Europe Vs America: Know The Difference

Guy isn't even European. American's are not very good at this :D

Guy isn’t even European. American’s are not very good at this 😀

How the UK reacted, Europe was the same

How the UK reacted, Europe same

Well here is a bit of fun. I know how terribly offended some American’s can be, many believe we hate them but in-fact we kinda look over shaking our heads most of the time at things they do (Image of Bush winning 2nd term to the left being proof via UK Print media) also some wait to be offended. So if I offended you, or you feel offended, ask yourself why. I am just posting images made by American people. These are all from an American site called 10 Things Europe Does Way Better Than America, that led me to more images. Europe is ahead of America when it comes to healthcare, better education, less violent crime and more important, Religion is a private thing in Europe. If anyone calls me on this stating the Middle East, I will mock you 😀 Europe has already dealt with Gun Control and Abortion, also Religion, 3 thing’s that divide America right down the Middle. One day not so long ago the USA were making huge things and doing amazing things, fast forward to 2015 and we see in America what we here in Europe have already addressed or dealt with. America is still a very young Country. American’s complain about immigration but forget every bloodline in the USA outside the indigenous people, the native Indians are all from outwith the borders of the USA. These people are the real owners of the USA but Europeans, yes all you American people’s blood lines were brutal on the Indians, everyone else has European blood lines. I say this a lot just in fun but my last house was older than the USA. We lived in the old town in Edinburgh where houses are 300 years old, America was made by Europeans on July 4, 1776, also Canada was invented by Scotland, the first 3 Canadian Prime Ministers were Scottish! If you are American and understand what having fun is, PLEASE! Share some amazing American things with us all. I talk up my Country as I love it and people get offended, so come come! America! Show us why you are so proud of your land. Also a side note here, many American’s think Europe co-exists like the USA does state to state, nothing could be further from the truth, we don’t co-exist but we don’t hate each other in Europe. And also the differences between the free European Healthcare system against an American Healthcare System that can cost $10,000 for one night in Hospital. A friend of mine was in a US Hospital for 8 days and the bill is £100,000 with only around 60% being paid by insurance. Anyway this is total culture differences, fun, so please, don’t be offended

#25 – Bigger is not always better – The USA has regressed in mindset

europe-vs-usa-16-s europe-vs-usa-46

#24 – Pretending to have invented the World

Well this is just a total disaster. Own up! What American did this? :D

Well this is just a total disaster. Own up! What American did this? 😀

images copy

This is where the Modern World started to become


5% of what Scotland invented

#23 – What our kids are allowed, Culture to Cultures


#22 –  Bravery, all be it cruel


#21 – Knowing REAL history, factually 

Point proven from image below

Point proven from image below

#20 – Political History

CLEARLY done by an American as Russia is not Europe :D

CLEARLY done by an American as Russia is not Europe 😀

#19 – Sport with no pads




#18 – Darwin Vs God – Money


Scotland invented the ‘Bank of England’ This is legal tender in Scotland. Bank of Scotland money is legal tender in England also

#17 – The Metric System USA don’t use


#16 – Reality Vs Stupid


#15 – Architecture – Castles are real in Europe


#15 – Health Issues – US Populous are 70% Medicated

Before someone gets upset and serious. I am Disabled myself. This is just a fun blog..Cool?

Before someone gets upset and serious. I am Disabled myself. This is just a fun blog..Cool?

#14 – What we teach our kids at home.


Allowing kids to be kids as long as we can, way we do things in Scotland. But USA is Gun culture. No problem, just different

#13 – Educating our kids 


We sit and watch as kids blow their Schools/Colleges up almost and kill kids their own age. This is why we over here decided Guns were not a good idea

#12 – There is security, then the TSA in the USA


#11 – Differences in Police


#10 – Scientific Progress Vs Religious Hatred


(I don’t make the headlines up)

#9 – Junk Food Society europe_usa11

#8 – European’s seem to exercise moreusa_vs_europe

#7 –  We’re All Winners!

We’re All Winners!

One for the Dads on both sides 😀

#6 – Proving Evolving Science vs “Guesswork”

Science vs “Science”

#5 – Celebrities