Brexit means England will stand alone, Ireland will be united and Scotland will be a nation again

Fidelma Cook.

I am sharing this as many can’t read from the source:

NOT that long ago I wrote about living with a constant low-lying swirl of rage and irritability. It was, of course, to do with Brexit and, if anything, it has got worse, becoming a silent scream of impotent angst.

You may say, rightly, that I have too much time on my hands to scour the internet, read all the papers, tune in to Parliament live, and you’re probably quite right.

Two English friends, in favour of Brexit although living in France, were here the other day and, in different circumstances, it could have come to blows.

I am beyond rational discussion in the face of ignorance, for that is what I hear when confronted with tired cliches, demolished week after week.

In fact I am beyond stating a case for staying within the EU; if anyone cannot see beyond the charlatans peddling a right wing coup, then hell mend them.

Give me one, just one, positive case for leaving the EU and I will listen to you. Hello? Anyone there? No, because there isn’t one.

I am beyond being calm, measured, understanding. I have no empathy with those who are set on a course to destroy their own country in the ludicrous terms of ‘sovereignty, taking back control, will of the people.’

Usually when on a rant, I semi-apologise that I am viewing all through a telescope from another country.

And it’s true, as I’ve said time after time; I’m no longer linked into the nuances, the pub talk, the flow of the country I left behind.

I’m not in tune, or discussion, with the many people I knew or met daily or listened to in overheard chats, overheated arguments.

I admit I sit, a silent watcher, crouched over a Mac, trying to make sense and gather thoughts via social media and websites.

But today I’m not apologising any more. Life ‘back there’ doesn’t cease because one lives in La France Profonde. If anything it intensifies.

Particularly when Brexit is about to destroy so many lives in this/your country, and the one that is mine now for the immigrants who have made it so.

Distance, the telescope, whatever, actually casts the cold eye and makes one sit back in shock at all that is taking place.

Distance makes me appalled and saddened, deeply saddened, at a Press that is often partisan, not forensically detached.

Distance makes me pick over every argument and find the Brexiteers not only wanting, but shameless in their headlong rush to create a lie.

This week I watched live as Parliament ‘debated’ the amendments sent back from the Lords. Debated? Hardly, with two days to do so.

Perhaps after all my years here I have become a little foreign – a little questioning in my appreciation of democracy in action.

During the first devolution debate I reported for the BBC from the Palace of Westminster. That is a tale to be told for another day, but let me say I was shocked and often disgusted by all I witnessed there.

When, with instinctive journalistic verve I wanted to report certain facts, I was warned off in no uncertain terms. Told that was how things were.

And told that I couldn’t expect airtime and not to be so naïve about life in the House.

A touch enthralled about being in the centre of power I acquiesced and convinced myself that my nightly Reporting Scotland reports were honest at least. And they were.

I closed my eyes to the rest.

So, I was not surprised in a way to watch the jeering and hissing over the amendments that came before the House last week.

That’s what they do, although, since the introduction of cameras, they have become a touch more circumspect.

And then, we had the non-discussion of Scotland’s devolved powers and an arrogance and disdain that led to a walkout.

I have said, many times, in this column that I do not feel it right to discuss Scottish politics.

But there comes a moment.

I found the disrespect in the House towards Scotland and its representatives beyond all acceptable behaviour. And, like many commentators I believe that was the day the fight for independence took a giant leap forward.

On display was all the contempt that England has shown over and over again to its neighbours. Some of the statements made about Ireland and its border issue have been breathtaking in the ignorance and insensitivity of those making them.

By the end of this debacle England will stand alone, Ireland will be united and Scotland will be a nation again.

I hold no political allegiances, have never and will never take membership in any party, but were I in Scotland and asked to vote in an independence referendum, I would not hesitate.

While the English Government peddles hate and closed doors, all I see coming from Scotland is inclusion and social care.

I see a country looking to a future, a future in Europe, not a past founded on race memories of a colonial shame.

And I would say cut yourself loose – run for the hills while you can. The ship is sinking but you don’t have to go down with it.

The time has come






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VLOG – Audio Blog – Shauny Speaking. Please Listen

Simple right?

