Brexit means England will stand alone, Ireland will be united and Scotland will be a nation again

Fidelma Cook.

I am sharing this as many can’t read from the source:

NOT that long ago I wrote about living with a constant low-lying swirl of rage and irritability. It was, of course, to do with Brexit and, if anything, it has got worse, becoming a silent scream of impotent angst.

You may say, rightly, that I have too much time on my hands to scour the internet, read all the papers, tune in to Parliament live, and you’re probably quite right.

Two English friends, in favour of Brexit although living in France, were here the other day and, in different circumstances, it could have come to blows.

I am beyond rational discussion in the face of ignorance, for that is what I hear when confronted with tired cliches, demolished week after week.

In fact I am beyond stating a case for staying within the EU; if anyone cannot see beyond the charlatans peddling a right wing coup, then hell mend them.

Give me one, just one, positive case for leaving the EU and I will listen to you. Hello? Anyone there? No, because there isn’t one.

I am beyond being calm, measured, understanding. I have no empathy with those who are set on a course to destroy their own country in the ludicrous terms of ‘sovereignty, taking back control, will of the people.’

Usually when on a rant, I semi-apologise that I am viewing all through a telescope from another country.

And it’s true, as I’ve said time after time; I’m no longer linked into the nuances, the pub talk, the flow of the country I left behind.

I’m not in tune, or discussion, with the many people I knew or met daily or listened to in overheard chats, overheated arguments.

I admit I sit, a silent watcher, crouched over a Mac, trying to make sense and gather thoughts via social media and websites.

But today I’m not apologising any more. Life ‘back there’ doesn’t cease because one lives in La France Profonde. If anything it intensifies.

Particularly when Brexit is about to destroy so many lives in this/your country, and the one that is mine now for the immigrants who have made it so.

Distance, the telescope, whatever, actually casts the cold eye and makes one sit back in shock at all that is taking place.

Distance makes me appalled and saddened, deeply saddened, at a Press that is often partisan, not forensically detached.

Distance makes me pick over every argument and find the Brexiteers not only wanting, but shameless in their headlong rush to create a lie.

This week I watched live as Parliament ‘debated’ the amendments sent back from the Lords. Debated? Hardly, with two days to do so.

Perhaps after all my years here I have become a little foreign – a little questioning in my appreciation of democracy in action.

During the first devolution debate I reported for the BBC from the Palace of Westminster. That is a tale to be told for another day, but let me say I was shocked and often disgusted by all I witnessed there.

When, with instinctive journalistic verve I wanted to report certain facts, I was warned off in no uncertain terms. Told that was how things were.

And told that I couldn’t expect airtime and not to be so naïve about life in the House.

A touch enthralled about being in the centre of power I acquiesced and convinced myself that my nightly Reporting Scotland reports were honest at least. And they were.

I closed my eyes to the rest.

So, I was not surprised in a way to watch the jeering and hissing over the amendments that came before the House last week.

That’s what they do, although, since the introduction of cameras, they have become a touch more circumspect.

And then, we had the non-discussion of Scotland’s devolved powers and an arrogance and disdain that led to a walkout.

I have said, many times, in this column that I do not feel it right to discuss Scottish politics.

But there comes a moment.

I found the disrespect in the House towards Scotland and its representatives beyond all acceptable behaviour. And, like many commentators I believe that was the day the fight for independence took a giant leap forward.

On display was all the contempt that England has shown over and over again to its neighbours. Some of the statements made about Ireland and its border issue have been breathtaking in the ignorance and insensitivity of those making them.

By the end of this debacle England will stand alone, Ireland will be united and Scotland will be a nation again.

I hold no political allegiances, have never and will never take membership in any party, but were I in Scotland and asked to vote in an independence referendum, I would not hesitate.

While the English Government peddles hate and closed doors, all I see coming from Scotland is inclusion and social care.

I see a country looking to a future, a future in Europe, not a past founded on race memories of a colonial shame.

And I would say cut yourself loose – run for the hills while you can. The ship is sinking but you don’t have to go down with it.

The time has come






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Scotland: Rabbie Burns the Musical is off to Broadway


Should be “Rabbie Burns” But ‘Robert’?

