Dying Inside

After doing this blog here “Suicide is not always a ‘One-off-Act’ – It’s a living thought for People “ I got a few ‘Gossips’ from people who ‘should know better’, but also nothing from people I expect to be at our side, our being ‘Me and mine’ – When someone lives with Suicidal thoughts and a whole host of other issues like M.E. (Myalgic Mencephalomyelitis) + Fibromyalgia + PTSD and Psychosis, like I do, they want to die, I want to die, but I have reasons to live more important than myself, but I would love HELP to take the burden away from loved ones who watch me suffer, we don’t want sympathy or ‘What a shame’ and I hate this I get a lot ‘I feel sorry for you Shaun, you been through too much for someone so young”, yeah that tires your soul out that one. Sadly people I know say things like “That stupid fucking blog that Shaun does” But that’s it, they DON’T HELP THE PEOPLE AROUND ME WHO SUFFER BECAUSE OF MY ILLNESS. This is not about me. Think who hurts when one is watching another die, slowly or fast, it makes no fucking difference. This World is horrible, I am suicidal, but I will MAN UP as people say about me. But it is fucking hard to take the next step, the next breath. 5am, been up for a day and a half, pain is like death, my mind is scrambled and tied to the moon. Yet people who claim to ‘Love me’ are reading SOMETHING ELSE HERE, or wishing they had a voice? #NEWSFLASH, you do have a voice. Use it or shut the fuck up. I am aware there are people FAR WORSE than myself, but this is hard, every moment is ‘How can I kill myself’, but here I am, for now anyway. Regret is ONLY regret AFTER the event ❤ Peace


♫ Dying Inside ♫
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Al Jazeera America to Shut Down, Citing “Not Enough Jew Haters in USA”


[EDIT 19:00 – 26/01/2016] Before researching more throughout the day and this story spreading across main stream media I had a hard time believing this to be true, I was thinking it was satire but I did good research and for whatever reason this seems a story as solid TV and Written press are now sharing it as, if it is not a story I will edit and say “Was probable” But I think there is enough solid MSM on this now, so I will share what I have to go on. I know people in Israel dislike what their Government and IDF do on the GAZA strip, but turn the coin around and we have proof that the hatred exists for sure in the way the people and their leaders happily have Palestine under almost genocide dictatorship by their controlling Jewish neighbours. USA Today and Washington Post are running the story, so it is a true story, and does nothing to make our species look any better. The USA are so behind Israel for many Reasons but defining it’s true nature is the sticking point. I will take you back to a video by John Kerry United States Secretary of State from December 9th 2014 when very strangely he asked the populous of the USA to follow or be closer to Islam. To this day nobody can explain his motives

John Kerry Claimed The Bible’s Scripture Commands USA To Join Muslim Nations

John Kerry United States Secretary of State – USA & Islam



America stopped the investigation, others abstained. But the vote was WON BY YES!


Research is hard because we don’t know if people are truthful, but why a lie from CNN?



SO!! Not enough Jew Haters in the USA is Al Jazeera’s reason for pulling the plug on Al Jazeera USA. If this tells us one thing it tells us what many already knew, in the USA there are not enough Jew haters. Now isn’t that something? All the research I did actually is being supported here, I have said to American Israel supporters that they are a minority and here we have a money making Media cooperation leaving the USA due to low levels of ‘Jew Haters’. I say often “I do not belong to the Human Species” because there is hardly humanity to see. I say it with half a smile, but here is proof of me being totally lost on a story although I do actually understand it. As always I leave tweets from around the World and links to other sites running this alleged story

His father an aid worker killed by IDF. Israel making young hate. Circle of hate.

His father an aid worker killed by IDF. Israel making young hate. Circle of hate.

Via: https://www.themideastbeast.com/

logoNEW YORK – Despite enjoying lavish funding from its Qatari owners, Al Jazeera America has announced that it will cease operations in April, blaming “stubbornly low rates of Jew hatred in the United States.”

Launched in 2013, Al Jazeera America (AJAM) promised to provide more serious reporting than other U.S. networks like CNN and Fox News. However, despite a massive budget from the Emir of Qatar that enabled it to recruit top journalists, AJAM struggled with persistently low ratings and was embroiled in multiple discrimination lawsuits amid accusations of anti-Semitism and sexism.

In a statement, CEO Al Anstey said: “The low rates of U.S. anti-Semitism make our business model unsustainable. While we did our best to boost Jew hatred with numerous unbalanced stories accusing Israel of causing all the Middle East’s wars, U.S. viewers just wouldn’t buy it. Instead, we will redirect AJAM’s budget to our global Al Jazeera English operation, with a special emphasis on Europe, where thriving rates of anti-Semitism make it an ideal market.”

Read rest of Story here: http://www.themideastbeast.com/author/boazbulbulovitz/

~~End Story~~


I think – Palestinian man trying to protect his son from IDF

02 Palestine-Gaza-Al-Dalou1-1024x682

Not good to view but these images are real, we can’t deny the truth

16 Jul 2014, Gaza, Gaza Strip --- Palestinian relatives of the four boys killed in Israeli bombardment, all from the Bakr family, cry at the morgue of the hospital in Gaza City, on July 16, 2014. Four children were killed and several injured at a beach in Gaza City medics said, in Israeli shelling witnessed by AFP journalists. The strikes appeared to be the result of shelling by the Israeli navy against an area with small shacks used by fishermen. The deaths raised the overall toll in nine days of violence in Gaza to 213. (Photo by Hosam Salem/NurPhoto) --- Image by © Hosam Salem/NurPhoto/Corbis

All that is happening is a new generation of hate will evolve due to killing of family, kids are not kids here


USA Policy – Or so it seems

In this Wednesday, July, 16, 2014, Mads Gilbert, Norwegian doctor who has volunteered at Shifa on and off for 17 years, treats a Palestinian girls at the emergency room of the Shifa hospital in Gaza City. Working at Shifa requires ingenuity. The power goes off repeatedly as aging hospital generators buckle under daily rolling blackouts Gaza residents have lived with for years. “If we are in the middle of an operation (and) lights go out, what do the Palestinians do? They pick up their phones, and they use the light from the screen to illuminate the operation field,” said Gilbert. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

Mads Gilbert, Norwegian doctor working inside Palestine was banned by Israel for telling a truth


They want peace! These kids are trying to find peace


The World wants Palestine recognized and many Countries now do recognise them

Dr Mads Gilbert Doctor in Gaza from Norway Exposes & Slams Israel America & UK!
[VIDEO] Via: Defending Muslims on You Tube


Al Jazeera America to close down

USA TODAY – Al Jazeera America to shut down

Washington Post: Jazeera America: Was the TV news network cursed from the start?

