Blackford: Brexit a “Clear road map towards a second independence referendum”

IF you waste around £300 a year on newspapers that make you angry because of the lies, why pay to fuel the lie? I ask everyone to forget the lies and focus on the truth. The National is THE TRUTH of the Scottish voice. At some stage we MUST turn away from the lies, stop funding the lies, and our differences in ‘How Scotland will be free’ and just all get along till we are there. EGO of people can and does hold Countries back. What holds Scotland back are the lies. The National tells the truth, please buy it daily or subscribe here for online reads every day here, lets fund the truth so we can hear and read the truth:

I will keep my own opinions short so you the reader can read the story from the National below. Again all we know is below, and all we should know is Freedom is a POSSIBILITY, and one we will have to fight for. Don’t wait on them telling you what to do, and I mean EVERY Politician and Political Party, we the Scottish people are marching in amazing numbers, lets keep this going. Those like me who just can’t get to any march, we have a duty to share the truth, so that is all I am ever going to do. If you have EGO, please stop reading now. I am not here for hits or views, I am here for the sake of our Country. EGO will destroy us. The Vow and the Edinburgh agreement were what Scottish people voted for in 2014, we are having our voices controlled and edited. Lets reclaim our human rights today and set a standard because as we have seen, many voices outwith Scottish borders, Globally are starting to speak for Scottish Freedom Fighters. Don’t let the liars have a word, they are noise, learn to ignore it. Or ignore me and be with EGO. I want Freedom for the same reasons as you, so lets join today. We are all one, lets not divide ourselves. I will share this in 30 places, sadly about 10 don’t share my blog, this is the EGO I am speaking about. We become one and fight, or we stand alone with EGO. Peace out, Shaun

Alba Gu Brath

Via: National Newsdesk

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THE SNP has an “open ear” to a potential second referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, the party’s Westminster leader has said.

Ian Blackford said that while the SNP’s priority was making sure Scotland could stay in the single market and customs union, the party was “watching developments” over the prospect of another EU vote.

He said a hard Brexit would signal a “clear road map towards a second independence referendum that for me would be the priority”.

“Our priority is to make sure that we can stay in the single market and the customs union,” he said. “We haven’t been arguing for a second EU referendum, we’re of course watching developments as far as that is concerned. We’re not in all circumstances diametrically opposed to that – we have an open ear to developments on that front – but for us it’s the priority of staying in the single market and the customs union that’s most important.”

He added: “I think it is clear that if we’re out the single market and the customs union there is a massive threat to our economy, to jobs, to prosperity and I would say on that basis that there is a clear road map towards a second independence referendum that for me would be the priority.”






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EU Diplomats reveal Boris Johnson said ‘f**k business’ over Brexit fears

Full story below, and If this isn’t enough to make the wealthy in Scotland and around the UK re-think Brexit, I don’t know what will. This an article by National Newsdesk 

It is damning as it is provocative towards the business structure of both Scotland and the UK as a whole. The SNP know he said it, Europe knows he said it, Ireland knows he said it, and they are about to show this Tory party what power WE DO HAVE. Three blogs ago I decided to come back to this story because I was told ‘Now is the time Shaun’ – The very next day the SNP Members in Westminster walked out in what I hear was a ‘Scripted’ act that was known by more than 1 side. The speaker broke one huge rule in denying SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford a sit in private to debate this awful power grab. The speaker knew the rules, watch the video again and you will see him being told what to do. This (ALLEGEDLY) was scripted. I think the British Political Structure knows the Union is in dissolve mode and they are trying to blame everyone for the coming collapse. Brexit, if you didn’t already know is SUICIDE for the UK Economy, Theresa May knows it, Labour know it, Tory party members alike know it, and you can bet your last £1 the SNP were PRAYING the speaker followed through on ejecting Mr Blackford from the chamber for asking for a DEMOCRATIC right to speak in private about the power grab. The video is below, it is ILLEGAL, and everyone knows. Me writing about this the day before was on ASSURED words from 3 sources that ‘There is an agreement in place, over disagreement’

Scottish National Party walk out of Commons in protest
Via Channel 4 News on You Tube

