am doing I am living the message here now, it’s amazing and I re-joined and am reconnecting with old friends and some family, I am so lucky I only have M.E (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) as for half a week when I had to go to Hospital (I KNOW, YAWN, I KNOW) The Dr’s were concerned at my symptoms, so blood etc was taken, so all good, I now have a name people will and have said “Sorry Shaun I didn’t know you were this bad” and I think “OMG Don’t say sorry, just have fun and speak to me like I am your best mate” LOL.. And I see it in others also. Our World tires of oppression and people who want to JUDGE OTHERS. Sad people, maybe sad for good honest reasons judge others. So here we have a 21 year old Scottish kin, clever lad really, an adult but young adult addressing two ideologies to the people who can see what he shares on Facebook. That takes balls, well done ‘This Family Member‘ you are my friend 1st, know this 😉 I say no names on here, but for sure, like a close relative your principles are not to judge others but to free others and respect and allow others to live. So proud pal. I live this idea or way of thinking. The LGBT Movement is one I was and still am HEAVILY involved with as it’s a Human’s right to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender 🙂 #LGBT. I helped in a small way here in Scotland when we MADE our Government and it’s leaders stand aside and allow Gay people to get married, as I say about any nation that want’s better, the power and energy of it’s Youth will help free them with the wisdom from their elders, like YOU I am a decent parent and I have two young sons who can share things like this openly, same as I do and most people I connect with can do, now that is amazing to me, I don’t hate I just am alive with fun 😀 Beware World, Bro if you read this, we are getting minging drunk with the boys and Padre if he can make it, and I will run up a road threatening people with my willie hanging out screaming “I am going to feck you so bad” To be fair the guy did hit me 😉

This message is SO SIMPLE. Religion and hate take the message with stupid like

This message is SO SIMPLE. Religion and hate take the message with stupid like “That is Jesus upside down on the cross” They miss the message of “PLEASE! LIVE AND LET LIVE, STOP JUDGING ME” Or whoever feels judged…Why you guys judge? Tell us all, please! lol

The friends I have can do this also, I surround myself with people at both spectrums of life, basically both ends of living people do like A. People who can be tough and take on the World and provide for family and have fun to B. People that can open up and cry and have fun and SPEAK THE TRUTH, tell their story without caring what others say or think, be or if we like it or not. Humans who can do it all, laugh, cry, smile, be angered by injustice but most important they/we don’t hate, we just exist, I see others just slowly in a Groundhog Day manner get through life and I don’t know why I just must help and if they don’t want anyone’s help then we can say ‘We Tried’ and we do it always with a smile, So, yes (YES YOU) People do judge you/us, all of us no matter how we live, so we just live and if people with all due respect want to be unhappy, then we can only help them smile, if not then it’s just sad and life got them. I know people who are in a bad way medically who can make me crack into laughter that hurts me 😀 People who have fun NO MATTER what life throws at them, once we reach that ability we can handle the unthinkable that WILL come in any shape or form better, we are so open we are prepared and ready for life, but before and in-between, WE WILL SMOKE CANNABIS and allow Gay people and Bisexual people as well as men or woman who want to be the opposite, live! Live and let live right? And also the stupid unreal at times misconception that smoking Marijuana, Hashish, Weed whatever you want to call it is less safe than drinking wine/vodka/beer and others at the same level some smoke hash is just so untrue. Alcohol can kill a family, person and all in-between, Hashish smokers watch TV at night, me only I only smoke it when the dogs been out last walk and girls are asleep then I relax. Weed etc is legal in many part’s of our World and will will be available to all for Medical and recreational reason’s in Scotland soon too as well as all over the World, the World is waking up I seen it on Dr’s Heroin Prescriptions but I see it clearer and more today. A joint is like 2 glasses of wine It doesn’t make people lazy nor make them turn to Heroin 😀 honest I research HARD on issues I don’t agree with or am confused with. I know Teachers, Policemen-Woman/Nurses/Dr’s/ and everyone and anyone be them high on (No Pun Intended) salary or low in salary, living in a box in a field or a mansion, WHO SMOKE CANNABIS. I don’t understand people who say “You shouldn’t smoke hash” But I respect their opinion, just know it ain’t going to stop me from smoking it 😉 I smoke it FIRST because I like it and 2nd it helps my pain I won’t lie. People sit and get well drunk on all sorts, argue and become hateful, but us Teachers, Policemen/Woman/Nurses/Dr’s/ and everyone and anyone in-between who want to smoke a joint are bad people? GET THAT THOUGHT TO F@K!!!!  These songs below the image and text is what I am talking about!! 🙂  The 2nd song “All my Loving” At 1 Minute 15 Seconds you will see a grown man cry 🙂 The guys is older than me and crying. Ask yourselves why. Maybe if the answers are all good and proper, our World would be better and we will all get along just fine 😀 So what holds us back? Religion? (It is an issue, nobody can come at me and say it’s not, I can prove it is) Hate? Gossipy People? People who are so poor all they have is money? Bigots? Racists? and any other people who as the image say’s clearly is ‘HOLDING THE REST OF US BACK SO WE CAN PARTY” I don’t have the answers friends, just reason, be it for me only? x