The guy below thinks ‘Satire’ But the links above say otherwise

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Scottish #Aye People Stopping Freedom Of Expression!!? + ‘Shills!



This is aimed at the people who feel it may be aimed at. Since 2012 I have attached myself to amazing Facebook groups like this one here where I share today. I see the bigger percentage of people ‘Debate, but sadly some ‘Admin are stopping Scottish bloggers, thinkers and good debaters from FREEDOM TO EXPRESS OPINIONS! Now 1 person’s name keeps coming up time and time again, I know the person, amazing person they are. I do see where people are coming from however. How in Gods name can we be a Free Scotland when we have wanna-be control freaks running groups that equate to very little in the grand scheme of things, if they keep deleting comments from #Aye and #Naw voters or thinkers, what are they doing? It’s in the title! Now I will give the groups I am in a free plug here, may I add EVERY groups is a pleasure to be in and debate in. But these same few names keep getting told or talked about. Me? I don’t care, I change the subject, if I REALLY had a huge problem with someone I would do what a grown man does, and I have done this, and that is go to the source and ask “Why you deleting people’s comment?” Also, do we forget where we come from? Remember these 2 Video’s? 1 is a song! We have gotten angry and nasty, lets get back to this Scotland. Please? I am ABOVE nobody, nor am I below anyone, like you I am an equal, let us stay as one Scotland or we will fall as individuals, or we can rise, again, as one! LET US REMIND EACH OTHER OF WHAT WE DID BEFORE SEPTEMBER 14th, the ‘Good work we did, all of us! What happened? Anger from the no vote I got, I know others feel the same, today we MUST understand again why we want to be free, and what we will become in an oppressed World as a free nation, because we are climbing the same mountain as Dr’ King did with his message 50 years ago in the USA. It’s the same, we must climb together and drop the hate. Remember how much we thought we would be free? Here, let me remind you once more 

Stanley Odd – Son I Voted Yes
Via: Stanley Odd on You Tube


Alex Salmond said this in the video below: Scotland, Why didn’t we listen to him? He was 100% correct looking back – We let the man down, we let our kids down, some were selfish, others, no voters took to the streets to celebrate IN ANGER! Wake up NOW Scotland! Lets be one and do it as one, or we will fail. I appeal to your human nature, I ask you look at your kids, Grandkids, any kids, Scotland now, Scotland in 100 years. WE MUST COME TOGETHER NOW OR OUR POOR AND IMPOVERISHED WILL SUFFER! We can do this Scotland, but 1st we MUST remember where we started to get back there, so please, watch these 2 video’s, I beg! I just share for my kids, my reasons. You have yours, I respect that, I don’t respect or tolerate hate as a person. 

Alba gu bràth

I have seen it in a few groups, I just counted and I am in 100+ groups regarding Scottish Freedom, here are some:

Scottish Election 2016 and counting : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1604051023176474/
Scotland should take a stand : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1582079218674888/
The Wise Alliance : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1471651086432318/
The Nicola Sturgeon Appreciation Society : https://www.facebook.com/groups/NicolaSturgeon/
SCOTLAND IS OUR LAND : https://www.facebook.com/groups/384921365013600/
YES 2 : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1639701929600515/
Progressive Scotland : https://www.facebook.com/groups/newunited45plusrally/
We support an SNP government : https://www.facebook.com/groups/915534888474472/
Fundididilly Election Special : https://www.facebook.com/groups/631530250316193/
The Scottish Resistance : https://www.facebook.com/groups/ScottishResistance/
Reunite Scotland 45+ : https://www.facebook.com/groups/770200046375318/
SCOTLANDS BIG YES/NO? DEBATE : https://www.facebook.com/groups/SBYND/
scot2.scot : https://www.facebook.com/groups/scot2.scot/


My Editor at #AceNews, you will see the links below started this page for me Scotland & Independence News <Click) Now as we get closer to the Scottish Elections I will write my rubbish there more, and ALWAYS I allow comments through, I allow comments through on this blog and the 3 others I write for and in for others. Who am I to tell ANYONE what is the best course of action and slap them down? I am of the opinion that the year 2020 would be a perfect year for #IndyRef2 for a few simple reasons, I will explain once more AND DON’T THROW MY WORDS BACK AT ME 😀 Please!! From 2014 till 2020 <Click) We gain 6 years of new youthful voters, sadly we lose a large percentage of over 65’s who voted no at 70%. Sadly I will lose 1 parent for sure by the year 2020, so don’t you dare throw these words in my face! This is about SCOTLAND – NOT YOU OR ME!

We must wait till we have 70% yes - THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

We must wait till we have 70% yes – THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

I would ask the moderators and admins of groups to try and be a little bit more open to others suggestions, I have seen hard hateful debate leading in people getting deleted or banned, me myself have encountered this hate, I give it a good go and if they still want to hate I say “Sorry my friend, I can’t debate you, goodbye” But NEVER on my own pages, just in Facebook in general, I won’t hate! I refuse to hate! I don’t know it all! And NEITHER DO YOU! To be a free Scotland we will only get there as one, same page, same voice. Sure we can have #Yes voters who are not on the same page, but hate? I don’t get it. I often sit and read a debate on any of the above links or even one of my own below and shake my head with my mouth wide open at the hate! I also despair at mods and admin who slap people down, delete comments and generally try and rule Scotland with Nicole in their own minds. Please stop! All you do is drag us backwards peeps 😦 I aim this at nobody, I tire of hearing these same 2 or 3 names, I try my best to be interested but in the end I will give my opinion, take it or leave it and NO HATE WHAT SO EVER! 

This image caused anger and hate as some thought it was using a kid or the ends to a means!!

This image caused anger and hate as some thought it was using a kid or the ends to a means!!