Now is our time Scotland, brace for impact, the apron wearers will take to the streets, we MIGHT have to fight them, but it’s a fight we must take on. This isn’t speculation, this is based on the 2014 NO VOTE and these same people taking to the streets in TRIUMPH by beating up their own. Scottish Nationals beaten in the streets by British National Neanderthals. I have had the threats from these people, and I do expect them to come again. Know my back is covered here. I am not speculating, I am sharing what YOU ALREADY KNOW, they know, Europe knows. The Union is falling. Freedom is a matter of time, but it will come at a Butchers Shop cost. Main Stream Media people are being SHUT UP as I shared yesterday, read it again if you have not. Brexit means England will stand alone, Ireland will be united and Scotland will be a nation again. Silence of Scottish voices won’t last long, and FINALLY, yet sadly, money losses will probably be what frees Scotland from this Capitalistic Tory Government and Boris Johnson saying what we already know or thought. This time, we have people OUTSIDE Scotland ready to back us. This will get messy, but hold Scotland…HOLD!!

Alba Gu Brath


BORIS Johnson is caught up in yet another diplomatic scandal, after he was reported to have said “fuck business” when asked about fears over Brexit.

EU diplomats have expressed their shock and disgust at the comments, which they say came during a Foreign Office reception last week celebrating the Queen‘s Birthday.

Asked about the fears business leaders had over Brexit, Johnson replied: “Fuck business.”

Johnson, who was speaking to Rudolf Huygelen, Belgium’s ambassador to the EU, was overheard saying they would fight Theresa May‘s soft Brexit “and win”.

He also said the UK was as divided as it had been since the English Civil War.

Sources close to Johnson are reported to have disputed the claim he swore, and said he was attacking “vested interests” of groups like the Confederation of British Industry.

Speaking to the Telegraph, an EU diplomat said: “It is shocking for him declare he would take the battle directly to Theresa May and speaking so openly about it. He wasn’t hiding his intentions at all.

“I was shocked by how crude and crass he was, as if he didn’t care for the consequences and especially not the economic consequences of Brexit.”

The paper reported that another, when presented with the comments, simply replied: “Jesus Christ.”

SNP MP Ivan McKee said: “These reported comments tell you all you need to know about Boris Johnson and his ilk within the Tory party. It’s ego and self-interest first, while people’s jobs and livelihoods are on the line.

“A Foreign Secretary with this level of contempt for Scottish business is clearly unfit for the job.

“Sadly this is becoming par for the course for the Tories, who think they can do what they want to Scotland and get away with it.

“The SNP will stand firm in seeking to protect people’s livelihoods from a hard Brexit, and continue to make the case for Scotland remaining within the Single Market and Customs Union. We won’t roll over and let the Tories tank our economy.

“Nor will we stand idly by as they use Brexit as a cover to grab powers from our Scottish Parliament and undermine devolution.”

It comes as Johnson urges the Prime Minister to deliver a “full British Brexit” as Cabinet colleagues warn the UK is able to walk away without a deal.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said the UK was not “bluffing” about being prepared to walk away from talks with Brussels, and Brexit Secretary David Davis said there is “lots going on” to prepare in case negotiations collapse.

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Johnson said people would not tolerate a “bog roll Brexit” that was “soft, yielding and seemingly infinitely long”.

Their remarks were published on Saturday, the second anniversary of 2016’s EU referendum. Thousands of pro-EU marchers have begun a walk from Pall Mall to Parliament to demand a referendum on the terms of Brexit two years on from the vote.

The ministers’ comments prompted criticism from Siemens UK chief executive Juergen Maier, who said they were “incredibly unhelpful” and said it was time to work for a more pragmatic deal with the EU.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today that the firm wanted a soft Brexit with “minimum friction”, saying the Government had presided over “two years of not having achieved what we were promised, which is that this was all going to be easy”.

He said: “I think the realities are setting in and I think it is time to get away from slogans, ‘full British Brexit’, ‘going into combat with Europe’.

“It’s all incredibly unhelpful and what we need to do now is to get closer with our European partners and work out what a realistic, pragmatic Brexit is that works for both sides, the EU and ourselves.”

Meanwhile, research by the Centre for European Reform (CER) think tank indicated Brexit had already made the UK economy 2.1% weaker than it would have been if voters had decided to stay in the EU.

Dr Fox said it is “essential” the EU “understands… and believes” the Prime Minister’s assertion that no deal would be better than a bad deal.

He said the threat had “added credibility because if we were to leave, the economic impact on a number of European countries would be severe”.