Robert Burns born 25 January 1759, died 21 July 1796. Scotland’s favourite son, the Ploughman Poet, Robden of Solway Firth, the Bard of Ayrshire and in Scotland as The Bard, as we know here was a Scottish poet and lyricist. He is the national poet of Scotland and is celebrated worldwide. He is the best known of the poets who have written in the Scots language, although much of his writing is also in English and a light Scots dialect, accessible to an audience beyond Scotland. He also wrote in standard English, and in these writings his political or civil commentary is often at its bluntest.

The very table Rabbie wrote on in the Museum

The very table Rabbie wrote on in the Museum

Got most of that from a website but this is brilliant news for Scotland and Poetry! I grew up with a Grandparent and other older people speaking Rabbie tongue, quoting him and spoke like him often, an era of people who had the older Scottish tongue or a liking for all things older Scottish, same as any old Lady who is proud of where she lives on Earth and her tradition and culture. This is about a man born in Ayr, Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland. He became a global superstar now more so with more tourism and of course the internet, also any poet on Earth worth their salt know’s ‘Rabbie Burns’, in 1886 he borrowed a horse and set out for a life in the big city of Edinburgh, yeah same City as I live 😀 All Edinburgh kids know and can speak some poems, same as other kids all over Scotland, we are taught about him in our Education, always have and did when I was a kid and still does happen, not every day but you learn classes like History, same as any person from any Culture is taught about amazing people from their culture throughout their Countries history, any country!

Reason I say this is often when I type about ‘Scotland people putside Scotland get offended as if I am saying “Scotland Rules, the rest of the World are fools” And it makes me laugh I guess, so here I am mentioning it 🙂 Some people around the World get real offended really quickly, not the Scottish way, well not what I see in Scotland, so it’s important to know if you are from foreign shores and I talk about Scotland, I am not saying “We are the best, you are nothing” Sad people actually do really think this way and give me abuse for being proud of where I am from!! 😀 WHAT IS THIS? 😀 I am sorry I had to mention this, people need to get a grip! People get offended over the smallest issues, writing to the World you realize over time some Cultures are very paranoid and strange, but please! Turn the coin around and it is 1% of the Internet for me, here is where we can debate and share and learn as well as have fun. 99% of the Internet is amazing, it’s a technology allowing people who can’t travel the World to at least know the World outside their own borders, it creates friendship and love and it is expression. SO!! I guess Social Media is the ‘Rabbie Burn’s version of Social Media! He was expressing himself and learning Hundreds of years ago here in my City, the internet is such an amazing place, so ironic as it may seem, the very nature of expression and learning started with people like Rabbie Burns. Your Culture has one too!! In-fact ALL Cultures have a Rabbie Burns type person, it’s called ‘Earth’s History’ or something.. 😀

I am now 40 ish years old and can quote a few lines from ‘Rab’ but my 6 year old Daughter can quote more as she is 2 years into school on the back of 2 years in nursery. Changed days from Rabbie’s for sure!! 😀 😀

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IT a 21st century retelling of the story of Scotland’s most famous poet, starring a cast of unknown home-grown actors. Now Robert Burns The Musical has been lined up to play Broadway, the world’s biggest stage.

The musical is written and directed by Scot Tish Tindall and made its world premiere in Aberdeen in January this year. An international tour will kick off with performances in Edinburgh this September, before heading to New York and Los Angeles as well as possible dates in China.

The journey started from a conversation Tindall had with Hollywood producer David Gest at a casino in Leeds. Tindall said: “I was talking to David Gest about Burns and the work he had done with Michael Jackson. He thought it would be good to renew it, to breathe new life into it.” Gest who is famous for, among other things, his marriage to Liza Minelli and his appearance in 2006’s TV reality show ‘I’m a celebrity…Get me out of here!’ grew up as a close friend of late pop star Jackson.

In the 90s he and Jackson produced and recorded twelve songs written by Burns which had been set to accompany a musical under the direction of Hollywood legends Gene Kelly and Anthony Perkins. Unfortunately before the project got underway, both men died and the musical never took off. Now, nearly two decades later, Tindall has rewritten a contemporary version of the musical including themes based on Simon Cowell’s X-factor and Michael Jackson’s hit Thriller – using Tam O’Shanter as inspiration.