Imagine – John Lennon (Original video with lyrics in English included)
VIDEO Via David Holguin on You Tube

This song promotes peace, love and talks about Consumerism. But 1 line

This song promotes peace, love and talks about Consumerism. But 1 line “Imagine there’s no Heaven” show’s Religious hatred by the Religious people’s comments on the song and it’s message they can’t understand due to a Religiously trained controlled mind. Not all Religious people. So bring Religion here and hate me please. All you do is prove me right, you prove us ALL correct Religion is a problem in this World. (Biggest Image Tag EVER Here 😀 )

I personally understand the reasons why the image above is so powerful and why a 21 year old Scottish young man shared it with his World on Facebook… Do you understand? Do you care? As I say, don’t try and change the World, just try and change your own or make a difference in your own World. Trust me, I do, no brag, just amazing. You awaken and the message on the image above and the two songs below/ one above become so, so easy to understand. And you know what? I don’t have 1 piece of hate in me and neither did the guy who shared the image or the guy who said it 😀 YEAH!!! I am not alone 😀 I am an idiot standing proudly with my equal idiots be them Scottish or Liberian or Russian, it matters not. I realized just in the last month slowly as my Dr’s poison drifts from my system, even though all along I was just a DICK…That I still was human, so with a clear head and free will now I can be me and I STILL don’t care.. Please try and reach that point. If you need help ask a friend. Don’t live a life of unhappy then on your death bed think “I should have done this or I should said that” Do it now! Say it now!! Or forever hold us all back bud sadder stop yourself from living in circles going around and around, walking going nowhere, speaking but saying nothing. Many will hate us. Me? I just don’t understand you, my life is full of fun people who make me crack up and hurt with fun. They are friends, family, my sons, my partner but most off all 2 little girls 4 and 6 years old who have helped me with EVERYTHING from the day they were born to today at 7am and beyond for many decades I hope. And they don’t even know it. Yes friends, my 2 little princess’s help me see the World through the eyes of a child and that is just fun, I hope if you have kids you get this too, even my older kids give me the same fun and help me! But I am a dick, why? Because deep down I am a child, I am immature, stupid, annoying, I draw on walls (OK I WANT TO DRAW ON WALLS BUT MY PARTNER WOULD BEAT ME HARD) 😦 I am a just a  man. We will leave it here #Peace and #Solidarity, no longer will I allow negative to enter my body because a group of people through one person pulls me back, I proved above people do think like me, they say 1 image can speak a 1,000 words, this literally DID JUST THAT 😀 I move forward and evolve and I see it in both my sons and others and whoever shared this image and I had to blog it, I would have blogged it had I had seen it myself on any site. Anyway…Have some fun with two old songs…PS: Don’t forget now! The 2nd song “All my Loving” At 1 Minute 15 Seconds you will see a grown man cry 🙂 Be happy! Don’t allow others to take that right away from you. Love them back, maybe they will get it one day? If not, we love them anyway

I am told ALWAYS “Shaun where 1 word or 2 words are enough, you write a BOOK” And I am thankful for that comment 😀 Means I am a full person. I can go to each end of the life spectrum and just live and be happy. All I ask is you do the same be you a reader and stranger or a family member and you love me or hate me. Lets make this World more fun! LOL

Paul McCartney – Live and Let Die (Live)
VIDEO: Via Paul McCartney Music on You Tube

All My Loving- Paul McCartney (Live)
GROWN MAN CRYING VIDEO: Via Alex Umali on You Tube

I want peace, not hate. If you don't understand any of this, research, trust me, it's something you will have to do soon

I want peace, not hate. If you don’t understand any of this, research, trust me, it’s something you will have to do soon


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Moulding kids into adults, life, love, fear, pain, it’s all here.