“I think our negotiating partners would not be wise if they believed that the Prime Minister was bluffing,” he said.

Davis said that Britain was “able to leave without a deal”.

“We don’t want to do that, never have. The best option is leaving with a good deal but you’ve got to be able to walk away from the table,” he said.

Rejecting claims the Government has failed to make adequate preparations for a no-deal Brexit, he told the paper: “There’s lots going on, we haven’t made it public for very simple reasons.

“This is a careful process, it is not designed to scare the horses to worry people, it is designed to get the work done.”

The Brexit Secretary cited planning on migration matters and health standards, as well as treatment available to Britons in Europe.

“Work is going on all these things for both the negotiated outcome and if something goes wrong.”

Their comments in interviews to mark two years since the British people voted to leave the European Union were made before Airbus warned it could be forced to pull out of the UK if there was a “no deal” Brexit.

Katherine Bennett, Airbus’s senior vice president in the UK, said: “We don’t deal in idle threats. We seriously believe a no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic.”

Writing in the Sun, Johnson said the public were keen to get on with breaking away from Brussels.

“Across the country I find people who – whatever they voted two years ago – just want us to get on and do it,” he said.

“They don’t want a half-hearted Brexit. They don’t want some sort of hopeless compromise, some perpetual pushme-pullyou arrangement in which we stay half-in and half-out in a political no man’s land – with no more ministers round the table in Brussels and yet forced to obey EU laws.

“They don’t want some bog roll Brexit, soft, yielding and seemingly infinitely long.

“They want this Government to fulfil the mandate of the people and deliver a full British Brexit.”

But organisers of the People’s Vote march expect tens of thousands of people to show their support for a referendum on the final Brexit outcome.

Marchers will descend on Parliament Square, where speakers will include LibDem leader Sir Vince Cable, Tory former minister Anna Soubry, Labour’s David Lammy and Green co-leader Caroline Lucas.

Cable is expected to say Brexit is not a “done deal” or inevitable and can be stopped.

“Parliament is fiddling at the margins while the country slowly burns,” he is expected to warn as he calls on the Government to vote on the deal, or no deal, with the option of staying in the EU.

The CER estimate of a 2.1% smaller economy than if the UK had voted to remain in the EU is equivalent to a knock-on hit of £23 billion a year to the public finances, some £440 million a week.

CER deputy director John Springford said: “Two years on from the referendum, we now know that the Brexit vote has seriously damaged the economy.”







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White America !!!


Hitler wanted a ‘White World’, an Aryan Race’, he was stopped. America is forcing it upon themselves without even knowing it. History DOES repeat, and we sit back and watch it with popcorn on our Ipads. Careful World, we about to time travel. The Flux Capacitor just needs some plutonium……..




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USA accused of colluding with ISIS over strike on Syria troops – More Proof

UN Calls For Emergency Meeting After US-led Forces Strike Syrian Troops

UN Calls For Emergency Meeting After US-led Forces Strike Syrian Troops

This is from Sky News, Russia have said it, Trump said it, OBAMA SAID IT! Some European Counties have said it, bloggers and vloggers have said it and I myself have said it for a few years now. I am in no doubt now the USA fund ISIS, they funded Al Qaeda in 1979 when Russia attacked Afghanistan, Al Qaeda vanished, renamed, rebranded and I believe ISIS protect Israel in the area. Some old blogs below and a few images. Main Stream Media are reporting this today

British Foreign Secretary at the time, he died soon after

British Foreign Secretary at the time, he died soon after

AS WE Researched – Trump accuses “Barack Obama of starting and funding ISIS”

Hillary Clinton Received Secret Memo Stating Obama Admin ‘Support’ for ISIS [MEMO HERE]

Noticed it yet? Israel has not being targeted by ISIS or Other Terrorist

Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members

U.S. General Openly Admits ‘We Helped Build ISIS’ – Was ‘Robin Cook’ Right?

All blogs here…..



Russia has accused the US-led coalition in Syria of being on the “boundary between criminal negligence and direct connivance with Islamic State terrorists”. The stinging attack comes after the US admitted leading a coalition airstrike which reportedly killed up to 80 Syrian soldiers in the east of the war-torn country.

Russia’s foreign ministry said the strike jeopardised a fragile American-Russian brokered ceasefire in Syria.