So less type and more AUDIO talk here. As you know I have M.E. BIG DEAL!! I KNOW!! FFS!! 😀 It’s a painful thing so it’s often hard to type. Playing the disabled card to one side for a second this video is around 7 minutes long and it’s just me talking about this blog I done yesterday I think. I was calling certain people out for being gossip’s and liars. Remember? > Scotland – Do you know HOW MUCH you are lied to? Let me explain <Click for reminder) All I am saying here is regarding this blog and how BORED MANY OTHERS AND I are getting trying to save our Country from peril in our small way, because people are stopping free flowing information ON YES MOVEMENT FACEBOOK GROUPS AND PAGES!! WTF! Listen away, you will get my point better watching my ugly mug 😀 But do that serious Scotland, please! But then I urge you to then close the internet and re-join humanity in living a normal life.. lol. Sorry, wee joke there, bad patter really 😀 #Enjoy – PS: Audio and lighting are better here than the last Vlog lol > AceNews/ShaunyNews – Video Test <Click if VERY bored)

Myself talking about the Yes movement – Getting boring it is! So this is me talking here



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Scotland can be free! First we must free Scottish minds – Stop the hate!


Now before I say quickly what is on my mind, please know I am just a 2 bob blogger trying his best to make sense of Scotland and why and how we can become free. I am above nobody, I am below nobody. I see Scottish people argue way too much. I am in maybe 30 groups all over Social Media for Scottish Freedom or what it stands for. Sadly I see too many arguments than debate. I get abuse daily from a handful, say 10 a day? But I reach thousands so it is small. I speak to other bloggers and people who run groups and we debate and this is the discussion we have a lot “Why do we fight amongst ourselves?” I just shake my head at it. I don’t hate and never will on Social Media. I respect the people who write for free, daily, to inform Scottish people of the truth, as this is what I do and I know how difficult it can be just for me having M.E. – Now right there someone thought “Shaun is playing the disabled card” And I don’t blame you for thinking this, I ask only when you read me or confront me or even be my friend, that I just want to be treated normal, don’t treat me as a disabled guy, I am just a lad writing what the main stream media won’t and I am probably on purpose, asking the REALLY hard questions Scotland needs to ask. I refuse to be “MR Big Guy” and place myself above people, it’s outwith my mindset. I see too many group admins stopping freedom of expression, of information. I see people stop the flow of information, I know why they do it, do you?

This is what THEY are doing to us peeps..Please see it! You do know they do it

This is what THEY are doing to us peeps..Please see it! You do know they do it

Through this process it creates almost anger in some, this confused me. Scotland I ask, how can we be a free country if we can’t co-exist while being under Westminster rule and oppression? We will be free one day very soon, sooner than most think, but till that day we must drop the hate. We have Nationals and Unionist thinkers who are VERY COOL people, just different ways of thinking, it’s when the hate comes in, we must rise up against this hate. Is it not in our National Anthem or a song used at big Sporting events? Many want to debate our National Anthem and what it should be, me? I just sing this below or Scotland the brave, I am both, what are you? These songs are words that say “Sing through the oppression” or words to that effect. I will let you judge by listening to an amazing version of our national anthem Scotland. Don’t use a song most of us love to hate, this isn’t a song of hate, it’s rebellious and should remind all Scottish people of ‘Why, please try! Please! Give this a listen and consume my words if you can, I am asking please! We must stand up an send them home again, IN PEACE

Flower of Scotland Lyrics The Corries
Via: TheAceshooter272 on You Tube

You are my Kin! One day we walk away, all I am asking is “Can we do it together” and “Why must some hate”? Two big questions. Often I see people just waiting to be offended. Sadly or thankfully I block them within a minute if I can’t reach them with a debate in private. 9 times out of 10 when someone says something that comes over as hate I don’t get involved, just shake my head. When I am the chosen one for hate I try and debate and show respect, if none is coming back, simple as this, I don’t do hate so I block 😦 Not really what I want to be doing guys n gall’s, but I refuse to be someone else’s hate agenda, why? Because most of the time it is very easy to know why hate is coming

download (1)

This is why we argue, mostly it’s this. Wake up to it, see it and deny it’s lies of hate


And I mean it!

