For us Daddys watching our little girls grow up…..

[Parent thing here] HUGE EVENT happening here [Well it is for me] 😦 One of my two Daughters is having a 1st EVER sleep-ever at a friends house 🙂 One moment we are holding a little baby, before you know it, they are going to stay with friends and we also have two sons who are now Parents themselves, THEY GROW UP TOO QUICK! I demand my Daughters stop growing up 😀 But I am selfish if I do this, lol – And me being the Dad I am, I am all worried and concerned 😀 People mock me for this, but it’s who I am, I fear no person, yet small details can hit my heart so hard. Ever since I was like 8 years old, as long as I can remember I been like this, always HATE saying goodbye to people I love, is it a flaw? is it a bad thing? or is it just love? And why is ‘Love’ so Taboo? I think I know what it is, you will feel like all as you do. She stayed with Family many times, but this is her first sleep-over with friends. Some poor woman has about 8 kids sleeping over, all from the same class-room 😀 Good luck to her I say. So she about to go for the night, I can see the house she is going to stay the night in, from my house, ish. Yet still I am getting all upset and worried. But hiding it well for her. She is a wee bag of emotions too. Totally nothing to worry about, let alone write about it on Social Media. But I don’t wear my ‘Heart on my sleeve’. I wear my everything for all to see on my sleeve. I hide NO EMOTIONS, I never have been able to, so I stopped. What I will say is. What would people rather? [A] A big angry bastard of a man/woman, or [B] A man/woman who cares? All parents and all men and woman, what emotion could you live with, what emotions do you hold true to you. WHEN WE THINK “WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK’, WE ARE NOT OURSELVES, no! we are becoming what society EXPECTS from us. I say feck Society. I got a heart and I use it best I can. I love my Daughters more than a word can explain, and the small things hurt so hard. Crazy thing right? lol – The thing I think people close or near me can’t understand about me is, on 1 side, in the right moment, a bad moment, I will protect what is mine, who I love, with MY LIFE, I am scared of nobody and nothing. Yet flip that old coin over, and like most, if not all parents with kids, be them young or old, WE NEVER LOSE THAT PROTECTIVE FEELING. When they are not in our sight we all act and feel different. If I am anything, I am just frickin real, lol – So tell me Friends. How are people like me judged? I am interested 😀


Tim Mcgraw – My little Girl







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It's a fake gun, relax

It’s a fake gun, relax. It’s the eyes I am going for

Above my blog are 3 pages, one is Living with CPS/Fibro and M.E. – 3 Disabilities I hope I can help others, that is all. When we have to put ourselves in a bubble and ignore almost everyone, it’s for good reason usually. Sadly others see it different, because some STILL want to name me and put a name on me as well as define me, this is the only way I can try and speak back. I can’t do ‘Going out’ much these days. I am making myself a monster so I can get into THAT ROOM, the room in the 3 links below. I just spent another hard morning doing Boxing work with a hairline fracture on my right ankle and damage to my left hand. Always I look to be inspired by things be them images or music, these are the only two things boxing will help you with. A famous fighter once said “Boxing is the Loneliest training or sport on Earth” I have that on my wall with other images to help me, and boy was he correct. I was a boxer as a kid, not allowed to fight by my Dad who maybe didn’t want me to go that road? I have no idea, he said “You can’t protect yourself” and I thought I did, this was 30 years ago now, so we laugh about it today my Dad and I as he calls me asking how I am doing with this fight for lifequote-Frank-Bruno-boxing-is-the-toughest-and-loneliest-sport-82019

The video below sadly I couldn’t find the lyrics video for so hit play on the video then scroll down to the lyrics. Who can identify with these lyrics? I can for sure, they make utter sense. Today I went into THAT ROOM for many people, the list is long and I am at the bottom, I can’t do this for myself, it has to be for others. I have added more pictures to my wall, and when I am screaming in pain, dulled by the music I have blasting out I know I am not alone. Many of us have a battle right? Mine is to live longer, that is it man, I can’t define it any better. I do feel lonely, I am having to decline offers to be places or go places because what I am doing I have to FIND HATE! And I don’t do hate, in my mind I MUST find a reason to keep doing what I am doing in a pain I have never felt before. The pain is dull, very deep and doesn’t go away. So when I am in that room I change my thinking to where I need to put it, then I have to start thinking about my Daughters and others before I finish and leave THAT ROOM. 7 weeks in and my body is starting to tighten, I feel the effects. I have to beat this, the rest is just BULLSHIT # The Reality Of Blogging. We shout over each other, it’s 8ull$h1t <# My thoughts on Blogging at the end of 2015

A Song To My Family

1st Report for my Gym/Boxing work. As I fight for life

2nd Report for my Gym/Boxing work. As I fight for life in agony

March 5th 2013: When we place ourselves in a private bubble, turn to love


DeNauN-This Corner
Via ShadyRecords on You Tube – LYRICS BELOW


Hey look let me tell y'all somethin' alright?
What I do, I do
Straight like that
So ain't no sense in y'all troublin' yourselves over that
'Cause man the way I feel right now today