It added that the strike was a result of Washington’s “stubborn refusal” to co-operate with Moscow in fighting Islamic State and other terror groups. The Syrian military called the strike a “serious and blatant attack on Syria and its military” and “firm proof of the US support of Daesh and other terrorist groups”, using the Arabic acronym for IS.

Image Caption: Russia claims two A-10s took part in the airstrike near Deir el Zour.

The airstrike hit a base in the eastern city of Deir el Zour, which is surrounded by Islamic State militants. Russia’s defence ministry said more than 60 Syrian soldiers were killed and around 100 wounded in four strikes by two F-16s and two A-10s. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitoring group with contacts across Syria, cited a military source at Deir el Zour airport as saying at least 80 Syrian soldiers died.

A senior White House official said the US has relayed “regret” through the Russian government for the unintentional loss of life to Syrian forces. US Central Command said the strike was immediately halted “when coalition officials were informed by Russian officials that it was possible the personnel and vehicles targeted were part of the Syrian military”.

A US military official told Reuters news agency the strike was carried out using US intelligence, and added that the possible targets had been followed for days. Australia has said its aircraft participated in the airstrike and offered its condolences to the families of Syrian soldiers killed or wounded.

The Syrian military said the damage caused by the strike has allowed the IS extremists to advance their position on to a hill overlooking the base.

Three tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, four mortars and an anti-aircraft gun were destroyed, a Syrian military spokesman said according to Russia’s TASS news agency reported.

Syrians Swim In War-Torn Syria

The two sides of Syria’s war-torn Aleppo

Following the strike, the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting overnight at the request of the Kremlin.

The US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, rebuked Russia for the move.

“Russia really needs to stop the cheap point scoring and the grandstanding and the stunts and focus on what matters, which is implementation of something we negotiated in good faith with them,” Ms Power said.

She said the US was investigating the airstrike and “if we determine that we did indeed strike Syrian military personnel, that was not our intention and we of course regret the loss of life”.

When asked if the incident spelled the end of the Syria deal between Moscow and Washington, Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said: “This is a very big question mark.

“I would be very interested to see how Washington is going to react. If what Ambassador Power has done today is any indication of their possible reaction then we are in serious trouble.”

He said he had never seen “such an extraordinary display of American heavy-handedness” as displayed by Ms Power at the acrimonious meeting.

Is the Syria ceasefire under threat

The fragile ceasefire brokered by the US and Russia has largely held for five days, despite dozens of alleged violations on both sides. It began on Monday, but aid convoys have been unable to enter rebel-held parts of the city of Aleppo – a key part of the deal. Russian President Vladimir Putin has already questioned US commitment to the ceasefire, claiming Washington was not prepared to break with “terrorist elements” battling Bashar al Assad’s forces.



Trump said it


USA Senator John McCain

Una delle foto del lungo convoglio di pickup con a bordo uomini armati e incappucciati e bandiere nere dell'Isis, pubblicate da un sito jihadista, El Minbar, con il titolo "Dimostrazione dell'esercito dello Stato islamico nello stato di Barqa", nome arabo della Cirenaica, la regione orientale della Libia, Il Cairo, 17 Novembre 2014.      ANSA / WEB/ EL MINBAR ++ NO TV NO SALES EDITORIAL USE ONLY ++

Who is funding all this?

Your Media warn you always America

Your Media warn you always America


How much more proof do we need





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EU Referendum – Did you get this in the post today? Sturgeon & Cameron Videos #UDI?

20160510_112357Nicola Sturgeon and Cameron views in video below, Nicola mentions NEW REFERENDUM here. Just this second, alright I lied, 10 minutes ago; we got this through the letter box. Reasons we should stay in Europe with Auld Liz’s name on it. Cameron wants to stay in Europe although he has changed his mind like the Scottish weather. But Cameron has many in his party wanting to remain, Boris Johnson being one from the top of my mind. If Scotland vote to stay in but IF England, Wales and Northern Ireland vote to leave the European Union am I correct in thinking there is something in our new devolved powers that suggests if, as a devolved nation we vote to stay in the EU, the SNP could enact Unilateral Declaration of Independence? Thoughts? And spread this around please, all pages are here for those who never got one of these. I am in Edinburgh so my City will no doubt vote with ‘The Tory’ because they are selfish and rich. Let’s REALLY understand the question and its answers for once before we vote this time. I won’t hold my breath, but this is a tiny chance for Independence or a future path to one. Me myself I think I would want to remain in Europe. Of course many will say “Why be ruled by European law when we are already oppressed by Tory laws” and I would understand. I just think for the future it would be best to remain a part of Europe on our terms. The question of EU or not is different now the SNP have no Majority (Although the SNP will get laws passed) and the Tory as direct opposition in Holyrood. Please share for those who don’t have this.