And I mean it!


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What is it the English Establishment hate Scotland for?


Yeah, sure Dave!

First we must know ‘Establishment is in Scotland also. We in Scotland can feel the oppression being thrown our way by this hateful Whitehall, Westminster Elitist propaganda machine. We are actually more free today than before, we call them ‘Establishment. I can feel this force against Scotland because I have seen and heard it, some of it is sick and wrong what is thrown from these Elite people against Scotland and my kin and 1st minister

Nicola Sturgeon insults: the worst attacks directed at the SNP leader

Nicola Sturgeon is being brutally attacked

PROPAGANDA: Sir John Major warning of ‘recipe for mayhem’ in any Labour-SNP deal

Remember Pre Referendum? – “Scotland should lead the UK. not leave it” + More :


Some of it was bad.

>> ‘UN Human Rights Chief’ Compares UK Media to Nazi Propaganda <Click)


Just so wrong!! Propaganda at play!

So we sit and think “Why did they fight so hard to keep us in the Union” saying like the blog above “Don’t leave the Union, LEAD IT” And when we try, we are told to shut up. I know the day of freedom is soon, very soon. The %’s are growing and we can see them grow. 45% on September 14th 2015 to 50% on May 7th 2015 and that figure will grow slowly over time, a time we must allow to happen, a process we must wait out.

We must wait till we have 70% yes - THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

We must wait till we have 70% yes – THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

But while we wait we can be Scottish, we can express like I am doing here on my personal blog. I am #Socialist and I am #Nationalist. I stand beside the small guy, the oppressed, the poor, hungry, people society threw, through sheer propaganda by the likes of the BBC ‘Allegedly, when people are then tossed to one side and left. Thankfully in Scotland we do now have more powers, we get free prescriptions, free bridge tools just to name 2 quick examples, also we are very lucky to have ex Cabinet Secretary for Finance, and now deputy 1st Leader John Swinney who has delivered, I think 4 straight balanced budgets and the SNP will spend ever penny where they can, how we can for now

3 VERY important people for the Scottish cause. WITH NO HATE

3 VERY important people for the Scottish cause. WITH NO HATE

So to finish I will leave 2 songs and an image. If ONE PERSON comes at me with ‘Football I will lose the plot 😀 This is not about football, it’s not about religion, it’s not about any of that, it’s simply my pacifist, socialist, nationalistic nature. I am all that is below, I am part of the Celtic (With a K sound) nations and I understand why. How many stand as a Unionist of hate and don’t know why they hate? I am peace, solidarity and hope with love thrown in. Do the ‘Establishment just hate our free spirits? I say this because through this hate thrown at us we don’t throw hate back! We sing and rejoice who we are and we do it with pride. THIS IS ONLY MY WAY OF WANTING A FREE SCOTLAND AND HOW I IDENTIFY MYSELF IN FREEING SCOTLAND AND MAYBE ONE DAY PALESTINE! It’s all relevant, for me, this is my page, my opinions. Please leave yours below. Respect to all. I am, as you will see at the bottom, a ‘Blogger for peace x

More love, less hate, Shauny 😉


I personally stand shoulder to shoulder, in peace with the ethos of these nations who want peace and equality



Scottish National Anthem sung away to Germay


Let The People Sing (With Lyrics) – The Malleys
Via: Ryan Berrick on You Tube



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Message from Nicola Sturgeon to Scotland – WE MUST WAKE UP NOW!


B9bGcJNIQAEO401How_the_Scots_Invented_the_WorldSometimes it’s the simplest of things we need. Scotland invented the Modern World, we must now go and own our World. Make Scotland more Scottish and less Tory and Red Tory. Before the Referendum Vote I did this article here: What I was saying is, as a species us Scot’s are very clever, our Education system is 2nd to none. Many in Scotland don’t see it because they don’t look around our World. When we research or put some thought and effort into understand what Scotland, through history has given our World we see a people switched on and clever. Many other countries discovered things, people from different lands. Open the link above and your mind will be blown, Scotland pretty much invented the modern World, to the left is a book about it. Had it not been for Scotland we would have no TV/Phone or Radio to name a few from hundreds of things, X-Ray, Sonar and Radar. Scotland, we MUST go and invent OUR SCOTLAND NOW! We can do this, vote SNP and get us over the line, then our future is in our hands. We know, even no voters know we were lied to, we were lied to in 1979 then 2014, a no voter who votes Labour this year in my opinion is an idiot. I think of Scotland in 100 years when my Children’s children are here, what future do we want for them? The only people in Scotland who will vote no still and be angry with it are the Loyalist’s, yeah these stupid little boys who rampaged in the centre of Glasgow on the 19th September, THEY WON!! They then beat up YES Voters and caused trouble. Anyone not aware of how small a group these tough guys are would think “This is Scotland”? It would be easy to presume right?