Also people who are mods and admin’s in Facebook groups to try and free Scotland come across sometimes as if they are important, you know? Do you see it? I know this only because most people thrown names into chats when we all talk to each other about football, politics, Scotland and other very normal things, just the way we are built, don’t get offended 😀 Scotland is a fun place, we should cheer up a wee bit in my humble opinion! So many people in Scotland that I can see from my chair, same as your chair, the almost ‘Waiting to be offended’ people, people looking for things to moan about is where I am trying to go here 😀 Failing badly also 😦

Do people talk about me? 😀 The answer is YES! My God of course they do, it’s the way people are built, but what I don’t do is feel the hate. Most of what I see in these groups are ‘Shills’ Now if you don’t know what the ‘Shill’ is let me explain. Government and Media paid people are thrown into these groups above and others and their soul cause of being is to to do 2 things. 1. Cause utter hate and anger, and 2. To come across as the good person, yet VERY WELL, they still cause anger and hatred. I can spot them a mile away, I could name a few usernames, nothing more, I just delete them, why hate online? It’s a bit stupid is it not? 😀 Surely as we pay for this we might smile the odd time. PLEASE! I am speaking about 1% and having fun and no hate while I do it. All I do here are give my opinions and always, say it till it is boring, if not boring already, that I refuse to debate hate. Someone in your face is better, you usually see emotion and shake hands, the stuff I see written in some groups make me think “Are these people Scottish, because that just isn’t what a Scottish person would say” 😀 Yeah? lol

Knowing where hate and anger comes from is key! Look HARD! You see them

Knowing where hate and anger comes from is key! Look HARD! You see them

If we are to be free, do you want to be free in a Scotland where we are all arguing? Drop UDI <Click) (Unilateral Declaration of Independence)Peeps, if you decide to do so of course, why? Because it can’t happen just now, we only have 50% <Click) We did gain 5% in the 8 Months from September 14th 2014 to May 7th 2015, so this is showing us a trend and we must allow the process to build and it will!!! We must allow it to just happen. Should we go #IndyRef2 too soon, we lose and my 5 year old Daughter will get the next Independence vote when she is my age, 40 years old! These are my opinions. I do not hate, I refuse to be angry. But unless you people who delete opinions and or cause hate and arguments stop, we would be as well deleting EVERY SITE and taking it up the rear from Whitehall and all it is for ever, for all of time!

Simple right?

Simple right?

More Respect, less hate!

PS: I am also imperfect, I am not perfect, I am just trying, my opinions are mine, take them or leave them I say. Because this is what I do with others opinions, I think “Yeah” or “Nah not for me” I ask Scotland, how hard it is to notice hate and delete it? 

I respect you all, I love your groups. NOW LETS FREE SCOTLAND FROM THIS UNION, TOGETHER!!





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Double Standards From English National Side -While James McClean is CRUCIFIED!

James respectfully, quietly turned around at 'God save the Queen

James respectfully, quietly turned around at ‘God save the Queen

Abusive and/or insulting words towards a member of the opposition is what got Kirk Broadfoot his 10 match ban. He used words so severe he got the biggest ban the English Football Association have ever given out. The Ref heard it and reported him, a game on March 14th 2015 it was, and the FA banned him for 10 games. Yet James McClean stands silent, not giving his moral’s to anyone, just in silence not facing a flag. England traveled to Ireland on June 5, 2015 and did EXACTLY as McClean did, yet not a PEEP from the Loyalist, Unionist media on what England did. Are you surprised? McClean has since moved to West Brom after the incident happened in a Championship match between Rotherham and Wigan last season. Now I sing Flower of Scotland or Scotland the Brave, I would not stand for ‘God save the Queen for my reasons. I don’t hate, I find it impossible to hate, I just get confused by people and things done and said by these Loyalists <Click) for my take on these hateful people….

The so called offending moment by James

English National side did what James did. Where is the outcry?

English National side did what James did. Where is the outcry?

The charge was that during a league fixture between Rotherham and Wigan Athletic on 14 March 2015 Broadfoot used abusive and/or insulting words towards a member of the opposition. McClean was recently rebuked by Tony Pulis, manager of his new club, West Brom, for turning away during the playing of God Save the Queen before a match on their tour of the US. This was not to the pleasing of ex Glasgow Rangers defender Kirk Broadfoot who told James what he though of his actions to the level he got banned for 10 games. Now I have been told what was said but I won’t and never will hate enough, as a person to share what what said. The 10 match ban tells the story!

10 Match ban's are not given out for nothing. So this tells the WHOLE story

10 Match ban’s are not given out for nothing. So this tells the WHOLE story

Do a little research and you find the rule breach. An Independent Regulatory Commission hearing deemed the Scot (Broadfoot) had “used abusive/and or insulting words towards a member of the opposition, in breach of FA Rule E3(1)” Knowing football rules as I do, the fact it was a record 10 games should leave NOBODY in any doubt about how bad Mr Broadfoot’s comments were. Broadfoot, 30, was also fined £7,500 and ordered to complete an education programme. They were BRUTAL! And in-line with Loyalist, Unionist thinking and general hatred. I rest my case, I am just sharing so people can see BOTH sides of this ugly coin! 

A Quote from a rag newspaper at the time:

Abuse has been raining down on James McClean all morning after a picture emerged showing him bowing his head and turning away from the flag when the British national anthem was played at a friendly yesterday.

It is an unusual conundrum for Premier League players. The national anthem is not typically played before club friendlies.

But West Brom are in America at present and were playing against South Carolina outfit, Charleston Battery. The home side decided to honour the clubs with a rendition of their country’s national anthems.

Here is the entire game, which was streamed live from the US club’s youtube account, replete with some rather dodgy commentary and the sound of lads talking in the background.

This is the hatred Scotland and the UK could do without. James didn’t hate, he had his morals and reasons. What about the English national team? Are they ok to ignore or respect a National anthem? This is what we MUST get rid off in Scotland and the UK. It’s what run’s our Country sadly. Images and Video below

Good old Loyalist. Get them on their own, different story, TRUST ME! ;-)

Good old Loyalist. Get them on their own, different story, TRUST ME! 😉

These people WON the September 14th Scottish Referendum. They won, and these video's show how they celebrated, sad or what?

These people WON the September 14th Scottish Referendum. They won, and these video’s show how they celebrated, sad or what?

To finish this blog I will share something. A young Spanish Catholic kid came over to Scotland in 2001 to play for Raith Rovers then Dundee in 2004 before a transfer to Glasgow Rangers. Now keep in mind, Spanish, Catholic kid. He left Scotland in a BAD WAY! The culture surrounding Glasgow Rangers Football Club and parts of Scotland in general changed the kid to this hatred, after he left Rangers and went home to the comfort and safe surroundings of his home in Spain, this is just a general way of explaining this ugly culture, I will leave a few other images that are similar to this. People have been jailed for Social Media crap, spouting all sorts about Scottish and Irish people and Religious remarks, many have seen a jail sentance




A Lawyer against the hate died, the Vanguard Bears, all tough guys, thought this would be fun!