Nicola Sturgeon Talks EU Referendum And Scotland’s View On Europe
Via Sky News on You Tube


Cameron warns leaving EU is a ‘step into the dark’
Via BBC News on You Tube


















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World Health Organization’s Ranking of the World’s Health


World Health Organization: W.H.O, Numbers

Was in a Skype chat with 5 people from different continents last night late on, we got onto the subject of ‘Global Healthcare’ When I suggested one Country is 37th, Worst in G8 and G20, it did not go down well and I was almost blamed for all the below statistics. I know many American’s have a stable healthcare and sadly the rich in any Country that has to pay for ALL OR ANY Healthcare will not notice just how bad their Health System is because it’s all they know. I know several people from different Countries who are tired of having no or too expensive Healthcare. Here in my culture, NO MATTER the issue, it’s all free, we don’t pay a penny for Healthcare and we don’t pay extra tax to pay as any other Country might for this human right, for me free Healthcare is a human right. Sadly when we sell Healthcare to corporation’s money has to be made. Scotland got Lucky as our NHS is free, sadly for our English brothers and sisters they pay a small fee for prescriptions, in some homes these £6 per prescribed items can have a bad impact on a houses fiscal ability. Just an interesting insight to global greed here and I hope the people at the top of the list know how lucky they are. Scotland ALWAYS gets lumped into the UK graphs but when we see the research it is amazing what tiny Countries like Scotland, Sweden and all over Northern Europe can do. Again, we pay no extra tax for our Healthcare, we demand it’s free and Politics works for us. Many in Scotland (I am just making a valid point) should try be ill in another Country and realise that a half hour wait at A&E (Accident and Emergency) is not to be moaned about

World Health Organization Ranking; The World’s Health Systems
1 France
2 Italy
3 San Marino
4 Andorra/Scotland
5 Malta
6 Singapore
7 Spain
8 Oman
9 Austria
10 Japan
11 Norway
12 Portugal
13 Monaco
14 Greece
15 Iceland
16 Luxembourg
17 Netherlands
18 United Kingdom
19 Ireland
20 Switzerland
21 Belgium
22 Colombia
23 Sweden
24 Cyprus
25 Germany
26 Saudi Arabia
27 United Arab Emirates
28 Israel
29 Morocco
30 Canada
31 Finland
32 Australia
33 Chile
34 Denmark
35 Dominica
36 Costa Rica
37 USA
38 Slovenia
39 Cuba
40 Brunei
41 New Zealand
42 Bahrain
43 Croatia
44 Qatar
45 Kuwait
46 Barbados
47 Thailand
48 Czech Republic
49 Malaysia
50 Poland
51 Dominican Republic
52 Tunisia
53 Jamaica
54 Venezuela
55 Albania
56 Seychelles
57 Paraguay
58 South Korea
59 Senegal
60 Philippines
61 Mexico
62 Slovakia
63 Egypt
64 Kazakhstan
65 Uruguay
66 Hungary
67 Trinidad and Tobago
68 Saint Lucia
69 Belize
70 Turkey
71 Nicaragua
72 Belarus
73 Lithuania
74 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
75 Argentina
76 Sri Lanka
77 Estonia
78 Guatemala
79 Ukraine
80 Solomon Islands
81 Algeria
82 Palau
83 Jordan
84 Mauritius
85 Grenada
86 Antigua and Barbuda
87 Libya
88 Bangladesh
89 Macedonia
90 Bosnia-Herzegovina
91 Lebanon
92 Indonesia
93 Iran
94 Bahamas
95 Panama
96 Fiji
97 Benin
98 Nauru
99 Romania
100 Saint Kitts and Nevis
101 Moldova
102 Bulgaria
103 Iraq
104 Armenia
105 Latvia
106 Yugoslavia
107 Cook Islands
108 Syria
109 Azerbaijan
110 Suriname
111 Ecuador
112 India
113 Cape Verde
114 Georgia
115 El Salvador
116 Tonga
117 Uzbekistan
118 Comoros
119 Samoa
120 Yemen
121 Niue
122 Pakistan
123 Micronesia
124 Bhutan
125 Brazil
126 Bolivia
127 Vanuatu
128 Guyana
129 Peru
130 Russia
131 Honduras
132 Burkina Faso
133 Sao Tome and Principe
134 Sudan
135 Ghana
136 Tuvalu
137 Ivory Coast
138 Haiti
139 Gabon
140 Kenya
141 Marshall Islands
142 Kiribati
143 Burundi
144 China
145 Mongolia
146 Gambia
147 Maldives
148 Papua New Guinea
149 Uganda
150 Nepal
151 Kyrgystan
152 Togo
153 Turkmenistan
154 Tajikistan
155 Zimbabwe
156 Tanzania
157 Djibouti
158 Eritrea
159 Madagascar
160 Vietnam
161 Guinea
162 Mauritania
163 Mali
164 Cameroon
165 Laos
166 Congo
167 North Korea
168 Namibia
169 Botswana
170 Niger
171 Equatorial Guinea
172 Rwanda
173 Afghanistan
174 Cambodia
175 South Africa
176 Guinea-Bissau
177 Swaziland
178 Chad
179 Somalia
180 Ethiopia
181 Angola
182 Zambia
183 Lesotho
184 Mozambique
185 Malawi
186 Liberia
187 Nigeria
188 Democratic Republic of the Congo
189 Central African Republic
190 Myanmar