It was written as a Christian hymn in 1779


There is a ting of Orange in this AMAZING video of Scotland the brave and Amazing Grace, I ask you let the music alone flow through you Scotland! The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, & senior Scottish regiments of the British Army, recorded an instrumental version featuring a bagpipe soloist accompanied by a pipe and drum band made this as Scottish as it is today.

Andre Rieu – Scotland The Brave – Amazing Grace

Scotland, we can’t be in this Union of lies, criminals and more. We MUST get out, we can start that process in this years General Election. If you voted no, you see why we warned you to vote yes, to not believe what at the time 1.6 Million people seen as lies before the vote. Do the right thing, ANYTHING AND ALL we are about to hear from Labour (Red Tory) is lies. If they promise a “Good life” for Scotland now! Why have they not done so before? Because they lie! They only truth, the only way is to vote SNP. Once we are free we can build our Country. It doesn’t have to be SNP for all time, we will be diverse and change as Scotland becomes more free from this War machine we get tagged into. When “Britain” does bad, Scotland get a credit. We must stop this, the video below is the winners on September 18th 2014, I ask simply, do you want this? Are you a part of THIS SCOTLAND? If the answer is no then do the right thing, if the answer is YES, you do not represent Scotland, or you can be what Alex Salmond said days before the vote in the 1st video, SNP! It has to be

Saorsa don Alba


Scotland, listen and be at one with our future!


After Referendum, The Winners!


© Shaun Gibson

© Shaun Gibson


How many PM's can we say do this. That is real, that is caring. That is Alex

How many PM’s can we say do this. That is real, that is caring. That is Alex

Alex  Salmond, once the villain nobody trusted. I had to listen to people say “I don’t believe this man” or “I hate the man” Now all I read is “Alex is a hero” And let’s make no mistake, Alex is a hero. He will be remembered for all of time like we remember William Wallace now. This is what Alex has achieved. He won over the hearts and minds of his doubters, his people, his nation, our nation, of that there is no argument

So we turn to the villains. The modern day ‘Noblemen who got Wallace killed” The Scottish Noblemen who sided with the English King to get Wallace hung, draw and quartered, in the end History tells us he died with the same bravery he had in life


Wallace and Bruce. Salmond and Sturgoen, how will they be remembered?

We can look to Ruth Davidson, we can look to Alistair Darling, we can look to Jim Murphy and we can look to Johann Lamont but with Johann, she is more like Robert the Bruce, he did a bad thing and then came back to his people and fought to free Scotland, it can be said Johann did in the end say “Enough is enough” Just a thought. Both William Wallace and Robert Bruce stand guard at the gates of my city’s castle, Edinburgh Castle. I don’t go much but when I do I look at these statues of Wallace and Bruce and I can hear the clanging of War. I can hear the shouting and screaming and can also feel the pride and battle hardened souls both were and it is that spirit that will carry Scotland to the promised land. Make no mistake, Scotland has stood up and we sure as hell won’t sit down till we complete what was the deal, till we get what is due. It will happen

Wallace and Bruce, forever standing guard for Scotland

Wallace and Bruce, forever standing guard for Scotland

So we look at Alex as a 21st Century William Wallace. The 13th Century one we hear the legend of the man. We are in a brilliant time now, we are seeing almost History repeat itself 700 years on. This time it is 5 Million people and the SNP with morals and dignity that will this time 100% free Scotland.

