Hospital Parking: NHS Lothian drop planned increase amid staff protests – LETS GET THEM SCRAPPED!

Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

All NHS Scotland staff have to pay to park; to work I had to go to the Royal Infirmary (Little France, Edinbugh) at about 3AM last month. I was sitting talking to the reception woman, the staff and Drs about how there was no-where to park for Disabled drivers. Then they told me, Drs too, “We have to pay £7 to park our cars, a day to work here” I kind of smiled thinking they were making it up, then the reception woman said “Shaun, seriously, I pay nearly £50 a WEEK, £200 a MONTH to work here” And she looked really upset!! Then I asked the Dr “Do you pay too?” He replied “Yeah Shaun” I then said “But you save people’s lives!?” I couldn’t believe NHS Staff were paying to help people like you and I and millions more people live better, saving lives every day and paying to do so. So this is a good step this story below in the right direction, BUT LETS KEEP THE PRESSURE ON, I signed the petition to help this same as many, let’s make it so STAFF PARK FREE!! It tells us the SNP are doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN to deliver small details that many won’t notice. So next time ANYONE is in a Hospital, and any of us hear people moaning “I have been here nearly a half hour waiting”..WE SHOULD ALL EXPLAIN THIS STORY TO THEM, No voters, YOU FUCKING CAUSED THIS SHIT. And this is 1 small story from many THAT THE SNP ARE TRYING TO FIX AND ARE FIXING. Oh this shit boils ma blood peeps. Who the FUCK!! Thinks we are ‘Better Together’. These English Royal Servants be them Tory or Labour who are Scottish born, are the EXACT same as the people who grassed William Wallace in exchange for land!! AND THEIR FAMILIES STILL OWN IN SCOTLAND TODAY!! If you voted no, understand the small detail AND STOP BEING SELFISH. I want a better Scotland for you, for our kids, for our future! These are the charges at present for being ill, even having a baby, dying, rushed to hospital, having to visit people in hospital. KNOW THE STAFF HELPING YOU ALL THE WAY PAY WAY MORE, AND THEY HELP YOU AND I. Lets up the game Scotland and drop these ERI charges 1st for the staff, 2nd for being ill. We may get everything free in Scottish Healthcare, but charging staff to save lives? Come on!! Who thinks we are better together? If anyone reading this thinks we are better together, DO NOT SAY IT TO MY FACE! (Thank you 1 person for helping me build this blog)

Parking is free at all our sites with the exception of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.  These are as follows:

  • 0-1 hour £1.30
  • 1-2 hours £2.30
  • 2-3 hours £3.30
  • 3-4 hours £4.30
  • 4-5 hours £5.30
  • 5-6 hours £6.50
  • Over 6 hours £7.00
  • Part day thereafter £7.00 < All staff pay this!


Car parking charges at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary will remain frozen after NHS Lothian dropped plans to increase them amid staff protests.One of the proposed increases would have seen hospital staff being charged £15 for parking in the visitors and patients car parks – a staggering 114 per cent increase from the current £7 a day tariff.
The Evening News told last week how staff were planning to boycott shops and catering facilities at the flagship hospital in a bid to overturn the planned increases which were to take effect from August. Jim Crombie, Deputy Chief Executive, NHS Lothian said: “We have discussed with staff the proposal to increase parking charges and we have listened to the concerns they have raised. We have fed this back to our private sector partners and have agreed that charges will remain at the current level for this financial year.
“We understand the impact that travel to and from work can have on staff but also the frustration patients and visitors experience when trying to park to attend an appointment or visit a patient. We will use the review to explore these issues in detail.” NHS Lothian does not own or operate the car park at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. The charges for the car park are set by Consort Healthcare in line with the PFI agreement.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had previously said she thought the proposed charges were not “fair”. Lothian Tory MSP Miles Briggs, who raised the matter with the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, at First Minister’s Questions said: “This is very welcome news for all the staff, patients and visitors who use the RIE car parks.
“The Evening News is to be congratulated for leading the campaign against the price hikes and as a Lothian MSP who has also been trying to fight these increases I am delighted that I have been able to work alongside the Evening News and constituents who have collected thousands of signatures in online petitions and have successfully forced a u-turn from NHS Lothian.
“Although people will be relieved, NHS Lothian have suggested that the charges will only not be increased this financial year for people who use the car parks. It would be totally unacceptable if we were to face an annual battle against draconian and unacceptable parking charge increases and therefore I will be continuing to urge SNP Ministers and NHS Lothian to work to develop a long term solution that provides affordable parking for staff and patients and increases the capacity of the car parks at the RIE.”

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Scottish Healthcare – Taking young English Dr’s – 10/10 to SNP


I burst with pride at the Scottish National Health Service. Scottish Healthcare is 10/10. Many don’t see it as such but go talk and research with American’s, Canadians, Australians and English people! Scotland has a superb FREE Health service for all. We have a small populous of 5 Million people and to know every person be them worth £1 or £10,000 will get the exact same treatment is something Scotland must be proud about. Video below tells the story better than I can. This is what devolution did, it put Scottish Healthcare in Scottish Hands. The story here is actually ‘Scotland is taking young good English Dr’s”, as you will read below


Junior Doctors in Scotland
[VIDEO] Via Scottish Government on You Tube




The Scottish government has launched an inflammatory campaign to poach junior doctors from England in the week thousands will strike over pay and conditions. SNP ministers have signed off on a recruitment drive to attract more junior doctors to work in Scotland and have produced videos which will be shown on social media.

Nicola Sturgeon’s administration has insisted the drive is designed to coincide with applications for medical training places which open across the UK on 10 February – the same day up to 37,000 junior doctors in England plan to strike. The campaign is likely to draw anger in Westminster ahead of the second of three planned NHS walkouts.

The 10 February action was originally set to be a full walkout – meaning medics would even have refused to staff emergency care. But the British Medical Association stepped back from the brink last week, promising to “minimise” the impact of the action. However, at the same time the union extended the walkout to 24 hours rather than the action from 8am to 5pm originally announced.

The Scottish government’s campaign features a series of videos, with interviews with trainee doctors working in NHS Scotland. A government source said they had been produced to “highlight the many positive aspects of training, working and living in Scotland”.

The campaign will run until 9 March, the deadline for trainees across the UK to submit their applications for medical speciality training places. Adverts are also being placed in medical career journals “to raise awareness with doctors across the UK of the opportunities that training in Scotland provides”. One of the adverts, obtained by The Independent on Sunday, shows a picture of two doctors with the words “I feel valued” and the hashtag #juniordocscot.

Launching the recruitment drive, Scotland’s Health Secretary Shona Robison, said: “Junior doctors are valued members of our healthcare team here in Scotland and are integral to our continuing drive to improve care to the people of Scotland.” In contrast to Westminster, Ms Robison said the Scottish government “continues to maintain strong, positive relationships with the profession”.

Pressure is growing on the health service, particularly in accident and emergency. Official figures reveal there has been a 29 per cent increase in two years in the number of people leaving A&E before being seen. Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander said: “This is yet another sign of the worsening crisis in A&E. Cuts to social care and difficulties in getting a GP appointment have left hospitals overwhelmed.”

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