Facts on Deaths Due to Lack of Health Insurance in US

New study finds 45,000 US deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage

Medical Mistakes are 3rd Leading Cause of Death in U.S. & you pay!!

Harvard Medical Study Links Lack of Insurance to 45,000 U.S. Deaths a Year


Scotland set aside from Britian is 4th Globally for Healthcare


Another chart


Sad but true


Adding in some fiscal studies


Scotland’s free Healthcare performs best in UK/Britian


From UK to USA you can see the problem


USA Healthcare is 2nd World, at best


USA are worst G20 Country for Healthcare

health care spending

Hows about this?


Sad fact for our American friends


This is just another interesting stat


How the World Health Systems Compare. Where is your Country?


American’s are fiscally tied more to medical treatment than any other nation


Easy enough to understand


Scotland, do we realise how lucky and fortunate we are?



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This Video of Trump Reading “The Snake” is Going Viral in Europe

Won't be POTUS but the international community pray he doesn't

Won’t be POTUS but the international community pray he doesn’t

A YouTube video depicting a stark warning from presidential candidate Donald Trump regarding the refugee crisis is continuing to go viral across the web. Reciting lyrics from the 1968 song “The Snake” by Al Wilson, based off Aesop’s fable of The Farmer and the Viper, the business mogul explains how Europe is being slowly overtaken by radical jihadists, and because I live in Europe I can say this is not the truth here, this is Trump trying to make Americans as scared as US media is saying we are in Europe, but we are not scared, we don’t live in fear here nor be a coward and use fear for political gain, thankfully Europeans are a bit more smart and clever to fall for this, but are some Americans? I personnaly don’t fully agree on the serious side of this, more people have beeen killed by terrorists in the USA than anywhere on Earth in the 1st World, unless it’s America doing the killing. If America is selfish and/or racist and afraid, it will support the most visible entity to free her, and as day turns to night, Trump becomes more possible to win POTUS. Some European Countries have 4 or 5 borders, it’s easy for terror to travel, but these Americans must remember this warnings below. Tweets and quotes from others below. Trump is now turning to Europe to fool people into fearing ISIS, this is Donald’s vote via fear and racism just showing more, Europe is not scared, why should we be? Europe is not like the USA, we hardly mix, just a cultural thing over here. But Trump is showing Americans a European lie, for votes. This much is clear and obvious.

New ISIS video threatens to cut off Obama’s head and turn US into Muslim Province

ISIS posts terrifying US warning: Is your state on the list?

ISIS Has a New Terrorism Tactic: Hacking and naming US Military personal


The Vicious Snake – Trump Reading
[VIDEO] Via: Rust E on You Tube


User Konduit on the Website has shared a video that has gone viral over here in Europe and I would advise Americans view this video, and the World too. Have Americans seen this? As the chat here is it’s not been shown on USA TV, Americans have not seen this, if true this backs up claims our Main Stream Media don’t ever give us the full story.