I must add, Alex, Nicola, John, all of them, they can’t do it alone. Same as Wallace and Bruce, they didn’t do it alone, many Scots died on these battlefields we now visit and pay homage to. We don’t have to die guys, we must  tick a box, this time knowing The 21st centuries traitors we can silence as we did  before.

He gave it his all, but history will remember him 


William Wallace

William Wallace

Here is the History of WIlliam Wallace, a man who stood the test of time, a man us Scot’s love but will never meet:

Wallace led the Scottish rebellion against Edward I and inflicted a famous defeat on the English army at Stirling Bridge. He is remembered as a patriot and national hero. William Wallace was born in the 1270s in Elderslie in Renfrewshire into a gentry family. Very little is known about his early years and there are significant periods of his life for which there are no reliable sources.

In 1296, Edward I of England had taken advantage of a succession crisis in Scotland and imposed himself as ruler with an English administration. Within months, Scottish unrest was widespread.

In May 1297, Wallace attacked the town of Lanark, killing the English sheriff and unrest quickly became full-blown rebellion. Men flocked to join Wallace and he began to drive the English out of Fife and Perthshire. In September 1297, Wallace defeated a much larger English force at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. This and subsequent military successes severely weakened the English hold on Scotland. Wallace then launched raids into England. In late 1297 or early 1298 he was knighted and appointed ‘guardian of the kingdom’ in the name of John Balliol, the deposed king of Scotland.

The shock of the defeat at Stirling rallied the English around Edward, who marched north with an army. Wallace’s strategy was to avoid confrontation and gradually withdraw. He destroyed the countryside as he went, forcing Edward to march deeper and deeper into Scotland. In July 1298, the Scottish and English armies met near Falkirk, and the Scots were defeated. Wallace escaped and little is known of his movements, but at some stage he resigned the guardianship and was succeeded by Robert Bruce and John Comyn.

Wallace then went abroad, notably to France, to seek support for the Scottish cause. He returned to Scotland in 1303. In his absence Robert Bruce had accepted a truce with Edward I and, in 1304, John Comyn came to terms with the English as well. Wallace was excluded from these terms and the English king offered a large sum of money to anyone who killed or captured him. Wallace was seized in or near Glasgow in August 1305, and transported to London. He was charged and tried with treason, which he denied, saying he had never sworn allegiance to the English king. His execution was held on 23 August, where he was hung, drawn and quartered. His head was placed on London Bridge, and his limbs displayed in Newcastle, Berwick, Stirling and Perth.

Imaginative 18th-century engraving of Wallace
Born c. 1270[1]
Elderslie, Renfrewshire,Scotland
Died 23 August 1305
Smithfield, London, Middlesex,England
Cause of death
Hanged, drawn and quartered
Resting place
London England in unmarked grave
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Commander in the Scottish Wars of Independence
Religion Roman Catholicism
Children None recorded
Parents Father: Alan or Malcolm Wallace

Why We Can’t Be Selfish In This Vote Scotland

Check the hatred here.. WOW!

Check the hatred here.. WOW!

First thing I need to make clear, we will be the first nation EVER to leave a union without as much as a punch being thrown in anger. The image above was from this years Wimbledon. There is no hatred in this vote and there won’t be when we have voted. Because I believe it will be a #YES. Looking at all the Polls from @YesWhere_ever I see it at 70/30 for. Each city has it’s own #Yes Campaign, my one is @YesWestEdinburgh They all did a poll, all over Scotland, add it up, and you get 70/30, but we can’t be sure, we must make sure

Well here we go, another attempt to get through to the people who vote no. Probably people with decent lives, nice home, 2 family income and totally unaware of the struggle faced by others. I myself am disabled, I never seen this coming, if YOU became disabled and dependant on Westminster to help you, 100% be honest with yourself, could you trust them? If you lost your Job, could you trust Westminster to help. I know about 20 people who work in the NHS up here in Scotland, my Mum married the main man for Unison Edinburgh, many are voting NO. I say to these NHS workers, in the event of a NO you WILL LOSE YOUR JOB. The NHS is being privatised.