The modern musical is due to perform at Edinburgh’s Church Hill Theatre in September before taking to the stage just off New York’s Broadway followed by dates in Los Angeles. There are also rumours of possible performances in China thanks to the country’s somewhat mysterious connection to Auld Lang Syne. The 1940 film “Waterloo Bridge”, in which the song is played, was hugely popular in post-war China and has since become something of a classic. The song has been used widely to teach English and has its own Chinese language adaptation.

Burns statue by David Watson Stevenson (1898) in Bernard Street, Leith

Burns statue Leith, Edinburgh

Scottish Legend for Centuries so far

Scottish Legend, Centuries so far

However despite international acclaim and the glitz and glamour that performing in New York will bring, the play has maintained its original cast of actors, all of whom were trained at Tindall’s Rock Academy of Performing Arts (RAPA) in Lossiemouth. The cast which includes twenty year old Luke Cockram as Burns, have all been trained at RAPA with the majority having come through an apprenticeship. This remarkable opportunity will take her young cast to what is arguably the world’s biggest stage.Tindall said bestowing practical skills upon people to make them employable was a cornerstone of the apprenticeship scheme at RAPA and her educational philosophy

“We hope that each individual who trains with us can be employed at the end of their training,” she said. “If that is by us that is brilliant and if it is by another play, that’s brilliant too. “There has to be another route for talent that isn’t all about overnight success. It can’t be all about Simon Cowell – not to take away from him – but we want to give young people pride in a craft that they have honed and can go out and use.” Tindall is keen on emphasising that whilst the musical is a working model of a successful education into work scheme, it is also about turning people on to Burns’ work and his relevance to everyday life.

“Burns’ messages are universal, it’s not well known but Abraham Lincoln had three busts in his home of writers who he drew on for inspiration; Dickens, Shakespeare and Burns.” “We’re trying to get his message out to a wider audience and hope to spark people’s imaginations that hopefully leads them to go out and find out more about the man.”

She added it was perfect timing that the play would be staged in New York during Tartan Week, an annual event which is held to promote all things Scottish. “We’re selling Scotland and we’re selling the craftsmanship of the Scottish people,” she said. But she said she was also trying to get away from the ‘tartan and shortbread’ version of Scotland. “What we’re trying to do is to get away from the Brigadoon vision of Scotland and bring it into the modern day.” she said. “The musical is a 21st century story about an 18th century genius.”

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Brilliant Article here on Rabbie:

More on Rabbie:


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Scotland – March For Independence – But Why We Must Wait!

Yesterday's march

Yesterday’s march

It’s great to see Scot’s like you and I arrange this yesterday, I think it’s just the start. It is said 1,000+ were in the march yesterday in Glasgow. Many on Social Media questioned the numbers in a way of saying ‘Low turn out’ And they do have a point on just yesterday, but like I say I truly believe this is the start. This will build and build more as we reach the Scottish General Election in 2016, should the SNP clear the decks again I think these marches will only grow and spread. It is VITAL in the Scottish General Election we get over the current 50% that voted SNP on May 7th this year. This is a slow steady rise from the 45% last December till May 7th 50% I did however ask ‘SNP threatens to call another independence referendum – Do we have over 50% <Click) Not everyone was so pleased about the numbers who marched, I am sharing this not thinking this, I think 1,000+ is a great start to what will become 1,000 times bigger in a few years

We must wait till we have 70% yes - THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

We must wait till we have 70% yes – THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

In the 8 months between each date, September 14th 2015 to May 7th 2015 the SNP gained 5% more. This could maybe be 10% now and JUST enough to free us tomorrow if we had a referendum. I stick to my guns when I say we must wait till 2020 <Click) Because if we have one too early and lose, we lose another referendum till my two Daughters aged 5 and 6 years old are my age, 40 years old, so we must wait! In 8 months we gained 5% so where will be in 4 and a half years? I get this thrown back at me all the time when I say “From 2014 to 2020 we gain 6 years of youthful yes voters and sadly lose many over 65’s who voted 70% NO by the time we reach the year 2020” I can be certain when I say I will be 1 parent down by the time 2020 arrives, but that is life for us all, a reality we must respect. If we TRULY want to be free for our kids and for 100 years from now for our kids, kids then we must be patient Scotland. This is only the start……….