Via: Konduit  – Europe is full of diverse and beautiful cultures. It doesn’t need to import cultures that oppress women, murder gays and follow Sharia Law. It’s insane that the regressive left defends the very cultures whose values are completely opposite to their own liberal values, simply because its followers aren’t white skinned. There is nothing that increases intolerance more than importing intolerant cultures into yours.

I love Europe, it’s horrible to see what is happening to it. The birth place of democracy being reduced to this.
Spread knowledge of what’s going on. The media is doing a terrible job reporting this crisis.



Discotecha reply to: Konduit

Ok you point out a problem, well done, nobody in Europe ever knew there was a problem…..What I don’t see you posting is any kind of solution to fix this mess that both America and Europe have created. It’s all too easy to point fingers isn’t it and you rarely ever see people pointing their fingers offering sensible solutions to the problems that literally everybody is already aware of


Via: n00bUK -I’m against letting abled bodied young men who don’t have respect for my people and our ways into my country.

But then I’m also aware that my country played a huge part in destablising pretty much all of the middle east and supports the Whabbi regiem thats the biggest problem within Islam.  I’m not one of these blind bigots who choose to turn their noses up at the key element of the immigration crisis.  If we’re going to say you’re not welcome, then we need to stop #ing up their country.


Via: burgerbuddy

Are you suggesting europe just roll over because of the past? Not enough genocide for you? White guilt maybe?
It took hundreds of years to get them out, now it should be given back to the hordes? The middle east was christian, north africa was christian. Where are they now? The muslims already caused the dark ages once. Let’s not forget history lest we are doomed to repeat it.


kitzikreply to:Konduit

Can I ask you why you are giving the credit for this youtube clip “The vicious snake” to Donald Trump ?

It seems to be done by American televangelist circles.

I was flattered to see my own birth city Riga featuring in the first minute of this clip. Up until very recently this remote country Latvia bordering with Russia wouldn’t be chosen to represent the “good, peaceful cultural Europe”.
Ironically, it will also be the last country in the wish list of Middle East migrants to settle in. Ok, this is a bit off topic.

My main question is why to involve Trump ? It seems to me like an american pre election propaganda for Trump.
Trump is not European, he is a product of American culture. But American culture is to Europe like Roman culture to Greece.


By:sjake111 I am convinced the Euro liberal brain is just wired differently than red blooded Americans. You Euros need to somehow get your balls yo drop and do something about the invading army while you still have a chance. You are embarrassing.


kitzik reply to: Alien Abduct

The problem of Muslims flooding Europe is real, but it will be a great mistake if Americans choose Trump as antidote.
Trump is dangerous not only for Americans but the whole western civilization. It will be the repeat of Nazi Germany on a greater scale.


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Noticed it yet? Israel has not being targeted by ISIS or Other Terrorist



THIS IS SPECULATION!! Noticed the Headine on by user TaleDawn and right away it hit me in terms of the question being asked here. I have reported on my research on who is Funding ISIS <Click) for a while now and I have USA, Canada, Some European Countries and some in and around North Africa? Another post said “Noticed also that France and Belgium support Palestinians” and that is a very valid point. Both France and Belgium are amoung over 60 Countries to support Palestine all be it populous wise. You will find in Europe the Goverents will not vote or abstain, but the support for Palestine via the people, killing innocence in the name of ISIS support Palestine. I don’t have to spell the rest out to anyone. Why has Isreal not been attacked by ISIS? Could it be Isreal is the centre for all Evil? I am asking, my Country has been hit, Scotland had 2 idiots trying to commit suicide in an airport 60 mile from here, we kept them alive by beating them till the flames were out, but one did die later. What we think here? Many will say Israel has rock solid intelligence and security services and the big wall. And I can back these claims up below. NO HATE HERE. IF YOU SEE OR FEEL HATE, IT IS YOUR HATE!