Many don’t see the other side of life. I don’t live on the hard side, I am in agony all day every day, but I manage myself,  but I make sure I am aware of the hardship and I understand the pain and suffering of others. I asked in my last blog ‘Do you trust Westminster’ And I ask again, here it is

Scotland – We are NOT voting for SNP or any Politician, we are voting for Freedom and to stop deaths

Read some of  what this blog says it states facts and times and details. They are a hard read, but Scotland we MUST understand the dangers of a no vote.

Benefit cuts blind man committed suicide after Atos ruled him fit to work

Vulnerable man starved to death after benefits were cut

Brutal Benefit Cuts for the Disabled Are Leading to Suicides in the UK

We must fully understand why there are more food banks, we must fully understand why more people are losing their homes. The way I see it, and I am in no means in a life where I rely in independence, but I know many are, is, if we vote no blindly, we are being selfish. I am not voting for me, I am voting for the disabled, the homeless, the NHS and most of all my kids and all the  kids in my country.

I ask you Scotland to really understand why you are voting. You and I will be gone in 60/70 years, our kids, their kids and Scotland won’t be. Please see the bigger picture. Don’t leave our kids to fight Westminster, don’t leave the disabled people to fight ATOS. Scotland please! Again, know why you vote

The blog above is a hard read and through that blog I changed the mind of several people. So I will keep going the same as hundreds, thousands of others who are fighting HARD to make sure we have a free Scotland. Many question what money we will use. Well the Royal Mint is there and the Queen will STILL be our head of state. The Prisons are in the Queen’s name also. The reason the Queen will remain our head of state is so many issues will sorted with ease. But there will be fear mongering going on, scaring you to death with lies

Do your own research, don’t blindly vote no, as it will harm 10’s of Thousands of your own people here in Scotland. Don’t be selfish, at least give a reason why you vote no, I am yet to hear one valued reason from a no vote. Why? because there isn’t one. Their life is good, so why should they care right? Be human and look around you.




Austerity, Nuclear and Foreigners of Scotland, why vote NO and risk being thrown out and making Scotland poor?

Lets make Scotland, Scottish

Lets make Scotland, Scottish

So the yes or no vote to free Scotland from a lying, corporate greedy, vile, thieving Westminster is getting closer. Many in England, thousands of people in England are marching in the streets to stop Austerity cuts, sadly many in Scotland are voting no to KEEP Austerity cuts. I don’t get this. Many need educated on why Yes HAS to be the only option

I had a debate with a polish lad the other day on a yes/no Facebook page, he had been in the country for 5+ years and said that people getting bailiffs at their doors are scroungers and deserve it. I will say to ALL Foreign people in Scotland right now, if YOU vote NO, then we all run the risk of UKIP coming into Power.

Let’s be very clear on one thing here, and this for the immigrants who we warmly welcome into Scotland. Should UKIP ever get into power YOU WILL BE SENT HOME. So I am asking all foreign people in Scotland, is this something you are happy to do? You want to test the water on this one? You are prepared to gamble your stay in Scotland by voting no?

Get the Nuclear weapons out of Scotland

Get the Nuclear weapons out of Scotland

Many are actually voting NO and if a no, unlikely as it seems now, happens, Austerity cuts will hurt US ALL! There won’t be a man, woman or child who won’t feel the blunt end of Westminster’s actions. A yes is the ONLY option we have. We must be brave, we must be sure, we must change our minds if we are too proud not too. I know hundreds of people who have changed from no to yes, but don’t know any who have gone from yes to no, so this is a good thing

Also, the Nuclear option, we don’t need it. We will be in Europe, we will have friends, we WILL have a Scottish army, we just won’t have the nuclear option. As the World in many parts fights to GET the Nuclear option, Scotland has the chance to get rid of Nuclear from our soil

Did you know ALL of the UK’s Nuclear weapons are in Scotland? Yeah, it’s true. Should it be a YES today, England would have no Nuclear weapons. England I am told are building Nuclear storage places in 3 areas, I think Westminster knows it’s too close to call.