I just happen to want a free Scotland away from an uneven Union, with knowledge of WHY

I just happen to want a free Scotland away from an uneven Union, with knowledge of WHY

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MORE than a thousand pro-independence supporters took to the streets today to march through Glasgow and send a message to Westminster that they will continue the fight to go it alone. The public procession started at 11am in Kelvingrove Park and continued to Glasgow Green.

Organiser Neil Mackay said: “The purpose of the event is straightforward, we are going to take to the streets to show our determined support and desire for Scotland to be independent and to make a clear statement to both Westminster and Holyrood that we want independence for Scotland as soon as is possible and we are going to sustainably march for independence at regular intervals until this is realised.

“This march has been organised by ordinary Scots, not political parties, and it will be fused with a broad diversity of Scottish culture and political persuasions. Everyone is welcome who supports an independent Scotland.” There was also a pipe band and drumming groups along with countless other musicians laying on entertainment for those taking part in the march.

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Mundell criticised for refusing to say what he knew of ‘Frenchgate’ memo

What has he to hide?

What has he to hide?

Poor form but not surprised at all here. Carmichael will stand down but not till he takes every last penny he is due or thinks he is due. I have family on an Island Alistair commands and I am told he has lost his votes, the petition below in the 2nd link is still live and active. He can’t escape this nor will this story just stop. We must keep applying pressure on this story as the Herald Scotland have done here because if we don’t the story ends and people get money they don’t deserve. If you want a free and democratic Scotland then sign the Petition <Click) That is the petition there friends. The petition sits at 13,064 supporters so lets get it signed if you feel it needs signed. As for Mundell, he is not the story, he is a Tory, his back is covered. Do the right thing Scotland!

..Pants on fire?

..Pants on fire?

Alistair Carmichael hires lawyer for battle with constituents – As he takes money before standing down <Click)

Protesters vow to keep going until Carmichael goes – Petition here <Click)

~~~Story Via: Herald Scotland~~~

Herald Scotland

THE Tory Scottish Secretary has been dragged into the continuing row over the ‘Frenchgate’ memo after ducking direct parliamentary questions about his own knowledge of it.

David Mundell refused to say when he first saw or became aware of the memo, which wrongly suggested Nicola Sturgeon wanted David Cameron to remain Prime Minister. Written by a Scotland Office official in March after a meeting between Sturgeon and French Ambassador Sylvie Bermann, the memo was leaked to damage the SNP during the election.

Despite denials, the then LibDem Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael and his special adviser Euan Roddin were later identified as the culprits. Four of Carmichael’s constituents are now pursuing legal action to have his election as the MP for Orkney & Shetland declared void. However there is suspicion at Westminster than Carmichael and Roddin were not the only politicians or special advisers who knew of the memo or its dubious content.

The Cabinet Office, which ran the inquiry into the leak, and the Scotland Office have both refused freedom of information requests about who else saw the memo. Peter Grant, SNP MP for Glenrothes, tabled Commons written questions about its distribution.

He asked Mundell, Carmichael’s coalition junior during the leak, “whether he was sent a copy of the memo”, “when he first became aware” of it, and when he first knew it was leaked. Mundell responded last week, but conspicuously failed to answer the first two points. He said he first knew of the leak when the Daily Telegraph ran a story on it, but did not address his personal knowledge of the memo itself.

Grant, who is seeking a Westminster Hall debate on the issue, condemned the evasion. “David Mundell has refused to answer the very simple question I asked – was he sent a copy of this infamous memo? It is a basic factual point, yet at every stage the Scotland Office has refused to divulge who was on the copy list. We need to know why it is seeking to cover it up.”

A Scotland Office spokesman said: “The Secretary of State for Scotland first became aware of the memorandum leak when it formed the basis of a story in the Daily Telegraph on 3 April. “The findings of the Cabinet Office enquiry made clear only the former Scottish Secretary and his Special Adviser had any involvement in the leaking of the memo.”

Tom Gordon

Scottish Political Editor

~~End Story~~

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