13 Reasons Why – Taboo Subjects

Mental Health, TV Show, Impact, Young Adults, Kids, Social Media, Bullying, Bullies, Shock, Suicide, Self Harm, Trust, Friendship, Ego, Adults not looking, Kids in Despair and many more TABOO issues were in this show I just finished watching. 2 Seasons about a Girl committing Suicide, and the after-math left at the shock, guilt and regret of others, is pretty much the ‘Reasons Why’ this TV show should make us pay attention to each other. But please keep reading and I will explain best I can WHO we should pay more attention to, and our REASONS, this might surprise you!

My first blog in a long time about anything, but I had to write my thoughts out here in the vain hope it can help another who is silent. I used to blog about me, then stopped because I started to understand we all suffer, it’s called life, it can be hard, challenging and often impossible. We all have a weight or a cross to carry, we all have REASONS for how we feel. It took me taking myself off from 4 powerful drugs about a year ago to wake me up to the fact we all have that REASON why we are unhappy, sad, depressed and all the other black cloud emotions. We all have them, but we must allow each other to deny them, because we can’t dig the truth out of a persons mind no matter how hard we want to try. A person will only be BETTER when they find REASONS to keep trying, but even then nothing is certain. I won’t ruin this show nor it’s ending for anyone, but I will tell people what it is about. I think some of us need to give this Taboo a voice, even for ourselves for our own reasons. Please keep reading, not too much to read here, you will understand at the bottom who I type about

Watching KIDS on a TV show portray such emotion is the reason this show is so popular and why many of these kids will win some trophies and more for telling an awful truth about the mind and the reasons a mind can be broken in the year 2018. No matter what age we are, mental health can can strike any of us. The trigger can be something we are not aware about or totally aware about. I am an adult, I am comfy speaking out as I do, doesn’t make me better nor stronger and certainly doesn’t raise me above anyone. But my reasons are for our kids I guess. The real kicker in this TV show is how people backed off and allowed the inevitable to happen. Then when it happens the guilt is stripped bare and people try to deny and deflect feelings to save their own minds. THIS IS NORMAL, and it’s ok. We are all fragile in some way. Some use the most socially acceptable way to hide it and that is alcohol, some smother the pain in drugs, some have drugs thrown at us as if the answer lies in the trust of a Dr and his tablets. For some it is the answer and help, for some it isn’t, and I mean Alcohol and Drugs bought or given legally, there is no distinction in our REASONS why we need to smother the pain or sadness.

We smother it with anything

And that is about all I can say. For those who watched both seasons till the end, you may get what I am typing. For those who have not watched, please know there are triggers in the TV show. Maybe some are half watching it or halfway through watching it. Like a book, like a movie, even like a song, we will all take something from this. What was confirmed for me is (And I include myself here) that we all wait, we all stand still and wait. I am at the stage of thinking “Why do we wait” I am waiting too, are you? And if so why? I ask myself why I wait to do anything, we will just call it life for now. I ask myself for REASONS and the easy reasons come to mind right away, my 2 Daughters. Like all our kids they are young and vulnerable to Social Media and I can see it coming like a TRAIN hurtling towards a crowded platform out of control.

The song below, like many songs, is a song I can sit and listen to over and over, we ALL have a song like this for different REASONS. I see the Internet as a very harsh place. To have opinions so strong online, you MUST accept the fact that before you even type, or talk, whatever way you speak out, KNOW YOU WILL BECOME A TARGET. I have never been bullied as an adult and was never bullied as a kid, but it does not stop me feeling for others who I know were, and I know a lot of people who were bullied at school, and after all these years just keep the emotion to themselves and hope it goes away. I hope it does too, the emotion of sadness I mean. This is something I have to face head on because I have two Daughters under 10 years old and Social Media is coming at them fast, I hate the thought but I can’t stop the reaction, yet I do have control over some actions. So all I can do is smile and educate my kids on EMOTIONS that come from the Internet and the REASONS why we must not look away from them, and ALWAYS we must speak out. I demand this from my kids, in the most loving way I can express. 13 Reasons Why was powerful, sad and a lot of emotions to take in. Some call it morbid, to me it’s just life playing out but in full view, not hidden by any means at all, laid bare so we can all see it. Suicide is an act, but it’s a living emotion for many, I know too many people of all ages and gender all over the World who battle REASONS WHY. The reason being staying alive, not ending our lives, it’s daily and it is like a drug itself, it is unrelenting, it is an emotion no drink or drug can help me with personally