Ex Celtic player was diagnosed with Leukemia, this is how THE LOYALIST thinks. Awful or what?


The guy who did this got jail time I am sure. You can clearly see the message


Been happening for decades, still they sing


Allowed by the media, no biggy….


Catholics who came to Scotland were threatened. This was a Polish goalkeeper. Death threats from this hate


Maybe time to, not surrender, more step into 2015 and stop this crap!


This caused another Catholic trouble, he got sent bombs and bullets! But James above can’t turn around @ ‘God save the Queen?


Christian’s in Manchester. They are Christians, they are Religious right? They sing about it, do they go to Church? Hmm. IDIOTS!


Catholic’s are even attacked in stadiums with 16,000 people in them, live on TV to Millions. Guy did a few months in prison, he is what I call, a fool. Told him to his face one, more or less

Some tweets by people at the time:

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What is it the English Establishment hate Scotland for?


Yeah, sure Dave!

First we must know ‘Establishment is in Scotland also. We in Scotland can feel the oppression being thrown our way by this hateful Whitehall, Westminster Elitist propaganda machine. We are actually more free today than before, we call them ‘Establishment. I can feel this force against Scotland because I have seen and heard it, some of it is sick and wrong what is thrown from these Elite people against Scotland and my kin and 1st minister

Nicola Sturgeon insults: the worst attacks directed at the SNP leader https://shaunynews.com/2015/04/21/nicola-sturgeon-insults-the-worst-attacks-directed-at-the-snp-leader/

Nicola Sturgeon is being brutally attacked https://shaunynews.com/2015/04/21/nicola-sturgeon-is-being-brutally-attacked-video-artist-taxi-driver/

PROPAGANDA: Sir John Major warning of ‘recipe for mayhem’ in any Labour-SNP deal https://shaunynews.com/2015/04/21/propaganda-sir-john-major-warning-of-recipe-for-mayhem-in-any-labour-snp-deal/

Remember Pre Referendum? – “Scotland should lead the UK. not leave it” + More : https://shaunynews.com/2015/04/24/remember-pre-referendum-scotland-should-lead-the-uk-not-leave-it-more/


Some of it was bad.

>> ‘UN Human Rights Chief’ Compares UK Media to Nazi Propaganda <Click)


Just so wrong!! Propaganda at play!

So we sit and think “Why did they fight so hard to keep us in the Union” saying like the blog above “Don’t leave the Union, LEAD IT” And when we try, we are told to shut up. I know the day of freedom is soon, very soon. The %’s are growing and we can see them grow. 45% on September 14th 2015 to 50% on May 7th 2015 and that figure will grow slowly over time, a time we must allow to happen, a process we must wait out.

We must wait till we have 70% yes - THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

We must wait till we have 70% yes – THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

But while we wait we can be Scottish, we can express like I am doing here on my personal blog. I am #Socialist and I am #Nationalist. I stand beside the small guy, the oppressed, the poor, hungry, people society threw, through sheer propaganda by the likes of the BBC ‘Allegedly, when people are then tossed to one side and left. Thankfully in Scotland we do now have more powers, we get free prescriptions, free bridge tools just to name 2 quick examples, also we are very lucky to have ex Cabinet Secretary for Finance, and now deputy 1st Leader John Swinney who has delivered, I think 4 straight balanced budgets and the SNP will spend ever penny where they can, how we can for now

3 VERY important people for the Scottish cause. WITH NO HATE

3 VERY important people for the Scottish cause. WITH NO HATE

So to finish I will leave 2 songs and an image. If ONE PERSON comes at me with ‘Football I will lose the plot 😀 This is not about football, it’s not about religion, it’s not about any of that, it’s simply my pacifist, socialist, nationalistic nature. I am all that is below, I am part of the Celtic (With a K sound) nations and I understand why. How many stand as a Unionist of hate and don’t know why they hate? I am peace, solidarity and hope with love thrown in. Do the ‘Establishment just hate our free spirits? I say this because through this hate thrown at us we don’t throw hate back! We sing and rejoice who we are and we do it with pride. THIS IS ONLY MY WAY OF WANTING A FREE SCOTLAND AND HOW I IDENTIFY MYSELF IN FREEING SCOTLAND AND MAYBE ONE DAY PALESTINE! It’s all relevant, for me, this is my page, my opinions. Please leave yours below. Respect to all. I am, as you will see at the bottom, a ‘Blogger for peace x

More love, less hate, Shauny 😉


I personally stand shoulder to shoulder, in peace with the ethos of these nations who want peace and equality



Scottish National Anthem sung away to Germay


Let The People Sing (With Lyrics) – The Malleys
Via: Ryan Berrick on You Tube



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This girl is a symbol of a migration policy that has dehumanized our species

This is a real girl, same age as my 2 Daughters. We need know this

This is a real girl, same age as my 2 Daughters. We need know this

First I must say thank you to a friend David Milligan for showing this and sharing this. I had reblogged it but I had to write what was in my heart here. What you see floating there in still water is a little girl. What you are seeing here is ignorance by our World leaders, the consequence of intolerance of immigrants. We all have opinions on immigration, strange as it is mostly American’s, I won’t spend a lot of time writing about the USA but most people in the USA are immigrants from Europe or elsewhere. I myself, like you have family who have moved from my land to your land or other areas in the World, this is ok, this is politically correct, the World as a species are fine with people moving from Scotland to Australia, USA to Europe, anywhere to anywhere as long as they have money and can deal with their own life. Sadly a line has been drawn, an invisible hate line where people who are escaping certain death in their own country by any means possible, often leading to the image you see above we class as nothing, well it is not nothing it is everything and something we MUST change. I write about this most days and I know I reach all parts of our World but I often ask myself “Do people actually take it in?” I know I do, I can sit and cry over this, sadly others read then go make lunch as if this is just normal in our species, for me that scares me most. 11903806_1031950223491500_121247630948379406_n Also we can’t forget the terrorist agenda in this story. People who say? Leave the UK to fight with ISIS (US/Israel/UK Funded, I proved this already) We are allowing people to leave our land, fight for ISIS and they can re-enter our Countries, lives and World. This is also a huge part of the problem, so we must turn the coin around World.. Awful debate this at time. We can’t throw hate at hate but as a Human, if this image doesn’t make you angry, sorry, you ain’t human. And I mean to disrespect. Only opinions I can share here. I am not above nor below any human. I am just me, you are you. Be we who we become is the story.. 11916099_1031950220158167_5527360048982861438_n This little girl is a Syrian refugee. She did not ask for this, she did not ask to be born into hate and an education philosophy our species has stamped onto little girls like the girl in the picture above. All we can really know from this image is someone tried to save this kids life. Her parents may or may not have been with her, facts are this little girl was being ushered away from something. She was being taken away from danger to try and save her life. Now she is a statistic we as a species must accept as our own downfall. Sure we will and do blame our leaders all over the World but please, go and stand in-front of a mirror and ask what part you played in this. With every vote you make and with every political decision you make we all make it easier for our World’s powerful and greedy to allow what happened above to keep happening. Human rights are lies of privileged hypocrite nations when babies drown for freedom. This little girl is a symbol of what our species has become, I know I care and I know others who care but the people we pay to care don’t care.