8d0c3ef0a3c1eebbd5534a063e217f2eOver the last few months writing here and for AceNews about the ALLEGED Sex Scandal involving ALLEGEDLY Top placed politicians in London having sex with kids the same age as my two wee (wee means small in Scotland) girls, it makes me think. I often look at them and think “Should I be telling this story” Then I turn the coin around look at them again and realise why I am telling the ALLEGED sex paedophile story in the UK. I tell it because kids like them are ALLEGEDLY being raped and murdered. Should you want to see these stories use the search to the right and put in key words or click on the coloured text above, you can read the articles. Of course this isn’t all I write about, I go with 3 or stories at a time, that way you enjoy writing and the research better because enjoyment is what the internet is for, we pay for it so we must have fun here, idiots get deleted, I mean idiots who want to argue, people who don’t have debate skills and instead insult because it’s all they can do. Delete, bye 😀  The image to the left is one I am very aware of as day turns to night and back again, every action, every motion, every mood, these little girls will see in me. I must set their standers of what a real man should be, so by the time they feel love and look at boys (Sadly those times arrive) they know very quickly if that boy is just a boy and nowhere near being a man. I must up my game as a partner and roll model, this is something that smacks you in the back of a head when you have 2 little girls 

So back to having 2 wee Princess’s with completely different demands that change by the minute sometimes. They demand, then we as Parents must explain to them, keeping in mind they are 4 and 5 that they should not demand, they must be patient. Yesterday I bought them 2 pink kinder eggs with a toy in the middle of the chocolate in a yellow ball. Well my oldest Daughter wanted a Fairy and she got a pony ink stamp, well it was the end of the World, she wanted a Fairy and it wasn’t to be. I took her aside, she was in tears, I put my arm around her and explained as gently as I could that in life we often don’t get what we want. I used my car as an example, I said “Daddy would like a new car but he can’t get it” I actually can, she is 5 years old, stay with me! She looked up at me and said the most remarkable thing that had me trying not to laugh or cry at her. She said “Well Daddy I will have to wait on the Fairy giver and she might bring a new car” I hid my emotions well and looked at her with a small smile on my face hiding a roar of laughter and replied “Yeah, maybe Shorty we have to wait and see” I call her ‘Shorty’ I have no idea when it started but do it a lot now, crazy yeah 😀 In that moment she gave me a hug, I hugged back and smiled while she wasn’t looking. THAT WAS A MOMENT.

What I am finding are these moments happen 20 times a day, some drama happens then my Partner or I have to stay calm and explain the rights and wrongs. With my partner and I being young parents we have two sons both a few years either side of 20, my parter and are both 40, give or take a year and both in love and happy. One son has flown the nest so to speak, but they are good kids and both my Partner and I are as proud as parents could be, exactly the same as any parent yeah?

My youngest daughter is easier to deal with, she is demanding but gives up very easy, she is content to sit on her tablet watching my little pony with her headset < (It is Scotland, we invented cold wind and rain here, you cant go out) > on and ignore everyone all day. Often I look at her all stretched out on the sofa on her tummy with not a care in the World, what a hard life 4 years old’s have lol. My oldest daughter is a bag of emotions, a proper wee girl. I made a video of her when she was days/weels old, I made a montage song, she loved the song. I hadn’t played it since she was 18 months old of her watching the video I made of her back then, we sat at my PC seat here watching video’s and I showed her aged 18 months watching the video, she looked real confused, she is 5 now, she was looking at herself as a baby with this familiar song (Song below) and she put her face into my shoulder and started to cry, then I tried not to cry, but then I smiled. See at that moment this wee 5 year old girl felt love in her heart and it confused her. All I could do was whisper in her ear “It’s ok to cry honey” then she stopped and went and watched TV or something

This a song a guy would sing to his partner, bit as they both had to stay overnight and I was home with my sons, the song was the first she heard, it felt right
Evergreen by Will Young (with lyrics)

123The privilege of helping two wee lassies (means little girls in Scotland) grow up. Helping these two wee lassies be human and self aware. This is never lost on me, I totally get them, with the boys, their brothers I was just a kid myself, I made up for it before they hit school, but I missed this part, so I am just going with the flow, same as any parent to be able to spend time helping two wee lassies understand love, friends, sharing, caring, responsibility, behaviour, talking better, respect and all that we must teach at this age but tenderly and slowly with a smile and love, one thing is, no matter what happens, it’s a learning curve always and it’s so much fun for my parter, two sons, my Mum and everyone in their life to witness them become self aware, there is not one REAL book on parenting, if there is such a book, it is written by one parent on how they seen and felt having their own kids and watched them grow or some kid out of college trying to be a writer about being a parent, they can’t,  they wouldn’t get near, you have to just figure it our for yourself, be mature and get to grips with the fun that is right there with love and the occasional punch in the eye should you want it, I don’t get parents who can’t just love and leave their questions elsewhere, just love and smile, all us parents have to do really, sadly some can’t and that is sad and unfair, more important the kid just wants love. A wise old man told me not too long ago that “I refuse to not love my kids, I have to be happy and enjoy them as my kids” I just smiled 