Vote yes, stop Austerity, get rid of the Nuclear option and help keep foreign people in Scotland and NEVER allow UKIP the chance to govern Scotland. We can’t take that risk

You foreign? Well UKIP 'WILL' send you home

You foreign? Well UKIP ‘WILL’ send you home

Scotland, we get one shot at this, we must be brave, we must go and be free, the other options will hurt us BADLY. Research like many do, don’t be ignorant on subjects, ask, learn. PLEASE!! For the rest of us. I have 4 kids, 2 sons older teenagers and 2 daughters 3 and 5, I want to tell them I tried, but I would rather tell them I helped. We must get out of this vile Union, we stay in, we get punished, there are no doubts. Our Parliament one day will get taken. This is OUR CHANCE, OUR TIME! DON’T BLOW IT SCOTLAND, I AM BEGGING! PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF ON WHY ‘YES’ IS THE ONLY OPTION!

Scotland – Do we want to stay in a union run by Criminals, Peadophiles and Liars?

Scotland, I ask you PLEASE read this if you have not, it will shake you to vote yes That article there isn’t fear, it’s the truth, we are governed by liars, thieves, Criminals and .



The Scottish Independence Blog – Why a YES will happen

We are winning...We are winning... Slowly people are turning to #AYE

We are winning…We are winning… Slowly people are turning to #AYE

The vote is just over 3 months from now, and we see in the last last 6 months till April there has been a 10% swing with a solid 20% undecided not added. More and more people are turning to #Aye. People voting no are voting #NAW because they had an English Grandfather or something. That is fine, but we can’t let emotion get in the way of this vote. Same as we can’t watch Braveheart and vote #AYE We must be sure what we  are voting for . This image here I find says it all for me. One is the white paper of proposals WHEN we win the other is a leaflet from the #NO camp

Book (LEFT) is our future plans. The leaflet on the right is what the No people have

Book (LEFT) is our future plans. The leaflet on the right is what the No people have

Also does the New York Times know something we don’t? 


The question is an easy one, the answer is easier. I don’t want an independent Scotland ‘Just Because’ I want it because it will make is roughly £4,000 ($7,000) a year better off PER PERSON. People saying we can’t afford to do this forget we give £9 Billion to Westminster (England Rule and purse) and get £6 Billion back. Right away we are £3 Billion better off! There are only 4.5 Million people in Scotland. There are 30 Million people just in London! Scotland can do it alone. We must not be scared to vote yes, we must not be scared to change, we must be brave and tell England’s rules ‘We have had enough’ In the very unlikely event the vote is #NO I say right now the Tories will punish Scotland for trying this. They won’t punish the rich, they will punish the poor. The poor who already struggle, the poor who already use food banks. We can trade ALL THIS by voting yes and becoming one of the Richest Nations on the planet. We must be brave, show character. Vote for the right reasons. Educate yourself on why. Don’t say No or Yes for selfish stupid reasons. Change the path of this Amazing country forever on September 18th. All we must do is tick a box. Remember this is NOT an Election, this is a referendum! If the vote was today it would be close, we have just over three months to make sure. So you, YES YOU!!! Do something, share an image, share a fact, give reasons. The #NO crowd have no reasons, only fear. I gave you £3 Billion reasons and that doesn’t include our biggest earners in Tourism and Whiskey. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, VOTE YES! I DON’T WANT MY KIDS TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE TORIES OR WESTMINSTER AS ADULTS! Do it for Scotland, not one person, not one party, VOTE FOR SCOTLAND ONLY!


The majority want it



A truth many refuse to grasp



Our Scottish Parliament



Croatian Football Fans are behind us!



This is going to happen. WE WILL BE FREE!!



This is a Scottish newspaper talking about the UK NHS. In a free Scotland the National Health Service would remain free to all, as it is now



(Left) Our leaders plans in a huge book…To the right the #NO People sent a leaflet to people’s homes. They are being sent back with a return payment 😉



We can’t allow this to happen any longer!! These politicians are scared of losing their jobs!!



The Queen of England’s Commonwealth Games start in a few weeks in Glasgow. Scotland has it’s own team and national anthem. Same as we do in Football, Rugby and more. We are seen as our own



Many Companies and people are turning to Yes.




This is a brutal truth


Who knew?



UK Rule cause this! We can and must escape



And don’t we know it 🙂



We are demanding a cut from London


just-say-yes-poster-5 (1)

We won’t need an Air Force. Who will attack us?