War Child by The Cranberries
Via Beth Crosa on You Tube

11889506_1176668362349707_7502308659483055987_nDoes anyone really think this is the first time a little girl has died at sea trying to escape War? Does anyone thing this is a one off? We look to UKIP and other right wing leaders and thinkers here in the UK and all over Europe and ask simple questions. This could be your Daughter escaping war, this could be our life, our reality, do you care yet? This was named “For the urgent attention of every World leader today” I will take it one step further and say “THIS IS FOR THE URGENT ATTENTION OF EVERY LIVING BREATHING HUMAN BEING WHO CAN READ THIS AND DOES NOTHING” Why do we not help? The questions this image raises are many but the answers sadly will be less. How can we claim to be human and not be upset over this image? How can we claim to care and not share this image and this story. How can we let this keep happening? How many invisible babies will we allow to die in the name of ignorance? There are a few who have more money than the many, people worth billions of pounds who make profit at the expense of anything they can. I once as a kid used to ask myself “Why are people poor” I guess as a 40 year old adult I am asking the same question but at a higher level. This little girl didn’t want to blow us up or cut our heads off, we must have knowledge in this story and all these stories. In a World slowly starting to hate Muslims, all Muslims because they refuse to educate themselves we who understand not all Muslims want us dead must spread the words of truth. I will get abuse from Americans for writing this, but all the serve to do is prove us right, the people who do care

Not until we as a species start to care, do more than just write, do more than just know will this change. I give as much as I can to many charities, same as many of us do, then we see this image and scratch our head asking how this is still happening. Since I was a kid I have seen the World have yearly phone-in’s where Countries give 10’s of Millions a year for causes like this one, yet that little girl is dead in the water. We must find another way another solution and more important we MUST take the 1% to task over this, no longer can we allow a few thousand people to rule us because they have more money than us. War makes money and the disgusting side of this image is simply she died so some war machine can make money. If we are going to tell the story we must tell the whole story and not just the parts that make us comfortable, I have a global audience the same as others so please, use this global audience you have to share this far and wide, do it before it’s your kid. As a species we have to wake up, I sit here and cry most days seeing these issues, will we ever find a day or know a day where this is not an issue in our World? For anyone against immigration in the nature of helping the helpless, take a good look, take a real good look

When we watch TV, we are full of sympathy for the Syrian people, but when they arrive here, we provide them the label ‘illegal’ and we chase them as petty criminals. This is about people. How we will deal with refugees and migrants be considered in a few decades as a disgrace in the history of Europe. We must change the ‘War Child’ thinking together

Thanks to https://ncdiblog.wordpress.com/2015/05/22/for-the-urgent-attention-of-every-world-leader-today/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=Postcron.com for bringing this to the table


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Hatred and the Scottish racist media

Alternative media is the way we MUST go Scotland

Alternative media is the way we MUST go Scotland

This was written fully for a football site. I edited heavily, for an hour or so to make it more “Scottish” If I have left some football in, sorry. But I ask people read the message I intended. Obama video for example. I will edit further if I have too..No issue there. But the reasons are all the same

When we see the bad part of Scotland, the part we seen after the referendum, we must know they are scared men who will happily be big when all Loyalist or Unionist mates are around, you guys in Glasgow get it worse, no argument, I have not even seen an Orange Walk, this is how East of Scotland minded I am thankfully, but I look at things and question things some people won’t because of a media telling them to believe things, and to not question, now we all do. I I took a decision to look to the World to see if Scotland was alone and my jaw dropped, I seen it all over, there were demonstrations all over London last 2 days, really bad ones and some media, just wasn’t a great story at all although it was a huge event, most I seen it on was Alternative media

UK ANTI GOVERNMENT RIOTS – Riots Erupt in London Over Re-Election of David Cameron

We all seen in the Scottish Referendum lies from certain TV and print media and I am sure this swayed opinions in people’s minds. I write a lot about Scotland here www.shaunynews.com and I see it more and more every day. People watching a TV news show and believing every word. I am going to switch Continents to show you this is a Global Main stream media issue. How we are tricked and conned by the most subtle of stories, some go unnoticed so I will give you an example of what IS happening to Scotland. Back in the last American (Stay with me now!) Elections I was sent a video by an American journalist joking and laughing, trying to show me the American media have now turned almost Fascist, but I showed him within 5 seconds how he had been tricked. Here is the video, and then we can debate it

Now what did you see there? Was it harmless banter with “Mike and the Big ‘O'” or was it something subtle, to get people in America, like they do to us here in Scotland and all over our World to believe that it was harmless fun? That would be your logical first thought right? “That was a few people having fun there Shaun” Now stop, apply logic now. Remember the woman who tried to ram her car into the Whitehouse gates when Obama wasn’t even in the building? She was shot in the head from close range in front of the World, no messing about with the POTUS. Here is a reminder

So too sum up, a woman gets shot in the head for driving near the Whitehouse but Mike can walk past the most powerful man, the media would have you believe, point 3 feet away and threaten the President. If you think that is fine and dandy, you need to wake up. If you though different after watching the videos and think like me and most people who have now seen it, brilliant, you understand this Media and it’s hatred of Democracy is a Global thing. Obama’s security detail would have jumped all over Mike, use common sense and logic with both stories and you have no plausible answer other than the one I present to what happened there. Here in Scotland we suffer the same thing, people get away with things others wouldn’t. The last Referendum prove money and power in our World are what decides what part of the truth we get told, often we need to look past the lies we are told, like with Mike and Big ‘O’ to understand the lengths they go to in order to keep us asleep enough to allow what we don’t want to happen, to occur. Scotland isn’t free as it probably should be due to the media

Well we must watch alternative mostly!