I live every single day of my life sad, and I have no REAL reason to be sad. The pain I am in all day every day and have been for 17 year or so now is unfair, but there are people out there all over the World battling worse, in horrible places we could not even dream about. Take notice of those who are sad behind a smile, or funny behind a mask of darkness. If we don’t, a Castle of Glass will be our forever. Do NOT do this to yourself. This is Taboo, nobody wants to talk about it…Well nobody I know in the flesh that I need to talk about it with. So Social Media has become a ‘Safe’ place for my mind, knowing I can be helped as well as help back. In the end it doesn’t even matter, is a powerful saying, but our ending could and might be someone else’s tragic beginning. Food for thought, nothing more.

Shaun x

Castle of Glass – Linkin Park – LIVE
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[VLOG] Family, Life, Happy, Medication, Coping, Friendship & More

Best picture I could find, with the one below also.. lol

Best picture I could find, with the one below also.. lol

Video ‘Vlog here. Feedback on Video, Audio quality appreciated and of course the topic I talk about. Also I mention a small Facebook group I started for anyone with any illness, please feel free to join to just read and know you are not alone, link is below the video/vlog. And also a link to another ‘Vlog I done about ‘People 😀 I got a roasting for it from my partner and my mates 😀 I just don’t care so it’s better fun when they mock me, good conversation starter. If people watch, all the better, Enjoy I did


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The woman in pink 😀 HAHA

More Love, Less Hate

Shauny 🙂

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Woman are always right, honest!


A Podcast/AudioBlog about my feelings – why do men always get the blame and become bastards, as if all woman are perfect! VIDEO BELOW!! Press play on the heart



Deleted All My Awards – Idiots Are Everywhere! Beware! Don’t take this too serious!


Gone, deleted, thanks for them, but I guess I had to delete them, the WORLD was at stake after all !!

I don’t understand people sometimes. My old blog PrayingForOneDay I had over a year with over 2,000 followers I deleted about 3 months ago. In that blog I received over 200 awards, best moments and I am told I was the first to get 6 stars for blog of 2013, not that it matters. I got an email today from ‘Nobody’ yeah that was the name on the sender 😀 Here is what it said

“Don’t know who you think you are showing all these Awards from your last blog, you never got any Awards on your new Blog so you are a cheat and a fraud, but this is to be expected from you isn’t it SHAUN”

After laughing and shaking my head I deleted all my Awards, to be fair the person who emailed me had a point. This is a new blog, the Awards were for another blog and I state above I don’t do Awards any more. I loved to do Awards and even created one that I love to see when I get a ping back or see it on a complete strangers blog. It is “I am part of the WordPress Family Award” And this is WHY I created the Award in red, my reasons for wanting to do and start this Award for people I looked at as almost family but I would never meet in real life, just my way of saying “Thank you for being a friend” at the time I was in a bad way with medication

This is an award for everyone who is part of the “WordPress Family” I started this award on the basis that the WordPress family has taken me in, and showed me love and a caring side only WordPress can. The way people take a second to be nice, to answer a question and not make things a competition amazes me here. I know I have been given many awards, but I wanted to leave my own legacy on here by creating my own award, as many have done before. This represents “Family” we never meet, but are there for us as family. It is my honour to start this award.

Created by myself around a year ago.

Created by myself around a year ago.

What I don’t get is, I deleted a blog with all these followers and Awards because I wanted a change. ShaunyNews is doing well for me. I almost re-branded myself without taking it too serious, but I do enjoy telling news that the main stream media won’t show. I get a TON of hate emails from American’s over my take on Gun Control. I get it, I understand it and I respect it. America has Guns and thankfully it is something I will never want or need. I have family and friends I debate this with and we all agree “Thank God guns were never an option” 8 people died by a Gun in 2013 in the UK, but it is a flawed

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PrayingForOneDay was started to talk about my Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Syndrome at the time 18 Months ago TODAY! Check the blog I did earlier today. I have been blogging on Word Press for 18 months total and I noticed last night, today was exactly 18 months ago I first blogged about myself  https://shaunynews.com/2014/06/16/18-months-blogging-today-the-highs-and-lows/

Was an image in the above blog earlier

Was an image in the above blog earlier

I have never understood jealousy, hatred, gossips, spiteful people and people who actually lose sleep over other people. I have enough shit going on in my real life, the one outside my front door, the one I have to deal with every day, real people I have to deal with every day. I have no enemies in my real life, I have no haters or gossipers against me. The truth being nobody really knows me except family and VERY close friends. I keep my shit close to home. Many have told me “Shaun you blog too much about yourself” Like this here I did as a guest blog for Melanie on her blog, Mel had a rough time and wanted people to share, she asked me and I shared as much as I could about my childhood and my life as I grew up and to this day almost, in reality I told 20% of what I could, note the word ‘MURDER’ in the URL. This is because I had 6 weeks to blog it, I set it for a date, July 2nd last year, my birthday, I edited it many times but the word Murder stayed in, so you have a rough idea of what the blog WAS, this is how it ended up below >


I am the kid in the boat when you open the blog, the Isle of Skye when I was around 10/12 years old. 