It is nearly 8am and I couldn’t sleep, no medication and I am in agony. But these stories in my head like the one I just shared make me realise how lucky I am. The pain is pain, it will do what it will. If you are a parent you should understand every word here, if not, bookmark this for when you become a parent 😀 It is an unreal thing (Thing’ sounds horrid) to witness, it makes you laugh, cry and more, you actually feel your heart hurting and loving, I have felt a broken heart as a parent when one of my sons moved out, I am happy for him but WOW that crap hurts yeah LOL. You know they are fine and safe but feck the hole it leaves in your heart is real, seriously this saying ‘Broken Heart’ actually exists. We are all good now it’s been months. It’s strange you mourn what is gone forever, what you are used to, just life and the normality safe feeling of family certainly takes a dent when one of your kids moves out, I know, I speak for every parent. Well saying that, some parents push their kids out at 16, so I say majority of parents, but we should never take for granted the love and people who we live under the same roof with or who used to, they are your life, your smile, your happy walk, you know the story


My other son works hard also, like his brother he is a gentleman. They both keep their heads down and get on with life and I admire them both for that. As a Dad I can’t be prouder of how they turned out, they will never be anyone’s fool, BUT they know not to go up the road that leads them to fools in the first place, that is the safest way, surround yourself with the proper people and life is easier, and they are doing this, I hope they both understand my partner and I helped mould them to what they are today, or enough to make them good kids. The life skills I got taught and learnt, both street and academic help me, help them. I know how to handle myself 100% now, as a younger guy I hung with people who called themselves friend, in reality they were just hanging on to fear or whatever. Those days are gone, but I know right this second if a man broke in and tried to harm one of my girls I have the composure and skill sets to make sure that man never see’s a house like mine ever again in the way he sees it. I am never angry, if someone broke in I would remain calm. Must be strange for an American  gun owner to read this, but yeah I would keep focus. Having these two wee lassies gives you that focus, as a parent you would die for your kids be them 3 years old or 50 years old, I know this, my Dad tells me several times a month and I see the way my Mum looks at me sometimes, like pride or contentment maybe, knowing I am fine and happy.

I upload a small percentage of my inner World, most would keep locked up but hey, we live once, why pretend, why make it up, why not smile, why gossip, why hate, why anger, you know where I am going. For503135617 many it is sad they can’t feel love or the warmth of family. I hope every day one person finds their happy and stays there for life. Too many people live in fear of love. I will happily open my heart knowing it will get hurt, sadly many close their heart or whatever is closed in-case that same hurt comes their way. This reminds me of a song now I read it back. Enjoy the listen and make today the day you decide to smile 🙂 I just opened my blog and typed as words came to me here, that is the beauty of art, expression can happen at any moment. Reading a writer is like reading a book where you the reader have to understand the writer or someone at a movie watching people work magic to make moments that last. It is all art, I think so anyway. I don’t really care what you call what I am doing now, I just know I enjoy doing it, getting it hard from my mates 😀 And misunderstanding from family is just the way life happens sometimes, often we can figure it out or we cant, that’s just life. Also getting good feedback from amazing people from all 4 corners of our World. Live, enjoy, it really is so simple, as I said, in agony or not, it can be done, harder, but doable. Try it!! You never know, you might surprise yourself one day. And in there is the beauty of all the World’s arts. Thanks for reading

Billy Joel – An Innocent Man (with lyrics)

More love, Less hate… Shaun



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Asteroid That Flew Past Earth Monday Has a Moon!!! – Video Here

This GIF shows asteroid 2004 BL86, which safely flew past Earth on Jan. 26, 2015.

This GIF shows asteroid 2004 BL86, which safely flew past Earth on Jan. 26, 2015.