Well we must watch alternative mostly!

I used to ask always “Why do the media get away with this crap” Then I asked, does this happen only in Scotland or does it happen all over the World, then ShaunyNews begun as I seen what was happening here happening the World over, the little guy being crapped onto and people dying. The World is waking up to the plight of Palestine. Israel and American media will try to keep Palestine on it’s knee’s but I think the people of Europe will free Palestine one day, the World is waking up to the lies, a global awaking is happening, I seen it last week. I first asked the “Real Scotland to Stand up” I then showed what Standing up can do When Democracy has a chance to Work because the people DEMAND it”  We need this to keep happening against Certain media, we can bring down ANYTHING, we just need to know where to start

Did media make this happen?

Did media make this happen?

What writing did for me and help me see, meeting people I had seen on TV, proper activists etc is this notion Scottish people have that the BBC hate them and it’s just Scotland this happens is actually untrue, it’s Global! How do we fight a Global Elite War Machine that wants our money?

Opening our eyes to a hard truth is a start

Opening our eyes to a hard truth is a start

So this is the reality, as people we are limited in what we can do, so we must share alternative media where the truth is told and seen. I seen thousands of people proclaim “I won’t buy Main stream media” or watch it on TV. If this is the case why do these main stream media people still have such a strong voice, way louder than ours? The reason is because people are still buying into the main stream media and giving it a voice. Anyone noticed I have not mentioned not ONE media source here? Not one, I give no name or credit to any media who allowed a cheating, hating scar on Scotland’s society to live and breath and harm my two daughters and your kids maybe in 20 years, as it will grow louder this hate.




How Christians treat Catholics/Celtic fans in Scotland!

Everything we have put up with we still won

Everything we have put up with we still won, but what did we lose at the hands of cheats?

When I debate with people all over our World about religion and it’s hatred they don’t get many others live through religious hatred. This is why I stand in solidarity with Palestine https://shaunynews.com/2015/03/25/why-i-stand-in-solidarity-with-palestine/ This is the vile Christian here in Scotland. Catholics, Celtic Fans and anyone called Shaun get a hard time in Scotland. You can ignore it but it makes people angry. So next time ANYONE ask’s me why I stand up for the little guy, this is why. America has launch pads all over Europe, Palestine is the ONLY country on the planet being systematically killed by 1st World countries. People need to put down their books of God and look at facts. I live in the hatred YOU DON’T!

This is a story I have read and seen since I started supporting Celtic as a young teenager. Always an honest mistake, always just a mistake. Over the last 20 years we can point to many honest mistakes. Old Rangers v Celtic at Ibrox, good goal by Jorge Cadete not given and the signing of the player that got SFA chief Jim Farry sacked back in 1997. Fergus McCann stood up to the SFA and like Hugh Dallas he was released of his duties for cheating

Cadete missed the following matches:

24th, Celtic 4-0 Partick Thistle, Premier Division

2nd, Celtic 4-0 Heart of Midlothian, Premier Division
10th, Celtic 2-1 Dundee United, Scottish Cup
17th, Rangers 1-1 Celtic, Premier Division
23rd, Motherwell 0-0 Celtic, Premier Division

7th, Rangers 2-1 Celtic, Scottish Cup

Then on Sunday we see more of the same. This was no mistake, the ref and the useless ref behind the goal both seen it. This was via Twitter this image

Seen CLEARLY by 2 refs, and probably the linesman also

Seen CLEARLY by 2 refs, and probably the linesman also

Had it been called correct Celtic would have went in at half time 2-0 up and playing the 2nd half against 10 men. Not to be, just another honest mistake. Celtic have since fired off a letter to Hampden asking questions, at the back of my mind somewhere I think “Will this just make matters worse?” When I was writing as @ShaunGibson1888 I did a few articles on the Masonic eye that keeps Sevco living and Celtic cheated. The crap we as a club take from all sides angers most of us. Sunday Celtic didn’t play all too well but as a football club you always know refs that are out to get you, could this have been a factor in the game? Lennon told his players “It is us Vs them” I am wondering if Ronny is now seeing what we have had to live through all these years

Allowed after cheating.

Allowed after cheating.

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Oh look last and new Secvo managers

Oh look last and new Secvo managers

Via @KieranCaw Scepovic is clearly online

Via @KieranCaw Scepovic is clearly online

We can go back to another Dundee United game, Dougie McDonald got a warning but only to retire for being ‘Economical with the truth’ I think they said at the time. Gave a penalty then changed this mind.

Against Dundee United we were awarded a penalty only for the ref to change his mind

Against Dundee United we were awarded a penalty only for the ref to change his mind

It's cool 'Bro' we will make some crap up later, it's only Celtic

It’s cool ‘Bro’ we will make some crap up later, it’s only Celtic

Then at the weekend we seen another HONEST mistake


Seen clearly by 3 refs and nothing given

So what gives? Are we historically cheated? Do we get the bad end of the stick always? Are we paranoid? Does the Masonic driven Scottish class make the decision, call the shots? When I was writing and phoning Clyde back when old Rangers were ‘AT IT’ I couldn’t even get reason from wee shug at Clyde phone in.

Me debating the haters on live radio

For all we have had to put up with throughout the years I think we must now ask the question. While Lenny was getting bans left right and center super Ally was getting away with everything, even causing fans to threaten to blow up a stadium. What can we do? This isn’t new, this is historical and something we Celtic fans are just told to put up with, I ask, if the shoe was on the other foot would all this be allowed?