Me as a kid, the blog deliberatedonkey was a chance for me to get some of it off my shoulders, some family even replied in the comments

So I feel I have been honest, I have been fair with people, I have been upfront with people. As I said in my blog about 18 months on Word Press the issue of when that girl said “I love you Shaun” created a shit set of circumstances for me, I know not to let the internet annoy me, I am just talking here, but when the girl said “I love you” I said “I will be the bastard” and I was. I am happily with a girl, Dawn, since school and have 4 kids, why would I mess with that, with a girl who is 5,900 miles away? Again I am just talking out loud. Then about 2 months ago a man from Europe said nasty things about me and people, friends, people I counted on as friends on-line believed his crap and again “Shaun was the bastard”

e07d311cbac169ef63cc08f3acc8dd90Let me explain for the last time here. The internet can be very real for people, for me it’s fun but for many it is their life and all they have, many live on-line 24/7 all day every day, it can hurt and it can make us happy, but not me, I like the internet, I have fun on the internet, I love to write now but with my Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Syndrome I am limited in what I can do. I lose no sleep over the internet and I shake my head and don’t understand when I see people getting worked up over a comment from someone half the world away 😀 I just don’t get it. I am here to have fun, like you all I pay for my internet so I have to enjoy it, too many sad arseholes pay for the internet and are not happy unless they are trying to or making people unhappy, I feel real sorry for these people. I don’t want any “Oh ignore them Shaun” comments because truly I do. I will say I was not hurt, more annoyed 2 months ago when a man from Europe came along and shattered a friendship I had build up with about 5 people. We had a BRILLIANT thing going, we could confine in each other, laugh with each other, be there for each other and one man stopped it. I was the middle man, I was the one to introduce everyone to everyone, we started my Facebook page together here https://www.facebook.com/groups/332290193580349/ because I wanted to give people a chance to showcase their blog and it worked for many, we have nearly 600 members and it’s a brilliant success so far.

Anyway, the Awards are gone, I thank every person who gave me the awards, but I delete them without caring. I am guessing the person who emailed me has 2 awards and was jealous? I am not sure, I can’t get my mind into this level of sadness in a person. So sad to send me an email about PICTURE AWARDS! Not real, I have not one real award in my trophy cabinet for writing, they are images. I stopped awards as they are just too time consuming. But my next blog I am going to do something with the Award I made

Also, one last thing, I know I don’t seem to visit blogs, your blog but I ask you to believe me when I say “I read many blogs” especially when I am up all night. I don’t like a blog for the sake of it and if I have nothing to add I don’t add. I often have people like 10 blogs I did in about 20 seconds, just like, like, like and not reading. I don’t get that lol

Well that is it, I am done with Awards, they are gone and the person who sent me the email can sleep tonight 😀



More love

Less hate


Evil Words – Poem


When the blood flows and the pain arrives it hurts

But I don’t want your sympathy, fuck no, just be real

Don’t go treating me different, I am me, I won’t change

You want fake go read something else, I change for nobody


I had guilt today, my Daughter went to the Zoo with Nursery

Daddy was to give her a lift, I couldn’t even do that, fuck life

When I am gone I feel this world will be better, I am nobody

I let down my own family, I don’t meant to, they understand


Want to talk guilt and sorry, then do it but do it properly

Don’t hide your words behind a fancy poem, just say that shit

The World is full of shit and shit is full on in life, you know this

Fake love, fake friendship, take it, wrap it, stuck it up your ass


Poetry or Rap they are both the same, meaningful words

Both do the same they tell a story, it just depends who reads

Some read them good some read them bad, who am I to judge

I judge nobody, I am me and I worry about my shit, you should too


When you know yourself you would kill for your own loved ones

You would laugh and spill blood for the love of your own kids

Tearing at flesh for daring to hurt someone you love is real

I have it and hate it, I try to shake that shit, but it’s my shadow


The reality is I never changed, I tried to but once you meet him…

A look, a stare a glance a word, it takes fucking very little for me

I will tear you to bits, don’t test me don’t try me, I am just being me

Poem or Rap I love them both, it allows us to say words, just words


Living with agony on my shoulder I get angry at it, it’s hard to ignore

I sometimes wish I could see blood from old ‘Friends’ make me feel better

The facts remain people are people, a million people trying to be heard

All writing louder than then next, read me, read me, fucking read me!