We don’t need a Navy, who will attack us?



Below Edinburgh Castle thousands of people said yes. My City Edinburgh is a cast iron YES city


May Day Poll of Polls, 2014

We are gaining ground every day. We are ahead all over. The undecided, if added in add 20% on average. We need half of them to vote yes.



Most of Britain’s money has Scottish people on it! (Pound Sterling) Of Course, Sterling is in Scotland right? So we own this currency



We can lead the way as we have done in innovation!








Scotland – We Must Listen To Our Ancestors as more lies and propaganda are thrown at us, rise up!

scotland flag girl

The polls are getting closer, the unsure will decide this

Again, today I sit shaking my head at the propaganda, lies and fear spreading coming from the #NO camp in the independence vote on September 18th. What the #YES people offer is honest truth, a pride for our country, a willingness not to get involved in anger. The #NO camp want to argue, they want to cause division, they want to spread fear, lies and the propaganda machine, and we also see BBC Scotland allowing the #NO campaign to shoot the advert in their Glasgow studios



Same paper, same day, one for Scotland, one for England #PROPAGANDA!


The BBC, a service every person in the UK pays for should be nowhere near this.


As I say, all the #NO camp have is FEAR! No real reasons



So here are some soothing #YES Images and a poll that shows the undecided are KEY in the run in


The Scottish people want this, we must be sure why, we must do it for Scotland, not the SNP


We must look back on history, 700 years to THE DAY we vote to free ourselves from what Robert the Bruce and William Wallace and many more shed blood for. History tells us a story, we must listen to them, they talk to us from our past

Charles Stanley Research

Showing the undecided will be yes or no, but we know the undecided in general will vote yes if they think a Torie or UKIP future awaits


A poll from the last few days, not too shabby

images (2)

We all love where we are from, we are all patriots, I am not any different. Many think Scotland is full of Castle’s and sheep, the reality is we are one of the most advanced and most educated people on the plant. We must use this


We have spoken many times, 10’s of thousands of us





The plan as things stand, yes there are questions to ask, but there are more facts than questions. Knowledge is power, we must know WHY we vote


The poll’s are getting tight, we need 11% of the undecided to vote #AYE and we are free from a Union we are not welcome in but they need us to keep Nuclear weapons and take our oil. KNOW YOUR OWN COUNTRY!


Aye this is from a movie, the video below, but the truth from this time in our history we must no forget, people died to rid the English from killing, raping and torturing us here in Scotland. We fought and won our independence

We can’t allow all the blood shed by English rulers and kings to go unnoticed, we have a chance to make our historical kin proud, we can’t let them down, we just can’t


A Scotsman wrote this at a time we were being killed, outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes. We must not forget history, or we will pay badly and life will be Austerity, hate and we will be poorer for ever, we will have let our kids down and their kids also. We have a chance to avenge, without war, without a punch, all we have to do is tick a box, don’t let us down, don’t be scared, don’t allow dithering politicians scare you. Research like I did here. This took me a LONG time. So I know #AYE is the only way we can go – OR ELSE! THEN GOD HELP US ALL

William Wallace and Robert the Bruce stand, still, outside Edinburgh Castle in my City, for them we must not forget them and the others who lost! 


Words spoken that we can’t forget 

Outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes, England banned the bagpipes

Now we play them with pride, when we hear them our hearts stir with the echoes of our ancestors, we must listen to them, this is a bit special! Amazing Grace with Bagpipes, as I listen I can hear my ancestors talk to me, through these pipes, through this music they speak to Scotland, we must listen, this is our time, this is our chance, don’t let it slip, on September 19th let the streets of Scotland be full of joy and dancing, this is what we do. DO NOT LET OUR ANCESTORS DOWN, MY GRAN, MAN I WISH SHE WAS ALIVE TO HAVE A CHANCE TO SEE THIS, DO YOU HAVE FAMILY THAT ARE GONE AND WOULD LOVE TO HAVE HAD THE CHANCE WE HAVE, NO FIGHT, JUST TO TICK A BOX. WE MUST! WE MUST! 

 Edinburgh Castle Tattoo 

 Edinburgh Castle Tattoo 



Saorsa don Alba