We try and get a message over and get hammered for it


Celtic fans called it first




Paul Gascoigne Playing the fool of is that the flute while playi

Just an honest mistake




Young Catholic kid comes to Scotland leaves like this. This is the hatred Sevco turns people into

Young Catholic kid comes to Scotland leaves like this. This is the hatred Sevco turns people into

tiny wharton

Historical, very historical

Told to go home when we are home

Told to go home when we are home

No matter what we will support Celtic, we will sing and rejoice at who and what we stand for, something the ‘Establishment’ in Scotland don’t like. All we can ever do is go out onto the park and win games, even if bad calls are made we can still win games. Sunday was one of these games as we had chances to win. What do we do? The masonic nature of this Country stopped a yes vote last September and stops  Celtic whenever they can. I for one tire of this injustice. Someone MUST stand up. Who will that person be? Watch this space


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A Regimental Blues supporter mocks shooting a rifle on High St; Trongate earlier

A Regimental Blues supporter mocks shooting a rifle on High St; Trongate earlier

Via: http://athousandflowers.net/2015/03/15/scotlands-shame-loyalist-bigots-hijack-st-patricks-day-in-glasgow/ Below blue lines is that links content 

I did this article below as I see the winners of the Referendum, and in no way am I saying 3 Million people do this, but these people won the Scottish Referendum, below I highlighted how they celebrated by kicking the life out of yes voters, punching young kids and going as low as annoying girls, there are videos in the link. I can never get my head around the “Unionist/Loyalist” in Scotland, they hate and vote no for no reason known to them. They just spew hatred and attack people. We all watched the video’s of them ‘Celebrating’ with the police after the referendum, I ask, why are these people allowed to walk our streets and act in this way? The answer is of course ‘Freedom of speech’ Same as I am doing here I am giving myself the freedom to have an opinion. Any righteous person who watches this or reads this has to say “OH MY GOD” The entire article by  is below the ~~ The rest is me now and an article from September 29th last year in the aftermath of the Referendum no vote, look at our winners Scotland! They are racist sectarian scum bags, in a group they beat people up, give me or any decent man one of them and 2 minutes and they run away and cry to Mummy. (OK, Not all, but you get the message here)

These “Unionists/Loyalists” in Scotland – Facts

Directly after the Scottish Referendum, the winners show a Scotland I don't want to exist

Directly after the Scottish Referendum, the winners show a Scotland I don’t want to exist



Across the world, St Patrick’s Day sees the Irish diaspora taking to the streets for parties, celebrations and parades in their respective cities. Everywhere that is, except for Glasgow. Just a couple of weeks ago, Paisley Labour MP Jim Sheridan made headlines after he voiced his opposition to St Paddy’s day parades in the city, arguing that the Irish aren’t an ethnic minority and that facilitating such parades is “living in the past”.

It may be a surprise to Jim to hear that there was a St Patrick’s Day parade through Glasgow city centre today, yet there wasn’t a tricolour or oversized Guinness hat in sight. Rather, the parade was being held by extremist loyalist faction the Regimental Blues – and what’s more, it had been fully sanctioned by Labour-run Glasgow City Council. Incredibly, the march had been allowed to go ahead on the same afternoon as the Scottish League Cup final, with Celtic taking on Dundee United at Hampden, and passed several packed Celtic pubs on its route near the city’s Gallowgate.



With the Dennistoun Rangers Flute Band (yes that’s their real name) leading the march, around 60 supporters also tagged along as it made its way from loyalist enclave Bridgeton along London Road and High Street, culminating at George Square. There, a short ceremony was held at the Cenotaph, before it returned to the east end along Duke Street. A large section of the city was effectively shut down for the duration of the walk, with the police primarily concerned with chasing away anyone wearing green from near its route, an easier option than restraining anyone on the march itself.



The Regimental Blues are a self-proclaimed “pressure group campaigning for the Loyalist Community in Scotland”. They’ve long made it clear that they view any expression of Irish culture in Glasgow as tantamount to support for terrorist groups, which is ironic given how big fans of proscribed groups (i.e. the UVF) they are themselves. In 2013, their chairman Kris McGurk put his case to the council for why the Blues should be allowed to march up the Gallowgate – a street lined with Celtic pubs that has seen violent clashes over Orange marches in the past, saying:

There’s no point in dressing it up. It will cause tensions. But for them for the simple fact they support terrorists.

Unsurprisingly, their march didn’t get the go ahead on that particular occasion. Today, however, the Regimental Blues were allowed to all but march through the Gallowgate, with their route taking them both within earshot of it and right in front of several Celtic pubs near Glasgow Cross. That serious public disorder was avoided – today at least – is more thanks to good luck than any skilful planning on behalf of the council or police. Quite why they were also allowed to carry spiked, weapon-like flagpoles, which we believe to be illegal, remains unknown.

But beyond the public order issue, a simple question remains: why were a hundred bigots from the loyalist fringe allowed to march through a city centre to “celebrate” the national day of a country they despise? I’m sure they’ll justify by saying that the St Patrick’s cross is, after all, one of the component flags of their dearly held Union fleg, but their St Paddy’s banner from last year’s march, with its slightly sinister sign-off from “your friends at the Regimental Blues”, doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence when it comes to their intentions.

While the arrival of PEGIDA Scotland in Edinburgh next weekend will inevitably spark a media frenzy, much the same bigots marched through Glasgow today with the explicit intention of riling up the Irish community and there has barely been a murmur of dissent. For anyone doubting the links between these organisations, check out the charming James Campbell, who we believe works for the council, and his public social media posts below:


Amazing people

Who are these people? Disguised as terrorists as if anyone half clued up on a PC couldn't trace the hate dripping from their mouths and keyboards

Who are these people? Disguised as terrorists as if anyone half clued up on a PC couldn’t trace the hate dripping from their mouths and keyboards

For a long time, the simplest thing for the authorities in Glasgow to do has been to allow bigots to march whenever they want – with Labour councillors even going so far as to cut secret deals with them ahead of elections. While the Orange Order continually invoke “tradition” to justify their marches, that line of argument doesn’t really fly with the Regimental Blues, who’ve only existed for a few years as a sort of EDL/Lodge mash-up, intent on standing up to the “onslaught and eradication of [loyalist] culture and ways of life”.

Marching down the Gallowgate is some kind of twisted Holy Grail for the Regimental Blues, with the presence of a few Celtic pubs and an Irish Republican shop seeming to them to be the greatest injustice in Glasgow and an affront to their culture. The next big event on their calendar is a mysterious “New Campaign Launch” on Saturday 4 April. Its mooted location? The Barras.

Deary me. Maybe when their football team stops being such a shambles they’ll have something else to believe in other than a futile crusade to wave a union fleg in front ofTimland. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic – and potentially dangerous.