This is not my game and never was, I write news because I am boring

I have nothing to give and nothing to tell, whoops did I say that out loud

Share I could but I would be in trouble, Mr Plod would surely arrive

But I forget to give a fuck, if you fuck me over I will show you hurt


People writing about ‘poor little me’ and some are good but stop

The world writes the same shit, me, me, me, I demand you read me

Well fuck it, I will read you, but don’t get upset if I say your shit

I end my words expecting nothing back, just leave, watch that door

I wouldn’t want the door to hit your ass on the way out


Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing – POEM


Wolf in sheep’s clothing


5 new friends started off on an amazing journey

Mates a year in the making sadly a day in the taking

We had friendship love and cared for our own

Then something came along and removed it all


As time went past and fast months past months

The friendship became more, something special

A treasure to know the other five to appease we always tried

Then something happened that many didn’t believe or see


We sat and cried at each other’s pain, again and again

It was if we had found true kin from around the globe

We met souls the same people who cared and shared

Then something came and broke it, now it’s done for good?


I can’t believe the lies told and gossip said

I could sit in bed and tears I would shed but no I won’t

But like you all I have a life, far more important are my kids

Then again, no matter what, one person is to blame and you know who


The person who is to blame is the person who is key

That person invited each to each other, the middle friend

One introduced each to the other, through a year of writing

Then out of nowhere a fake wolf came and ruined it all


It was said people got deleted and others hated

If truth be told and we know each other as strong as said

There should be no issue, a pack is only as strong as its core

Sadly all along, this pack had no core, or I am wasting my time

Then along came a wolf in sheep’s clothing, now it’s over


To 5 friends I truly had no idea I was losing due to gossip I had no control over

We agreed to talk and be honest, but this sheep deceived and you all blinked

There was trust and more born for life till the end for us all, always

One person came along, changed the rules and now we are all hurting

I know for sure I will move on, it is just the internet, I have real love in real life


More love, less hate







To a friend, half the world away

Image converted using ifftoany







I would like to leave this city

This old town don’t smell too pretty and

Well, I can feel the warning signs

Running around my mind

And if I could leave this island

I’ll book myself into a soul asylum

‘Cause I can feel the warning signs

Running around my mind

Here I go

I’ve been scratching around in the same old hole

My body feels young but my mind is very old

What do you say?

You can’t give me dreams that was mine anyway

You’re half the world away

Half the world away, half the world away

I was lost, I was found but I don’t feel down

One day I’m gonna leave this planet

You know I would stay but I just can’t stand it and

Well, I can feel the warning signs

Running around my mind

And one day I’m gonna leave my spirit

Find me a hole and I’ll live in it and

‘Cause I can feel the warning signs

Running around my mind

Here I go

Still scratching around in the same old hole

My body feels young but my mind is very old

What do you say?

You can’t give me the dreams that was mine anyway

You’re half the world away

Half the world away, half the world away

I been lost, I’ve been found but I don’t feel down

I don’t feel down

I don’t feel down

I don’t feel down, down

My competitive, but caring, loving edge, I need it to survive, PLEASE READ!!

To some this means NOTHING, to me it explains who I must be, and all I can be

To some this means NOTHING, to me it explains who I must be, and all I can be



500 followers and 35 awards since the start of 2013. well there you go eh…

For me every follower, every award is like winning a Soccer trophy. Really PLEASE READ ON!!!