I came up on the wrong side of the fence
I gave my family pain and strife and asked them all for strength
But hell in my defence
And I got too much way too fast
My mama told me it won't last
Now I'm back down on the bottom
Wishin' that I took another path
I should've listened
But my mind was gone
My temper too quick so when my fuse get lit so when it's on, it's on
Yeah, everybody wrong
Yeah, and I'm always right
Yeah, ain't nobody to blame now
It's me vs. Me, man, this my fight

So don't look at me like I am the same person I was before
We all deserve a second chance and this time I think I can do more
I'm better

Yeah I put that on my family, all you gotta do is give me the chance
And I can show you that I'm worthy of the trust that you require
Put it all on my shoulders, I'm a fighter, I won't get tired
When I'm back up in this corner, back up in this corner, tryna get out
Back up in this corner, back up in this corner, gotta get out

You think I got none but I got all kind of sense
Stop judgin' my book by the cover
Maybe you should do a little recounting since
I ain't tryna vent, this ain't what was me
It's nothing owed to me
Get the swan song, I don't need an ode to me
Shit hopefully holdin' this rosary'll keep me out of close calls with 
the O police
I said I'm tryna be a whole new me
I ain't tryna do the same old thing
I'm tryna prove to my family that I will not bring
No more trouble around, I ain't gotta do nothing
But stay out of shit, I ain't gotta be up in the chaotic
Prolly 'cause it's my redemption that I'm entrenched in
And I won't let anybody deny my vision, it's my decision
But y'all ain't listenin'

So don't look at me like I am the same person I was before
We all deserve a second chance and this time I think I can do more
I'm better

Yeah I put that on my family, all you gotta do is give me the chance
And I can show you that I'm worthy of the trust that you require
Put it all on my shoulders, I'm a fighter, I won't get tired
When I'm back up in this corner, back up in this corner, tryna get out
Back up in this corner, back up in this corner, gotta get out

It's my gameplan now
To get in this ring and show that I'm a changed man and how
I won't blow another chance to make you proud
Even though you got the right to hate me now
I know you lost your hope in me
But hopefully I can restore it back where it's supposed to be
I just want my daughter back, this fight means much more than that
I'm tryna think before I react, I ain't get the message at first
I tried to ignore the facts
But I'm much older, she's my soldier, I told you
I'd go to war for that
I said your boy is the truth and it's no lie in him
All he needs is his family with him
Y'all want him 'til it's no room given
I'ma hit him 'til the ref come and get him

So don't look at me like I am the same person I was before
We all deserve a second chance and this time I think I can do more
I'm better


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Poem: Learning to be a parent


Just my views on learning to be a parent. We never stop learning. Always I have people say “Shaun, you think too deeply” Yet sometimes people say “Shaun you hit that guy a bit hard” You get it all in life. Often, me, just me, I feel like I don’t belong on this Earth with this species, this species makes no sense to me. I am a watcher, I observe in the same way Billy Connolly or any people like him do and then show it in my way. Often I sit alone in my car in a traffic jam and I see people, almost everyone is unhappy. But once in a while someone smiles back. This doesn’t mean we found a new friend or a new love, it’s a person finding a person just like them. I used to think I was unique, different, but for the wrong reasons. It took a wise man and a wise woman to teach me being different isn’t always a bad thing. Today I smile, tomorrow is a guess, yesterday is gone.

Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth
Via Wiz Khalifa on You Tube

I see people STRUGGLE through life as I walk it, well walk when I can 😀 But really what is it with people? Some show so much emotion it’s untrue. Singer song writers do it the most, people we pay to hear or see. Movie stars too. But when it comes to our own lives all that magical love goes away. This is the question I ask today. I do it with a smile, I do it with love and a protective wing. Why are people so ugly inside? I  guess one day that question will be answered. For now I am a poet and I certainly don’t know it..

You seen the light, I picked you up

Had to ask, silly me. There I was

You in my arms, a kid with a kid

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


You grew up and made me do the same

Often I think ‘Shame’ as it had to end this way

Tomorrow the love is the same, it’s just different

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


Every time you fell I picked you up

When you failed I said try again

When you won I said well done

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


Being a parent isn’t easy, that I learn

The loss hits you, really hurts.

You found a love I did once

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


6 became 5 and 5 will become 4

It hits you hard and it’s hard to stand

The World screams coward, I see love

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


It takes a man to cry they say

So today I am that man, I am happy

All I hope and pray is you stay happy

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


When the winds of time they do change

They pick us up and scatter us afar

Took my breath away, but we learn

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


Now 6 to 4 and we change our aim

Never say shame, never be unhappy

Be happy you were there, not what is lost

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


My focus changes, I cry a lot, honestly

People say men shouldn’t cry, I don’t

Challenge me with your anger and you lose

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


Life is the anger, not people. Confusion reigns

Sit down, shut up, have a drink, then smile again

Two little girls are now my keep, because I think deep

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


Know I love you all, but I need to go now

I need a new view, new ways, I dream a lot

Today I live my dreams, you are here and welcome

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


Someone said they would change a loved one

I ask that person to not change, be you, remain you

Life can change us all, the person who loved you

Well they loved you for the way you are today, don’t change

If things need changed, I will change them………


More Love – Less Hate 


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