Belgian MP Laurent Louis: When Will Belgium Support Assad in Face of “Greater Israel” Project?
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We have this: Israel is the Main Purchaser of ISIS Oil

And this: Israeli Defense Minister: We Prefer ISIS Over Iran



I mean how many times must this happen? 7/7 London same day G20 were to scrub old African debt is 1 example

The USA is speaking FOR Palestine also, not all of America supports Israel

The USA is speaking FOR Palestine also, not all of America supports Israel

Europe and the World stand behind Palestine for HUMAN REASONS, NOT HATE

Europe and the World stand behind Palestine for HUMAN REASONS, NOT HATE


Noticed it yet? Israel has not being targeted by ISIS or Other Terrorist. Canada, America, Europe, Syria, Lebanon we all had being targeted but not once had Israel ever being targeted since the Arab Spring had started and why?

Israel acknowledges it is helping Syrian rebel fighters

The Israeli forces had being treating rebels from Syria. Which had being ISIS fighters and other terrorists.
Either way not once had Israel being targeted nor surprisingly is Israel among the targeted list on the terrorist target list.


Times of Israel

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Monday that Israel has been providing aid to Syrian rebels, thus keeping the Druze in Syria out of immediate danger. Israeli officials have previously balked at confirming on the record that the country has been helping forces that are fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad.

During a briefing with Israel’s diplomatic correspondents at the IDF’s headquarters in Tel Aviv, Ya’alon said that Israel’s ongoing humanitarian assistance to Syrian rebel fighters, a source of growing conflict between Israel and its own Druze population, safeguards the minority population in Syria.

“We’ve assisted them under two conditions,” Ya’alon said of the Israeli medical aid to the Syrian rebels, some of whom are presumably fighting with al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad. “That they don’t get too close to the border, and that they don’t touch the Druze.”

The Druze on Israel’s side of the Golan, Ya’alon charged, acted “irresponsibly” last week by attacking an Israeli ambulance carrying wounded Syrian rebel fighters. One person was killed and another wounded during what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu termed a “lynching.” The person in the Israeli ambulance was not affiliated with the al-Nusra Front, and his death would provoke calls for revenge, Ya’alon asserted.

Israel has treated over 1,000 wounded Syrians in its hospitals since the onset of the civil war in 2011. Israel will continue to act with sensitivity regarding the Druze, Ya’alon said. “On the other side — the rebels on the other side feel that we’re acting sensitively,” he said.

Israel has provided humanitarian assistance to wounded Syrian fighters located near the shared border since the civil war stated, the defense minister said. He said that such aid is extended under two conditions – that the fighters don’t let Islamic extremists to get close to the border, and that they don’t hurt the local Druze population.

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Scottish Government ‘most trusted’ Government in Europe

Scottish Social Attitudes Survey finds 73% of respondents trust Holyrood leaders

Scottish Social Attitudes Survey finds 73% of respondents trust Holyrood leaders

Scottish Government ‘most trusted’ government in Europe!!! 😀 Is it not wonderful to live in a Country we make and own the politicians that lead us and dictate laws? Seriously, go live in the USA right now; everyone hates everyone, like 10 times worse than the usual Racist and Homophobic hate, just now it’s like setting up assault courses. And here we are in Scotland, less controlled by the Tory who are seemingly acting like American Politicians in the sense they just hate each other also. 3 Cheers for living in the coldest, windiest, wettest, hot, sunny, icy, snowy all in the same hour weather system Country on Earth




The Scottish Government is the most trusted government in the European Union, the SNP has claimed.

New analysis from the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey found 73% of respondents trust the Scottish Government – compared to only 23% who trust the UK Government.

When compared to a previous study of trust in national governments across the EU, Scotland’s nearest challengers were Finland and Denmark, ranking 60% and 55% respectively.

 The study also shows that trust in the Scottish Government is more than twice the EU average of 31%. Results of the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey were released this week.

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Life is like?……..You define it!


Often these days I try to define things, not because I want to see bad or create bad, more to create a mindset of understanding things. Always when I am talking in real life I use football (Soccer) to get my point across, don’t know why I do that but it seems to help get points across. All I know is football, being the coach, being the manager, leading kids and men into battle. I belong on the sidelines of a football field, that is my place, this is where I have a REAL VOICE. I feel silenced, almost as if someone took my voice away. I try to write it away but it doesn’t come close. I only know life through football. People from foreign shores might not understand, here in Europe, Scotland for sure, Football is our church, our reasons away from family and life. We live and breath it. So because I have no voice to roar, I will do my best in images. 3 days from now I go to hell to fight for life, I don’t know if I am ready but I know I have support. I lost my voice, I need it back.

Any Given Sunday Al Pacino Pre-Game Speech
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