I am a competitive man, I have to be, it is my job, I get paid to win, and my job is to get 18 men and ask them all to battle and spill blood to win a game of Soccer. The level I manage at asks I do this. Many will say “That is a bit extreme” But it is the nature of being a Soccer Manager

Then I look above, 500 followers and 35 awards since the start of the year. Going through my 15 years as a Football Coach and Manager (Two different things) I have won close to 19 league titles and cup finals. I am a born winner, I sleep to succeed, then life came and took it away and left me in a shadow, in the dark, in pain, not knowing what to do. Then I fould EVERYONE READING THIS AND WHO FOLLOWS ME….Please read on


Even in AGONY every day of my life I drag my sorry ass up and I WIN, I tell myself “Just because you are disabled, does not mean you want pity, or to be treat different or be less of a person” I have to tell myself this every day, without that edge, I don’t think I would be here, truly, I am Blogging for peace, Blogging for Master Peace, an Admin on here for a help/idea section, I also help out with Playing for change http://playingforchange.com/ I can’t give any more of myself away, but truth be told, I would if I could. I happily give my free time to pray and hope for a better world. But this is my calling now, well since I found this place, I want fairness, listen to the Radio section below, what I was doing, calling cheats to task

See the pain makes you feel second hand, makes you feel old and used, different also. So to come here and get 35 awards is just staggering. I never meant to blog, it was a mistake. I snapped my left Hamstring 14 months ago, out of boredom I ended up on Twitter, within in 2 months I had 5,000 followers and was a regular on the Radio, debating with paid pundits, leading me to blog here today, everything happens for a reason? God works in mysterious ways?



Whatever I do, whenever I do it I give it my all because I have to, I started this blog to keep me breathing, I need people to know this. I shared my inner soul with people and helped people back, I can’t help it, and it is who I am. And I know one or two people will look at these followers and awards and start to dislike me, this is human nature and all too familiar to me.

When a person does something, and they do ok at it, Human nature dictates a small percentage will start to dislike that person. Don’t ask me why, or for what reasons, I can only speculate. But the very nature of my SOUL means being here, I need to help, I need to say “Are you ok” I need to ask “Is there anything I can do”

I would like to thank everyone, Word Press as a whole, and offer the award I created to everyone, and only ask they give it to 10 other people. This is the award here

Please take this and give it to 10 people. Thank you!

Please take this and give it to 10 people. Thank you!


I love this place, it arrived to me when I needed it, and you all came to my life when I needed you. I am going back to Soccer management. This is a HUGE deal to me. It is what I am. Some work, I can’t. Some play sport, I Can’t. Some go out every weekend for a meal and a drink, I can’t. Some have romantic weekends away with their partner, I can’t, some walk their dog, I can’t, some work out at the Gym, I can’t, I could go on and on, please, don’t feel sorry for me, I am ok, I will claw my way back to the top, where I come alive, where I need to be, where I can look myself in the mirror and not see a disabled useless bastard, as this is what I see some days, I am sorry for that remark, truly, but THIS IS HOW I FEEL! But I am changing that view, with YOUR HELP, Please, from my heart, mind and soul, I thank every one of you. I had a rough 4 years, stuff I have not shared with you all, I can’t. trust me it’s horrific, I need to move on from it

This place has opened my heart and mind and allowed me to breath again. And I would like to thank every single person who reads this, or has followed me, or has given me an award, or has helped me when I was down. Due to you all I am about to go and do what many take for granted. Live! I will be out there in the world, out of my safety bubble doing my thing

Thank you all for making this possible. You helped me, you saved me, you all saved me

Thank you. I am Shaun, no more, no less; I am what you see, who you talk to, who you debate with.

Without Word Press and all you, I hate to think where I may be right now. Thanks to you I found something in myself, I found a new me, the new me. People take the ability to live for granted, I don’t. I treasure EVERY SECOND I am doing something you can, if you can, I am heading back the world that I almost got scared about, I almost stopped wanting to go out, the last 4 years killed me, the pain killed me, an EVENT killed me, but we had two Daughters and I seen some light, and I ran, sorry, hobbled to it and now I am grabbing or it, I won’t take me eye from this light, never again. For others still looking for that light, I will always be here to help you find it, as others proved to me it is there for anyone who wants it

I know many are like me, and the great thing is, you will all understand what I am saying here.

Again, thank you!

Why do we blog?


A new blog with a very hard answer to an easy question on the face of it

Why do we blog? For me it is to reach out, to share, and to tell my story, not it all, but the parts that I can and do. I also blog because I like to read, I only started reading books midway through last year, I am more of an online reader. I was in my late teens when the internet came online, and even back then, reading online subjects of all matter was my thing. For some reason I couldn’t or didn’t want to commit to a book, now I do, as to write, you need to read, so get ideas and learn

I have said this many times in many places, but I love humility, it would be easy to look at our world, in any part of the world, watch the news and feel bad about what we see, but blogging here, or anywhere I guess allows us an insight to other people, other cultures, other religions and ways of life. We get to meet and talk to people here and elsewhere, as I do Skype Audio with many, and a good laugh it is, many people who share a common goal, and that is sharing.