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By @ShaunyNews 

I am aiming this at Government and Religion, not any people, person, species or populous, I am showing people why America are killing this planet! Above, absolutely horrific.. 2 baby twins froze to death today in Syria due to the Assad regime cutting electricity in Douma – OUR WORLD IS TOTALLY FECKED!! ALL In the name of Religion. How long are the rest of the World with free minds going to sit back and allow Religion to f4ck our World up? Really! When is enough Enough WITH RELIGION? All we see is Murder, Genocide, Honour killing, Parents killing their own kids, people hating, people hating Gay people, People judging woman for having abortions IN THE NAME OF GOD! Now I actually believe in God, a higher power, call it what you will. I don’t read no books/bibles because there is no proof AT ALL! They are the word of God and there NEVER will be proof. Religion is not the problem in reality, it is the the people who partake in religion

I share this blog not out of hatred but out of love. My heart aches seeing this. I will ask, are you Religious? Do you love God? Do you read the Bible? Yes? No? Either way you are aware in the name or religion this is happens. Now many say “Ahh but it’s only happening in the middle East” and surprise surprise it’s an American person that tells me this 20 minutes ago on Twitter when I seen the image and commented. Let me tell you American Person, your country has recently came out and said



America also stands alone in the World defending what I see as a Israeli regime who commit genocide on the Palestinian people. The entire planet that had the resources to protest FOR Palestine did so, with not hatred AGAINST Israel, lets make this clear. I tire of American people saying “The World hates the USA and Israel” NO WE DON’T! We tire, heavily at this “We are so important” attitude from 4.5% of the Human populous, for anyone who doesn’t get that, there are 7 Billion people on Earth, 316.1 Million are American, that is 4.7%! India, the World’s biggest Democratic country and a peaceful one has 1.252 billion Million people. 1/14 th (7%) of total land mass on Earth is USA territory that includes Alaska with Hawaii & Puerto Rico making some contribution too. These images below confuse me, I will explain below




LIES, LIES, LIES – As the biggest War Machine on Earth with the biggest % of populous in religion, lies!







christian religion population by state percentage map












~~~The Irony is, the people don’t want to hate: 











Now take all this into account, when the POTUS (President of the United States of America, sorry, not all American’s know POTUS) of the USA speaks he will end by saying “God Bless The United States Of America” And I have no problem with this. I have no problem with anyone’s will, right, way of life. Religion on a personal scale can be a good thing but sadly with over 4,000 different Religions on Earth we have Conflicts over “My God is mightier than your God” Over here in Scotland I am Guessing the rest of the UK, Europe, India and others that amounts to about 60% of the World’s populous we don’t understand Religion in America, The Middle East and Northern Africa, but we must also ask “Who caused most of the Religious Wars in the Middle East?” Yes, America! This peaceful Religious species who talk God and religion and the Bible are the World’s biggest War machine also. How can this be? How can the World’s most religious Country be the most brutal when it comes to foreign policy. They go into FUNCTIONING countries like Iraq and Libya and ruin them. I know Iraqi’s, displaces Iraqi’s, I know displaces Libyans, they all tell me “Shaun, before America came in we had Work/School/Happy/Family/Holidays. Now just this morning I reported this here 

‘Blair may face war crimes charges’ – Liberal Democrat peer


‘Blair may face war crimes charges’ – Liberal Democrat peer

‘Blair and Bush may face war crimes charges’

Now this is a story about Tony Blair who against public demonstrations followed ‘W’ into Iraq now there is a very real chance this pair will be in the Hague up on War Crimes. They had no UN/NATO Mandate to enter Iraq and turn it into a Terrorist hell-hole and may I add an ‘American Paid, Invented and trained Terrorist” Don’t believe me? Why is this here?





Rand Paul Exposes Obama Backing ISIS
Via DAHBOO77 on You Tube – From June 30th 2014








America Funds Terrorism! McCain and ISIS. I Was Right!


McCain with the ISIS Leaders

McCain with the ISIS Leaders


Photos of ‘John McCain’ Seen With ISIS Leaders in Syria Before Their Rampage Through Iraq



NOW! I will show you three images America. NOW UNDERSTAND, IT’S GOVERNMENT I AM AIMING THIS AT, NOT YOU THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. I am neither angry nor hating here, I am getting logical points across about a Government that brainwashes (Fails in the main) it’s people to pay extra taxes to feel safe. Hmm wait, didn’t the Roman Empire do this? In-fact Hitler did this also! Can it be History does repeat itself? These images, ready? or has you one tracked Religious mind senY you to sleep yet?




HE IS FROM MY CITY OF EDINBURGH. HE SAID THIS LIVE ON TV (Video below) He was America’s version of John Kerry at the time. A VERY Powerful man was Robin. I went to School with his son. I am not sure on his Death but check the video below where he speaks in Westminster (Senate in the USA)

Robin Cook’s resignation speech over Iraq war
Via Kaveh Ahangar Irani on You Tube



I will leave you America with images that the World define you by. As a people I love many of you, I have amazing friends in America, I have met a few who came to Scotland. But guys you must step away from your closed religious minds and see what the likes of DAHBOO77 a brilliant freedom thinker from the USA can see. There are MILLIONS more like him. Listen to them, their minds are open, I have been saying all of this for 18 months and on my journey came across many American people who are more passionate than I about bringing back the ‘American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe in it or see it’ I will leave you with a VERY smart lad you ignored. He died but left an AMAZING MESSAGE. We kill the people who offer us love on a high stage, we assassinate hope when we see it.

Jesus, Martin Luther King, Gandhi. John Lennon, JFK, Abraham Lincoln, Malcom X, John Lennon, Bobby Kennedy and they tried with Bob Marley!

The Owners of the Country
Via Kavehwake911up on You Tube

I forgot to add some images. I know not ALL Americans are blinded by Religious Israel, so there is hope. Once and only when we open our minds and leave Religion and scripture to one side will we see the World as it is. Sadly America and it’s owners are leading this World to ruin. So when people ask me “Why do you write about the US Government a lot” I do so because these people are going to kill us all and I don’t see many of you demonstrating against this in huge numbers. Take to the streets and your country will be given back to you, you have to fight for it with no fear. Maybe this is why you ignore people like me, WITH PROOF!

257x400xAmericaRing.jpg.pagespeed.ic.xrDm8CZUxD Bertrand-Russell-on-religion


download (1)



THESE ARE MY VIEWS, NOT THE VIEWS OF ANYONE ELSE, ‘AceNews Services’ included. I come in peace to educate, nothing more nothing less

More love, less hate


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© Shaun Gibson

© Shaun Gibson