By @ShaunyNews Via:

I did an inaccurate article in terms of distance to Earth on Sunday: I had used A.U (Astronomical units) Measurements and equated to miles wrong, wrong by about half a million miles!! We all make mistakes and I covered my error when someone asked. That aside this is amazing for Science. This was visible with the naked eye, and on further observation it had a small moon, leading to logic telling us it had some trail behind it, speculation also. Some of which probably fell to Earth and burnt up when they slammed into the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed. As you all know by now I am a man of Science, Science is never right, but always learning and I love to learn, so Science is for the open minded. It was too cloudy here in Scotland, almost near the North Pole 😀 for me to see it but I managed to catch the replay last night. Amazing to see an Asteroid that has a story attached to it, the mystery is the fun part, total guesswork but when logic is applied we know this Asteroid BL86 was once part of a bigger mass, maybe a planet, dead Star (Sun) or was perhaps smaller and built up mass over time on it’s travels through the Universe/Galaxy. I love this type of thing. The next BIG, Asteroid 1999 AN10 is due to pass us in 2027,  but new Analyses Identify a Small Possibility that Asteroid 1999 AN10 Could Collide with Earth in 2044 or 2046

The 20 individual images used in the movie were generated from data collected at Goldstone on Jan. 26, 2015. They show the primary body is approximately 1,100 feet (325 meters) across and has a small moon approximately 230 feet (70 meters) across. In the near-Earth population, about 16 percent of asteroids that are about 655 feet (200 meters) or larger are a binary (the primary asteroid with a smaller asteroid moon orbiting it) or even triple systems (two moons). The resolution on the radar images is 13 feet (4 meters) per pixel.Scientists working with NASA’s 230-foot-wide (70-meter) Deep Space Network antenna at Goldstone, California, have released the first radar images of asteroid 2004 BL86. The images show the asteroid, which made its closest approach on Jan. 26, 2015 at 8:19 a.m. PST (11:19 a.m. EST) at a distance of about 745,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers, or 3.1 times the distance from Earth to the moon), has its own small moon.

The trajectory of asteroid 2004 BL86 is well understood. Monday’s flyby was the closest approach the asteroid will make to Earth for at least the next two centuries. It is also the closest a known asteroid this size will come to Earth until asteroid 1999 AN10 flies past our planet in 2027. Asteroid 2004 BL86 was discovered on Jan. 30, 2004, by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) survey in White Sands, New Mexico.

WOW! Giant Asteroid That Whizzed Past Earth Has Its Own Moon!
Via DAHBOO77 on You Tube

Radar is a powerful technique for studying an asteroid’s size, shape, rotation state, surface features and surface roughness, and for improving the calculation of asteroid orbits. Radar measurements of asteroid distances and velocities often enable computation of asteroid orbits much further into the future than if radar observations weren’t available. NASA places a high priority on tracking asteroids and protecting our home planet from them. In fact, the U.S. has the most robust and productive survey and detection program for discovering near-Earth objects (NEOs). To date, U.S. assets have discovered over 98 percent of the known NEOs.

In addition to the resources NASA puts into understanding asteroids, it also partners with other U.S. government agencies, university-based astronomers, and space science institutes across the country, often with grants, interagency transfers and other contracts from NASA, and also with international space agencies and institutions that are working to track and better understand these objects.

NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program at NASA Headquarters, Washington, manages and funds the search, study and monitoring of asteroids and comets whose orbits periodically bring them close to Earth. JPL manages the Near-Earth Object Program Office for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington. JPL is a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. In 2016, NASA will launch a robotic probe to one of the most potentially hazardous of the known NEOs. The OSIRIS-REx mission to asteroid (101955) Bennu will be a pathfinder for future spacecraft designed to perform reconnaissance on any newly discovered threatening objects. Aside from monitoring potential threats, the study of asteroids and comets enables a valuable opportunity to learn more about the origins of our solar system, the source of water on Earth, and even the origin of organic molecules that led to the development of life.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, will provide overall mission management, systems engineering, and safety and mission assurance for OSIRIS-REx. Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Denver will build the spacecraft. OSIRIS-REx is the third mission in NASA’s New Frontiers Program. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, manages New Frontiers for the agency’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington.

NASA also continues to advance the journey to Mars through progress on the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM), which will test a number of new capabilities needed for future human expeditions to deep space, including to Mars. This includes advanced Solar Electric Propulsion — an efficient way to move heavy cargo using solar power, which could help pre-position cargo for future human missions to the Red Planet. As part of ARM, a robotic spacecraft will rendezvous with a near-Earth asteroid and redirect an asteroid mass to a stable orbit around the moon. Astronauts will explore the asteroid mass in the 2020’s, helping test modern spaceflight capabilities like new spacesuits and sample return techniques. Astronauts at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston have already begun to practice the capabilities needed for the mission.

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