Not all come here with the intention of sharing, some just come here and perhaps don’t know they are sharing, but be it a poem, a picture, a song, a blog, a work of art, no matter what it is, it is sharing. The Word Press community is something else, it inspires me, it cheers me up, it makes me laugh, it makes me cry, and I feel all emotions when I read others content. People who are dying, people who are ill, people who are disabled like me, people who are well, just people sharing and loving and giving and helping

It is an honour for me, a lad who has only been blogging for a year, 10 months of that has been about Soccer, I only really started sharing myself here say 3 months ago, and I started blogging just to share my disability in the hope someone would talk back and share theirs, and they did many times over, hundreds of people I connect with here, each day it seems like I am meeting 100 new people. But these awards to the right, am I that good a blogger to be able to say I deserve them? I don’t know, others judge this, and it seems yes. But at the back of my mind I am like “Me, really?”

So why do we blog? I see many blogs and read many blogs and I have yet to not read a subject I have heard about or am aware about, but I will and have came across the odd thing here and there where I am “WOW” because of what I am reading. There are so many nice people here it is untrue. And if this Word press represents a percentage of people from all over the world, then the world should be good. 92% of the world believes in some form of religion or God.

So why do we have war and hatred?  I know this is an easy answer to some, but to me, I don’t get it. I have seen hatred and sat beside evil in my time, and it teaches you not to surround yourself with it, you are, as a person who you surround yourself with in life. I tell my two son’s this every day, and I will keep saying it till they tell me to shut up, lol

It is my duty as a Father to ready my kids for the big bad world out there. It is not that bad, well not where I am, but bad things happen everywhere, so we all have a duty to teach not just our kids, but everyone, that bad is bad, good is good, and humility is humility. If only we could see it on TV and on the Global stage, but we don’t, the news shows us war and death, every night. When I watch the news it depresses me, but I am nosey and want to know, and the world looks terrible. Then I come here and speak to people from Australia, USA, Iran, South Africa, China, Japan, Russia, you name it, I have crossed paths with people from, as have we all

On an individual level people are nice, but as a people, as a nation some are not, and I can’t figure this out either. Why do we accept intolerance and racism and hate and more? Because we are scared to open our mouths in fear of conflict?

But blogging is good, meeting new people is good, understanding new cultures is brilliant, learning new religions is good and the main thing when you share and read is, you must be able to accept opinions, even when they go against everything you stand for, within reason yes, but basic human opinions, we must tolerate, and on here we do

So I blog for those reasons and more maybe. Why do you blog? Why share, why take the time to give a little to strangers? Same as me, enjoyment? Or a true purpose? I matters not, as long as you are sending love and some caring message, then it is good

We all have our reasons, and they really are unimportant, the main thing is we do, and we do it well, and we learn and share and love and care and all these other good things in life, on here we see a different world. Well I do anyway. Not different from the world outside the front door of my house, the whole world, all of us, from every corner

Keep on blogging, keep on sharing, and keep humanity and humility alive I say, allow yourself to respect everyone from everywhere regardless of what religion or colour, creed or nation they stand for, they are the same as you and me, where they are from, what they do, even if you dislike what they do, be better, care and debate, don’t argue. Because if we do it here, then maybe it will spread and our world will be a better place. I believe in God but can’t understand why 92% of us believe in him in all his shapes and forms and we have wars, all over the planet, and I mean no disrespect here, anyone religious will not take that as a slight against God or their God, people who love God accept, they teach, they show us, they tell us God loves us, so religious people can’t hate, at least this is what I am told when I speak to God loving people like myself. I don’t partake to any one religion, I believe in an all knowing God, a God that loves us all no matter the religion we follow. Maybe I am wrong, but MY OPINIONS MUST BE RESPECTED as I search my path to enlightenment and on here, people accept that and help and share and send me links and its brilliant. If we don’t try to love and be kind, what is the point, what does this tell us?

If we can’t tolerate and debate that is bad, otherwise, this explains hate. I am searching for God, and if I see religious people hate, it makes me take one step back. Take religion out of the blog altogether, I just hate, hate!

And I hope you all do also, please, this blog came from my heart and I just want to see more love in our world, not just on here, but everywhere I look. Am I a dreamer? We will find out, or at least I will one day

Thanks for reading, and I have tagged this to DEATH, lol. This isn’t about God or Religion, I know I mentioned this, but I also mentioned lots of other things. Keep caring people, I love it